If you don't want to read a story about torture then don't read this. Seriously, I put the worst parts of my soul into this. Anyway, this story is about a man getting revenge on his boss when things get a little more fun when it turns out the bosses daughter is home.
“Bill, come into my office, will you?”

I stopped the copier machine and followed him in.

“Hey George, what can I do?”

“Well, here’s the thing, there are loads of new people applying for jobs. These are kids right out of college with a fresh education and a sunny outlook. Now, all of them are… over qualified for this job and the board thinks we should accept them. The problem is that there aren’t a lot of jobs at this company, and we think it’s time to make some new ones”

“What do you mean George?” I asked.

“Unfortunately, we’re letting you go”

“What?” I said, astonished.

“Look, I know it’s hard, but this is a necessary step for the company. Gosh, I’m really sorry Bill”

Sorry? Sorry wasn’t going to cut it. I couldn’t believe this. After years and years, George just lets me go for some punk ass college kid?

“We will be sending you a pay check by mail for the next 4 weeks. I hope you can find a job.”

Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck!!! This asshole was firing me!? This was impossible!

“Fuck you”

“Bill, now don’t be like…”

“FUCK YOU!” I screamed.

I got up and left. My cubicle was mostly empty since I kept almost everything I owned in my apartment, the one that I won’t be able to afford anymore.

Even after I got out of the building, I was still angry. Bill was going to pay for this and it was going to be painful.

I went straight back to my apartment and got everything I was going to need to rob his house. I knew where he lived because he threw a big office party there 2 years ago. It was hard to forget how much fancy stuff he kept in that house.

That night I went out. 5 miles was a long way to walk, but my rage kept me warm.

When I got there I found the key under the matt and opened the door up. George kept the house at a nice temperature. That would be nice while I steal his jewelry.

I heard a creaking on the stairs. My head turned.

“Mom? Is that you? Dad’s not home yet, where have you been?”

It sounded like a girls voice. I hid behind a corner and watched her step into the light. The girl looked to be about 14 and had a stunning figure. All she had on was a tank top and soccer shorts. Her boobs were large for her age and I could see her nipples through her shirt.

“Where are you?”

I moved in behind her and covered her mouth with my hand. Quickly I dragged her upstairs and threw her onto a bed.

George had a daughter? When did this happen? I thought she might screw everything up. I didn’t wear a mask so she had seen my face.

The girl began to scream, but I shut the door and grabbed a rope from my pocket. I had thought it would be useful if I needed to climb in through a window.

She had a pull up bar in her room, so I threw her over there and tied her hands to it. She was still screaming and struggling to get away, but I easily over powered her. Thankfully, every girl in America uses colored duct tape, and this one had a role in her room. I tapped her mouth shut and took a step back. This bondage was getting me horny.

She really was beautiful. Perky breasts and a firm ass. It is hard to ignore signs from god like this. I pulled off her pants to reveal her teenage pussy. It was surrounded by dark pubic hair and looked really tight. She was probably a virgin. How did George’s sperm turn into something as hot as this?

Next came her shirt. I cut it off with scissors I found on her desk. The girls breasts popped out allowed me to see the erect pink nipples on her contrasting white skin.

My dick hardened. This was going to be a good night. I stuck my fingers between her legs and began to go in and out of her cunt. She was writhing there as my fingers explored inside her. The girl tried to scream but couldn’t get anything past the duct tape.

My mouth clamped down on her firm nipples and sucked them out. She looked scared and tried to push me away, which only made me want her more.

I unzipped my pants and penetrated her pussy. Tears started to pour from the girls eye’s and the duct tape came loose. All you could here was a cry from this helpless 14 year old girl getting fucked by my cock.
I came in her pretty quickly and she screamed the loudest then. I thought it might wake up the neighbors.
Turned out she was a virgin because blood and semen dripped from her pussy. This was too much fun!
I ran down stairs and grabbed a broom from the pantry. It was even thicker than my dick.

I ran back upstairs and started to slide the broom into her pussy. She screamed again, louder and louder.
I kept pushing the broom farther up and she kept screaming. I got 10 inches in and blood started to form around her pussy. I kept pushing it in further.

I got to 1 and ½ feet when she really started scream. You could tell she was in pain. Blood was dripping down the broom stick.

I pulled the broom out and the screaming died down to a whimper. There was blood on the broom. This was getting incredibly hot.

Quickly, I ran down stairs and found a small metal pan and put it in the microwave for 2 minutes. When it was done I opened the microwave and picked the pan with a towel. Then I turned on the stove top and put one of the metal fire pokers in the flame. I also grabbed a box of matches.

Since the pan was metal it got really hot in there. So much so that I could feel the heat throw 4 layers of the towel. It was going to really hurt bare skin.

The girl was upstairs breathing hard. She didn’t try to escape because of how bad her wounds were. I came up behind her with the pan and pressed it against her smooth ass. The sleek and slender muscle that had been so beautiful in the night erupted into twitching muscles trying to get away from the scalding pan.

I looked around the front and her eyes were huge. The girls’ screaming was even louder. I tried to imagine how much it hurt, but that just made me hornier. Luckily the best part wasn’t over yet.

Downstairs, I grabbed the now red hot poker and turned the stove off. This 14 year old bitch was going to suffer for her father.

I stood in front of her with the poker.

“Now now, I’m just going to sterilize the wound in your vagina so it doesn’t get infected, okay?” I asked.

The girl whimpered.

“Please stop. I’ll do anything. Don’t hurt me anymore, please”

I could hear the desperation in her voice. Like that was going to do anything.

Slowly leaning the poker towards her young pussy, I touched a flab of skin. There was a sizzling noise and a scream. It was a piercing sound both loud and shrill.

Boy did she know how to get me turned on.

I touched it to her clit and held it down firm. The skin crinkled as tears of pain hit the floor and cries erupted. They slowly got louder as I inserted the pole up her cunt.

The smell of charcoal came from her pussy as she got roasted inside. This would take care of the semen evidence I left behind.

Eventually I withdrew the pole and noticed how much better she would look with a shaven vagina. This problem would be easily remedied by the matches.

I struck a match and held it in front of her face.

“Don’t worry, boys like a bitch better when their bitch has no hair down there.”

The flame from the match ignited her pubic hair. The girl didn’t scream from a few seconds, but then the fire hit her skin.

Those cries of agony and unbearable torture almost made me cum right then and there. The only reason I didn’t was because I came up with another idea.

While keeping her hands tied I untied the rope from the pull up bar. I held her down to the ground by putting my hand around her throat and squeezing hard.

Into her now burnt pussy my cock went. It felt just as good as before. This time though, she wasn’t allowed to breath.

Her eyes rolled back and her face turned blue while her little breasts bounced up and down. The girls pussy and ass may have been burnt, but I couldn’t bring myself to destroy those beautiful boobs. They were so smooth and gorgeous.

When I took my hand off of her neck she took in a deep breath and her face started to regain color. She wouldn’t have her senses back again for a few minutes, which would give me enough time to execute the next step in my plan.

I picked her up and brought her into the attic and through the trapped door to the roof of the house. The crisp winter air gave the naked girl a jolt. She twitched a little and began to become aware again.

Just then I had another idea, so I broke an icicle from the chimney and inserted the sharp end up her ass. This was an even more intense cold which brought her completely awake. She tried to move away, but I shoved the entire icicle up her ass until it disappeared from sight. The girl stopped moving as blood drops appeared from her butt.

This had to end soon because my body was getting tired and could probably only cum once more. Luckily, she was so stricken with pain that I was able to untie the rope from her hands and retie it to her neck without too much trouble.

The other end I tied around the chimney. This girl finally started to realize what was going on and tried to move, but every time she did more blood came out her ass.

Slowly I helped her too her feet and then took out my switch blade. I wasn’t going to through her off the roof. That would be cruel. Instead I decided to slash at her with the blade until she backed off the ledge.
The girl started to cry again so I approached her a little faster, as to make this over quick. One slash and I cut her forearm. She yelped and took a step back.

Still approaching I brought my arm back, ready to take another slash when she backed up faster until one step there was no roof there to catch her. The girls mouth opened and her face had a look of fear. She went tumbling down the side of the house.

The crack I heard when the rope went taught showed me that she was dead. Finally it was over.
I pulled her back up the roof and untied the limp body. Now that the fun was over, I had to send the message. Back down stairs the two of us went.

Around the chandelier I tied the rope in the dinning room. The girl’s dead body hung there. I went back upstairs to get the broom and found a vibrator in her desk drawer. Guess Georges daughter got horny.
I stuck the broom as far up her ass as it would go. It ended up being about 4 feet. The vibrator I put in her cunt and turned it on. Someone would be home soon, and find this little bitch dead with toys shoved in her.
That son of bitch George was going to regret firing me.

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FUCK YOU. .shit writing!

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2014-03-25 06:01:45
So bill will go to prison where his food and medical care is free. And free housing. Via DNA evidence so he's okay with that. I mean he don't have a job anymore

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Your like motzart. Fkn awesome. Brilliant. I loved it. Stupid pssy's. Wtf are u on this site for if u dont like it. Duhh...

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Well that was nice now wasn't it...And after George or his wife got home and found the body and called the cops and the cops arrived and started there investigation and questioning of George and his wife and with the fingerprints and DNA left behind by Bill I would say that it would be about 2 hrs before the cops were beating on Bills door and/or broadcasting a description of Mr. Bill to all law enforcement agencies in there state if thay did not find him at home and beat him to death while he resisted arrest or shot him down when he attempted to flee. But thay could be really nasty and take him into custody and to trial and let a court send him to prison where JoJo and Louie could teach him all about pain, misery and agony and what it is really like to get something shoved up his ass over and over again and finally fucked to death or to have your throat slit and slowly bled out as he watches his life flow out on the floor around him. Oh and did I mention cutting his dick and balls off

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You are an ass hole and deserve to die the most fucking painful death possible

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