I had a normal life, brought up by my mum in England,she always tryed her best because my dad was never there, I have only ever seen him once on my 13th birthday ,when ever my mum spoke of him they was never nice words, my mum tried to be a mum and a dad roled into one.
mum was 5foot 6 inches and had a blond hair that droped about half way down back, she had stuning green eyes and long eye lashes, mum had a flat stomach and an amazing figger that she kept looking good by going to the gym twice a week, she had perky double d tits that bounced up and down as she walked, her legs was long and smooth but the thing that every man was looking at including me was her arse, she was 38 and had the arse of an 18 year old, words carnt descried how her arse looked, every thing she wore was tite and fitted around her arse so beautiful I could just day dream about it for ever.
mum beeing my only parent I was very close to her and had a very special bond.

I had always fantasises about me and my mum fucking all night, some times I masterbatied over her and wished it would come true, but I never told my mum how I felt or made a move on her.

one saturday morning my mum called me into the kitchen to give her a hand with breakfast, I was very happy to help her as my girlfriend was having a  big party tonight , tonight was the night me an Holly wa going to have sex I just knew it, I had been looking forward to it for ages "honey pass me the butter" whilt passing her the butter " mum Holly is having a party tonigh at her house, do u mind i I stay out a couple hours later than normal" she put her arms around my neck and pulled me close I could feel her double d tits on my cest and alls I wanted to do was grab them and suck on them for the rest of the day " honey you know I dont like u hanging around with those teenage girls, but I  think u are older nuff to be given some response ability, you can have a drink of beer but don't get drunk, I want u in for 12 " in shock I replied "thank mum " and pulled her closer, I felt so tempted to grab hold her arse but I ha to resist I kissed her on the cheek and got on with the rest of the day

the party was a disappointment, not only did me and holly not have sex we broke up, it was all most 3 moths we was together, She didn't tell me why, i got a taxi home as I had a little to drink and was feeling a bit drunk, I walked through the door and went straight to the living room were my mum was, she was 3 quarters way through a bottle of wine, she layed there on the sofa in her dressing gown, she was totally naked under that she looked so god dam sexy, i could tell that she was as down as me " hey mum ". "hey honey, what's up"
" nothing mum, can I snuggle p to you in the sofa" "sure honey" I got behind her and we spooned, she turned around and said " wow arnt you growing up to be a Hansom young man, you are going to make a girl very happy one day" but I did not want to make a girl happy I wanted to make a woman happy I wanted my mum

we layed there spooning each other I had my arm around her stomach and they was under her tits, we was waching tv when suddenly I felt my dick getting hard, my mum started wriggling around and my dick was right between here bum cheeks, that so god dam sexy arse and my dick was between it, but I just hoped that she did not feel my dick, she wriggled some more and pushed back, it was like she was trying to get me hard, my dick was full on hard  there was no way I could of hide 8inch of hard cock, mum turned around and said " honey have you got a hard on" I replied with a very nervous "uurrrr" "it totally normal for a man to be attracted by a woman" she grabbed my cock through my jeans,I carnt believe it my mum was touching my hard cock, she looked me straight in the eye and was about to say something when I kissed her, I closed my eyes so I did not see her reaction, she did not pull back but instead she opened her mouth and are tongs met each other in the middle I grabbed her arse and pulled her closer, she stoped kissing me I expected her to run away but she grabbed me by the hand and took me up stairs, she laid me on the bed and said " you carnt tell any one about this darling" I just nodded my head, I could not believe what was happening, she undid my belt and slowly removed my pants my dick poped out like a jack in the box, she was shocked at haw much I had grown, she grabed my big thick dick and started to lick the bell end I let out a big moan "owowow" she looked me in the eye and said " you like that, you like the way mummy sucks your cock"  I could not wait any longer I pick her up and placed her on the bed, she was on her back I untied he dressing gown, she was wearing a maching White laced thong and White bra I could not wait to see her tits, she undid her bra and her tits was pefect I sucked on her nippels, they was all hard, she started to rub her clit I licked my way from her tit so the begging or her thong, this was it I was actually about to fuck my mum, I could see that she was all wet I removed her thong and saw for the first time my mums cunt, she looked he straight in the eye and said " fuck me, shove your big cock up mummy's cunt,fuck me hard " I could not wait any longer I rubbed my dick around her clit "put it in there honey" I put 2inch of it in when she let out a big moan "aaawwww" I could tell that no one had been there in a while "keep going darling" I put about half of my cock up her I knew that would do for the time, I stoped and looked what I was doing I was actually fucking my mum I had half my fat cock up her wet cunt, I started sliding in and out of her gently still only having half of my cock in her, her tits started bouncing around I don't know why I said it or where it came from but I said to her "do you like that, is your son making you happy ?" she replied " yes fuck me harder" 

by this point I had already pre cumed and she was wetter than a puddle, I knew it was time I shoved all my cock up her all 8inch it felt amazing all my cock up my mummy she let out a big orgasem "aowaowaowaow" I went faster and faster her tits was bouncing up and down up and down, I stoped and said " turn over" she turned over and looked me in the eye and said "take it easy, ride mummy's pussy easy" she was bent over and alls I could see was her amazing arse, that arse what I had been master baiting over for soo many years I had bent over in front of me, I shoved my cock up her cunt, grabbed up her arse and pounded her pussy "oowww yes fuck me hard, fuck mummy's pussy hard, this was it I was going full steam, I was a bouts to cum I said "mummy I am a bouts to cum" she said "cum inside mummy, fill me up" I just cummed up my mummy's cunt she let out a big orgasum"owwaowaowaow yes that's it fill mummy up " I pulled out and layed my mum on her back, I could her cunt all full of my cum "that's a good boy" I kissed her again and went for a shower                        


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2012-01-23 13:23:10
Mom is my lover ever since my 12 yr. birthday..that was my gift from mother to become a man in her pussy. Mom is 38 with reddish blond hair, round meaty ass & fat soft cunt..always clean-shaved. I cum in mothers mature pussy about 4-5 times a week. She is a horny slut..and I fit in just right for her.

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2012-01-12 21:11:11
Get really that young with a huge dick get real and learn to spell

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2011-12-08 18:56:58
I stopped reading it as I refuse to read any story where the author writes u instead of you. If YOU can't be bothered to write the whole word, then I can't be bothered to read what YOU have written.


2011-12-03 00:27:30
I agree with everyone who's commented before me. Why bother bringing the party or the gf up when they have no reason being there?

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2011-12-02 03:21:54
For someone who was close to his mother u made it sound like u wasn't. U kiss her and then go take a shower? Fuck she wasn't just some random girl she was his mom!

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