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Sorry it took so long but here is part 2 i do hope you enjoy it. part 3 will be up soon
Connor turned on the water in the shower and as he was waiting for the water to warm up he looked into the mirror and realized that he had his cum coated on his chest. As he ran his fingers through the sticky goo, he started to remember everything that had happen relayed that night. Unconsciously he brought his hand up to his mouth and licked the goo off of them, the taste was so enjoyable that it made him moan, he love the taste of his own juices he wanted more, so he lick the rest of it off his chest before he stepped into the shower and let the hot water cascade over his sweaty body. As he soaped up his ass to clean the sticky seed form hi sore and tender abysses, as he ran his fingers across his newly violated pucker hole he moan again as the sexy memories of the best sex that he ever had begun flooding back. He pushed the memory of Lorcan fucking his ass out of his mind, and he tried to think of jenny sucking his cock. He soaped up his hand and gripped his throbbing cock and started to slide it up and down slowly triggering himself to moan and call out jenny’s name. As he was bringing himself to an orgasm for some reason he started to moan but he wasn’t thinking about Jenny but it was Lorcan that was making him moan louder.
“Oh, god Lorcan baby yah suck my juicy cock, suck it like a good little bitch, God it feels so good in your mouth oh my god I’m going to cum in your mouth baby,” he screamed as he pumped his seed out of his cock. His eyes were closed as the thick seed splattered on to the wall and the tub floor. His knees gave out as he sank to the floor breathing heavy as he milked the last of his cum from his softening cock. The water had gone cold by then and he opened his eyes and wondered what hell was he doing. “ No, no, no, I’m not gay I love pussy not cock this can’t be happening to me,” he said as he got up and finished cleaning himself up and stepped out of the shower and dried off then headed to his room where he fell onto his bed and collapsed into a fitful sleep.
He opened his eyes as a long low moan escaped his lips, he looked down and a smile spread across his face as he saw Jenny’s head bobbing up and down on his throbbing cock.
“Oh, yah, baby I love the way you suck me off,” he moan. Then Jenny stopped her sucking and moved up to lick his nipples causing more moans from Connor, and then she moved up to his lips and kissed him. She then brushed her lips next to his ear and whispered, “I want you to fuck me now sexy.” Connor looked around the room his room, he couldn’t believe his luck that his girl would come into his room at night and want to have sex tonight, he was in heaven, but did wonder why she changed her mind and how did she get in to his room. The hell with it he just nodded as he lad he on her back in pushed his swollen cock against her heirless pussy and pushed it in as far as he could. God you’re so tight, I love the feel of your cunt on my cock baby.” He whispered “I could fuck you all night.”
She pulled his head down to hers and kissed him but it didn’t taste like her lips but he didn’t care he was finally fucking the shit out of her, with every kiss he started to fuck her harder and faster. As his body was pressed against hers, he leaned in and started to nibble on her nipples causing her to moan even louder as she begged him to fucker harder. As his sweat socked body moved up and down her in time with the in and out word strokes, he felt something rubbing against his chest. He leaned back as he kept slamming his cock into her and looked down and his eyes went wide as he saw a large hard cock oozing precum onto the naked chest. He looked up at her face in horror but it wasn’t jenny’s face he now saw it was Lorcans and the he looked down at his own cock going in and out of Lorcans tight ass, but he couldn’t stop and he didn’t want to, but then he saw someone else move in the room. Shane move into view he too was naked and his five inch cock was hard as a rock. He move to straddle Lorcans head and lowered his firm ass tell it touched his probing tongue to his virgin pucker hole and he let out a moan as Lorcans tongue entered it and was licking him out. Connor could not believe that his younger brother was here getting his sexy little ass licked as Connor fuck his friend, he couldn’t keep his eyes off of Shane’s adorable rigid boy meat. He licked his lips as he looked at his brother, Shane nodded as if giving Connor permission to suck it. Connor slowly lowered his head and opened his mouth and swallowed the whole thing with no problem and started to give the first blow job and what he hoped to be the best of his young life. Shane was moaning loud as he started to move his cock in and out of Connors mouth as he face fucked him, in no time he was yelling at Connor that he was about to cum. Connor didn’t want to drink his brothers cum so he pulled the throbbing cock out of his mouth and jacked him off tell he shot his load all over his chest. Lorcans ass was milking his cock as he fuck just about sending Connor over the edge. All of a sudden Connor awakened, setting strait up in his bed all along with his hand pounding his cock he must have shot one load already for thick pools of cum plastered his chest. He was about to cum again, but for some reason he didn’t want to waste it so he grabbed a cup from beside his bed and aimed his blotted cock at it just as it exploded feeling it a little more than haft full, then he used the cup as he ran it up his bare chest so he didn’t waste any of his precious sweet sauce. When he was done he remembered it was just a dream for he was alone and he looked at the cup that now held his sweet seed, he thought about drinking it as he looked at the clock it read that it 11:30 a.m. and he heard someone coming down the hall it had to be Shane. Connor quickly cleaned up, and covered his soft cock as Shane walked through the door. Shane stopped and looked at his older brother and smiled, he was wearing his usual body tight jean cut-off shorts, and no shirt or socks and shoes, and he started in on Connor.
“Hay where is your boyfriend,” he asked as he thrust his hips back and forth like he was fucking someone, “what did he get upset when you tried to fuck him or was it because you have a teeny tiny cock wouldn’t or couldn’t satisfy his cute yummy ass?”
“Shut up you little shit, I didn’t fuck him, your just a sick fuck,” he said as he set the cup of cum down on the night table next to the bed.
“So you’re saying that he fucked your ass last night,” he said as he wiggled his ass, “will that would explain why I found these by the couch,” he held up a pair of underwear and smiled.
Connors eyes got big as he remembered Lorcan was wearing them last night just before… he couldn’t bring himself to thank about it, “there mine after Lorcan went home last night I watched some porn and well I took off my underwear to jack off ok.”
“Yah, right I bet you let Lorcan slam his gorgeous cock into your ass,” he said this as he turned around and shuck out his ass, “oh yah fuck me Lorcan give me that big dick, please fuck me hard,” he said as he slapped his ass. Then he did something that he would never do when their parents are home. He unbuttons his shorts and pulled the back of them down to just below his ass checks to show his bear tan ass as he bent over as he ran his fingers up and down his crack, “come on Lorcan fuck my sweet ass big boy,” he then turned around Connor could see his part of his young cock. Connor started to get hard just looking at his younger brother’s ass and soft cock, and he lost it.
Before Shane knew what happen Connor was up and had pushed him to the floor and he straddled him pinning his arms to the floor with his legs. His own cock was inches from Shane’s mouth as he told him to shut up and that he wasn’t gay.
“Get your little cock away from me,” he yelled, his breath was hot and as it hit Connors cock and it made Connor to moan a little.
“Shut the hell up you little shit,” he snarled “you’ve been asking for a long time.”
“Asking for what?” Shane said while he tried to not to move his lips to much, “I’m telling mom that you’re trying to stick you scrawny cock in my mouth and make me suck it.”
“The hell you will,” Connor hissed as he reached up and crabbed his camera from his desk, “now open up and lick it you little bitch,” he said as he rubbed his cock over Shane’s lips, triggering some more moans from Connor. “Oh yea you like that don’t you?” He took several pictures.
“No I don’t now get off of me you asshole!” Shane screamed as he moved around trying to get his brother off of him. In doing this he made his own cock rub against Connors ass. Connor reached a hand back and took hold of it and smiled, “well someone’s existed now aren’t we?” and he slowly started to stock the young cock. This caused a low moan to escape from Shane. “Yah you love when I do this, it feels good don’t it?”
“Shane just nodded as Connor moved his hand faster up and down his cock making Shane to move his ass in time with each stroke. Connor took more pictures as he stroked him, then he moved his ass over the rigged young cock letting it touch his own hole but not letting it to access it, and took more pictures.
“Please don’t I don’t want to fuck you first, it can’t be you, please no Connor please!” He bagged.
“Ok but only if you lick my cock you little bitch, now!” he growled. He placed his cock back on to Shane’s mouth and he reluctantly stuck out his tongue and lick up and around the swollen shaft. Connor moaned as he forced his cock passed his lips to make him suck on it. “Yah suck it slut drink it God your good,” Shane was crying as Connor forced fuck his face, “shut up and suck me bitch,” no matter how hard he tried he couldn’t help but to moan around the cock fucking his mouth. “Oh my, that feels so good, your mouth feels so soft, and hot, now suck me dry bitch.” Connor made sure that he got pictures of his cock shoved down Shane’s throat. He soon tensed up as his cock let the flood of cum flow out and down his throat. As he was Cuming he gripped Shane’s cock as he kept pounding on it trying to get him to cum too. Connor pulled his limp cock from his younger brother’s mouth and moved down his sweat slicked body. Shane didn’t move for he was too tired but in a way he wanted to see what Connor did next.
“What are you going to do now?”
“Repay the favor,” Connor stared to lick Shane’s five inch cock to the tip and then swallowed the whole thing down to his ball sack and back up making Shane moan louder and to buck his ass up to meet Connor’s mouth, he was in heaven. Shane grabbed his head to help push Connor’s face on to his young meat stick. As Connor suck his brother he ran a finger around his pucker hole, this drove Shane over the edge and he fired his load and Connor sucked it all down. He pulled his mouth off the now soft cock and lick his lips, “mmm, you taste great.”
“God that was the best and first blow job I’ve ever got.”
Connor looked at him, then got mad and flipped him over onto his stomach and grabbed his ass checks.
“What are you doing?” Shane asked he was getting scared now. Connor didn’t say a word but just spread his ass apart and started to lick his ass. Letting his tongue to probe his tender virgin hole as he pushed it in tonguing him till he squealed from the pleasure he was receiving. Connor looked up at Shane and smiled.
“You love that didn’t you?”
Shane nodded.
“Now you’re going to get what you’ve been ask for you little cock tease,” Connor moved to place his harden cock against his wet dank love cave, and he took even more pictures and touched his cock to it. This caused Shane to suck in a breath.
“No Connor, don’t fuck me please don’t!” Shane bagged.
“Why not you’re all ways asking me to fuck you sweet yummy ass and I do like how you’re cock taste.”
“No I don’t,” Shane swore as he started to cry as tears started to flow.
“Yes, you do. You’re all way asking me to suck your cock which I did, and then you practically bagged for me to fuck you, which I’m about to do.”
“No,” he screamed, “not you I… I don’t want you to fuck me first not like this not now.”
“If not me then who?” he asked as he pushed his cock a little further to trigger some pain.
“Its… it’s…” he was crying harder through the pain as Connor’s cock pressed against his ass, “it Lorcan that I want to be the first boy to fuck me not you.”
Connor looked at him like a light bulb just came on, “you little queer!” he pushed Shane down and got up from the floor and moved to the desk. “God I can’t believe that you want to be fuck by Lorcan, you little cock sucking queer.”
“You let him fuck you last night didn’t you?” Shane said through tear stained eyes, as he pulled up his shorts as he stood up, his cock was hard again when he tucked it under the shorts and zipped them up. “I’m going to tell mom that you acutely tried to rape me, you bastard.”
“Shut the fuck up you little cock tease, and I didn’t let him fuck me I was drunk.” He said as he turned on the computer. “And you will not tell mom or dad.”
“Oh and why not?”
“Because you can’t rape the willing and if you do, I’ll tell them that you are a dirty little liar and then I will show the world that you like to suck cock.” He replied as he loaded all the pictures he took, and he smiled.
“You fucking son of a…”
“Don’t you finish that?” He sneered as his finger over the enter button.
“Ok, ok, I’m sorry.”
“That’s better,” he said as he picked up the cup of his cum, “now get the hell out of my room.”
“Connor what’s that?” Shane asked as he pointed to the cup.
Connor smiled as an evil thought popped into his head, “it’s called sweet sauce, why do you want to try it?”
“What does it do?”
“Well it makes your cock bigger and it does look like you could use a bigger one, so do you what to try it.”
“Yah, ok.” Shane took the cup from Connor and took a sip then he tipped it back and darned it all as it ran down his throat, some licked out and dribbled down his chin. “That was great can I have some more?”
“Not now maybe tonight before bed.”
“Ok.” Shane walked out of the room and shut the door and when to go play with his friend Billy.
Connor sat down on his bed as he watched Shane’s ass wiggle as he walked, this caused his cock to stir to life. He looked down at it and then it hit him as to what he did to Shane, and he put his head into his hands. “No, no, no I’m not gay this can’t be happening, I’m not gay I’m not dam it.” He started to sob into his hands.
For the rest of the weekend Connor watched strait pornos trying not to think of the night before, and he would jack off in the cup so Shane could secretly drink his cum. Before he would go to bed at night he sent the pictures to his phone, but he would also look at them, specifically the ones that had his cock in Shane’s mouth and the ones where he almost butt fucked him.
Monday came around and he still was not talking to Lorcan. Every time Lorcan came around Connor would ether he would turn around and walk away or he would ignore him. Connor was having the worst week of his life, he felt bad for Lorcan but he still didn’t want to believe that he was gay. He would catch himself stealing glances at Lorcans ass and his cock would jump every time he did. This made part of him sick to his stomach but the other part liked what he saw. It also was the last week of school before the summer started so he thought he would go and get he dick blown at the end of the day just to prove to himself that he wasn’t gay.
Behind the bleachers Jenny’s head bobbed up and down on his cock but, for some reason he just wasn’t into it today. He closed his eye and all he could see was Lorcan sucking him, he ran a hand down over his ass and started to play with his own hole this gave himself more pleasure then the blow job he was getting from Jenny now. When he finally blows his load she stood up and kissed him on the cheek and walked away. Connor pulled up his jeans and run after her.
“Hay baby what’s wrong?” he asked as he stopped her.
“You just didn’t seem to be in to it today, and did you have your finger up your ass?”
“Will yah, I reckon I did, why?”
“That’s just sick, disturbing, and gay if you want me to suck your cock any more you’ll have to stop.” She said as she pushed him away then turned and walked off shaking her head. Connor headed home to jack off but he also liked to put his finger in his ass just so he could get off.
Tuesday started out the same, he bet off in to the cup and let Shane drink it down with a smile. When he got to school he ran in to Lorcan and tried to avoid him but that didn’t work.
“Connor, please we need to talk.”
“No Lorcan we don’t! What we did… what you did to me was immoral and shocking, but we are over as friends till I can figure out what to do so don’t talk to me, okay now get out of my way queer.” Connor walked away and headed to class.
The same thing happened with Jenny he just couldn’t keep his fingers out of his ass for it feet so good and it helped him cum as she haft-assed blew his cock. She didn’t say a word when she left. He knew she was disgusted but didn’t know how to stop, he coursed Lorcan for doing this to him. Lorcan would watch Connor from far-off so he wouldn’t be seen by his friend. He watched as Connor fingered his ass this turned him on so he would fondle his own cock with his hand down his pants till he to blown his load into his underwear.
Wednesday everything was the same, Shane drank the cup of cum. Connor went through the day avoiding Lorcan. Even though he hated what Lorcan did he also like/loved what they did that night and in a way he wanted it to happen again. He couldn’t wait for the end of the day so he could get the lame blow job, it may not have been as good as Lorcan but it did make him feel strait and not gay. Jenny came up to him brining him out of his daydream about Lorcan. She told him that she wouldn’t be able to give him his daily suck because she had something she had to do with her mom. So Connor went through the rest of the day in a down trodden funk. As he walked home he went by the bleachers he saw Ray go behind them so curiosity got the better of him and he fallowed. As he peeked around the corner and he saw a beautiful sight, Rays back was to him and he had his pant down around his ankles. Connor couldn’t believe how cute his ass looked it reminded him of Lorcans sexy ass, Ray was moaning and saying what a good cock sucker she was, but Connor couldn’t see who was sucking him but she and Ray was enjoying it. Looking at the sight he became extremely hard so he ran home so he could jack off.
When he got there he started up the stairs but as he was walking up to Shane’s room he heard strange sounds coming from it. The door was open just a crack so he look in and couldn’t believe what he saw. Shane was setting on the edge of his bed naked and his friend Billy who was six month older then Shane was on his knees naked also and he had Shane’s young cock in his mouth making Shane moan as he got sucked off. Billy had one of the cutest and sexiest asses next to Lorcan who he was now thinking of, and watching the cute boy on his knees made Connor even harder than he already was. When Shane shot his load down Billy’s throat he pulled his soft cock out and got up and put on his shorts.
“I’m going to go for a swim in the pool, you coming?”
“Come on Shane when are you going to suck my dick or let me fuck you, or you can fuck me?” Billy asked as he stood up. His five in a haft cock was sticking straight at Shane. It may have been a little bigger than Shane’s and it was somewhat thicker too, Connor thought it was gorgeous for its size he just wanted to gobble it down to taste it.
“No I don’t want to suck it.” Shane replied as he thought of Connor force feeding him his bigger cock. “Now go to the bathroom and shoot your wad into the toilet, or seeing that Connors not home yet why don’t you beat off in his room.”
“Okay I will.”
“Good see you in an hour or so, I’ll be in the pool.”
Connor quickly and quietly went to his room and hides behind the door just in time to hear Shane go down stairs to the pool and Billy was coming down the hall to his Billy entered he was still naked and Connor got a better view of his ass. Billy didn’t see Connor shut the door and lock it, and then walk up behind him.
“I wonder if he would realize if I Cum on his bed?”
Connor reached around and took hold of his young rigid cock, “Yes I would stud.” He said as he turns Billy around to face him. Billy couldn’t believe that his cock was in the hands of this hunky older boy and it felt good. “Now I want you to do to me what you were doing to Shane a minute ago.”
Billy undid Connor’s pants and pushed them and his underwear down so Connor could step out of them. Now that they were both naked Billy couldn’t keep his eyes off of Connors seven inch cock, and he dropped to his knees and placed his open mouth over the soft but hard head and swallowed haft of it biting down ever so lightly sending a sexual shock through Connor’s cock. This caused him to moan as this young cock sucker bobbed his head down and up his shaft. Connor sat down on his bed leaning back as he let the young boy to suck him into cumin, Connor was so Horney that it didn’t take long for his cock to discharge his thick creamy goodness down the boy’s throat. Billy stood up licking his lips but before he could say anything Connor grabbed him behind the neck and planted a long kiss on the boy’s lips. When he broke the kiss Connor laid Billy on his back on the bed and kisses and licked and nibbles on his young nipples.
Billy started to moan as Connor licked and sucked down his smooth chest down to his rigged cock. He lick up to the head it was oozing precum and it tasted sweet as he slipped his mouth over it and started to suck his way down to his youthful ball sack and back up. He released it even though it tasted great. Billy looked down at him wondering what was wrong that made him stop.
“It was feeling good why did you stop?” he asked as he sat up, “I still need to blow my load.”
“Don’t worry you will but not in my mouth.” Connor turned around and got on his hands and knees pointing his ass to his young lover. Billy understood what Connor wanted and he was more than happy to be the one to do it.
“You know you’re going to be my first boy I fuck,” he said as he got down and put his hands on the tender ass in front of him, “Am I going to be the first to be in you?”
“No but I want you right now so stop talking and do me.”
Billy didn’t say another word he just placed his hands onto Connors soft ass and spread his cheeks and pushed his face in between and started licking his pucker hole. This drove Connor wild and caused him to moan and push his ass back as the boy’s tongue penetrated his dank hole. Connor was enjoying the tongue lashing he was receiving so much that he started to rock back and forth moaning.
“Will are you going to just torment me all day or are you going to fuck me with that adorable cock of yours boy?” Connor moaned as he pushed his ass back. He couldn’t believe what he was doing he still didn’t want to believe he was gay but part of him needed to have sex with this gorgeous boy, maybe if is young lover could make him feel like Lorcan did that first night then maybe just maybe he is gay because he did like no he loved how he felt to have that big cock in his ass. Now he was going to see if this boy’s five inch cock could give him that same feeling he’s been missing. He needed to talk to Lorcan but on his own when no one was around.
When Billy pushed his cock against his wet love tunnel it brought him back to reality. He pushed back to meet the hard young cock as it penetrated his ass making him moan in sexual pleasure. Billy slides the hole five inches in one swift moment slapping his heirless balls against Connors ass. He moans as he began to saw Connors still tight hole.
“Man you’re so tight it feels so good,” Billy said between grunts. “So this is what it feels like to fuck someone?” he sped up the velocity of his hips driving his boy meat as deep as he could into the older boy ass making Connor purr in sexual satisfaction.
“Yes, fuck yes fuck me harder, faster.” Connor whimpered as he pushed his ass back onto the charming babyish cock that was being pounded into his ass. “Yes your cock is bigger than it looks baby, stuff it in me I want you to crammed it in me tell you fill me with you sweet sexy boy cream.” He grunted even louder as Billy continued to pound his ass.
Billy was sweating as he fucked harder and faster, “oh my God I’m going to cum!”
“Yes cum in me please I need it in me.” Connor groaned as he tightened his ass clamping it around milking the young cock in to cumin. This caused himself to cum all over the floor.
Billy trusted in one last time and held it in tight as his meat stick exploded into the waiting rectum. When the last of his seed was milked out, he let his limp cock pop out and he collapsed onto the floor next to Connor breathing heavy. “That was the best thinks,” he said as he looked at Connor. “Can we do it some more soon?”
Connor kissed him on the lips, “yes but not to day and you can’t tell Shane or anybody about what we did or I’ll kick your loveable sexy ass.” Connor got up and cleaned up his ass before he got dressed.
Billy turned around pointing his own ass and wiggled it at Connor, “can you do me now?” he bagged.
“Not now maybe next time,” He said as he helped him up and kissed him again. “How you better get down to the pool before Shane starts wondering what you’re doing, love.” He kissed him one last time and patted his compact ass as Billy walked out. Connor sat down at his desk and turned on the computer to see the pictures of his cock in Shane’s mouth. He couldn’t believe what just happened with Billy, but it did feel good. Hell both blow jobs he got from boys were a hell of a lot better than any he ever got from Jenny. Just thinking about it made him hard, so he pulled out he cock and he started to stroke it again as he fantasies about Lorcan and Billy. In the fantasy he was pounding Lorcan in the ass as Billy fucked him. This cause Connor to fire off another load, okay he thought maybe I am gay.
As he sat there with his cock in hand he felt excellent about everything that has happened today and the past week, he was okay with being gay for some reason he liked sucking cock but most of all he liked having his tight ass fucked. “Okay tomorrow I’ll break up with Jenny and talk to Lorcan, to see if he will take me back as a friend.
Thursday the last day of school started the same Shane loved drinking his seed without knowing it. When he got to school he tried to find Lorcan but it seemed like he was avoiding him. So he went through the day in a funk he still hadn’t broke up with Jenny he probably do it and the end of the day. At 3:30 Connor was walking to the bleachers when he finally saw Lorcan who was walking towards him. There was too many people around to talk about being gay for he didn’t want anyone to find out that he may be gay and that he was in love with Lorcan.
“Connor sorry about fucking y…”
Connor didn’t let him finish that sentence as he sucker punched him in the gut. “Not now I’m not talking to you here, and don’t call me latter,” He said as he walked away.
He made it to the bleachers he saw Ray and Joe looking around before ducking behind the bleachers, so he pecked around and saw Joe ass fucking some girl and Ray had his cock stuffed in her pussy. She reared her head back and moan as she was getting doubled taped. Connors mouth dropped as he saw that it was Jenny that was getting double teamed.
“What the fuck!” Connor screamed as he walked into view. “Are you fucking the whole football team you bitch?”
“No I’m not fucking you now am I.” She spat as an orgasm rocked her cock filled body, “I needed a real man that could fill me up more than just my mouth.” She moaned some more as the two boys kept slamming her hard.
“Will I hope all of you are happy,” he said as he turned around but he stopped and turned to face them again, “Hay Ray I was just wondering if you ever got that thing fixed?”
“What thing?” Ray grunted not losing momentum.
“You know I over herd Ann last week tell Sammy that she had got the clap and was taking something for it, and I know for a fact that you fuck her when was it Friday, so did you?”
“You fuck that whore? You better not cum in me if she gave you the clap you bustard.”
“To late slut for here I cum,” Ray grunted as he thrust in deep and shot off his load, at the same time Joe did the same. The sudden rush of spunk hitting her in both her hole was too much for her to stand and to cum with them in and joyful moan.
“Will enjoy the clap you bitch, and oh yah we’re done as a couple I’m dam glad I didn’t fuck you now.” Connor said as he turned and left waving as he did. As he walked home his mood was sadden as he thought of what he did to Lorcan only one that truly loved him. Billy was just something that happen but he may just fuck him just because he ask him to.
When he got home he was miserable and not in the mood for Shane’s shit. Just then Shane came down the stairs when he saw Connor he stopped.
“What no boyfriend today?”
“Leave me alone.”
“Because I said so.”
“What your boyfriend dumped you because you suck in bed,” Shane said snotty. Then he reached out his hand took hold of Connor’s short covering his cock and squeezed it lightly. “What is it too small for him?”
That was the last straw for Connor he shoved his little brother against the wall driving him to his knees. He undid his shorts and pulled out his hard cock moving it in front of his face. Shane stared at it as it leaked pre-cum, so he opened his mouth and took down his throat and sucked in deeply causing Connor to moan as he bucked his hips fucking Shane’s mouth. Shane was so good at cock sucking that it didn’t tack Connor long to shut his load. He pulled out of Shane’s mouth and rubbed it on his cheek and smiled. “Thinks little bro, you suck good cock.” Connor then went upstairs to his room his limp cock was still hanging out of his underwear.
When he got to the room Billy was already there naked on his bed. “Mm, looks like someone’s ready for me to suck him off.” Billy said as he licked his lips.
Connor pulled down his shorts and took off his shirt as he got down on all fours. “Just fuck me love, just fuck me now I need you in me.” Billy wasted no time as he glided his young cock in to Connor’s still tight ass and humped him hard and fast. It only took two minutes for the boy to cum in his ass. Connor sprawled on his back and Billy rested beside him running his hand up and down Connor’s rigid meat stick. Connor moan than he kissed him long and hard, Billy discontinued the kiss and climbed on top of Connor and started kissing him as he used his hand to guide his teen cock to his untouched gateway to his love cave. “I want you to take my virginity now sweetheart.” He breathed deeply as he sat back feeling the soft head touch his pucker hole.
Connor look at this young boy who wanted him but all he could think of was Lorcan. Then it hit him he didn’t want to fuck this boy he wanted Lorcan and he want him now. He pushed Billy off of him just before his cock pierced his tender sex hole. “No I don’t want to fuck you. I…I have a…” he started than he realized what he had, “I have a boyfriend.”
Billy looked hurt “I thought you loved me?”
“I do but I also love someone else.”
“So we will never do it then?”
“Oh, we’ll do it but not now. The next time I see you naked on me bed you can trust me, my cock will be shoved so deep into that gorgeous sexy ass of yours till I fill it to over flowing with my seed.” He said as he got up and dressed he walk over to him and wiped the tears away and kissed him. “Thinks for the fuck kid your one of the best lovers I’ve had, and I do love you, but just for sex that’s all,” and he left the room leaving Billy to set there naked and hard.
Connor went down stairs and headed for the front door when he saw that his mom and dad were home. “I’m going out I’ll be home tomorrow.”
“Be back by noon for Shane’s 13th birthday party,” his mom yelled.
“His birthdays Saturday. So why are we throwing a party tomorrow?” he asked.
“Because your dad and I have a conference to go to and we leave tomorrow night and will be gone all week.”
“Okay can I have a friend stay over?” he hopes Lorcan would forgive him and stay the week with him. Just thinking of it was making him hard again.
When he got outside it was raining hard so he ran the two blocks to Lorcans house. He just stood across the street as the rain socked his clothes causing him to shiver. He pulled out his cell phone and call Lorcan.
“Hello,” Lorcan answered.
“Lor, its Connor.”
“What the fuck do you want?” The came replay full of anger and hate.
Connor knew he hurt him and he felt like shit. “We need to talk, now.” He said, “can I come in please?”
The line was silent for a long time.

This is the end of part 2. Part 3 will be coming soon I do hope that you enjoy.

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2014-06-04 03:34:25
Im pretty sure my sink wasnt built to handle as much
Cum as i put in it nice story

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Moreee! Im so hard right now. I need a hard cock in my ass now!

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omfg make lorcan fuck shane while shane cries about how big it is. then make connor fiuck billy right next to them! omfg i came SO much. PLEASE HURRY WITH #3!

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2011-12-08 16:26:56
OMG!!!! Its so Hot!!! I hope Lorcan and Connor get together. There perfect for each other. Cant wait for part 3!!! ;)

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MORE MORE MORE MORE!!!!!! :) 10/10

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