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Mom and son get drunk, have some fun
When David was 18 he lost his father. His mother, Heather, was devastated. The plans that were made were scrapped. He felt that he couldn't leave home when she needed him so much. Her son was all she had now.

David's 21st birthday fell on a Friday. Since it was also Halloween there wasn't a shortage of interesting people at the bar. Everyone was dressed up and drinking. Heather was dressed as a nurse but her luck was about as good as David's. They didn't really care. They drank and enjoyed themselves anyway.

Stumbling in at 2 am, they were both extremely drunk. There had always been some sexual tension for some reason. She was a good looking woman for her age but David always put the thoughts aside. Perhaps it was the alcohol but he was having a very hard time ignoring the feelings tonight.

Heather laid back on the couch and lit up a Marlboro cigarette. He sat across from her, examining every inch. She looked incredibly sexy tonight in her tight red latex nurse outfit. The fishnets covered her smooth legs that went down into her shiny black boots. His eyes focused as the latex covered fingers gripped onto the cigarette that she firmly pressed between her lips.

Heather smiled and whipped her eyes before opening her mouth to say, "What hunny? Something wrong?"

Quickly he responded," No! No...nothing at all. You look really sexy tonight is all. I...just can't believe that more guys didn't hit on you."

She laughed, "A lot of people there to choose from, I suppose. Oh well, their loss. Someone else's gain."

Heather had noticed her son staring at her all night. Maybe it was wrong but at that moment she didn't care. There was so much pent up inside. She needed something

"What are you doing mom?"

She crawled on all fours towards him with her ass in the air. Her hands ran down the crotch of his pants before quickly unbuttoning them and releasing his thick 8 inch cock.

Heather smiled big, looking up at her son, "You have quite a large member hun. Mmm. You want mommy to put it in her mouth?" he shook his head.

Opening as wide as she could, Heather took all of it, choking as she pushed it deep into her throat. She moved up then down, picking up the pace. Saliva dripped down from her lips, falling onto his balls.

"Love when mommy licks your shaft baby? Mm, I know you love it when that big cock chokes me. Latex feel good?"

"Oh yes mom, it feels amazing. Nothing sexier than my hot mom dressed as a latex nurse. I don't know how much of this I can take."

A big smile came across her face as she stroked faster. Squeezing the base of his dick with her free hand, she deep throated. David moaned loudly as she gripped his dick with the latex glove and jerked him fast.

"Yeah hunny, give mommy that big load of your hot cum. You love my latex so much, I want you to cum all over the gloves. As a birthday gift, I am going to lick the glove clean baby. Every single drop of your semen."

That was too much for him. Hot sperm shot several times out of the tip all over the place. Heather cupped around it to cover the glove better. As promised, she licked the latex glove clean. She licked hungrily.

David smirked and closed his eyes, "Man...that was amazing mom."

Heather looked him in the face, kissed his soft lips before saying, "Meet me in the bedroom in 5 minutes. Be ready. Mommy hasn't been filled in a long time."

David was in shock as he watched his mom walk towards the bedroom. Her ass swayed back and forth. The latex squeezed so tight that there was nothing to the imagination. His cock grew hard.

"Mom," he asked as he slowly opened the door. She was on all fours with her latex nurse outfit folded up at the bottom to show off her bare ass and pussy.

"Lay on the bed hunny, you are going to eat mommy's sweet twat."

A smile rose as he laid down on the bed. His mother squatted down on his face. The smell was intoxicating. He licked wildly, flicking at her clit. Her pussy was soaking wet as she grinded against his face. His tongue pushed inside of her, licking her insides. She moaned loudly as she felt herself getting close to orgasm.

"What are you doing?" he asked as she got off his face.

"You are a very good cunt licker and I'd love to cum on my son's big hard cock," she said as she licked up his balls to his shaft. Heather rubbed her nipples, pinching them before lowering her hot box onto his throbbing member.

"Mm baby, mommy loves this. You are so much bigger than your father was." His cock pressed against her g spot and she went wild. Grinding hard against him, she dug her nails into his chest. "Oh fuck...mommy is going to cum....I'm going to cum hunny."

"Oh mom, that feels so good. I think I'm going to cum too."

David held onto her ass, squeezing tightly as she screamed out. He felt her get wetter. His cock was soaked and she continued to rub against him as exploded into his mothers snatch.

Heather bit her lower lip as she lowered herself all the way down, taking every inch inside.

"Mm, baby that was great. I want every single drop inside of me. Fuck, I am horny tonight. How long do you think until you can go again?"

David looked at her in disbelief and said, "Do you still have that vinyl maid outfit?"

She smiled big," I'll be right back. Be ready for mommy!"

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