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Fantasy or reality, what happens when they cross?
Fantasy......Or Reality?.

Fantasy or reality, what happens when they cross? My girl has had plenty of them and it is one of the most wonderfully endearing qualities about her! She has had some really cute ones as a young girl and some really kinky and sinful ones as she has gotten older!

My goal has always been to get her off! and to see her really enjoy herself, gives me the most pleasure along with the biggest hard on!

The following, is one fantasy that I have made come true on several occasions, she has confessed to me more than once that she is, a closet exhibitionist. This particular fantasy is and has been one of her favorites almost from the start,and from a very young age!, thinking about this really gets her hot and turned on in short order!
She has always loved to be naked and to have me, take her to an unknown place bound and blindfolded with only a coat and then to have sex with her.

Its not the fact that we have sex or that I love eating her! This has always been a given and has always been a big part of our sex life, what to her and to me is the biggest thrill of this fantasy. Is the fact that she has no idea where she is or whats going to happen, it is the apprehension uneasiness and the anticipation as to what could or might happen?.

To her this is the real turn on, and I must admit that on a number of occasions things could have easily turned out quite differently..., but fortunately all ended in a very enjoyable and pleasurable experience!!!... For everyone!.

Her fantasy is to be in totally nude with a blind fold and hands bound behind her back! and then be lead around in front of a bunch of horny men at least a half dozen, preferably more and if some were black men all the better! Then to have each of them make crude or loving comments about what they were going to do her if they got the chance! along with fondling fingering h and slapping her ass!

In order to make this work you need to have guys you can trust as no one has ever fucked her but me!, and I had no intention in letting anyone else do so. However the idea is to make her think that this was always going to be a possibility!..

A bachelor party seemed to be the perfect place although I have since done something similar, under much different circumstances.

As a service rep that traveled around a lot the 11 western states at one time provided numerous opportunities to meet and make friends with a number of people, and after hrs at one of the local bars the question of women and sex always seemed to come up. I would always ask if anyone was getting married and if their was going to be a bachelor party?

I would then suggest that instead of the usual stripper, that I knew a girl that loved to be naked, bound and blind folded and fondled in front of a bunch of men and that she would do it for nothing!, which was much cheaper than the cost of a stripper! Most of the men were married and were not really interested in fucking her anyway and the groom certainly was not going to do it either!. I had always told the host to make sure that all who attended knew the ground rules, to be gentlemen, and for the most part they were!...

No one ever asked who she was nor did they seem to care. It was always several hundred miles or farther from where we lived. I would have her fly in and would pick her up at the airport in a rental car and then rent a room at a small obscure local motel that was close to where the party would be held.

She would be so turned on that many times it was hard not to have sex as I got her ready, I would then put a coat on her and off we would go! This arrangement was always so different than most bachelor parties, and no one ever complained. Once there usually late in the evening, at least after 9:00 PM.

We would show up and I would lead her through the living room and into the bath room or one of the bedrooms. She could hear them talking and music or porn movies would be playing and a lot of beer would have already been consumed.

She would almost be trembling with excitement anticipation and her pussy would be wet she was around 26 yrs old the first time and for having four kids, other than some stretch marks and a bit of a tummy was a very attractive young woman, of course this was my opinion. For the guys it didn't matter much as after a few beers a nude woman to play with was far more interesting than any stretch marks or a few extra pounds, something she agonized over and that really bothered her!.

Most of the times I did this with her, she wore only heels and nothing else but on the few other occasions I added garter belts and stockings!

This particular time when I lead her out of the bathroom she had only red hi heels a red patent leather dog collar, with a leash attached to it. The talking stopped, and I handed the leash to the groom! he was at first reluctant to take it!, but with a little encouragement and coaxing from his buddies seemed to enjoy the fact that this docile and submissive young woman had no trouble being lead around to each of the men, after all, the parties were more for his married buddies that for him!

My wife was now more than ever trembling with excitement!.. and as she was told by the groom to bend over and show her bare bottom, it would then be patted or slapped while some other guy would be pulling on her nipples or playing with her boobs. The part I loved the most was when they played with her pussy she had fairly long lips and a clit that would swell rather quickly after little attention!

The noise my wife would make along with the comments of the men who's fingers would be wet and sticky from fingering or finger fucking her was also a turn on for both of us! Generally this would last anywhere from 45 minutes to over an hour. I would then put her coat back on and we would leave.
Taking her back to the motel and each time this little foray would end it would be followed up with some of greatest and hottest sex as she would then literally fuck my brains out!!!...
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