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I have done so many forms of this thing to my Girl, and these are only several of them
I have done so many forms of this thing to my Girl, and these are only several of them

The American River Bike Trail

Those of you that have read my stories know that over the years, I love to take her parking mostly with a blindfold and her hands tied. When we lived in Northern California there were a number of places I would take her. The American River bike trail was only one. She never new where she had been, as I would almost never take the blindfold off until we were on our way home. To have a woman who not only wants to, but allows this sort of thing to be done to her is an incredible feeling.

She had been wearing a white lacy semi see through sun dress with only garter belt and stockings, the least I would have her wear in this situation the better. I had parked in the parking lot where the trail begins, and had helped her out of the car, it was about 10.00 pm in the evening during the summer, and was quite warm. The sun had gone down not that long before as I lead her off down the trail.

I had been there several days earlier so new exactly where I was going to take her, and this place was some distance down the trail. I would usually just stick dark glass over the small pieces of folded up tissue and duct tape that covered just her eyes, so that the few people we passed never seemed to give us a second look.

As I walked her off the trail and into the bushes underneath one of those big hi tension electrical towers, and once their had taken off her coat, followed by her dress, it was hard to walk in hi heels over the rough ground even though she had done it numerous times, and not wanting to ruin her shoes I would usually take them with me in a paper bag.

I then slipped them on her and raised her hands over her head. I would use a roll of tissue paper around her wrists and ankles followed by rope and duct tape this would insure that their was no way she could get loose, not that she ever tried. She was now completely naked except for stockings and the garter belt, and was tied standing up with her arms and legs spread just about as far as they could be, many times I would ask her to spread them just a little more or get up on her tip toes,and then I would tie them when she was really stretched out the more precarious I could make her the better.

Then I would delight in threaten her with some sort of comment, like I am going to leave you here like this and come back for you later, or that I was going to leave her in this place where some bikers would usually have their parties. I would then quietly sneak off into the bushes and just watch her stand there for several minutes, sometimes even longer, many times I would come back and grab her, this would really freak her as she was never quite sure who it was. Sometimes I would carefully get down on my knees and grab the cheeks of her ass and really take a big mouth full of her pussy, either would freak her out. Almost always I would begin sucking her off. This is something we both really like, she would most always have a very moist pussy and be more than ready by this time.

This was the position she was in, when two guys walked by on the path pushing their bikes not more than 75' to 100'feet from where I had tied her they had stopped, and were talking had they looked very hard between the openings in the bushes they would easily have seen her. She could easily hear them as they continued to talk, and I could see them from where I was standing. I stepped back into the bushes and watched, had they looked over in our direction or if she would have made any noise she would have probably been fucked to the 9s as their was no way, I would ever have been able to get her loose and would have only been able to watch!... They then pushed their bikes of down the trail talking as they went. This was one of the few times her pussy was really "dripping" with anticipation as she finally let her breath out.

When I got back to her I had one of the hardest dicks that I can ever remember, and immediately pulled her bottom back towards me and stuck it to her both of us came almost as soon as I was all the way in man it was good as she was just hanging there by her wrists. It took me well over 45 minutes to finally get her loose.

It is not the oral sucking or the fucking that I have done to her, as this is a given. It has been the uncertainty, the anticipation, of not knowing where she is or what is going to happen. All sorts of things could have happened or gone wrong but it didn't we were certainly lucky but the risk of doing this sort of thing was always the biggest turn on!....For both of us.

This is a story about " Two Horny People"!

Many of the hot erotic stories I read on this site remind me of things that have happened to us or things I have done with my sweet heart. Being young and in love is a wonderful thing, but having missed each other for some time along with both of us having incredible sex drives makes the following sort of kinky thing happen.

This story is one that happened to me back in the early 70s. I was a service rep for a major manufacture traveling around the 11 western states and was gone a lot, I had this job for almost 5 yrs. My wife along with being by herself and taking care of young children had to drive me to the airport regularly along with picking me up about every other weekend.

So one summer evening after being gone for well over two weeks she picked me up at the airport wearing nothing at all under her coat! I did not know this at first and had wondered why she was wearing a full length coat? and heels. It was in the evening and and still quite warm even after dark! At that time we lived in the Sacramento area of central California, as we met and greeted each other as I came off the plane, she took my hand and guided it in between several of the buttons on her coat, so that I could feel her bare breasts.

This revelation along with having had my hand on her bare breast's immediately produced an incredible hard on!. It was all I could do to keep my hands off of her in the baggage claim area!...
On the concourse and after picking up my bags on our way out of the terminal I was wondering who might see or notice the way she was dressed, but no one seemed to care. I have literally, seen just about everything, from the best to the worst when it comes to how women are dressed, at all of the big airports.

I almost bonked her brains out in the parking garage as I had her coat fully unbuttoned as I helped her into our car! The minute she sat down it was all but off, this was then followed by some serious groping, but where she had parked, was in a very well lighted and quite busy area where people were walking by as it was the peak period for arrivals. This forced us to leave, but we had only driven a few miles from the airport when I could no longer stand it and pulled off on a side road, and parked.

This area of Sacramento at the time was had mostly farms and open fields. I had gotten out of the car and walked around to her side opening the door and reached in pulling her up and out the car! She was standing there totally naked wearing only hi heels and seemed not to notice the cars that passed on the main highway not that far from where we parked!

I was still fully dressed and was hugging her and squeezing her bare bottom as tight as I dared! After this wonderful feeling of her naked body against me I had turned her around and bent her over the passenger side front fender of our 61 T-Bird!

This immediately resulted in some of the hottest sex and took several times before each of us were satisfied, you have to remember that we were both at our sexual peak and that prior to taking this job normal sex for us was about 4 or 5 times a week and sometimes several times a day! Although it was long ago the memory is still quite wonderfully vivid.

I am happy that this story site allows me to remember such wonderful things and that I can share them with those that enjoy hearing about these sorts of kinky sexual experiences with my wonderful wife of over 40 yrs!.

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