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Tennis has it's good points
Short Erotic Novels
Gail Holmes


He watched intensively as she motivated herself about the room; tennis had been in the family since the word go. Never did they dress like this in his days.

“Granddad it has to be here, Grandma told me that she’d seen it only last night.

Barbie always stayed with her grandparents for a couple of months in the summer whilst her parents went abroad; they had property in Spain.

Old Ben knew only to well where his wife had put the book, however, to terminate such distraction like this, he’d deem himself foolish.

“The last time that I saw the darn book it was on the floor by the dresser over there!” Ben pointed to the large dresser before him. “Perhaps she put it in the bottom draw!”

Ben’s eyes were glued to her rear as she bent over to view into the bottom draw; the white pleated skirt was so short he could see the roundness as her pussy as it bulged within the tight white lace panties. He placed his newspaper into the centre of his lap as to cover his manhood, hoping that his wife wouldn’t come into the room.


“Don’t get so impatient little one, I’m sure its in one of those darn draws, you’ll find it sooner or later! It’s not caught up at the back is it?”

Barbie went down on all fours looking into the draw checking that the book wasn’t caught up at the back; Ben could not only see all of her panties now, but also her breasts. He lent forward, as if looking into the draw for himself, but in truth he was seeking a better view of her breasts under her blouse. He’s cock pulsed at the sight, he did wonder if she’d any cock yet, she was a right turn on to any guy, a slender tuft of the red hair was protruding from the side of her panties in the form of a small curl. How he would love to tuck in back in for her.

“What’s all the fuss about, I can hear you both in the garden?”
Ben sat bolt upright as he heard his wife behind him, then turn to face her.

“Ah…now the problem will be solved. Where did you put your old tennis handbook dear; I know you had it last night?” Ben forced out quickly.

“You old goat; you know full well that I put it in the cupboard by the window. I even told you to tell Barbie when she came down this morning!”

“You’re right dear, I’m sorry I’m getting so forgetful these days, I really am”

Gwen knew only to well what he was doing as she walked into the room; he’d always been the same with short skirts, even when she’d played tennis herself, his hands we’re all over her.

“Sorry dear…I’ll get it for you; he knew you’d want it this morning”

Gwen went over to the cupboard collected the book and handed it to Barbie. “There we are dear, but I don’t think it will help you in to-days tennis, it’s far to old”

“Its more for the pictures really, I know some of the rules have changed!” Barbie smiled. “Sorry Granddad, I didn’t mean to get you into trouble”

“Now tea will be at about five o’clock; I take it that your bringing your friend Stewart to tea, how long is he staying?” Gwen quizzed with a smile.

“Only till Monday morning Grandma, if that’s Ok with you” Barbie swept her hair over her shoulder as she spoke.

“Of course it is dear, we look forward to seeing him!”

Barbie collected her tennis racket off the settee, turning she smiled to them both. “See you at five then!” She was gone in seconds.

“If I catch you looking at her again in that way you old goat I’ll cut the bloody thing off, at you’re age you should be ashamed of yourself, if I see you at it again you’ll have a length of my tongue!”

Ben knew he’d be for it the minute she’d walked into the room.

“I was only trying to see in the draw, I’m sure you said the book was there!” He stammered.

I’m sure! Dirty old sod, and I’d hate to think what was going through your mind at the time. I saw the way you we’re gazing at her; more like trying to see into her draws; your own granddaughter to!”

“Mercifully you don’t think that of me!” Ben chuckled to himself. “I’m sure I don’t know what you mean dear!” He replied.

“Now come and help me in the kitchen, make yourself useful for a change, they’ll be back before we know it!”

Ben and Gwen had lived in the House all their married life; Ben had put away the money and built it himself some 40 years ago. He knew every crook and cranny within the building, including some his own private viewpoints; he’d built his workshop adjacent to the lounge, he’d full view of every corner, the main point of view was set behind the television, completely obscure from any viewing eyes; he’d set up his own camera, but now a days there wasn’t that much to look at. It was different when the children were at home; he had two daughters and a son, but they were all married now, they had given him entertainment over the years, especially his two daughters. How Barbie became a redhead he couldn’t tell, as neither of his daughters or their husbands for that matter had hair colouring as such. Barbie was a beautiful young girl, slim with a tremendous figure and only five feet 4 inches in height, but her hair was her true gift, it hung down her back to her waist.

“Come on Gramps…we’ll wash-up, you go and sit down. It’s nearly your bedtime” Barbie eased herself in between him and the sink, taking the tea towel from his hand.

“I have some work to do in the workshop, I could be getting on with!” Ben smiled, knowing it was near to Gwen’s bedtime They’d slept in separate bedrooms now for some years, this didn’t bother Ben to much as Gwen had given up sex many years ago, but she still made him feel guilty should he look at any other woman.

“You and that dam workshop! You spend you’re life in there!” Gwen implied. Knowing that half the time it was to get out of her way, anyway.

“I’ll only be about half an hour, I’m feeling quite tired myself, it’s been a long old day” Ben lied, smiling at Barbie.

“By the look of you Gramps you could do with an early night, you’ve plenty of time for your workshop tomorrow!” Barbie stated giving her boyfriend a hug. “You don’t mind helping me do you Colin!” She gave him a convincing smile.

“Of course not…you two go ahead; we’ll sort out down here”

“In that case I will take to my bed, I’m sure your ready Gwen?” Ben smiled to his wife.

“Are you sure about this dear, I mean Colin is our guest, it’s not fair really!” Gwen looked at Barbie as she spoke.

“You go on Grandma, we’ll see you both in the morning.

Gwen trusted her granddaughter implicitly, knowing that she’d not take Colin to her bedroom. She kissed them both then turned to Ben.

“Come on then! Lets leave these two lovebirds, up to bed before they change their minds”

As soon as Ben recognized that Gwen had settled down in her bed, he was down the stairs to the back of the house and out into his workshop. The workshop was quite light tight so he was aware that he could not be seen or heard and sat down with his camcorder and watched the screen that he’d set up. He’d often thought what people would think if they saw some of his videos, he’d sit and watch them during the day, more so if it was raining, Gwen would just ring his bell should she need him.

Ben watched as Barbie sat down on the settee, tapping it gently willing Colin to sit side beside her. She was still dressed in her tennis skirt; Ben’s camcorder was set dead in front, sitting back in his chair he poured himself his nightly whisky; readying himself for whatever was to come

Though he’d regularly watched Barbie as she was a very beautiful young woman; he meant her no ill respect, just watching while he worked, often she’d just watch the TV, nevertheless he felt that she was with him in his workshop. However, this was the first time that Colin had visited his home, even though they had been going out together now for nearly a month.

Colin sat down next to her placing his arm along the back of the settee behind her pulling her towards him. Barbie lifted her arm to view her watch.

“They’ll both be out for the count by now, told you we’d have the place to ourselves!”

“Are you sure about this, I mean one of them could come down?” Colin inferred giving her a peck on the cheek.

“Believe me…once my grandmothers head is on the pillow she’s out for the count till morning. Old Gramps he’s more than likely reading, he always falls asleep with his book.” Barbie turned towards him snuggling up tightly kissing him passionately.

Colin’s hand went to her breast, caressing it gently, she snuggled in toward him.

“You’re mischievous!” Colin smiled pulling away from her for a brief moment.

“But nice!” Barbie grinned easing away from him then leaning back into the settee, permitting him more freedom of movement. Reaching down towards his crutch, manipulating his groin.

“My…I do believe we have life down here?” Barbie chuckled, as she started to undo his buttons.

Leaning across he nibbled her earlobe, then moved to her mouth. His cock pulsated as her long fingers clenched it firmly, withdrawing it from his flies.

“Christ Colin…it’s huge! I would never have contemplated it being so large, and so thick!”

Old Ben had put his whisky down on the table and leaned towards the large screen, even he thought it was large and bulky.

“Poor little cow…she’ll never be able to take that, by her own words he’d gathered that she’d never seen it before. Ben watched as she raised and lowered her slender hand along the shaft, then leisurely went down on it, spreading her legs as she leaned forwards allowing Ben full view of the gusset of her panties, already there were signs of a damp patch developing.

Colin leant back into the settee as Barbie’s dawdling movements took control of his manhood, placing her hand beneath his weighty balls lifting and squeezing them tenderly, even she herself did wonder…his cock had more than filled her mouth, would her pussy accept such manhood, she wasn’t that experienced. However, she wasn’t alone in lusting after Colin, at least three of her friends at the tennis club would have loved to be in her situation at this moment. Barbie gripped the rigid shaft, rubbing her hand along as she sucked hard on the globular helmet, licking the delicate seepage as it leaked persistently from the small eye.

She could hear Colin’s moans, the last thing she wanted was for him to cum, she’d never liked the taste anyway, not that she’d done it that much, it was much to salty for her liking. Barbie moved off the settee and crouched between his legs her mouth still engulfed the hardened organ, then reaching behind she began to undo her skirt allowing it to slip onto the floor.

By now Ben had his cock in his lap, stoking it soothingly; he couldn’t believe the view before him. Barbie had removed her panties, and had stepped forwards onto the settee a foot each side of Colin’s legs. Ben’s eye’s centred on the vast bush of red hair between her legs; her pussy looked tender, whether it was because of her skin colour and that of her hair he knew not, but it definitely looked sore to him; slowly she lowered herself towards the huge cock in her hand. Ben hurriedly picked up his glass swallowing a large sip of whisky, and then placed the glass back onto the table, his eyes never leaving the screen.

Barbie sensed the large helmet as it spread her pussy lips, the feeling was delightful, she’d left it very wet from her blowjob. Placing her hands onto Colin’s shoulders, she started to lower more; her pussy pulsed, whilst the outer lips clenched, impeding any advancement of the enormous shaft.

Never had her body felt such enthusiasm for sex, then constraining it with such vigour. Her mind went back to Gramps own words…no gain without pain; slowly she sank down on the enormous rod.

“Christ Barbie!” Colin blurted out. “Your not ready!”

Barbie was somewhat gutted by his remark, she grasped his face into her cupped hands and smiled. “I’m the best judge of that!” She knew it was going to be hard going, but it was what she wanted. How now…could she tell her friends that she had it but couldn’t take it? Slowly she eased herself up and down, slowly but surely it started to enter, the huge helmet rippled on her inner pussy muscles, but she persevered, the feeling was as if his cock might…might just split her in two before she met her goal.

Ben was wanking himself silly; he hadn’t touched his whisky for at least ten minutes. Barbie’s internal pussy walls clung to Colin’s thick cock each and every time she lifted from him, it was almost as if she was being pulled inside out.

“Rest…rest for a few moments. God Barbie…never did I think you wanted it this bad” Colin gently lifted her by the hips, easing some of the pressure on his cock. He envisage the stress on her pussy never had he tried to enter any girl until he was sure that she was more than ready for him.

“Am I to much for you then?” Barbie grinned down to him.

“Not to much…just bloody tight!”

Barbie reached down between them clasping his cock into her hand, squashing it between her fingers. “Who’s a big boy then? We haven’t much more to go…it will soon be all in, then we’ll see how you feel?”

Colin felt like ramming it straight up her, to get it over with as it were, but thought better of it. He’d more likely be in more pain than she herself.

Barbie lifted as he released his hold on her, and then went back to her manipulating movements, but this time taking much longer strokes, gradually but surely the huge organ started to make headway into her. She was enjoying being in charge, ignoring the twinge on his face when she went down to hard on him.

“She couldn’t feel that tight to him; with a cock like his, he must have felt tighter girls than her before!” She anticipated

The change on Colin’s face when Barbie managed to get his cock completely within her transformed to that of pleasure, she rowed him in long even strokes.

“God’re pussy is from heaven” Colin lie back pushing his hips up to meet each downward movement.

To Barbie it was like riding on the crest of a wave, each trust down on him felt like she was being pumped up by some machine; taking her through orgasm after orgasm.

Ben could but watch as the huge cock ploughed into his granddaughter, it glistened with her juices. Much to his surprise, he had already cum…this was something that happened once in a blue moon, he could spend hours pulling his pudding, but to actually cumming that was a different matter, the legs of his pyjamas were plastered in the terrible stuff. Barbie’s squealing was enough to get his old man up again; he reached down taking his withered cock into his scrawny hand.

“Come on then old fella, you’ll be the death of me I’m sure!” He said in a whisper, reaching to refill his whisky glass at the same time from the half empty bottle.

Colin recognized that his time was getting short, he was readying himself to blow his load. “Christ…he didn’t even know if she was on the pill or not” he mused to himself.

“Oh no big boy…not yet!” Barbie knew by the look on his face, as to what he was thinking. “I’ll have it when I’m good and ready, I’ve struggled to get that cock of yours up inside me! Now you hang in there” Barbie sat with his cock deep seated within her pussy for moments kneading him with her muscles before continuing with her purposeful plunges.

“My turn now!” Colin whimpered, struggling to lift himself from under her.

“Oh no you don’t! I’ll have it when I won’t it, just because your ready it doesn’t mean that I am. There’s plenty of life left in him yet” Barbie continued to fuck him in earnest, drawing her muscles along the sides of the magnificent weapon within as she pumped. Colin placed his hands onto her hips to try and slow her pace.

Barbie’s pussy was looking more inflamed to Ben by the minute, he felt certain that he should go into the room and stop the young man before he did her any real damage. Even he’d blown his own load twice just watching the pair of them, he’d tired and was ready for bed, the excitement being too much for him.

Colin knew his only way out was for him to cum, once he’d done that his cock would subside, she’d then have little use for it. He worked with her, meeting her every thrust, she was fast and furious, he did wonder as to where she accumulated her energy. If she wanted a filling that was what she was going to get, he noted that she slowed during orgasm; he could depend on her being more likely to relaxed, as it was her muscle power that restricted him each time he was about to cum.

He put his hands down to her knees spreading them apart, then he pushed sharply up inside and started to fuck her, thrusting his cock deep. Barbie nearly collapsed with the sheer pleasure; never had she had such a deep fucking. Now, he had her, the harder he fucked her the more she wilted, moaning as each orgasm overcame her. He sensed his own flow and worked towards it, lifting his whole body, forcing himself up her.

“No…no!” Barbie implored, but it was to late; Colin pumped his hot seed deep inside, pulling her down on to him, restricting her movements.

Barbie collapsed over him breathlessly; he reached around her pulling her toward him.

“Was that good then?”

“You bastard!” She sighed, with a girlish giggle.

They lie together for moments; Colin was gratified when he felt his cock finally subside. He felt sore from her tightness; his cock was more than red, looking swollen to him. But Barbie, she considered that that was its natural stance, never had she had such an impressive cock, friends had informed her as to his usability. She considered herself in their club now.

Ben could but stare as the thick cum seeped from her pussy, he gave the lad credit, remembering when he himself could blow like that, many a girl had tottered home from the dance hall with sopping knickers in his younger days. What’s more they weren’t that easy to get into in his day, what with the strong elastic in the legs, then you’d half a mile to go once you’d past that! Much easier these days, but heaven to watch Ben considered.

Barbie reached down gliding her slender fingers along his shaft smiling up to him.

“You’re a tribute to mankind, how such magnitude can assemble so much pleasure, in such a diminutive opening I’ll never comprehend, the workings of God’s creations amaze me.” Barbie giggled.

Ben took this chance to zoom in, cum was oozing thickly from her now, this was a video that he’d treasure, knowing the mileage he’d get from it.

Once Colin had recuperated Barbie took him again, but this time she was fully in charge. Ben fell asleep until the early hours, with his whisky still in his hand.


2006-05-27 21:07:39
Stop writing like it's the 1800s! For one story, it's cute. All of them? bizarre.


2005-04-22 03:32:05
She really was a true red head if the curtians match the carpet. Dude good story...10/10.


2005-02-11 12:30:25
Wonderfully done!


2005-01-28 13:17:13
very good story. but i dint like dat old pervert


2005-01-01 04:57:43
great story, good spelling, no bad comments from me. (man red heads rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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