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Birthday suprise.

The clock ticked over another minute, its refusal to speed up was killing me. It was a half day today, and I enjoy my work but today is different it is my birthday.And

last year my girlfriend and I had sex all day. Normally sex was pretty mundane and normal, a bit of dirty talk and 1 maybe two standard positions. But when one had a birthday

the other would pull out all the stops and step out of our comfort zone and into what the other person loved. For her birthday I gressed up in full armor and purchased

practiced swords and after a few rounds of sword play she pryied open my cod piece. I was cut in 5 places when she fucked me in that suit of armor so I am expecting her to pull

out all of the stops for my birthday.

*another minute passes only 15 left to go* She wishes she could get a strap on and fuck a girl with big tits, she told me when she was black out drunk then denyed it

when she sobered up the next day. (I confirmed that she did want this by materials labeled "Futanari" on her computer, hot as hell) I am a kinky guy, she is a kinky girl but we

arnt allowed to admit how far we would go with one another, it is just how the relationship developed. So I have no idea how to tell her what I really want if she wont admit

what she really wants to me. Sex the really good stuff is all about trust right?

"Jim... go home, you arnt getting any work done clock watching like that." My boss, the spitting image of Larry the cable guy stuffed into an office is the best boss a

man could ask for. "Sorry Hank I will do extra work on monday to make up for this" I grab my coat and bag. "Bet your ass you will but dont worry about that now go home and tell

Kathy I said 'Hello" He always had a thing for my girl, all the guys at work have since she brought me lunch on halloween, never knew a lunch lady could look so tasty."Hank

thanks for letting me go early and all... but you still cant fuck my girl" I gave him a wry smile
"You greedy bastard!" He laughed and shoved me out the door.

I texted Kathy telling her I was headed home and that I couldent wait for my birthday suprise. As I drove home I remarked that it was great having a thursday birthday

because you fucked all day then celebrated with friends the next day after you slept in. As I pulled up I nearly crashed the car with joy, because Kathy's friend Ashley's

carwas parked in my driveway. Kathy is a fit 5'4" with great legs brown hair and BIG brown eyes and a plesant bust. Ashley is 5'7" Blonde and has the most fantastic tits,

second only to her collection of v neck shirts. She has used thoes tits to get out of tickets with a female cop. I almost took my pants off before I went in the front door.

It's not like anyone else would see the next house is over 5 miles away.

After coming in to the living room I immediatly noticed that everything was amiss. There were food smells coming from the kitchen, and Ashley was fully clothed, as was

Kathy, no this wasnt right at all. Where was the lube where was the half naked pillow fight where were the 100s of scenarios I thought up in the 15 yards from my car to my

door? We had lunch they chatted and I attempted not to imagine my face between Ashley's brests. We had tea, I set everything up and brewed it. We watched a show on the DVR?!?

Preciouse hours of birthday sex time were being lost forever to the television! and I took it because I knew Kathy had a plan by the wicked smiles she kept shooting me. After 4

hours Ashley went home saying how we had to do this again another time and wondering why I was so quiet, So long perfect tits I wish we could have gotten to know one another


I turned to Kathy to get an explination about to speak and she intrupets me " Grab your coat we are going out for dinner. This was a fine idea because at this point my

penis was as confused and dejected as I was and I needed a to find out what this was all about before I could enjoy sex like a birthday warrented. We drove to The 'Low Tide

Hide' a steak and seafood place, I planned on having a steak she ordered a 2 person seafood meal before I could say a thing. We ate quietly, I have no idea what she is playing

at and therefore have no idea what to say. After 10 dinner rolls and a few shrimps ( I hate seafood and she knows it) The bill arrived an she hands it to me. I place some cash

on the bill and we leave before I can get any change 'Enjoy your 20% tip' I think as she hurrys me out the door.

We arrive at home and she blind folds me, finally. She then procedes to bark orders at me " get up stairs! take off that shirt!" and she is insulting me the whole time

as well " Stop bumping in to things! Stop being so slow!" I stumble up the stairs clothes coming off and me falling down. After a few attempts I manage to get in to the bedroom

and am just in my boxers. Then nothingI stand there for a few minutes.I start to ask what is going on I have finally had enough of the whole mystery thing I am 7 hours shy of

the amount of sex I expected to have had at this point and so I go to take off the blind fold and get some answers "OK so what exac..." " Shut up I did not give you permission

to speak!" Kathy Produces a ball gag from some where and stuffs it in my mouth. The brand new rubber starts to lightly burn my mouth. And it all falls into line, I wanted her

to be "a bit more commanding in bed once and a while to take charge and dominate the situation" She is playing dominatrix... I still dont know why she and Ashley couldent have

taken turns with me but this... this will certainly do.My hands get cuffed behind my back and she starts to pull at my boxers, I go rock hard... Then the door bell rings. "Oh

shit that must be your father!" I pray that he will not be taking part in birthday sex.

She pulls out the gag and uncuffs me. " he was suppose to showup tomarrow with him! "what? with who?" I am almost as confused as my dick is. I take off the blind fold

and pull on clothes. I go down stairs and greet my Dad. " Hey boy I have a suprize for you. Sticking his pinkies in hos mouth he lets out a shrill whistle and Boxer my Black

lab Bernese Mnt Dog mix bounds out of his truck and comes right up to me. "Boxer what are you doing here?" as nice as it is to see my Father and dog I want them gone so that

birthday sex can continue. He informs me he was suppose to show up first thing in the morning with Boxer but he didnt feel right not giving me my birthday present on my

birthday. " Dad I dont understand what is going on?" "Didnt Kathy tell you? she is letting you have your dog, you are finally master of your relationship!" Kathy was going to

take that comment out on my hide in the bedroom... if only I could get her there and my father out of the house!Kathy was headed down stairs I only had a moment to do this "Dad

I need a favor" "Sure son anything I can do to help" He looked at me with a look of mild confusion. " I need you to come up with an excuse and let me spend the rest of the

evening with Kathy... Alone!" Kathy was downstairs and Greeted my Father "Hello Mr. Watersdown would you lioke to come in we were just going to have some cake. " Oh no thank

you dear its getting dark and I dont see too well to drive in the dark" A perfect lie from my father who used to fly fighter jets and land them at night.

He left and Boxer got aquainted with Kathy. "Get down you beast! Get away from that!" He was nose deep in her pussy sniffing happily. "Sorry darling you know how dogs

can be!" I pulled him away and made him stay
Kathy roared" We are taking that dog to the vet and getting his balls cut off ASAP!" Boxer whimpered, he knew the word vet and he knew he didnt like it. "Jeeze Kathy you dont

have to scare him like that head back up stairs I will settle the dog down and be up to finish what we astarted earlier." As she turned to head up stairs Boxer went right for

her crotch again. I was too turned on by how she shuddered at the sudden impact to stop him and she had to yell at me to get him off of her. " You put him outside right now or

there will be no sex for so long you will forget what your dick is for!" I thought about how to explain things to ashley for an affair if she kept her word on that. " listen

you just need to have the right tone with him here tell him to sit." I commanded "Boxer sit!" and he stopped going after her and sat down. I called him over to me and he came

up and got his ear scratched. "ok now you try, tell him to heel then to sit down" Kathy accepted the challenge and she said " Boxer come! Boxer sit!" he got up from my side and

promptly went over to kathy knocked her over and started sniffing at her crotch, I was laughing so hard that by the time I managed to pull the dog off of her the crotch of her

pants were moist from Boxer licking her. "You BASTARD you did that on purpose!" I apologized " I am sorry babe I will put him outside just head upstairs and get yourself

cleaned up."

I put boxer outside and gave him my doggy bag of seafood "Here pooch enjoy this lick your self and nap like you always do." But he didnt even touch the seafood all he

wanted was back inside. " Oh making moves on my girl huh? well too bad, as much fun as that would be to see she will never go for it" I wispered this to boxer for fear of KAthy

over hearing, as much as I wanted to watch the dog fuck Kathy she didnt even want dogs on Earth let alone in her. I headed back up stairs to boxer scratching the shit out of my

front door. I headed up stairs and as I walked into the doorway I was blindfolded. Kathy pushed me onto the bed and tied me to the bed posts, I had built that frame from steel

and hardwood, if there was a fire I was dead unless Kathy cut me loose. "Well what about the ga.." She shoved the ball gag into my mouth. Kathy started to pull my boxers down

and said "You know I was starting to think that you were going to spend the whole night with no sex. Maybe you still will" she pulled my boxers off and used two of my belts to

tie my legs to the bed frame. Then I heard a few Clicks, then I heard her move to the other side of the bed and a few more clicks... what was going on here? She pulled off my

blnd fold and there was a lap top set up on a stand with a web camera pointed right at me. On one side of the screen was my its video feed showing the entirety of my body and

the bed. on the other was blackness of the videofeed buffering. As it buffered Kathy said "You know you have had a pretty roughday today, no sex all day, and having Ashley over

with her huge supple tits, what are they DD?" I tried to answer but the gag kept me from saying anything intelligable. "Of course you dont know your a boy, boys just classify

tits as big and little" and they were lovely 34E sized DDs I knew from that one time a winter or two ago when Kathy and I broke up for two weeks. The video finally buffered and

it was Ashley on the other side of the screenin her bra and panties with a dildo in her hand, she gave a little wave. " I know how you have always wanted my friend Ashley but

never have so I decided to let you have a little taste. Now lunch and tea made sence.

Kathy started to play with my dick andstarted rubbing me all over, I tried to squirm but I was tied too tight, all I could do was lie there and take what ever sex she

gave me. She licked my nipples and kissed me from the head down to my balls. I was so hard it hurt my dick to not be touched, but she never touched it. She grabbed an icecube

and gently and lightly ran it along my body sending literal chills and thrills throughout my body. Ashley was playing with her tits and pulled off her bra fondling her nipples,

and I could see everything. Kathy finally said to me "Do you want this?" and she brushed the back of her hand against my dick" I tried to scream " YES OH GOD PLEASE!" but with

the ball gag all I could do was scream my muffeled scream. "What was that? I couldent quite make that out?" Ashley had started to rub her vibrator on her nipples. Kathy finally

started to kiss my cock. Then I went wild with delight, she was so gentle yet forceful it was great. I only regretted we didnt do things like this more often, hell with Ashley

now in the mix maybe we would do more things more often. Kathy stopped kissing me and said " Jim I have a confession to make." My eyebrow perked up at this. "Ashley chimed in

and said "actually we have a confession to make" the video feeds stopped for a moment and a file started to download over from Ashley's computer to the laptop. A video of Kathy

wearing a strap-on fucking Ashley started to play, it was only ten seconds but I nearly came just from th thought of it. Kathy noting how big my eyes got said "Mmmm and I

though that you may be mad, that is why I agreed to have the dog brought over tomarrow, just incase." Ashley giggled as the video feed cut back in, but there was no sound.

Kathy and ashley tried to fix the problem but the sound would not come back from Ashley. "Oh well" Kathy said. Looks like it is just you me and our silent partner. Kathy

started to suck my cock, I watched Ashley rub her dripping pussy and deep throat the vibrator.

Right as I was about to cum Kathy stopped. "You know it would be such a shame to have all of this end now after all this build up and all, so" She pulled out a small

bag of blue powder. "I crushed up a viagra and you are going to eat it. She pulled my lip to one side the ballgag still firmly in my mouth, if I wanted to spit out the powder

or do anything I was shit out of luck. She poured the viagra powder inside my lips and let it be absorbed by my soft pallet and gums. "there now 5 maybe 10 minutets and that

should be in full effect, a jolly old fat man named saint nick could come in here and suck you off you would still stay hard. This statement worried me, and as I found out from

what I saw next I should be worried. when she came back from the bathroom, she was wearing the big black strap-on and had a tube of vasoline in her hand. "You see when I was

fucking Ashley I found out that I really REALLY enjoied pegging her, and now I am going to enjoy pegging you." Ashley inserted the vibrator into her wet snatch and was

thourghly enjoying this. Kathy slowly rubbed the lube on the dildo she had just strapped on and pulled my balls out of the way. And in the first time since math class in 7th

grade my dick betraied me and would not go down. My only signal to the world that I did or did not want something was permaintly stuck in drive and Kathy was taking it as a

sign to proceed. I tried to yell at Kathy to stop and that she could peg Ashley all she wanted but to no avail my screems were translated into feeble wimpers by the situation I

had gotten myself into.

She pressed the head of the dildo against my asshole and I just trued to relax and let it happen, I tried to putmyself in another world my own happy place, then the

dildo pushed itsway into my ass and straight into my happyplace. She went wild and thrust into me again and again, and... it felt great I was moaning as best I could and Ashley

was pounding herself with her dildo legs spread wide open for me to see. Kathy bent over and started wispering dirty things into my ear" Yeah you like this you bitch? I control

you!" she started to jack me off while she pounded me and I came harder than I ever have before. And my dick stayed rock hard. she licked my cum off of me and mounted me again,

I was hers for the next 3 hours and there wasnt a thing I could do about it.

Boxer heard his master's wimpers and decided that it was time to do something about it. He grabbed the door knob and started to try to turn it. After 10 minutes he

managed to get the door open, he was in. He sniffed and smelled that female again in the air, her scent was strong she was ready. He heard his master again and followed the

sound upstairs, there he was greeted by an odd sight, the female had he ass in the air and was pushing forward towards something. but most importantly she had her ass in the

air. Boxer started to lick his member for a while at the sight of this waiting for her to finish so he could Boxer's dick took over and he decided that now was a good time to

breed with this felame since she was presenting herself so well. His dick came fully out of its sheath and he made his way over towards the bed.

I spotted boxer watching us but I didnt care, I was enjoying myself too much. The dog could watch if he wanted. Kathy didnt seem to notice, she was too wrapped un in

her own little world of pegging the hell out of me and the laptop did not have a view of much else other than the bed. Then I noticed Boxer get up dick fully extended headed

for the bed. I tried to get Kathy's attention. She stopped thrusting and saw the look on my face, bending down to try to hear me better "What what is is?" She asked. Boxer

jumped up on the bed and her, she tried to yell at him to get off and to get down but she was held fast by Boxer and his massive weight. she was 110-115 he 120-125 easily over

powered her. He attempted to thrust a few time before making contact and rammed his dick straight home ramming her again and again faster and faster, all the fight left in

Kathy was bolwed over at this assult to her sences. She starts moaning "Oh God ! Oh God its SO big!!!" he was latched into her and Kathy started asking me for help " Please Jim

get him off of me please help" she wimpered, There was nothing I could do, I couldent move or speak let alone get the dildo out of my ass, being able to help was as far off as

it could get. Kathy forgot about Ashley all together but when I looked over she was jamming the dildo in her pussy harder than ever and she had another one and she had that in

her ass. I saw the look of shock in her face when the dog made her come for the first time, it was almost as if she had an out of body experience or saw a ghost, but when she came and the pounding didnt stop she quicly snapped back in to the thrusting that was her reality. He pounded away like a jack hammer and Kathy's body took over where her mind would not and she started thrusting her hips in to me and back in to Boxer in rythem, she came again to the cadience of her body with her mind trying to take flight.

Kathy didnt know a thing about dogs, so when the Knot hit her it was more than a little suprize. She let out a long moan and followeed it by a little wimper as the knot pushed against her pussy harder and harder till finally it pushed its way in locking her in position. Kathy screamed with delight as she came again and again locked into me and locked into boxer. She let herself go, she was Boxer's bitch now enjoying everymoment of what was happening and boxer gave her the pounding and fullness no man, not even me could give her. "OH God Yes! YEs! come in me Boxer! Yes I want it!" Boxer came pints of Cum into her and she came in responce, Ashley was still watching on the laptop and came moments later. Boxer turned and locked with Kathy.

Later after I was untied, Ashley came over and we all sat around and talked about all the fun we were going to have in the up comping weeks.

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