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ive only just woke up lol

when me and harvey woke up yesterday morning harvey got out of bed and i watched him walk out are room in just his boxer shorts i got out of bed and shoved harvey into the wall and ripped off his boxers then lowered my self to his dick i put it in my mouth and started sucking and sucking it when harvey cummed i drank his load and stood back up harvey looked at me and said "well thats a nice way to be greeted in the morning" i winked and harvey and walked past with my little im the best smile

when i walked into the kitchen i put the kettle on and shouted "baby do you want some coffee" harvey walked into the kitchen and hugged me from behind (being completely naked and me in boxer shorts) and started kissing my neck i leaned my head the other way so harvey could get to my neck fully harvey still kissing my neck i poured us both some coffee i waited until harvey stopped kissing my neck and handed him a cup of coffee we both drank are coffee at the table and went to go brush are teeth

in the bathroom i pulled my tooth brush from the holder and went to put some toothpaste on it but harvey knocked them both out of my hand and said you wont need that yet i looked at harvey as if to say why the fuck did you just knock my tooth brush and paste out of my hand harvey pushed me into the shower and turned it on very soon my boxers became very wet and harvey got to his knees and took them off with his teeth and started sucking me off after about 15 minutes i cummed in his mouth and he swallowed it

as me and harvey was in the shower we had one and finally brushed are teeth we walked back into the bedroom and we both put a pair of boxers on i looked over at harvey and said "hey they are my boxers" harvey walked up to me and said "you know my ass looks good in them" i walked over to my wallet and got a $50 note out and put it in my boxers that harvey was wearing and harvey smiled at me and said "how much for me to take them off babe" laughing at harvey i took the $370 i had left in my wallet and put the note in harveys boxers i said "take them off babe" so harvey did and his dick was standing at attention so i went behind him and jacked him off when harvey cummed i carried on and harvey was moaning really loadly he said "babe a babe" i said "take it baby show me how much of a man you are" so harvey took really as much as he could and shouted "babe i really cant take anymore" so i stopped and said "did you enjoy that babe" i licked the cum of my hand and harvey said "damn babe youve been holding back on me" "im fully of surprises babe" "so whats the plan for today babe" "well i need to go to the bank because a very handsome man has just took over $400 from me" harvey smiled at me and said "do you want the money back babe?" i walked over to harvey and kissed him for a few seconds and said "keep it babe" and winked at him after "wanna come with me babe?" "yes babe i need some new sneakers" so me and harvey went to the mall in my ferrari and did some shopping and came home ask soon as harvey opened are door to the apartment i slammed the door behind us and pinned harvey to the wall ans said "drop the bags your not going to need them for what ive got planned" so harvey dropped the bags and said there only one room we havent had sex in "where babe i thought we had had sex everywhere in are apartment" "the kitchen" "you want to have sex in the kitchen? babe" "on the kitchen table babe" by the time i had finished that sentance harvey pushed onto the table and took my top off and i took his off harvey took off my pants and boxers and i did the same i laid across the table knocking the centre peice of the table and smashing it harvey shoved his dick into me and we was fucking for about 2 hours and i was loving every minute of it having my sweatey sexy hunkey man all over me and kissing me on my lips and on my neck harvey and i was moaning at how good it was when me cummed in me harvey pulled out and i said "its my turn" so harvey laid on the table and i shoved my dick in him and i fucked harvey for about a hour and cummed in him so after we had sex we had a second showe and went to watch some tv after about half a hour of watching tv me and harvey was kissing for about 20 minutes then brit text me to see how i was and what i was up to so i reply hey brit im good and ive just watching tv with harvey we are spending a romantic day together but im going to cme see you tomorrow babe so i turned to harvey again and started kissing me harvey broke are kiss and said "babe" i said "yes babe" "i love you" "aww babe i love you too. but im a little tired do you want to come and have a little nap we me babe" harvey tooked my hand and lead me into are bedroom we both got into bed and harvey said "are you warm babe" "im okay baby" so i cuddled into harvey and said "you really are my prince charming arnt you babe" "you bet your ass i am and when we are 70 i will remind you that you said that" "i bet you will babe" so i gave harvey a kiss and we went for a little sleep and had sex again

to be continued

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2012-05-27 03:45:31
Omg! Wonderful! & very very sexy :-) :-) :-) :-)
Lil j-rock


2011-12-07 19:46:18
ive just published rich boys love 46

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2011-12-06 21:53:33
Oh My Goooddd!!!! That was The Most Hotties Story U Ever Writ Leon…(And I Mean Very,Very,Very Hot Story Leon.)


2011-12-06 14:11:14
sorry ive not been writting ive been crazy busy with brit moving in

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2011-12-06 01:12:23
hey Leon i love ur store and i have read them twice now and i think i will read them again... I would love for u and to write more... and for a women to say that they love this store it should mean a lot to the both of u I hope u and Harvey. i hoope u both are doing well and r still in love with each other... Love Lizzard2929... bye bye

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