A Family Cruise 2
It’s recommended that you read, “A Family Cruise 1” before you read this segment.

Eve and Dave Anderson, surprised, Eve’s father and mother, Jerald and Samantha Roper, and Adam and Cythia Cooper, with their 4 children, all fully paid 60 day vacation, a cruise aboard the 3 masted schooner, “Nature”. The fee was $4,000.00 per person. Adam, is Steve’s brother. If you’ve read Cruise I, then you know Steve is Barbara’s husband, and Barbara is Eve’s sister. At any rate, they have 4 children, Dawn and Darlene, 12 years old, twin sisters, and Brad and Thad, 15 year old twin brothers.
The cruise requires that no one under 18 is allowed on board as guests, however if the parent signs an affidavit stating the children are 18, then no questions will be asked. Each person had to pass a physical examination, but Dave had paid the Captain of the ship, and additional $2,500.00 per person, to bypass the physical, knowing, or at least suspecting that Eve’s parents wouldn’t submit to the type of physical that was required.
The ship is a nudist cruise. Eve and Dave hoped that her parents, and the Cooper family wouldn’t find out about the character of the cruise until the ship was 125 miles out to sea, and in international waters, at that point there was no turning back. No clothing is allowed, and there are strict sanctions for anyone who failed to comply. The sanctions are no food for one day for each day the people failed to comply. The trip is 60 days, one month out, and one month back. To further complicate things, the cruise is not only nudist, but hedonistic. People will be fucking, and sucking all over the ship. The heads, restrooms for you land lubbers, are unisex, and there are no doors on the cabins or the showers.
Eve and Dave, and their two children, Joy, age 13, and Rod, 15, took the cruise by mistake and came back hedonists. Eve started out as a bible thumping prude, and ended up fucking and sucking her son, and daughter. When they got back they paid for Eve’s sister and brother in-law, Steve and Barbara, and their two children, to go on the cruise, Steve a pastor of their church, and his wife, a pastor’s wife, came back hating clothes and fucking Eve and David, and their children. They conspired to convert as many of their friends and family to hedonism, as they possible could, starting with Eve and Barbara’s mother and father.
Barbara and Eve had told them to take very little clothing, after all they are going to the South Pacific, and very little clothing is needed.
Everyone went to the pier to see them off, they had kept them up late partying the night before, hoping that they would be tired enough to stay in their cabins until the purser, held the orientation meeting. Barbara was sure to tell them to go to the toilet before they boarded, so as to avoid the toilets on the ship.
They stood there as the ship pulled away, people were standing at the rail, waiving goodbye, all were fully clothed and everything looked very respectful. Barbara and Eve crossed their fingers and watched as the ship pulled away.
“Should we wait and see if it comes back?”
“No, I didn’t have any idea it was a different kind of cruise until we were out beyond the 125 mile limit, did you?”
“No, then I seriously doubt if they will. I can’t wait for them to come back, and I mean cum back.” They laughed and headed back to the parking lot.
Jerry and Samantha Roper, Eve, and Barbara’s Mother and Father, looked like they were in their 40’s, Sam, still had a great figure, she had short, grey hair, that looked great. Her measurements are 38, 29, 36, her bra size was 38 DD, they weren’t as firm as they once were, but they still held their shape and looked great. Jerry loved them and sucked them regularly, She’s 54, and Jerry’s 55. He loves her cunt, it had an enormous clit, shaped like a little cock, and loved to suck on it. When they were first married, she refused to have sex in the light, she didn’t want him to see it, she thought he would think she was a hermaphrodite. She wasn’t of course, her clit just looked like a cock, it was just an over sensitive clit, that he loved from the first time he saw it. He was amazed when their daughters were born, to see that they had a tiny baby cock for a clit. When the ship pulled away from the dock they headed for the bar to have a drink, only to find out that there were no alcoholic beverages on the cruise. He complained to the beautiful lady behind the bar, and she contacted the Captain. They waited a minute and Captain, arrived, dressed in a white uniform. He was mid 40’s, with greying temples.
“I’m Captain Scott Brady, Can I help you?”
“Yes I’m Jerald ….
“Yes I know, Mr. and Mrs. Roper, Eve and Barbara’s Mother and Father, glad to meet you. What can I do for you?”
“Well for one, what good is a bar if you don’t serve drinks?”
“We do serve drinks, just not alcoholic drinks.” The Captain said.
“Well we are a little nervous and we thought maybe a stiff drink would be helpful.”
“I’ll tell you what, come with me, and I’ll take you to my personal cabin. I have some scotch, would that be okay?”
“Yes, that’s very kind of you,” Jerry said. “Thank you.”
The Captain turned to the lady behind the bar. Jean, would you ring my cabin and tell my wife that we will be having guests, and be sure to tell her it’s the Ropers.”
“Yes Captain.”
She picked up the telephone, pressed 99, waited for an answer. “Sarah, the Captain asked me to tell you he is bringing the Ropers up to the Cabin.”
Sarah thanked her and hung up. She was naked, as was her two children, Chris and Devin, “Get your clothes on children, we have guests coming and we have to have our clothes on.” She stepped into the master bed room, and slipped a black satin dress over her beautiful body. She’s an Eurasian, the type of girl you would see on a playboy center fold, or modeling underwear at Victoria’s Secret. She has long straight jet black hair, that reaches to the top of the crack of her ass, with bangs cut strait across just above her eyes. Her tits were perfectly round, with hardly any space between them. Her tits were 38D, are large for her frame, her nipples and areola are large, and clearly visible through the dress. Her children, a boy 9, Devin, and a girl 11, Cindy, came back to the living area, he with a shirt and shorts, and she had on a very small bikini.
“Cindy I said clothes, not that tiny string bikini. These people are not our kind of people, yet.”
“I can see your tits momma.”
“Not really, you just see where they are, not the tits, I can see you little cunny though so go change.”
The Captain came in with the Ropers. “Sarah, this is Mr. and Mrs. Roper, a little unsettled because of being the first time at sea. So I’m offering them a drink.”
“Welcome aboard the Nature,” Sarah said, crossing the room to shake their hands.
Jerry looked at the tight dress, and the outline of her nipples on her magnificent breasts, and immediately had a hardon. “Nice to meet you. It’s nice of you to have us into your cabin.”
“Don’t mention it. I know your daughters. They shared our table many times, and of course their children.”
“You can stay here until orientation.”
“Here are your drinks, I’m afraid I made them a little strong.”
“Strong is good,” Garry said, crossing his legs to hide his hardon.
Samantha also noticed the large breasts and the great figure, and of course her husband’s hardon. “I couldn’t help but notice that everyone aboard this boat seems to be, how can I put it…… quite lovely and handsome.”
“You don’t say,” Sarah said. “I hadn’t noticed.”
Just then Cindy came into the room. “Mother I can’t find anything to wear but his bikini. She held the bottoms in her hand, and was only wearing the top.
“Cindy Brady. Go put something on, we have guests.”
“But I only have this,” she said running her fingers through her cunt.
“Oh okay.” She turned and left the room.
“Children,” Sarah said. “Sometimes I just don’t know what to do.”
“I raised two daughters, so I know.” Sam said, looking at her husband’s mound in his pants grow, with a wet spot on his tan trousers. “And sometimes husbands can be a pain also.” She added.
Sarah, looked at Jerry’s pants, and laughed. “I see what you mean. Can I freshen up your drinks?”
Samantha drained her glass, and handed it to Sarah, “Yes thank you.”
Sarah filled the glass and handed it to Sam, and whispered, “it’s catching I think, look at my husband’s white pants.”
She glanced over to the Captain as he talked to Jerry. There was an enormous bulge in his pants, and a wet spot. “I see what you mean,” she whispered back. “Men, they just can’t control themselves, can they?
“But it is nice, isn’t it?” Sarah said, winking. “It is, after all, flattering.”
“I suppose,” Sam said as she wiggled in her chair. Juices were flowing in her now, and her panties were getting wet.
“Can you control yourself?” Sarah asked smiling. “I’m wearing black, so spots don’t show.”
The scotch was taking effect, and Sam squirmed in her chair, “I’m trying.” She said looking at Sarah’s nipples.
“Do you like my dress,” Sarah asked.
“Yes very chic,” she said. “It fits you nicely. I don’t believe however you are wearing anything under it. It’s what has my husband in the predicament he’s in.” Her voice slurred just a little bit.
“No, I don’t like underwear, in fact I usually don’t wear anything at all, neither do my children. That is why Cindy didn’t seem to understand that no bottoms was wrong with guests.
“You have a nice body,” Sam said, with a small giggle. “I wonder if a man would say that to another man. There they are over there talking about, god knows what, but certainly not about how nice that bulge in their pants is.”
“Well you have a beautiful body too, Sam. You just have it hidden beneath way too much clothing.”
“I only have on a light blouse, and shorts,” she protested.
“And……….” Sara prompted.
“And nylons, panties and a bra. Yes I see what you mean.”
“What are your measurements?” Sarah asked.
“38, 29, 36, the last time I measured.”
“And your cup size?”
“DD” she answered. “Your waist size and hips are bit larger than me, but the breast and cup size are the same. Come with me. Excuse us gentlemen; we are going to try on clothes.”
They went into the master bedroom, and Sarah opened up the closet. Sam was surprised to see that there was hardly anything in it. Sarah selected a satin dress and pulled it off of the hanger. “Here slip this on.”
“Oh, I could never wear anything like that, why, everything I have would show.”
“BS, it’s time for us ladies to flaunt what we have. I’m afraid your husband’s hardon was because of me, and my big tits. Well we’re the same size, he should have a hardon because of your big tits. Don’t you agree?”
“Yes,” she said, “but isn’t it terribly wicked?”
“You’re on vacation, be wicked. You have a lifetime of being saintly. Let’s get those cloths off of you.”
Sarah helped unbutton the blouse, and unfastened her bra for her. The heavy tits fell only slightly as she removed it.
“See you’ve got beautiful tits. I hope mine are that nice when I’m your age. Here let’s get those shorts off. She unbuttoned the shorts and pulled them, along with her panty hose and panties down around her ankles. As she bent over to help Sam, she kissed her nipple.
“Oh my,” she said, “that surprised me.”
“Just a little affection.”
“Oh, okay.” She was standing naked in a strange woman’s bedroom.
“Now slip this over your head,” Sarah held the dress and helped pull it down over her body. “It was tight, but the material stretched and it fit her like a glove, a very tight glove. She stood looking into the mirror. Even she agreed that it looked great on her, but her nipples, even the areolas were plainly visible through the fabric, and her pubic hairs were also visible.
“Oh, my, you see my pubics. Why can’t we see yours?”
“Because dear,” she said raising her dress. “I shave my cunt, and you should too.”
Sam stood there looking at Sarah’s beautiful body round hips, small waist, and just a small line betraying her shaved cunt.
“I don’t think my husband would approve. He is somewhat of a prude.” She said turning and looking at herself in the mirror.
“Raise your dress and let me see you’re pubics.”
“I shouldn’t.” she protested.
“It’s just us ladies, let me see.”
“Sam reached for the hem of the dress and pulled it up exposing her pubic hair. Not only did it expose that, but it also exposed her large clit that had its head peeking out from between her cunt lips.”
“Oh, you have a large clit, just like your daughters.” Sarah said.
“You saw my daughter’s clitoris?”
“Yes of course dear, we tried on clothes, and you just can’t miss it with its cute little head sticking out. I think it is absolutely adorable.” With that she reached out and touched it. It sent an electric shock though Sam and she jumped.
“Sorry didn’t mean to startle you.”
“It’s okay, I’ve never had anyone but my husband touches it before. It did surprise me.”
“Honey you are wet down there it’s running down your leg. Here let me wipe it for you.” She reached for a tissue, and wiped the cunt juice off of her leg, and went up and between her cunt lips. “There that’s better, we don’t want to get that on our dresses,” she said wiping herself. “After all if men don’t think we can control ourselves then they might get ideas. Come on, let’s show the guys.”
“Sam objected, but Sarah pulled her into the living room. “What do you think gentlemen.”
“My god, Mrs. Roper, you are one sexy woman.”
“Honey, what are you doing?” Jerry said, looking at his wife’s tits that were showing through the fabric. “I don’t think you should be wearing that.”
“Are you sure old man?”, the Captain said. “Look at the bulge in your pants. I think your cock is enjoying the hell out of it. I know I am.”
Jerry crossed his legs. The Captain was right, he had never seen his wife so, so sexy. He thought the Captains wife was sexy, but his wife beat her all to hell.
Sarah pushed Sam, walk around the room and show off yourself.”
Sam tentatively walked toward her husband.
“Just a minute Sam,” Sarah said we forgot something,” and she ran over to Sam, took off her high heels and slipped them onto Sam’s feet. The heals made a world of difference, her legs muscles tightened as did her ass muscles. Now she was definitely a beauty.
“Shit honey, you do look great.”
The Captain leaned over and nudged Jerry, “and you can see her cunt hairs,” he whispered.
Jerry looked down and not only did he see the cunt hairs but he also saw a small bump, that was definitely her clit.” His cock grew harder, and pre-cum leaked out and the wet spot on his tan pants grew.
“See what you’re doing to your husband, and mine for that matter,” as she pointed to Jerry’s bulge. “God he must have a monster in his pants.”
Sam reached for her drink, drained the glass, turned to Sarah and said, “It is, it’s a beautiful monster. How about the Captain’s?”
“likewise,” Sarah said giggling.
“What’s that little bump there?” the Captain said pointing to Sam’s pubic area.
“Honey, don’t be so forward, that’s her clit, and it cute.”
Sam turned three shades of red, “Sarah, how could you?” she said.
“Well it is honey.”
Just then the ships bell rang, and a voice over the loud speaker announced that they had passed the 125 mile mark and that there would be an orientation in the main dining hall.
“We better get down there,” the Captain said to Jerry. “Come on Sam, everyone must be there.”
“I’ve got to change back,” she protested.
“No time, come on.”
Jerry got up trying to hide his hardon, and Sam self-consciously followed them to the dining hall.
When they arrived most everyone was already there, 53 guests, plus some of the crew, almost everyone was stark naked.
The purser, explained that clothes were not optional, that everyone would have a duty, and that this being a hedonistic voyage, that anyone can do anything sexually that they want as long as both parties consented.
Samantha and Jerry moved over to Adam and Cynthia Cooper and their children.
“Did you know about this,” Jerry asked.
“No. I think we have been set up by Eve and Barbara.”
Cynthia raised her hand, and the Purser, said. “Yes, It’s Mrs. Cooper, right?”
Yes. What about our children? They are only 12 and 15,” Cynthia said.
“No Mrs. Cooper, everyone in this room is 18 or over. You signed an affidavit declaring that they are 18, so that is what they are until we reach the 125 mile mark on the way back, and remember removal of clothing is mandatory. If you fail to comply the punishment is no meal, none for each day you fail to comply. Clothing must be off within the next 30 minutes. If any of you brought luggage with clothing, they have been removed from your cabin and placed in the pursers office.
Jerry looked over to the Captain, he had removed his clothes and was standing there with only his shoes, and Captain’s hat.
“Captain,” Sam said, trying not to look at his raging hardon. “I want to get my clothing from your cabin, I can’t wear this the whole time.”
“You didn’t hear the announcement, you can’t wear anything, so you might as well take that off and give it back to me so I can return it to Sarah.”
Jerry started talking, “But those children. Can’t we take them back? I’m sure my son-in-law will pay for your trouble.
“Mr. Roper, your son-in-law paid extra so that we would take you. You are a tad older than we usually accept, however if I had known how well built you and your wife are he wouldn’t have had to pay extra. Now I suggest that you and your party remove your clothing. You object now, but I’m sure you will realize that this is one of the most freeing things that have ever happened to you.”
They left the dining hall and followed Adam to the Roper’s cabin, and sat in stunned silence on the bed. The children were off in the corner talking and laughing.
“Daddy, what is hedon….. hedonis… what that guy said?” Twelve year old Dawn asked.
“Hedonist, her mother corrected, “it means that people can do whatever they want ….”
“Whatever they want?” she asked. “You mean like kill, rob and steal?”
“No, not that, sexually, it means that a man and woman can copulate in public.”
“What’s copulate?”
“It means fuck,” her brother said.
“Brad!” Cynthia scolded.
“What are we going to do?” Sam asked. “We just can’t go around naked for 60 some odd days.”
“We have to,” Adam said. “Didn’t you hear them? No food. We can’t go without food. Let’s say we do for 10 days. Then we’re starving and we take off our clothes so we can eat. So the difference is we starve and go naked for 50 some odd days, or we go naked now for 60 days. I really don’t see any difference, except for the starving part. I think it is even better for the children than starving them.”
“I see your point,” Jerry said.
Just then a naked little girl, maybe 10 or 11, came to the cabin door. “I’m here for your clothes. My dad said that if you don’t give me your clothes, no food for today.”
“Who is your dad?”
“Her dad is the Captain,” Sam said.
“and momma wants her dress back.”
Brad and Thad were staring at her bare pussy lips.”
She looked at them and smiled. “Do you like my pussy?” she asked pulling the lips apart so they could see her pink cunt.
“Young lady, I’m sure your mother would not approve of this conduct.”
“Momma loves for me to do it.” She said. “Can I have your clothes please.
Adam, started unbuttoning his shirt, laid it on the bed, undid his belt, and pulled his pants, and under wear down. As he did his hard cock sprang out and slapped him on the belly. “Sorry,” he said, trying to hid his cock with his hand.
“Socks and shoes please,” the little girl said with a smile on her face. “You have a very nice cock mister.”
Adam almost said thank you but his wife gave him a stare.
He sat and removed his socks and shoes.
“There are sandals and thongs on the shelf here in the cabin. They are better when you are naked.” The 11 year old said.
Jerry, Cynthia, and Samantha followed suit. Samantha needed only to pull the dress over her head, she was naked under it.
“Momma’s shoes please.”
Sam took off the shoes and handed them to her.
The children were standing with their eyes popping out of their sockets. Their mother and father were naked, and their dad had an enormous cock that was hard as a rock. Cynthia is a beauty, she had a few extra pounds that she wasn’t pleased with, but her beautiful firm tits were 36D, and her waist was 28, with a small rounded tummy. She is 5 foot, 4, and weighs 128 pounds. Her hair is short, blond, and a look at her pussy hair proves that her blond hair is natural. Adam, is 6 foot 2 and has an average build, not fat, not skinny, just a good healthy build. His cock is 6 inches, hard, about 4 inches soft. Not the biggest but certainly a circumcised beauty.
Jerry, Is muscular. He was getting old and flabby, so he had hired a trainer and for the last couple of years was a regular at the gym. He has grey hair, and gray hair on his chest and around his cock. His cock is uncircumcised and hard, 9 inches, soft 5 inches. The young girls couldn’t keep their eyes off of it. Their mother saw that they were staring at his cock and enormous balls that hung down almost as far as his cock.
“Girls, stop staring.”
The boys were staring at Sam’s enormous tits.”
“Boys, you too.”
That admonition didn’t do any good; they continued to look from cock to tit, as they removed their own clothes. The girls are 12 years old, and they had recently moved from training bras to a B cup, and they’re proud of their little tits. Their hips were widening and their waists were narrow, with nice round asses. All in all they have great figures, with a wisp of hair around their pussies.
The Captain’s daughter waited patiently. “Mrs. Cooper, we have morning after pills and the regular pills for the girls. The morning after pill is good for 5 days. They can fuck all they want and then 4 days later take the pill and all will be okay.”
“Child,” Cynthia scolded.
“I’ve been fucking since I was 8 and look, no baby, that pill really works.
The boys removed their clothes. Brad and Thad are 15, and they have impressive cocks, and a full bush of hair. Their cocks were standing straight up to their bellies. They threw their cloths to the little girl, tried to hid their cocks.
Darlene was staring at Brad’s cock, and leaned over and whispered, “I like your thingy,”
Brad managed to grunt a thank you and complimented her on her tits.
Darlene and Dawn blushed, and reached for their tits.
The little girl curtsied, and left with all of their clothing.
“We’ll be going to our room,” Cynthia said, trying not to stare at Jerry hard cock.
“That might be better,” Sam said.
They left the cabin, “come on children.”
The girls left walking past Jerry who was standing against the wall, to pass him they needed to squeeze between him and the bed, and his cock, hit Dawn on the cheek as she passed.
“Oh, I’m sorry honey,” he said turning so his cock was not in the way.
“That’s okay,” she said with a smile, and under her breath she said. “I kinda liked it.”
They all left. Dave had arranged to have their rooms, next to each other, there were 3 rooms, one for Jerry and Sam, one for Adam and Cynthia and the girls, , one for the boys.
The family all huddled in Adam and Cynthia’s room. Cynthia sat on the bed, legs crossed, hands over her breasts, Dawn imitated her mother, and Darlene sat facing her father with her hands at her side, legs slightly parted, with her eyes moving from cock to cock.
“What are we going to do? We can’t go around like this. Damn Eve and Barbara, and damn that brother of yours. We have been set up. They knew damn well that we wouldn’t consent to this.”
“Well obviously he consented, and he’s a minister. I can’t imagine how he and Barbara consented to this, and obviously enjoyed it, and their children to.”
Darlene had a smile on her face. “Mr. Roper’s cock hit my face, and got it wet. Was that pee?”
“Don’t call it that vulgar name, it’s a penis, and no darling that wasn’t pee.” Cynthia said. “It was something else quite different, and I believe we will be seeing a lot of it.” Her eyes went to her husband’s hard cock, and at the two boys. Brad was trying to hide his hardon, but Thad had his proudly on display. He was reading a placard on the wall.
“Hey dad, the toilets are for men and women together.”
“Together,” Cynthia said in disgust. “Adam, what are we going to do.”
“I’ll go see the Purser,”
“With that?” she said pointing to his hardon.
“Well what do you propose I do with that? It’s not like I can order it to go down.”
“Well you can, take care of it.”
“You want me to do that, now, right here in front of the children?”
“Children go to your room.” She said.
“Mom, we are in our room,” Darlene said, staring at her father’s raging hardon.
“Well then go to your brother’s room.”
“You want our girls, our naked girls, in there with their naked brothers? Is that wise, they seem to be having the same problem I’m having.”
Thad couldn’t keep his eyes off of his mother, he kept looking for the moments when she dropped her hands and displayed her beautiful tits. For the last three years he jacked off dreaming of his mother’s beautiful body. He had gotten only fleeting glimpses, one time at the swimming pool she was sunbathing with her top undone and when she got up, her top fell away for a second, revealing those wonderful tits. His cock got hard in and second and he almost creamed his pants.
“Boys go to your room, and girls sit on the other side of the bed, and look at the wall while your father takes care of his little problem.”
“What about our problem?” Brad said.
“I’m sure you and your brother know what to do about that.”
“You want me to suck Brad’s cock?” Thad said, matter of factly.
“I certainly do not. What on earth has gotten into you Thad?”
“Nothing, but I seems like we, that is us guys are going to have this problem for 60 days, and I’m going to wear my cock raw with my hand. We’re going to need something less,….. you know less….. abrasive, a mouth or a pussy.”
“Thad, my God son, go to your room and take care of your….uh. . problem, and I don’t care how you do it. I don’t want to hear about it, just do it.”
The boys got up from the bed and went to their room.
“Did you notice the size of those boys?” Adam said as he slowly worked his hand up and down his uncircumcised cock.
“Yes, how could I miss it?”
Adam continued to rub his cock, “Face to the wall girls,” she said.
Adam had a smile on his face as he bent over and took his wife’s nipple into his mouth.
“Adam Cooper! What are you doing, we’re … you’re supposed to control that thing, not encourage it.” As she said it though she realized that her juices were flowing liberally out of her throbbing pussy. She started to sweat, and suddenly just had to have that fat cock in her cunt.
She got up and moved across the small room.
“Mommy, you peed on the bed,” Dawn said, pointing the spot where she had been sitting.
“No baby that’s not pee,” she said. “I guess it’s not only you’re father that is having a problem.”
Adam continued to stroke his cock, and all eyes were on it. Cynthia was distracted and was unaware that the girls had turned around and were sitting with their legs crossed in the middle of the bed watching their fathers hand move up and down on his cock. As his hand came down the head of his cock came into view, and was hidden as his hand came up.
“Can I help you?” Cynthia asked.
“Please do.” With that she went to him and straddled him as he was sitting and eased his cock into her cunt. Once she was filled, she started moving up and down. Small squeaking sounds escaped from her lips, as she rode him. She immediately had a massive orgasm, and screaming, she put her arms around him and buried her face in his neck to muffle the sound, when the scream subsided she pushed her tongue into his mouth, and he sucked on it.
“Is daddy fucking you mamma?” it was Darlene.
“Oh shit the girls,” she said into his mouth. “The girls are watching Don’t watch Aaaaaaag, don’t Eeeeeeeeaaaaaaagggg oh shit, Aaaa…gghgaaa, turn around girls. Oh shit, Aaaadgg I’m cuming again. Oh shit. Oh, fuck me,” she whispered into his ear, “fuck me hard.”
The girls moved across to where their mother and father were fucking. Darlene, the more adventurous of the two, got on the floor and watched as her father’s cock moved in and out of her mother’s dripping cunt. Then she stood and watched as her mother’s tits bounced up and down and were pressed into her father’s chest. She motioned to Dawn to come down on the floor and watch, which she did. They watched his stiff cock move in and out, and their mother’s cunt was grabbing it and pulled out, clinging to the cock, then back in, then out again still clinging.
“Doesn’t that hurt, mommy,” Dawn said, unable to pull away from the show that was in front of her face.
“Oh babies, please don’t look, please, Aaaaaaaag, oh shit, please don’t. Oh shit fuck me damn it fuck me hard,” she said, this time not trying to hide her words from her children. “Push that fucking cock into me, harder, harder. Aaaaaaaaaaaag, oh fuck.”
Adam complied and he picked her up, turned around and laid her on the bed with her ass on the edge.
“Yes, yes, yes, now fuck me, fuck me hard, and shove that big cock of yours into my hot cunt.”
“The girls are watching,” he said between grunts and thrusts. “Are you sure we should continue?”
“Oh, shit no, no we should, aaaaaaaaaaaaaag oh shit, we should……….fuck me harder.”
The girls had even a better view, they could now see her pussy, his cock, and his big balls and the slapped her on the ass.
Darlene got up off the floor and ran from the room. Seconds later she came back with her brothers. “See they’re fucking,” she said grabbing Thad’s cock. “isn’t it wonderful?”
All of the kids sat on the floor watching as their mother put her legs on their dad’s shoulders, and kept making grunting sounds.
“It looks like it would hurt,” Dawn said, putting her finger in her pussy. “But mom really loves it. She keeps telling daddy to fuck her hard.”
Jerry and Samantha stepped to the door, his cock hung soft. Even soft it was huge. They stood in the doorway watching as Adam fucked his wife, with their children at the foot of the bed watching their every move.
“Oh, shit I’m cuming, Adam said. Oh, shit Aaaaaaaaagg, Agaaaaaaaaggg, as he shot stream after stream of hot cum into his wife’s cunt. Cum started dripping out from around where her cunt was grabbing his cock. Darlene put her finger out and wiped some off from her mother ass crack, and put it in her mouth.
“eeeeeeeeeeuuw,” Dawn said. “How can you do that?”
Darlene tasted it, smiled and declared that it was something like spit, but it tasted okay. So Dawn eagerly dipped her fingers into it and tried it. Then she agreed that it wasn’t bad.
“Don’t you want to try it?” she asked Thad.
“Ahw, we been eating each other’s cum for years it’s nothing new.”
“It might taste different coming out of mommy’s pussy.”
“Yeah, I bet it does.” He said dipping his finger into it and slipping it into his mouth. Yeah, it does. Hey, Brad, you gotta taste this. It’s great, mom tastes great.”
Adam laid on his beautiful wife sweating and breathing hard. His cock withered, and slid from her cunt with a slurping sound, and more of that cum ran out of her cunt. The girls eagerly picked it up on their fingers and put it into their mouths.
“Thad, will you fuck me?” Darlene said, taking hold of his cock. It was then that she realized that it was soft, not hard like it was when they left the room. “What happened,” she said, rolling his cock between her fingers.
“We jacked off,” he said. “Don’t worry, it’ll get hard again, you can bet on it.”
“Having fun?” Jerry said.
“Oh shit, how long have you two been standing there, and where are my girls?” Cynthia said rising up on her elbows.
“We’ve been here for a few minutes, and your girls, and boys are there at the foot of your bed, running their fingers through your pussy.” Sam replied. “do you want to go to the powder room with me?”
Cynthia sat up and put her hands over her cunt. “What in the world. I told you boys to go to your room and you girls, were supposed to be over their looking at the wall.”
“We thought you were being hurt mom, so we came to help.”
Jerry laughed. “Adam, I need a shower, we just finished with what you did. These rooms have no doors and when we finished we found we had an audience. That little girl came back with a receipt for our cloths. Here’s yours.” He said, placing it on a shelf.
“I guess we better,” he said standing up.
“You’re dripping dad.” Thad said pointing to his dads cock.
“So I am,” he said pinching the tip of his cock and wiping his fingers on his chest.
Cythia stood up cupping her cunt, and with her arm across her beasts.
“Don’t fight it honey,” Samantha said. “It is impossible to do what you’re doing for 60 days. I do believe we will eventually get used to it. We may not like it, but we will get used to it. Let’s go freshen up.”
All of them walked down the corridor to a hanging sign that said “Head”. As they entered Sam was looking for the sign that said women.
“There isn’t a woman’s,” Thad said. “We all use the same one.”
“Why not,” Sam said. “We don’t have a lot to hide from one another.”
They entered, and found that there were no partitions between the toilets, urinals and showers. A large sign gave instructions for the conservation of precious fresh water. You were to urinate while showering.
They made their way to the shower area, and found that there were 15 shower heads, and 7, small hoses on the far wall with a trough under them. The instructions indicated that they were for enemas. The tip was in a container on the wall with disinfectant, and you were instructed to wash the shit off of the tip, and place it in the disinfectant.
“My they think of everything,” Sam said as she inspected the enema area.
Further instructions were that you were to wet your bodies, turn off the water, lather up and then quickly rinse off. It was also suggested that you share the shower so as to limit the amount of water that was used. There were eight of them so they turned on two shower heads and the cuddled together and got wet.
“Can I call you Aunt Sam?” Darlene asked.
“Of course you can, and that is Uncle Jerry.”
“You have beautiful tits. Can I touch them?”
“Darlene!,” Cynthia scolded.
“I would be quiet honey. Do remember the orientation. No one can tell another person what they can or cannot do sexually, punishment, one day’s food.”
“Oh, they couldn’t possibly mean the children.”
“They meant everyone,” Jerry said. “In fact the rule is primarily there for parents. How old are Dawn and Darlene?”
“Twelve,” Cynthia answered.
“Wrong,” he responded. “They are eighteen.” He said as he soaped up his cock and balls. “Will you do my back, Sam?”
“Sure, who’s going to do mine,” she said as she ran her soapy hand up and down her cunt lips. In fact she had been doing that for some time, more time than was necessary.
“I’ll do it Aunt Sam,” all of the children said at once.
“She turned and looked at them and then motioned to Dawn, “I think you will be the safest,” she said turning back to her, and starting to lather Jerry.
Dawn soaped up her hands and started soaping Samantha, starting at her neck.
“Don’t get any in my hair. I don’t want to have to dry it.”
“Dawn worked her way down the back, and to the sides, and under her arms. Then she pushed her hand along the sides of her beasts.
“You trying to cop a feel,” Sam said, looking over her shoulder.
“No Aunt Sam, just putting soap on you.”
“Well if you were, it’s okay.”
Dawn took advantage of that statement and put her hands under Sam’s arms, and reached around and soaped her tits, working her way to the nipples. They were large beautiful and soft. As she lathered them, however, they became hard as rocks.
“My beasts have always been one the most sensitive parts of my body, that and my clit.”
“Samantha! Are you talking to my daughter about your clitoris?”
“Sorry, but I am. I saw all of them dip their fingers into their father’s cum as it dripped from your pussy, so I can’t see how a little conversation about a woman erogenous zones, can be of any harm. In fact, beyond all belief I’m starting to enjoy this. I’ve always been the sensual one in the family that is Eve and I.”
“I like to think of myself as sensual, but this is not sensual, it’s sick.”
Cynthia was running her hand up and down between her cunt lips, and around and between her ass cheeks, her breathing became deep, and irregular.
“But you did fuck your husband with 4 children in the room.”
“No I didn’t, Aaaaag. Oh shit. No. the girls were to sit looking at the wall and the boys, Aaaaaagaag, shit, the boys were to be in their room.”
“Well now you are masturbating in front of them, and loving it.”
“I’m washing,” she said, out of breath. “I’m very sensitive.”
“Well your son right there has a hard on, he was soft when he came in, now he has a raging hardon.”
“I noticed,” Cynthia said, still running her fingers up and down her cunt lips. “I know that is one of my problems. I also just took care of my husband, and his is up and hard again, as is your husband. What are we going to do?”
“Like women have done for centuries, we take care of our men. We’re lucky, we have 4 women, and 4 men, that should work out just fine.”
“There are only two of us. Oh shit, you mean my little girls?”
“No, I mean your eighteen year old daughters.”
A man, a woman, entered the shower. “Hello, the man said. Is there room in here for two more?”
“No,” Cynthia said.
“Cynthia!” Jerry said scolding, “Of course there’s room there are 8 more shower heads. Help yourselves.”
The woman was a tiny and Oriental, weighing maybe 90 pounds, she had beautiful tits, perfectly proportioned for her size. Her face and body were enough to turn any man’s head, and possibly most women. Her cunt was shaved, with a small diamond of black hair above her clean cunt lips. As soon as they were wetted with the shower head, she went to her knees and took the man’s massive cock head into her mouth. He leaned against the tile wall and looked down at her as she sucked.
“Children don’t look.” Cynthia said gathering up her daughters.
“Cynthia, remember the orientation,” Adam said. “You’re going to be skin and bones by the time you get home, if you keep that up.”
“Oh,” she said, holding Darlene close to her breast. “Yes you’re right. Children. The rules are that you can do whatever you want. However, I do hope you will remember you’re upbringing, and remember what I expect from you. This cruise will only last another 59 days, after today, and then we will get back to our real lives. I would hope that you won’t allow these two months to change who you are. As I hope it won’t change who I am. Remember also that the rules say, that if you say no, it means no, and no one will force themselves on you.”
“What about you mom,” Thad said. “You fucked dad. Is this changing you?”
“Son your dad and I have intercourse all the time. How in the world do you figure you were created. It is natural; it’s between a man and his wife.”
“Can we watch you fuck again?” Darlene asked.
“Darlene intercourse, it’s intercourse, and I don’t see how we can stop you, there is no privacy on this boat.” Cynthia said, as she shuddered through a self-imposed orgasm.”
“What do we call our thingies?” Dawn said, “At school the kids call it a wiener and a bun, and I heard you call it a cock and cunt.”
“Wiener and bun is okay, it is actually a penis, and vulva. Cock and cunt are vulgar words, but mean the same.”
“I like cock and cunt,” Darlene said, as she looked over at the oriental woman, who was still sucking on his cock. “Is that what everyone does? It doesn’t look nice.”
“You are going to see a lot of that. Many women and all men love that. Look at his face, and look how she is looking up at him as she takes his penis deep into her mouth. Yes they love it, I love it.” Samantha said, as she started to lather up her husband’s huge, now hard cock.
Darlene took more soap onto her hands and started lathering Thad’s 6 inch cock. “I like your cock,” she said. He reached down and started lathering her cunt. It was still as bare as the Chinese woman’s shaven cunt. Brad looked around, and most everyone was involved with soaping someone else and they were all concentrating on the cunts and cocks.
“Can I soap you up,” Brad said looking at Dawn.
“Yeah, if I can touch you’re thing.”
“You mean my cock?”
“Yeah, your… cock.”
She reached out and took it in her hand. It was hard as a rock, yet soft and velvety in her tiny hand. He reached up and started lathering her tits. “Your tits are beautiful,” he said, as he looked over at his mom. “Sorry Mom, I love this, and I’m going to take advantage as long as I can.”
“You think so?” Dawn said, as she watched his large hands massage her small tits.
“Yeah, next to mom, you and Darlene have the most beautiful tits ever.”
“I think you guys have neat cocks.” Dawn said, “Darlene and I have been peaking at you guys when you do each other.”
“What do you mean ‘do each other’,” Cynthia asked.
“When they get home from school, and they think the house is empty they suck each other’s cocks. Dawn and I get home early some times and we hide and watch them. That’s why I thought it was strange that that woman would suck his cock, I thought only guys did that.”
Brad turned red as a beat.
“Mom, don’t you think the boys have beautiful cocks,” Darlene asked holding Thad’s cock up for her inspection.
“Yes, I do.”
“How come one is different from the other?”
“Well,” Cynthia said. “When they were born, I told hospital that I didn’t want my boys circumcised.”
“What’s circumcised, Mom?” Dawn asked.
“Well do you see the skin that is over the tip of Brad’s penis?
“You mean, his cock?”
“Yes, I mean his cock.”
“Yeah I see it. “It’s fun to pull it back and forth.”
“Well, when baby boys are born they have that skin over the tip of their penis….er cocks, and when they circumcise them, they cut that skin off.”
“Oh, momma, that must really hurt.” Darlene said.
“Yes it does, and I told the doctor, and the hospital to leave my boys alone. Well they cut Thad before they realized they’d made a mistake. So they asked me if I wanted Brad cut too, since they made the error on Thad, and I told them no. So one is and one isn’t. It did help me to keep them straight when they were babies, all I needed to do was look at their penis’s …er…cocks, and I knew one from the other. No such luck with you girls, I bet your names changed back and forth a dozen times before you were old enough to know your own names. I even thought of having a little tattoo put on one of your pussy lips, knowing that someday it would be covered by hair anyway, but I thought better of it.”
Suddenly they heard Jerry, grunt, Aaaaaaaag, as cum shot out of the tip of his huge cock. His stomach muscles contracted and great gobs of cum shot across the shower, some landing on Cynthia, and a large string was on Darlene’s face, and more on Thad.”
“Momma, Uncle Jerry peed on me.”
“No Baby, it isn’t pee, just wash it off.”
“What is it?” Dawn asked.
“It’s what makes babies.”
“Oh, is Darlene going to have a baby now?”
“No, it has to be put inside her, not on her silly,” Thad said, answering her question. “Besides it’s the same stuff that was coming out of mom’s cunt after dad fucked her.”
“Are you going to have a baby?” Dawn asked, looking at her mother. “Because daddy put a lot into you.”
“No Honey, momma’s not going to have a baby, I take a pill that prevents me from having a baby.”
Darlene remembered the taste of the cum that was dripping out of her mother, she ran her finger through Jerry’s cum and put it in her mouth.
“Darlene Cooper, what are you doing?”
“I tasted what came out of you and daddy, and I wanted to taste Uncle Jerry’s. It tastes different, not as sweet.”
“That other cum was mixed with mom’s cum silly,” Thad said, as he stuck his finger up Darlene’s cunt, making her jump. “Mom’s cum is sweet, and if we are lucky we will get to taste it again.”
They turned on the shower head, and rinsed, just as the man came into the Chinese woman’s mouth, some missed and hit her in on the nose and chin. She scooped it up, and put it into her mouth, stuck her tongue out and showed everyone in the room the white cum sitting on her tongue and then she spit it into her hand, and then drank it. She put the shrinking cock back into her mouth and continued to suck until it was soft. Everyone was hypnotized and just stood watching.
“Time to eat,” Cynthia said, breaking the silence “Let’s go to the dining room.”
“Did you see something that made you hungry?” Samantha asked with a smile on her lips.
“Sam! You’re naughty.”
“I’m getting that way, I seem to be horny,”
As they walked out Cynthia leaned over to Sam, and whispered, “Me too.”

Chapter Two
They all arrived at the Dining Hall, and searched the room for a table with 8 seats. All of the tables had 10 chairs but most were more than half full. As they stood there, cunts dripping and cocks standing at attention, a group of people got up from a table, leaving only two still eating. They made their way across the room to the table and sat down. Jerry was sitting next to a young woman, probably still a teen, the man she was with was mid or late 30s.
“Hello,” the man said. “I’m Andrew McPhee, and this is my daughter Angel. Glad to have you at the table. It’s too big for two people.”
Jerry made the introductions, introducing everyone.
“Twins?” Andrew said. “I’ve never fucked twins before, sounds exciting.”
“Well you’re not go…..” Cynthia was startled by a kick under the table, it was Sam.
“Were you going to say something, Mrs. Cooper?”
“Samantha, please. No I was just going to say….,” and she looked at Samantha. “I was just going to say you’re not going to leave the table so soon are you?” she looked at Sam again, and nodded her head to tell her she had fixed her mistake.
“No we still have desert.” Angel said. “They are beautiful. May I?” she asked looking at Jerry.
“May you what?”
“I saw you coming to the table and I just love your cock. I was just wondering if I could hold it in my hands.”
Samantha looked at Jerry, then at the girl. “Please do sweetheart, and if you can get it down, it would give me a breather. You wouldn’t think that a 55 year old man would be so hard all the time.”
The girl looked down and took Jerry’s cock into her hand. “I like them this size. On our previous cruse a lot of the men were 10 and 11 inches, some even bigger. That is really uncomfortable,” Angel said, as she held his hard uncircumcised cock in her hand. “Those great big ones kinda hurt. But yours is perfect. It’s huge, but not enormous. Don’t you think so?” she asked. “Cynthia is it?”
“Yes it is quite nice, but I love my husbands. It is perfect.” She leaned over and kissed Adam on the lips. “Just perfect.”
“Oh, I agree,” Angel said. “I really don’t think I’ve seen a cock I didn’t love. Stand up daddy and show them your wonderful cock.”
Andrew stood up he was sporting a 5 inch flaccid circumcised cock. “My daughter and wife, keeps me deflated between fucks with other beautiful women.”
“Do you …..fuck often, Andrew?” Sam asked.
“Andy please, call me Andy. Yes as much as possible there are 26 women on board this ship, and that doesn’t count the crew. You really ought to try the crew,” he said to Adam. “They have been on many cruises, and none of them will say no. Oh a couple don’t like to be butt fucked, but that’s not bad. By the way Sam, Angel, and Angela, my wife, and I have been on three cruises, and on the last two we went on we met two ladies that look strikingly like you, right down to your clit. Eve and Barbara, you wouldn’t possibly be their sister?”
Sam blushed at the complement. “They’re my daughters.”
“No. Can’t be you’re so young, so beautiful.”
“Well I am their mother.”
“Well that is absolutely great. I fucked both of them, many times,” he added.
“Oh, that’s interesting. You see my daughters got us on this ship without telling us it was nudist, or hedonistic. We were quite surprised. I haven’t been with another man for 36 years, and this is something quite different.”
“I bet you were surprised?” Angel said.
“Yes, quite. Did my daughters seem to be into things?”
“Oh yeah,” Angle said. “Eve told me about her dog.”
Jerry sat straight in his chair. “You ought to be ashamed of yourself,” she said looking at Jerry, “Putting that poor dog to sleep just because she sucked his cock.”
“Jerry! Is that why you killed that poor dog. You didn’t tell me that you caught her sucking Skipper.”
“Well I was shocked she was just a baby and she had that dog’s cock in her mouth. After that I only let neutered or female dogs in the house.”
“Well she missed Skipper,” Angel continued. “But there’s a kennel here on the ship, and she and Joyce got fucked good by Buster. Buster is my favorite. He has a massive cock, and knot.”
“Momma, do women, uh girls, you know, actually allow dogs to fuck them, and they suck their cocks?” Dawn asked as she squirmed in her chair.
“Yes, dear, I’ve heard that some women like it.”
Darlene reached to her dad who was sitting next to her. “Daddy, can I touch your cock?”
“Darlene!” her mother said. Then she looked at Jerry and Andy, and then said. “Yes do, take you’re father’s cock and fondle it, suck it if you must. But leave some for me, and …… “ then she stuck out her chin like she was a boxer daring someone to hit her. “and leave some for your Aunt Samantha. After all we love to suck and fuck too. There I said it, is everyone happy? We haven’t been here a day and already we are hedonists.”
“Do you want to fuck Uncle Jerry, Momma,” Dawn asked.
“Yes why not, it seems that is what we must do to remain sane. His cock is beautiful and always hard, and your Aunt Sam’s nipples seem to be hard too. We might as well enjoy ourselves until we are off this awful ship.”
Andy frowned and asked, “Awful ship?”
“Yes, Cynthia, gets sea sick, she wants off the ship. But she will get used to it.”
“Oh, yes it does do that to some people. It’s hard to enjoy a good fuck if you’re vomiting all the time.”
“Can I daddy?” Darlene asked again.
“Yes Baby.”
She reached over and took her father’s cock into her hand. “Oh, mommy it feels so good, it is really hard, but soft too. She ran her hand up and down her father’s circumcised cock. “I love it.”
“Can I try?” Dawn asked.
“Sure come here,” Darlene said waiving her father’s cock in the air. “You go to the other side.
Dawn was on one side and Darlene on the other. They each had their little hands around their father’s cock. Drops of precum formed on the tip. Darlene put her finger in it and pushed it around on the head. “Oh, Dawn that makes it so slippery. Try it,” she said as she put her finger in her mouth. “It tastes good too, not a strong taste, kinda sweet, not like the cum, it was like spit.”
Dawn put her finger on the tip and pushed it around, then she dipped her head and took the tip of her father’s cock into her pre-teen mouth. “Mmmmmm yes it does taste good. “Here momma taste daddy’s cock.”
“I’ve tasted it,” she said squirming in her chair.
“Taste it again,” she said holding it up.
Cynthia couldn’t help it she was dripping huge amounts of cunt juice onto the chair. Dawn moved back to give her mother access, and she leaned over and took his hard cock into her mouth, and sucked, going down and down, until the pubic hair tickled her nose. Then she came back up until only the head was in her mouth, and pulled off with a slurp, kissed the tip and sat back up.
“Wow, mommy that was great. Can you teach us how to suck cock? I want to learn.”
Darlene, not wanting to be left out, took the head of the cock into her mouth, and sucked on it. She tried to go down liker her mother had, but gagged and came back up for air. “Gosh mom how did you do that? That was wonderful.”
“Practice baby,” she said, with a smug look on her face. She had shown all of them that she could get along on this cruise. She would show them, she would suck and fuck, and have a great time. She would absolutely shock them “Come here Brad. Suck momma’s tit.”
Brad got up and walked around to his mother. “Are you sure mom?”
“Of course I’m sure, you haven’t sucked on this since you were 4 month’s old.” She took her tit, and pushed it up toward his mouth.
Brad put his mouth around his mother’s beautiful nipple, sucking it into his mouth. Chills ran through Cynthia’s body, she shuddered every time he sucked in. She loved it when Andy sucked her tits, they were ultra-sensitive, she could actually cum while her tits were being sucked. As he sucked she reached out and took his cock into her hand, massaging it and running her hand up and down his uncircumcised cock. She loved to watch the head appear and disappear.
“Mom? Can I suck the other one?” Thad asked.
“Let me take care of this one,” Samantha said. “Do you want to suck Aunt Sam’s?”
Thad was immediately out of his chair and around to Sam’s chair. He stood next to Sam and took her nipple into his mouth. He was in heaven, he was sucking and he could look down and watch Angel fondle Jerry’s big cock. He and his brother had sucked each other’s cocks for years, they had even learned to fuck each other in the ass. He was sucking a tit, and wondering what Uncle Jerry’s cock would taste like. He wondered if his mouth was big enough to get it in. As he leaned there he put his hand on Sam’s thigh to support himself, when he felt the softness of her cunt hair and the heat of her cunt. He put his right hand on the back of the chair for support and moved his left hand down between her legs. Sam automatically spread her legs to give him access, all the time thinking, that Jerry was getting his, why shouldn’t she get hers.
Thad, started working his finger up and down her cunt lips, rubbing the enormous clit on each up and down stroke, and at the bottom he would slip his fingers into her cunt. Whenever he sunk his fingers in she would push forward to encourage him to go deeper. She started to sweat, when the waiter came to their table.
“Are you ready to order?” A beautiful, young girl asked. She was wearing a Sailor’s hat, and an apron, of clear plastic.
Samantha caught her breath, and gently pushed Thad away. “I am. What’s on the menu tonight?”
“Since it’s our first night out, we have the traditional oyster menu, on the half shell, breaded and deep fried, oyster fettuccini Alfredo, and Oyster Stew. If you don’t like the oyster, then we have steak and lobster.”
“I really don’t think we need oysters,” she said laughing. “We don’t have libido problems at this table.
“I personally would like the steak and lobster, medium rare for the steak.”
Everyone ordered, and the girls continued to suck Adam’s cock until he unloaded an enormous amount of cum into their mouths. “Oh momma it’s going away.”
“Don’t worry it’ll be back, and from what I noticed it will won’t take long.”
Andy reached over and tapped Angel on the back. “Your desert is here.”
She sat up, and released Jerry’s cock. “That was nice; maybe we can finish it sometime, but in my cunt or ass. I think it would be nice up my ass.”
She and her father finished their desert, and got up to leave. “Do you guys like water sports?” She asked.
“You mean water skiing?” Thad asked, as rubbed Sam’s tits.
“No, silly, I mean water sports; you know peeing on each other. We love it; we get a few friends together and meet at the aft head, in the shower. If you want to come it’s at 9:30, aft head, and before you come, please drink a lot of water and don’t pee save it for 9:30. I’ve got an enormous bladder, so watch out I can drench you.”
“Do people actually pee on each other?” Dawn asked.
“Evidently,” Cynthia said. “Doesn’t sound clean to me. Piss is dirty.”
“Actually not,” Jerry said. “Piss is sterile; you can actually survive on it for a short period of time if lost in the desert.”
“It still sounds dirty,” she said. She was thinking of Jerry’s massive cock spraying piss all over her tits and body. Despite her words, she was thrilled at the prospect, but she knew she would never do it, primarily because people would think she was a pervert.
“Their food came, and they ate pretty much in silence, each with their own thoughts, own dreams, own fantasies, own fears.
Samantha was actually thinking about Skipper, and picturing Eve with his cock in her mouth. She had been aware that the dog seemed to like cunt. She would be sitting and he would come up and stick his nose up her dress and start licking her cunt mound. On one occasion, when she was alone in the house, she pulled her panties aside, and allowed him to lick her cunt lips, and she pulled them open to give him full access. It had felt wonderful, so whenever she had the chance she would lure him into the bathroom, take off her pants, and panties, sit on the toilet seat, and spread her legs for him. He would always try to mount her, but she never let him. Now she wondered if Eve had let him mount here.
Jerry was thinking about the same thing. “He remembered walking in on Eve laying naked on the floor with that dog’s cock in her mouth, and her finger up her little 11 year old cunt. Or was she 12, doesn’t make any difference, she was just a baby, no pussy hair, no tits, but absolutely beautiful, and every time he thought of that dog’s cock in her mouth, he got a hardon.
The meal was finished, and they made their way back toward their rooms. Along the way people were sucking, fucking as couples, and in groups. As they passed them in the passageway hands would reach out and touch tits, cunts, and cocks. Every now and then one of the girls would stop and let a man stick his finger up her cunt. Cynthia, would say come along girls, you don’t know the way back to the room, and they would reluctantly pull away and run to catch up with the group.
When they got back to their rooms, Jerry and Sam went to their room, Cynthia and Adam to theirs and the girls went with the boys to theirs.
Cynthia sat there quietly, then said. “Barbara and Eve got dog fucked.”
“Sounds exciting,” Adam said.
“You think so?”
“Yeah, it sounds kinky, but exciting. What do you think?”
“I think it’s sick…….. but yeah, it does sound kinky and exciting. I wonder what it feels like, what a dog’s cock looks like, what size it would be.”
“Well I use to play with my dog’s cock, and I tell you it was big, bigger than mine, and it has a knot, the size of a tennis ball, that goes into the cunt.”
“Did you suck it?”
“No, I just jacked him off till he came.”
“Did you taste the cum?”
“No I was only 9 or 10, I didn’t know about stuff like that I was just having fun. It was me and my cousin Bonnie.”
“Did you fuck Bonnie?”
“I tried, but I could never get it in. We kept playing around until we moved. I was 13 then. We were just kids playing around. Do you want to try the dogs?”
“No, I wouldn’t mind looking or touching a dog cock. I don’t want it in my mouth or cunt though.”
“Remember when we were and Dave and Eve’s new house last week. They have a new dog, a golden retriever.”
“Yeah, I do remember. I thought it was strange, they had never had a dog before.”
“Now we know why.”
“Yes we do,” she said as she reached for his hard cock. “This is getting you excited isn’t it?”
“Yeah, I guess so.”
“Are you picturing me getting fucked by a dog?”
“Yes, and sucking a dog cock. God that is hot.”
“Adam Cooper, you dirty old man, wanting your woman to fuck a dog. How about Jerry, would you like to see that great big cock in me?”
“Yes, that is exciting too.”
“and your cock in Sam, with your face smothered between those big tits?”
“Yes, that too.”
Cynthia took Adam by the hand and pulled him out of the room, and next door. “Hi, can we join you?”
Sam was on her knees with Jerry’s cock in her mouth. She pulled it out, and said, “sure come on in, I’m just trying to get this monster down. It has been up far too long, and he has shot his wad off so many times it seems impossible to get him to do it again.”
“Can I try?” Cynthia asked.
“Be my guest,” Sam said as she handed the cock to Cythia. “I hope you don’t mind my saliva.
Cynthia stepped up to Sam, and put her tongue into her mouth. “There now our saliva is mixed, and oh by the way my husband wants to see me fuck a dog, and he wants to put his cock into you’re wet pussy. Can you accommodate him? He seems to have the same problem as Jerry.”
With that she sunk to her knees and took Jerry’s cock into her small hands. “God, I love your cock. I want you to know that Adam is the only man I have ever been with.” She said, working her hands up and down his cock. “His cock isn’t as big as yours but it fills me up just fine, I suppose you will fill me to overflowing.
“I’ll be gentle,” he said reaching for her beautiful tits. “Come here.”
“Just a moment,” she said putting the head of his cock into her mouth. “Let me get a taste of this big fellow.”
The cock just barely fit in her small mouth. She took it out of her mouth and rubbed the slick head over her lips and face, and then she took one ball after the other into her mouth sucking gently as the ball rolled around in her mouth, all the time “Hummmmmmmming.” She buried her face in his scrotum and fell in love with its softness.
Meanwhile Adam went to his knees between Sam’s legs. “May I?”
“Yes please do, my pussy is aching for attention. Jerry has fucked me three times, and I still haven’t had enough. There is so much cock on this ship, I never thought about sex so much in my life, well I guess right before and after we were married, that is all I thought about. I was a virgin you know when we married. But we got old, and in a rut and sex was just another thing we did. Now it’s so damn exciting, my daughters were fucked by Andy, and dog fucked. I’ve just got to be fucked by that dog, what’s his name Buster, and of course Andy.”
“Will you suck his cock?”
“Who the dog or Andy?”
“Andy for sure, the dog I don’t know. Maybe.”
“Your daughters did.”
“Then definitely yes. Can you believe what we are doing. I mean, this is our first day on this boat, and I have been faithful to my husband, he has been faithful to me, and we are taking to this hedonistic life style like a fish in the water.”
“I know, same here. I think Cynthia is exaggerating, and doing this just to show us she can, she’s stubborn, but quite frankly I believe she loves it. Cunt juice has been streaming down her leg all afternoon; she has been wiping it with her hand, thinking I didn’t notice.”
“We really got set up by my daughters.”
“And my brother. I think they want us to come back and join them in an orgy. I can’t believe my brother the preacher. But I guess no one is immune to this.”
“Can I let you in on a little secret?” Sam said, leaning forward.
“I’ve always wanted to fuck your brother.”
“You did?”
“Yes, can you believe it, my daughters husband, and a preacher. It sounded so ….. so forbidden.”
“Well I’ve always wanted to fuck you, and your beautiful daughters.” They laughed, and Adam sunk his mouth into Sam’s cunt. She reached down and pulled the lips apart to give him better access and his hands went to both of her tits.”
Cynthia, was busy on Jerry’s cock, sucking and rubbing it over her face. “Come here Cynthia,”
“Call me Cindy.”
“Sit on my lap Cindy, baby. Take Uncle Jerry’s cock in that sweet pussy of yours.”
She stood up and straddled his lap, and lowered herself on his cock.
“Watch this,” Sam said to Adam. “Watch that big cock push into her little cunt. Shit this is exciting, the hell with monogamy.”
Cindy positioned the head of his cock under her cunt, and lowered herself slowly. “Oh,oh…oh shit..Aaa aaa..” as the head slipped into her body. “Oh, don’t move, don’t move, let me get used to it.” She sat there and slowly let her body sink down drawing more and more of that big cock into her belly. Finally she was full of cock, she could feel the tip slip into her womb, it was a new feeling, an exhilarating, wonderful feeling. Adam’s cock would nudge the cervix, but this was different, the head of his cock was actually in her womb. “Oh shit. Fuck me, slowly, fuck me, fuck me. Gently, but please, fuck me.” She leaned forward pressing her tits to his chest as she moved slowly up and down on his big cock. “Oh I love it. I love it. She said as she stuck her tongue into Jerry’s mouth. They kissed sucking each other’s tongue and lips. “Oh, oh okay, now fuck me hard now. Fuck me hard.”
Jerry picked her up turned around and laid her on the bed. He started fucking bringing his cock all the way out with only the head in, and then plunging in, and each time when it entered her womb she would squeal.
Sam and Adam were watching, he looked at the door and saw all of his children there watching their mother take Uncle Jerry’s massive cock. Darlene, the adventurous one, came in and got on her knees so she could see her mother’s cunt gripping his big cock and his balls slapping her ass each time he went in. She reached up and cupped his balls in her little hand.
“Oh, I love the feel of balls,” she said. “Daddy, are you going to fuck Aunt Samantha?”
“Yes baby.”
“Now,” he said, standing and pushing Sam back on her back. She reached down and took his cock.
“Can I put it in?” Dawn said as she moved from the door.”
Sam handed the cock to her, and she guided it into her cunt opening. “Okay daddy push it in.”
She stood there and watched as her father’s cock sunk into Sam’s cunt. “You have a little cock, Aunt Sam. It’s cute.”
Adam apologized for the size of his cock, but Sam pulled him to her, and kissed him, and said. “I love it. You don’t know how hard it is to always take that monster, this is nice and feels great, just fuck me, and let me enjoy a normal cock for a change.”
Adam began a rhythm, and Dawn went behind him and started sucking his balls. “Oh yes baby, suck daddy’s balls. Oh shit this is wonderful. I can never go back to our old life. That son of a bitch brother of mine has ruined me, he has saved me, he has given me a wonderful life. I want to fuck both of your daughters, your grand daughters, my daughters.”
“Daddy,” Dawn said excitedly, “You want to fuck everybody?”
“Fuck me first,” Darlene said.
“No, I’m playing with his balls, he’ll fuck me first.’
“Easy girls,” he said as he pumped into Sam. “Oh shit, he pulled his cock out of Sam’s cunt, and turned around in the 69 position, sinking his face into her gaping cunt. His cock was hanging over Sam’s face, and she pulled him down to her mouth.”
“Can I taste her Dad,” Brad was standing at the foot of the bed. Adam pulled back and Thad buried his face into her cunt.
“Me too dad,” Thad said.
“Your sister,” Adam said. “Dawn, spread your legs for our brother.”
Dawn plumped her ass onto the bed and spread her legs. “here big brother. Tell me if you like it.”
“Thad got on his knees and started tongue fucking his little sister, he licked up and down her pretty little cunt, stopping to suck her clit.”
She squirmed on the bed. “Oh Thad, oh, yes, yes… please do like daddy and Aunt Sam. Please let me suck your cock.”
Thad got on the bed and hung his hard cock, and balls over his sisters mouth. Oh, I love your cock. The head is always sticking out, not covered. I love it,” she said as she pulled it into her mouth to a point of gaging. She found that if she pulled it fast, it would go past the point of gag reflex, and into her throat, and when she swallowed, his cock would jump and he would groan. It didn’t take long for Thad, he had been watching people suck and fuck all day, and he was always on the brink, with pre-cum dripping off his cock in a steady stream. He pushed his cock down onto his sister, his cock deep in her throat, and his balls covering her eyes, he let a stream of cum flow directly down her throat. She pulled away and kept the head of his cock in her mouth and took the remainder in her mouth so she could taste it. Her mouth was full and she had to swallow, to make room for more. Finally, he grunted. And pulled back, and let his spent cock slip from her mouth
“Dawn had cum four times with Thad sucking her cunt lips and clit. It was amazing. She had never thought that sex could be so good. But she was still a virgin, she didn’t want to be after seeing her mother get fucked by Uncle Jerry. She scooted down to the edge of the bed, and motioned to Brad to come to her. He came over and looked down at his sister. “Fuck me.” She said, looking at his teenage cock. “Fuck me now.”
“It’ll hurt.” he said. “I don’t care, it can’t be all that bad look how much mom is enjoying it. And Aunt Sam.” Her dad had swung around and again had his cock deep into Samantha.”
Dawn spread her legs and Brad pointed his cock and her cunt lips. “Wet it first, suck my cunt and get it really wet,” she said spreading her cunt lips for her brother. Brad got between her legs and tentatively licked up and down her slit, sending shivers through her and surprising him, by the wonderful smell and the sweet taste of cunt juice. “Now, now, Fuck me now.” Brad scrambled up and put the head of his cock between her cunt lips. She reached down, took his cock and placed it at the opening. “Now push,” she said.
He pushed his cock into her, slowly; he couldn’t believe the feeling the warmth, the tightness. “Oh shit Sis, this is absolutely wonderful.
“Yes,” she said, squirming. “Oh Brad it so wonderful, keep pushing. Oh fuck me. Mommy look I’m being fucked. Brad is fucking me, isn’t it wonderful. Keep pushing Brad.”
Brad was in about two inches when he met an obstruction. “If I go deeper it’s going to hurt. Are you sure you want me to, I don’t want to hurt you.
“Yes do it, I want it. Push hard, break that fucking thing make me a woman.”
Brad pushed, and Dawn screamed, in pain. “Do you want me to stop?”
“ No, no just hold there for a minute until I get used to it.”
Brad held there, and finally she said, “it doesn’t hurt any more push in the rest of the way, but slowly.”
He slowly pushed in until his balls were against her ass. “Oh, now wait, wait,” she said. “you’re touching something else. Oh shit this feels good. Wait, wait. What did he hit mommy?”
Cindy was still riding Jerry’s cock, and was out of breath and sweating, one of her tits in Jerry’s mouth. “He hit your cervix honey, the entrance to your womb. The place where babies are made.”
“Oh wonderful. It’s okay now Brad, fuck me, now fuck me like Daddy is fucking Aunt Sam.”
Brad started pounding her, driving his cock up the balls, back out, and back in. While he was fucking, his mother and Uncle Jerry came, and his mother, fully exhausted slipped off of his cock, cleaned it with her mouth and turned to her son and daughter, watching his cock being plunged into her baby. “How does it feel Baby?”
“Oh, Mamma, I never knew anything could feel so wonderful, oh, I want to fuck all of the time, with everybody.
Cindy looked over at Jerry, and Darlene had his massive, but soft cock in her mouth, she couldn’t get enough of the large flaccid cock, and huge balls that she rolled back and forth in her hands.
She reached up and cupped Dawn’s tit in her hand, rubbed it and rolled the nipple between her thumb and finger. Then she went down and watched as her daughter’s cunt grab her son’s cock as it went in and out, with just a little blood showing during each stroke. Cindy reached up and touched the cock and balls, and wiped the blood onto her finger, and sat staring at it. She moved over to her husband, who was still ramming his cock into Sam, each of them grunting and sweating, her large breasts pushed against his chest.
Adam, said. “I’m going to cum, oh shit, I’m cuming. He starting ramming her hard and fast and she started screaming. If you hadn’t known what was going on you would have thought she was in pain, but she wrapped her legs around Adam’s waist and pulled him deep into her and they both came, with cum running out of her well fucked cunt. At the same time, Brad unloaded his teen load into his sister.
Cindy, squatted on the floor, with cum dripping from her gaping cunt. She was sure it would never be the same, that large cock, that wonderful big cock, had stretched her to her limit. But then she thought all four of these children came out of that same hole, and she came back to normal.
They were all fucked out, except for Thad and Darlene, who were busy, sucking cocks and cunts, cleaning up the mess the other six had made.
“I’m still a virgin,” Darlene said, with a pout on her lips.
“When Thad recovers, he’ll fuck you,” Dawn said, as she scooped Brad’s cum from her swollen cunt.”
“Did it hurt?” Darlene asked.
“A little, but it really is wonderful after the pain goes away, and it goes away really, really fast. Look at my cunt, it’s no longer a virgin,” she leaned back spread her legs and spread her cunt lips for everyone to see.”
Everyone laughed, and patted her on the cunt. “Let’s all get a shower.” Sam said as she rolled of the bed. “I’m all sweaty.”
The all trotted down to the head, and into the shower. “Glad you could come,” Angel said, “We’re just about ready to get started.”
They hadn’t noticed the time, it was 9:30, and the water works had started with a tall muscular man holding his cock and aiming it at Cynthia’s tits. She was surprised as the warm piss splashed on her tits and onto her face. Angel laid down on the floor, holding the lips of her pussy together, like you would hold your finger over the end of a hose, and shot a stream of piss 10 feet onto Sam’s face. Sam stepped over to Angel, straddled her face, and let a stream of piss fly onto her face, her hair, and her tits. Angel, gurgled and laughed, “Shit that’s a lot of piss.”
With that, everyone started pissing on everyone, they were laughing and giggling. Angel got on her knees and Adam pissed on her face, and she opened her mouth and he pissed in it. After everyone was pissed out, they all showered together, washing each other. Brad and Thad made their rounds and were successful in getting their fingers in every girls cunt before they returned to their rooms.
When they returned to their rooms, all were exhausted, and crawled into their beds. The boys, instead of going to their room, crawled in with their sisters, curled into a ball.
“Fuck me.” Darlene said in a whisper. “I want someone to fuck me.”
“Why don’t you let daddy fuck you?” Dawn whispered. “I bet he wants to.”
“I want to fuck mom, Thad said stroking his cock.”
“Then do it,” Dawn whispered.
Thad got up and crawled into bed with his mother and father. He was curled up next to his mother who was holding his fathers hard cock in her hand. She had her back to Thad, and he cuddled up pushing his cock between her legs, along the crack of her ass.
Meanwhile Darlene went around the bed and crawled in next to her father. “Fuck me daddy,” she said whispering into his ear. “I want your cock in me really bad.” She reached over his body and touched his cock, and realized her mother had it firmly in her hand. She reached down cupping his balls, gently squeezing them and rolling them between her fingers.
Thad reached over his mother and started massaging her beautiful tits. “Can I suck your tits?”
His mother, who was half asleep gently rolled towards him, realeasing her grip on his fathers cock, and placed her hand on her son’s hard cock. Thad placed his lips on his mother’s tit and sucked it into his mouth, while massaging the other one. Soft sounds came out of her mouth as she squirmed and moved her hand up and own her son’s circumcised cock. She marveled at the size on her teenage son, and wanted it firmly in her wet cunt.
“Fuck me son,” she said. “Put that beautiful hard cock into my dripping pussy.”
Thad complied by rolling over on top of his mother, with tit in mouth he ran his cock up and down her cunt lips before pressing it into her hot cunt. He started fucking her in slow long strokes.
“Can I fuck you next?” it was brad whispering into her ear.
“Yes Baby, as soon as your brother is done, you can fuck you mother.”
Next to them Darlene went down and was sucking her father’s hard cock. “Are you going to fuck me daddy? I’m the only virgin here and I can’t stand it any longer.”
Adam rolled her over on her back, and gave her a deep tongue kiss. The sucked each other’s tongue, and lips and he lowered himself down his daughter’s body to her waiting cunt, running his tongue up and down tasting her cunt lips.
“How do I taste daddy?”
“Wonderful baby. Are you ready for my cock?”
“Yes now, I want it in me now. Momma when you are done with Thad would you hold my hand while daddy fucks me. I’m kinda scared.”
“Sure Baby,” she said holding her daughter’s hand while Thad pumped his cock in and out of her wet cunt. “Just a minute, aaaaaaaaaaaggg, I’ll aaaaaaaaaaaagg, just be a minute.”
Dave pushed his cock into the tight opening of his daughters cunt.
“Slow daddy.”
“I’ll help, Dawn said laying next to her sister. I’m here to help, it will only hurt a little bit but it is wonderful afterwards,” she said as she kissed her sisters tit.
Dave pushed just the head into the tight opening.
“Oh, wait daddy, hold there let me get used to it. Oh it so big, I feel so stretched.”
Dave held.
“Okay daddy a little more.”
He pushed until the head of his cock it the obstruction. “This is where it will hurt baby.” He said holding his position.
“Do it daddy. Do it now.”
Dave pushed hard burying his cock in her virgin cunt. She screamed and clutched her sister’s hand and pulled her mouth tightly onto her tit. “Oh daddy that hurts. Oh god that hurts so. Take it out please take it out.”
Dawn put her mouth over her sister’s mouth kissing her deeply. “No don’t, don’t just hold it there the pain will go away, I promise it will go away and you will love it.” She kissed her sister again, this time pushing her tongue into her sister’s mouth.
Dave held his cock still, he never moved allowing his daughter to get used to the feeling of a cock buried deep in her virgin cunt.
“Okay daddy it feels better now you can move, but slowly. Dave pulled his cock out until only the head was in.
“Oh don’t pull it out daddy, please fuck me.”
He pushed slowly back to the hilt, and back out, and then in.
“Oh yes, oh yes, Dawn you’re right it is good, oh shit no, it’s wonderful look mother, I’m being fucked by daddy, look I’m not a little girl any more. Oh fuck me daddy, fuck me hard.”
She turned her head toward her mother and found that Thad was sucking her tits while Brad had his cock deep in her cum filled cunt. “Isn’t it wonderful mother, all of these absolutely beautiful cocks. I’m so lucky, we’re so lucky. Oh aaaaaaaaaaag, fuck me daddy, I’m cum aaaaaaaaaaggg, cuming.” 
Chapter Three.

The next day Jerry and Samantha, contacted the Captain and asked if they could have another drink. The Captain and Sarah were a little apprehensive, knowing that they came aboard without any knowledge of what the voyage was about and also knowing that their daughters had set it up directly with him.
There was a knock on the door, and Sarah opened it, “come on in,” she said. “Nice to see you again.”
They came in, Jerry, as usual, got a hardon when he saw Sarah without that dress. Their little girl Cindy was playing a video game, and Devin their 9 year old son was sitting on a chair watching her.
“Devin, we have company, go play someplace else. Please have a seat. I see you have joined the group. How are things going?”
“I’m going to kill my daughters,” Sam said.
“And I’m going to fuck them,” Jerry chimed in.
“You aren’t really mad at your daughters, are you?” Sarah said uneasily.
“No, I’m not, in fact I’m looking forward to fucking my son-in-laws. They were all in on it.”
“Yes they were, and all of the men, Steve, Dave, and Rob fucked me several times, you’re in for a real treat.”
The Captain came in. “Sorry I’m late, a little Captaining Business to attend to. You two doing okay? I heard that you got involved in a piss fight last night.”
“Who told you that?” Sam said laughing.
“I’ve got ears,” he said, pouring them a Scotch and Soda. “I really shouldn’t be doing this. Alcohol isn’t allowed, we’re afraid someone will get drunk and break a rule, or fall overboard, but you two are special. I suppose you figured out that I was trying to keep you busy until we were beyond the 125 mile limit?”
“Yes we figured that out.”
Cindy quit her game and came over to Sam. “Can I touch your tit, Mrs. Roper?”
“I’m sorry sweety, I forgot your name.”
“Cindy,” she ansered. “I just want to touch them, they’re so beautiful. I want to have tits just like my mommy’s but yours are so big, and so wonderful.”
“Okay honey, this is the least of what I’ve gone through in the last 24 hours.”
Cindy reached out a tiny hand and touched Sam’s nipple, and took both hands and pushed her tits together. “They are so firm. I like that. See my tits, they only stick out a little bit. You can touch them if you want.”
“Jerry, your cock is very impressive. We usually know just how big a man’s cock is before he comes on board, but Brad waived the physical for you, because your children thought, that you might get suspicious with a doctor measuring your cock, and taking a gander at your cunt.”
“We did have a blood test.” Jerry said.
“Yes,” captain said. “We absolutely had to have that to make sure everyone on board was without disease. There is a lot of fucking, and we didn’t want anyone to get anything while on the trip. Anyway as Sarah was saying, your daughters said that they had no idea how big your cock was, and looking at it, I can’t for the life me understand how you were able to hide it from your daughters for all of those years. Your daughters are beautiful, I’ve fucked both of them on many occasions, and I’m surprised you haven’t been inside of them.”
“Well not that I didn’t want to. But, you know, we were very straight laced, and prudish. Oh, Sam and I really got it on, but not with the children.”
“Speak for yourself,” Sam said.
“You did things with Barbara and Eve?” Jerry asked sitting up straight, and his hand flew to his cock.
“When changing their diapers, I would lick their little cunts, I did that right up to age two, and then thought I had better stop or they would remember it. I almost got caught by you on one occasion. I pulled back just as you entered the room, you asked what I was doing, and I told you I was looking, I thought Eve had a pussy rash.”
“I remember that.”
“We’ve learned more about our daughters in the last 24 hours, than we did their whole life.” Jerry said. “The only sexual information I got was when I caught my youngest sucking a dogs cock.”
“Yes we heard about that,” Sarah said. “Shame on you for killing that poor dog.”
“Yeah, now I agree with you, but at the time it was devastating to me. I caught myself wanting to suck that little pussy, to have sex with her and I couldn’t but that damn dog could. I handled it very wrong.”
“Are you going to try out our kennels,” The Captain asked Sam.
“I’m thinking about it. The idea intrigues me.”
“I do it all the time. The men aboard the ship get fucked out before we get back to LA, so the dogs take up the slack. They usually require an appointment, but if you really want to, just let me know and we’ll go late, after the kennel closes. The Kennel Handler will open up for us. You can invite your family, the children usually love it”
“This is all so new to me.” Sam said. “I have to admit that for the last few years, since I entered the menopause, I have been horny all of the time. I’ve been sticking things up my cunt. I’ve never done that before, and Jerry gets fucked out he’s only good for a couple of times a week.”
“Still?” Sarah said, looking at his cock.
“Well not since we’ve been on the ship. In the last 24 hours he’s been sucked to climax, and fucked to climax two times, once with me, and once with Cynthia, my daughter’s husband’s sister-in-law.”
“It looks like he’s ready to go again,” the Captain said. Say old man, what say you fuck my wife while I fuck yours?”
Jerry looked at Sam, she had a smile on her face, so Jerry stood up, his large cock standing straight out. “Sounds like a plan,” he said as he crossed to Sarah. “Where do we do this?” he asked.
Sarah dropped to her knees and took his cock into her mouth. She pulled it out just long enough to say, “here.”
The Captain got to his knees in front of Sam and she spread her legs for him, he pushed his face into her cunt. “After this I will have fucked, daughter, daughter, and mother and grand-daughter, and all of them beautiful, with a cock for a clit.” He sucked her clit into his mouth and sent Sam, to the ceiling.
“Oh, suck it, suck my baby cock, tongue fuck me. Oh shit Aaaaaaaaagg, shit that feels good.”
“Cindy came into the room. “Devin they’re not talking anymore, they’re going to fuck, come on. Mommy can I help put Mr. Roper’s cock in your cunt?”
“Yes baby,” she said, as she laid down and spread her legs wide for his big cock. Jerry got on his knees, and the little girl grabbed his cock and aimed it at her mother’s cunt hole.
“Okay Mr. Roper you can fuck her now.”
“Daddy can I put your cock into Mrs. Roper?” Devin said as he ran across the room, his little cock bouncing up and down.
The Captain took Sam, turned her around so that she was on her knees on the chair. “Okay son, do you know where her fuck hole is?”
“Yes Daddy,” he took his father’s cock and pushed into Sam’s cunt. He pushed in.
“Aaaaaaaaaaaagggg, Oh, that feels nice. Oh fuck me, fuck me, the more I fuck the more I want to fuck, there are so many beautiful hard cocks. Fuck me, fuck me hard.
Jerry turned Sarah over on her knees and rammed his cock in from the back, and he shoved his finger in her shit hole. “oh yes, ream my ass, fuck me.”
“Oh shit, Jerry, oh shit. I love your big cock. Aaaaaaaaaag,, oh shit, oh fuck me, don’t stop, don’t stop, right there. Yes, yes, right there, holy shit, don’t stop, I’m cumming, Shit don’t stop I’m cuming.” she screamed. “Fuck me.”
Jerry and Sarah, and Sam and the captain, all came at about same time.
They got up, and started to sit, “Over here,” Sara said. “these chairs clean, those other’s are fabric.”
After they finished their drinks, and said their goodbyes, the kissed and hugged.
“Let me tell you Jerry,” Sarah said as they walked them to the door, “you are remarkable. Usually guys with big cocks can’t get them hard, but yours is rock hard. I love it. You two come back any time. It would be fun if you, the Cooper’s, and your daughters and their family came back for a reunion cruise.”
Sam reached down and gave the Captains cock a squeeze goodbye.

Chapter Four
It took them a few days to settle into the ships routine, they had their jobs, and of course the children wanted to fuck as often as possible. Cynthia, the girls, and Samantha all got their cunts shaved. Cynthia and the girls by Adam, and Samantha let Thad and Brad shave her every morning. Dawn made it her job to shave the guys, especially their balls, she loved to suck on them but wasn’t fond of a mouth full of hair. All were clean with cock and balls, and cunt lips virtually hairless. Cynthia made it a personal objective to get every cock on the ship into her cunt.
One afternoon after lunch, they all returned to their rooms for a nap and a quick fuck.
Cynthia sat on the edge of the bed, her finger running up and down her cunt lips.
“Can I fuck you mamma,” Brad said.
“You fucked her this morning,” That objected. “It’s my turn.”
Cynthia reached out and took Brad’s cock in her hand, it was hard and the head was partly visible under the foreskin. “Tell you what,” she said. “You put this wonderful cock in my cunt, and you,” she said pulling Thad toward her, “put this wonderful cock in my ass, and if you can find your dad, or uncle I would love to have one of them in my mouth.”
“What can we do mamma,” Darlene said, jumping up on the bed.
“You my darlings can suck my tits, there is something for everyone, and the guy left out can fuck Aunt Sam.”
“I’ll go get Uncle Jerry,” Dawn said, running from the room. “You can suck his cock, I know daddy wants to fuck Aunt Sam.”
“Okay, Brad baby, you lay on the bed, and I’ll get on top with your cock in my cunt.”
He did as he was told, and she went down on him pulling the skin back from the head of his cock and kissing it and going down until her nose hit his pubics, which were now shaved off. Once she had caressed it and loved it she guided it into her dripping cunt.
“Now you,” she said directing Thad. “you tongue fuck my ass get me nice and we and then push you cock in to my ass.”
“Here I’ll spread her cheeks for you,” Darlene said.
Darlene spread her mother’s ass cheeks and pushed her tongue into her asshole. “Your asshole is clean and sweet mamma.”
“Thank you baby.”
Now Thad followed with his tongue as Darlene held the cheeks apart. “Nice huh?”
Thad nodded in agreement as continued to attack his mother’s asshole with his lips and tongue.
“Now put your cock in me baby, in mamma’s ass.”
Thad stepped forward and placed the head of his cock against his mother’s waiting asshole, and slowly pushed, and pushed until his cock was buried deep in her bowels.
“Now fuck me boys, one of you go in while the other one goes out. Where is that cock that’s supposed to be in my mouth?”
“Coming mother,” Dawn said pulling her uncle behind her. “Fuck her mouth Uncle Jerry, I’ve got to suck a tit.”
Jerry got on his knees on the bed and Cynthia took his monster cock into her mouth, as the boys fucked. It didn’t take long for them to find the rhythm, on in as the other was going out.
Cynthia, had climax after climax, trying to scream with a mouth full of cock. “Mmmaagg, aaaaaaafmmmmmmmgg,” she would pull her mouth away and scream oh, shit oh I’m so fucking full of cock. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaggg god I love this oh shit you’ve got to try this girls.” Again she filler her mouth with cock. Thad and Brad and Jerry without reason along with Cynthia all came at the same time, filling her ass, cunt and mouth to load after load of cum, and they all fell into a sweaty heap. Deloris and Dawn each found a softening cock to suck, with Dawn caressing her uncle’s balls and huge soft cock.
“Oh, God, that was amazing. If I had nothing else on this trip but this one fuck it would have been worth it. Filled to the brim with my boys with my daughters helping momma out.” She got off of the bed and squatted. “Look at all that giz running out of me. Come on girls, help clean mamma up, don’t let this beautiful cum go to waste.”
She got on her hands and knees on the bed and the girls started sucking the cum out of her pussy while Brad sucked his brothers cum out of her ass.
“Bet you didn’t think you would be doing this a couple of weeks ago,” Dawn said with a grin, and cum running down her chin.
“Aint this Great,” Brad said tonguing his mother’s asshole and pulling on a tit.
“I want uncle Jerry’s cock in my cunt and daddy’s cock in my ass,” Darlene said as she helped her sister.
“You can’t take that. God I bet you can’t even take Uncle Jerry, let alone both of them.”
“Bet I can.”
“Mom, do you think we can take daddy and uncle Jerry like you took Brad and Thad?”
“I doubt it babies. Look at how much momma is stretched. You haven’t even had a cock up you ass have you?”
“No, but it looks really great.” Darlene said.
“Well I would get but fucked before I tried a double penetration honey. One day though I’m sure you will. I want two cocks in my cunt next.”
“In you cunt? Can you do that?”
“I’ve seen it done in a movie once.”
“Do we have fuck movies at home?” Brad asked.
“Yes, your dad as a few, why?”
“Can we watch fuck movies now?” Dawn asked.
“I can’t see why not,” Cy not after this. I’m sure we’ll spend many a night watching girls getting fucked by big cocks.”
“Why would you and dad watch fuck movies when you could fuck whenever you want?” Thad asked. “I think fucking would be better than watching?”
“We always would fuck after watching them. Movies get you hot, watching young girls with cocks up their ass and in their cunts, in their mouths. They always have a cum shot with cum shooting into their mouths or all over their faces. It’s really quite nice. But now with you children, I think we’ll just watch you fuck before we do. That would be really much better. Come here let me kiss that little cunt of yours.” She said motioning to Dawn.
Dawn stood on the bed and spread her legs so her mother had access to her cunt lips. She ran her tongue up and down her slit. “Mmmm you taste so nice. I’m so glad we came on this trip. Day after tomorrow we will be at the island. I understand they are all naked, very dark skinned and hung like elephants. Doesn’t that sound delicious? And the girls have shaved cunts, and love to fuck. Does that interest you boys?

To be continued…..

This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life.

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