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Get better work stories - become a firefigher
For context, you need to know I'm a fireman. That's what I do, I put out
fires for a living - but there's a bit of a twist to my method. I put fires
out with my semen. But to the point.

I awoke with a jolt. Looking up at the ceiling, I could make something out
that hadn't been there before.I squinted. Could it be? No - no, surely not.
It was an anus. What the hell was an anus doing there - on MY ceiling? As I
pondered this strange occurrence, my thoughts turned to the last time I'd
seen an anus - I'd been analling this chick, really hard - and it was
ultimate anal gape, like you wouldn't believe. The friction was intense, so
intense we started a fire - and it's often in that scenario that my semen
comes in handy to put out fires. Could this be another one of those

My attention returned to the anus waiting above. It'd moved! It was coming
towards me - but ever so slowly. ANUS. ANUS. THIS GIANT ANUS WAS DRIFTING
SLOWLY TOWARDS ME. There was no getting out of this one, I thought - I
was gonna have to pound that anus, and pound it hard. My pork sword
obediently stood to attention, ready to impale the awaiting anus.

Eventually it perched on top of me, and swallowed my phallus whole. It
began bouncing up and down, as if to suggest it wanted to bring me to
orgasm. Always up for a hard ass pounding, it was at that point I
wondered how anyone could fall in love with a woman without knowing
what her anus looks like. Not so fast, though, I thought. This anus
was going to get a taste of its own medicine. I quickly sat up and
flipped the anus on to its stomach - or rather, where its stomach
would be, if it wasn't just an anus. I began pounding that thing, and
I mean really jack hammering. My sweaty balls slapped hard against it.
Slapslapslapslapslapslapslapslap. If Neo was the fastest guy in the
world when it came to dodging bullets, I was the fastest guy in the
world when it came to pounding anuses. It wasn't long before I could
smell burning - my furiously fast fucking had started another fire.
This was some hot sex.

Not to worry, though - I'd put out tonnes of fires simply by cumming
on them. Just as the sex was getting a bit too hot, I pulled out, and
came hard all over the anus. My semen jetted out with the force of a
waterfall. Well, that's my good deed done for the day, I thought. But
the fire remained - there was something odd about this anus. This
sweaty anus.

I fucked the anus, again and again and again, but to no avail. Worse still, a number of other anuses appeared - 6, 7, 8 - 8 anuses! What the fuck was I supposed to do? The original anus was now too hot so I couldn't keep pounding away at it, lest I burn myself. But while it was still burning, I had to find a way to put it out. I began pounding away at one of the other anuses. POUNDPOUNDPOUNDPOUND. SLAPSLAPSLAPSLAPSLAP went my hairy, sweaty balls. I finally ejaculated - and - YES! - The fire on the original anus was out. But wait...oh god...oh god no - the other anus burnt like a really good insult on the internet.

I began pounding another anus to put the other fire out - but, alas, the same thing happened. Although I put out the previous fire, the new anus remained alight. I found myself on an unstoppable sexual rampage - every time I had sex I started another fire, but I needed to have sex to ejaculate to put out the last fire.

This called for drastic measures, I thought. Summoning all my willpower, I gathered before me numerous cocks. Here a cock, there a cock, everywhere a cock cock. 8 of them - 8 cocks for 8 anuses. The cocks attached themselves to me, forming a kind of multi-barreled phallic gattling gun. It pounded each and every anus together, each individual cock barrel pulsating and rotating in and out of each anus, before finally ejaculating - but, to my horror, every anus was set alight like never before. What the fuck? This had never happened before. Racking my brains, I wondered what I could possibly do, my multi-barreled monster cock hanging limply in mid air.

Finally, it dawned on me. 8 anuses, 8 cocks - there was only one thing left to do. Acquire 8 vaginas. At this point I had to make a detour. I called up my good friend Megan Fox (not THE Megan Fox in Transformers, my friend just happened to have the same name- and she was twice as hot - perfect tits and ass.) I rang her, asking if I could borrow her vagina. Luckily she obliged and, upon hearing my dilemma, rounded up her equally hot friends who were more than willing to supply their vaginas for my gatling cock. Finally I had 8 vaginas.

I went back to my house and began pounding those pussies until they attached themselves to each of my cocks. My multiple phalli had mixed with multiple vaginii to form a huge, multi-barreled gatling pengina, each individual barrel able to ejaculate with the force of the Niagra Falls. Now THIS was a cock. For the last time, I began pounding the shit out of those anuses. Rotating, and pulsating, in, and out, over and over again. UUUHHHH. OH GOD. IT FELT SO GOOD. FFFFFUUUUUUCCCKKKKK YOOOOOUUUUUUUUU I screamed as each fire was finally put out, unfathomably enormous amounts of semen, gallons, literally tons of the stuff, spurting out of each pengina barrel.

It was done. I conquered that anus. That sweaty anus.

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2013-01-25 04:13:53
You know, there's a lot of bad information out there on the gay blogs and srpsriuingly some gay guys can be even more judgemental and narrow-minded about sex than straight guys. Frankly, I see far too many porn vids that are concentrated on the bottom jacking off at the end, instead of focusing on the top's pleasure = which is what a bottom is supposed to be focused on, especially in dominate top porno. I'm really not that interested in the bottom's cock anyway because I'm looking at his ass and hole being plundered by the hot top's hard cock.

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2012-07-01 15:45:03
Truly the greatest story ever told.

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2012-04-29 23:51:20
I can't. I just can't, oh gosh. Dead of laughter, I am.

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2012-04-27 21:23:21
That was truly amazing.

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2012-04-27 21:23:11
That was truly amazing.

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