Second part of what i hope to be a long running story
This is the second in what I hope is long story line. Hopefully this one reads better as I downloaded a better word editor instead of trying to use the one on this site. I didn't get many comments on the first one but the overall positive to negative ratio was encouraging. Also for you English majors who type a million words a minute please be constructive not cruel, after all it has been over 20 yrs since anyone graded one of my college papers. Of the comments I did receive two were very helpful, one got my funny with the male character Zach and the other gave me a place to go with the next installment. (yes I will take requests)

I awoke to a strange sensation. I was too dazed for anything to register for the moment anyway. My thoughts fell back to what had transpired. As I started to slip back to reality i felt the dildo, it was still in my my sopping wet pussy. I started to reach down so i could remove the thing that had helped bring me such an incredible orgasm. That’s when it hit me I was tied face down to the bed! Panicking a little, I started to struggle. Then i heard Zach's voice "don't bother struggling whore, your not going anywhere until i decide I'm done with you." what the fuck Zach? " About the same time I realized my mistake. I hadn't called him master.

My punishment came swift and hard as Zach took his displeasure out on my tiny ass. “how dare you call me by name whore” he growled at me. To this day I'm still amazed at how perfectly he can strike me. Always making sure that it stings like hell, yet fails to leave a mark or do any real damage. "Please master I'm sorry " i pleaded. He stopped punishing my ass, and leaned down to whisper in my ear. He said "one day, you will be pleading with me because you want me to whip your ass ". Thinking that was highly unlikely i tried to turn my head enough to see what he was busying himself with. Moments later I found out. The lotion felt cool and soothing on my shoulders. My brother started high on my back, slowly rubbing the lotion into my whole body. I thought I was in heaven!

Sadly my bliss was over almost as soon as it started. I felt the lotion hit my ass, followed by Zach's large hand’s. When he got to my tiny little anus I realized exactly why i was tied face down on the bed!

He rubbed lotion all over the surface my ass and my hole. It wasn't long before he was ready to insert a finger. Zach apparently didn't believe in wasting much time because instead of working the finger in slowly, he forcefully plunged it in as far as it would go. I yelped out my discomfort. "feel free to scream if you like whore, no one will hear you and I'll enjoy it more" he hissed to me. He no more then withdrew most of the first finger when he plunged it back in with a second finger. I couldn't help myself. I half cried " it hurts master ". "It's going to hurt more before were thru. But if you relax and truly accept your role as my slave, the pain will fade and be replaced by so much pleasure that you will be begging me to fuck your ass " he said back to me

Zach started in on me once again, this time plunging three fingers into my ass. I shrieked in pain as he rammed his fingers in and out of my ass. I remembered thinking that I should use my safe word to end my torment. Somewhere in the back of my mind I considered what Zach had said earlier. If i used the safe word, we would stop everything. He had said "everything " in such a way that I knew if i used my safe word I would never get that beautiful cock of his in my pussy or anywhere else ever again.

Realizing that Zach was going to fuck my tiny ass with his massive cock no matter what I did, (short of using my safe word) I concentrated on relaxing my muscles so it would hurt as little as possible. Zach was still busy plunging three fingers in and out of my ass and i don’t think he noticed or cared that I had relaxed and given my ass over to him completely. I on the other hand had noticed something, the pain had started fading. After a few more minutes of this I was actually starting to enjoy the fingers he had fucking my ass. It didn't take much of finger banging my ass till I felt Zach crawl onto the bed. I steadied myself for my first ass fucking. Zach crawled up over my head on the side I was facing and shoved his cock at me "suck it whore, and leave it nice and wet ". I tried to swallow all of his cock but the very position I was in prevented me from being able to get it down my throat. Zach didn’t care. He wasn't about to cut me any slack for being unable to move or use my hands. He quickly grabbed the back of my head and forced his cock down my throat causing me to nearly puke. I quickly remembered to relax and breathe thru my nose as he fucked his cock in and out my mouth.

Zach fucked my throat for a minute or two growling about what a good whore his little sister was when he suddenly pulled out. Yanking my head back by the yet again, he whispered into my ear " I can't tell you how long I've wanted to fuck your pretty little ass" Zach repositioned himself over my ass. He was done wasting time and he quickly had his beautiful cock pressing against my virgin ass. Slowly he pressed into me. I felt like he was going to rip me in half ! After he got past the ring and had the massive head in my ass he slowly, inch by inch pressed the rest of his massive cock into me. I wanted to scream my safe word. In fact my whole body was begging me to scream the safe word and end the pain, but some deep desire wouldn't let me. I concentrated hard, and once again tried to relax every muscle in my tiny body. Praying the pain would ease if relaxed enough I kept concentrating, but it didn't seem to be helping, his cock was just too damn big for ass! After what felt like an eternity Zach announced he was all the way in. The ecstasy in his voice was unmistakable. Zach held there for a good minute or two, slowly wiggling his hips a little, waiting for ass to adjust to his cock. From what seemed like out of nowhere Zach grabbed me by the hair again, pulling my head back and looking straight into my tear filled eyes he growled "your ass is amazing whore, it's the tightest thing I've ever felt ". Still holding position in my ass Zach said in a loud demanding voice "beg for it whore, beg me to fuck your ass ". I remember thinking that the sooner he started the sooner it would be over so I pleaded with everything I had. "please master, please fuck this worthless whores ass"

Slowly he pulled his cock back, making sure I felt all of it. He continued slowly sliding his cock in and out at that pace for a couple minutes, the first cum giving him staying power. By now the pain started to ease somewhat and I was able to relax just a bit more. Zach must have noticed because on the next stroke he slammed down with all his weight, ramming his huge cock in as far it would go. I screamed like I've never screamed before "ahhhhhhh, no master not like that ! " I pleaded. All my scream did was heighten his arousal. Filled with even more lust now he once again grabbed me by the hair and pulled my head back, pumping his cock in and out of my ass he yelled at me " you don’t have any say in how I use your body whore, I'm your master and I will use your whole body to make myself feel good ". His pace had gotten incredibly fast now. He wasn't just going to fuck me, he was going to use his beautiful cock to punish me for questioning his authority. After a few minutes of Zach pummeling my ass I started to notice something, the pain was fading! Slowly as the pain faded, I noticed that a warm feeling had started to grow in my ass, pleasure had started to overtake pain and I was starting to like it!

Zach continued his assault on my ass. And by this time I was starting to moan like a cat in heat. Pumping away furiously, He grabbed me by the back of my throat and pressed me down hard into the pillow. Panting from his exertions, Zach asked me "do you like it whore? Do you like having your master's cock in your ass? ". By this time i was being transported by my first ass fucking. Thrusting my ass back up onto his cock, I screamed "yes master, I love it! Please, don’t ever stop fucking my ass"

Slowly the orgasm had built up in me till now I was ready to explode. Thrusting back up hard now, I begged him "please master, please cum with me! ". Zach didn't answer. Without warning he pulled out my ass and started untying my legs from the bed. When he was done he grabbed my ankles and he shoved me into a doggie style position with my ass high in the air. Mounting me once again, he slammed his cock back into my ass. After a thrust or two he pulled almost all the way out. Holding there he slapped my ass hard and he growled to me "fuck yourself whore, fuck yourself on my cock! ".

Feeling the orgasm just out of reach I threw my hips back hard, impaling myself on his gorgeous cock. I started fucking Zach's cock with a passion. I loved the feel of it in my tiny ass! It only took a minute or two of this till I felt Zach's cock swell, he was about to shoot off in my ass and I wanted his cum more then ever! Zach groaned his appreciation of my efforts "that's it whore, fuck my cock! ". Once again Zach grabbed me by the hair, yelling "here comes your reward whore ". My whole body was on fire! The orgasm shot thru me like a jolt of electricity as I felt Zach shoot his load after load deep into my tiny ass. When he was finished dumping his cum in my ass he pulled out and stepped off the bed. I looked back at Zach as i was about to pass out for the second time of that day. He patted me on the ass and said “good job whore” I replied "thank you master ". And collapsed onto the bed.


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