Gemma grows oldr and her Dad tries to set her free but their love becomes stronger and leads them to the only right conclusion
Daddy’s Little Girl 2
Gemma and her dad’s sexual relationship had awoken him from his zombie like existence but now with a clear state of mind Adam began to realise that his little girl was at a crucial stage in her life. There were things that a girl of 16 was suppose to be experiencing other than cooking and cleaning for and looking after her widowed father. He started to pick up a bit m ore slack around the house and did a lot of the chores and encouraged her to go out with friends but Gemma did not make it easy as she insisted that she was happy with the way things were. Adam often found himself wishing his little girl was not quite so attractive or wishing that at least she was not the spitting image of his gorgeous late wife, Gemma’s mother.

He often tried to convince himself when they were making love that he was hanging on to his wife and using Gemma to do it but it was not the case. He was head over heels in love with his beautiful daughter as she was with her father, yes daddies’ little girl had grown into a beautiful kind, considerate and intelligent young woman. He knew that in most circles their relationship was frowned upon and that it was in most parts of the world illegal but often reasoned with himself saying that it was ok given their extreme circumstance and that it was even meant to be. However of late he had began to feel selfish and decided to try and put her future ahead of his own needs.

He came up with a plan to start dating in the hopes that Gemma would do the same but he wanted to make sure she was aware of it so it would not be so traumatic. He sat down to dinner after he had made one of her favourites one night and when they had finished dug deep and found the nerve to bring it up in conversation.

“Sweetie, remember a long time ago you said that if I ever wanted to see other people it would be ok with you and that you just wanted me to be happy?”

“Yes daddy I do, do you like someone? Is it someone I know? Someone from work?”

“No, no, no, slow down baby I am not interested in anyone I just thought it was time that you and I started looking for a relationship that was a little more...........traditional”

He explained nervously. Gemma burst out laughing making her father go red with embarrassment. He had expected tears so he was a little relieved but also confused.

“What’s so funny?”

He said sheepishly.

“You dad, with all the crazy stuff that happens in the world today you are still hanging on to the little ugg ugg caveman inside. It’s kinda cute”

“Gemma, I was being serious”

“I’m sorry dad, and if that is what you want then I’m willing to give it a go, just for you dad.”

“Wow, you are so awesome kiddo; I thought you would be upset”

“I’m a little disappointed but in all honesty I saw this day coming. Are we still allowed to fuck sometimes?”

“No Hun, I don’t think it’s a good idea”

“Well at least one for the road then?”

“Baby don’t make this harder for me you know I can’t resist you. I have to go cold turkey on this. Please understand”

“Well ok daddy, but you know I’m going to get a little cranky with no cock for a while don’t you”

“I’ll buy you some boxing gloves and you can punch me whenever you feel horny”

Gemma laughed at the idea.

“Gemma you go up and take a shower, I’ll clear up and thanks for being so understanding, so mature”

Gemma bounced off up the stairs as her dad sighed and watched her. Boy was he going to miss that firm ass and those gorgeous legs wrapped around him but it was for the best.

When he had finished clearing up Adam headed upstairs for his shower. As he passed the bathroom door which was slightly ajar he thought he heard Gemma crying. He poked his ear to the open door and it was confirmed. His baby girl that had acted so brave and strong not only downstairs but for years as he was getting his act together was now crying, for the first time since her mother died. He only realised this now and without much thought at all he went to her and put his arms around her. He stood there in the shower fully dressed getting soaked as he tried to comfort his baby girl.

“Oh daddy”

She sobbed and wrapped her arms around his neck. Foolishly he tried to wipe the tears from her eyes as he became aware of her hard nipples poking into his chest and started to go hard. Without a word their eyes locked first and then their lips as they leaned in to comfort one another. Adam cupped her tight little ass cheeks in his hands as Gemma began to unbutton and peel off his shirt. It flopped to the shower floor as she kissed and licked her way down her father’s muscular chest. She removed his shorts and underwear together as she knelt down in front of him and took his large cock into her mouth. Adam didn’t have a hope of protesting. Gemma had him mesmerised in the same way his late wife use to. He was powerless and Gemma knew it.

With his cock now painfully erect Gemma stood and her dad lifted her grabbing her tight ass once more and pulled her to him. Gemma helped line up his cock with her bald pussy lips and groaned as she was impaled on his shaft. He left her sitting on him with all nine inches up inside her tummy as he kissed and licked her large tits and neck. He began to lift and drop her up and down his length as she buried her head into the side of his neck. She puffed and panted in time with his thrusts as they gradually became faster and stronger. Before long she was howling into the ceiling as her body shook with wave after wave of delicious orgasm. Adam began slamming into her hard and grunted as his cock exploded deep inside his little girl’s body filling her with his warm creamy jizz.

“Oh daddy, I love you so much”

“I love you too, let’s go to bed”

They dried off and Gemma put on one of her dads T-shirts and jumped into bed with her dad who was out like a light as soon as his head hit the pillow. Gemma didn’t fall asleep immediately. She thought about what her dad had discussed with her and decided she would try harder to make his plan work. She thought about potential boyfriends at school and of course none of them stacked up very high next to her father. She decided she would go for someone fun and good looking as it would be nice to have some fun for a change.

Gemma and her dad managed to get through a week after that without sex and Gemma even brought home a boy from school on the Friday night to work on a project and them go and see a movie. Once Adam got past his initial jealousy he quite liked James and decided Gemma had made a good choice. He was a smart boy from a good home and showed Gemma the appropriate respect he needed to for him to get into her dad’s good books.

Adam too brought a friend, Debbie, home from work for dinner that weekend. Gemma had met her before at her dad’s work functions and had thought she was lovely. She remembered Debbie being one of the candidates on her list of possible partners for her dad back when she had thought about him dating, before she placed herself at number one on the list that is.

Debbie was quite attractive but couldn’t hold a candle to Gemma’s mum; she was blonde with shoulder length hair. She was five and a half feet tall with smallish but firm breasts, on the whole a lot different from her mum but her and Adam had been friends for a long time and Gemma gave them her blessing. More importantly Gemma knew her mum would have approved also.

Gemma came home early from a date one Friday night not feeling one hundred per cent wanting to have an early night. Debbie’s car was parked out front but that was ok as she they wouldn’t disturb her from downstairs watching TV. However when she went in they were nowhere in sight and then she heard noises from upstairs. ‘Oh great’ she thought to herself. She considered slamming the door to let them know she was home but then considered they may be having sex and for the first time and she did not want to spoil that for her father. She sat downstairs with the TV on to block out the faint grunting she could now hear for a few moments. She did not know exactly how she felt but decided it was a mixture of excitement for her dad, jealousy, embarrassment all topped off with a hint of horny.

Just then she heard them come down the stairs so she jumped up quickly and opened then shut the front door as if she had just come in.

“Oh hey guys, how are you Deb?”

The slightly shocked and embarrassed Debbie answered

“Great Gemma and you?”

Knowing that Gemma knew what they were up to as there were only bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs.

“I’ll bet you are”

Gemma blurted out before she could think better of it. Debbie now turned bright red as she looked at Adam with embarrassment.

“Oh it’s fine Deb, I just meant.........Oh I’m sorry I wasn’t thinking but it’s cool that you know”

Her father and Deb began laughing.

“What are you doing home so early?”

Her dad asked.

“Oh I wasn’t feeling great so I thought I should get an early night so on that note good night guys”

She disappeared upstairs still regretting her Freudian slip as she was truly happy that her dad was happy and enjoying himself. She couldn’t help but wonder what they were like together as she pictured them having sex and remembered the grunting she could barely make out from downstairs when she first came in. It was not long before she dozed off.

Two weeks later she came home early again when Debbie was over. When she came in again there was no one downstairs and a familiar faint grunting from upstairs. Her curiosity got the better of her and she ascended the stairs quietly to see if she could take a peek. She was in luck, the bedroom door was open. She stood off to the side of the door where she could see them in a dresser mirror and they could not see her. She watched as her dad knelt on the bed with Debbie’s ass in his lap and her legs either side of him and her feet down against the mattress. Her shoulders where on the bed and her dad was slamming into the tiny woman that hard that Gemma thought he might break her. He was leaning forward a little squeezing her tits between his fingers and thumbs which Gemma thought looked like it would really hurt.

“Oh Adam, Oh Adam, you’re so..........rough”

She whined as he squeezed harder and his balls whacked up against her ass cheeks making them quite red. Gemma was a little shocked as her dad had never been that rough with her or her mother. Perhaps Deb liked it rough she thought, after all her dad would never hurt anyone on purpose. Deb flung her arms out across the bed and gripped onto the sheets tight to stop her being belted through the wall and started to scream as she came with her small tits nearly bouncing off her chest. Adam drove into her hard and deep pausing at the top of every stroke to deposit another load of sticky hot cum inside her belly. Gemma moved quickly downstairs before they caught her.

The following night over dinner Gemma confessed.

“Dad, I come home early last night and when I came upstairs I accidentally saw you and Deb....


Her dad finished the question for her.

“Well yeah”

“Is that ok baby?”

“Well yeah it’s just were really rough. Why?”

“I guess because she likes it. Some people call it anger sex. It’s ok I guess, it makes me cum harder at least”

He grinned.

“Oh ok, maybe I’ll have some anger sex with James if we ever have sex that is”

Gemma said a little disappointed.

“Oh I don’t think I want anyone having anger sex with you”

“Why not?”

“Well because it’s anger sex, ‘angry sex’ and I guess it comes from an angry place inside”

“Why were you angry at Deb daddy?”

“I wasn’t, it’s like........well it’s hard to explain. When you and I have sex it is making love. But some people have sex with different motives. Is this making any sense?”

“Umm a little, I guess”

Gemma didn’t really understand but she could see her dad was struggling and gave him an out of the conversation.

“Well do you think you love Deb?”

“Umm.... not yet, but maybe I could, one day”

“Perhaps you should try and make love to her next time”

“Hey kiddo I don’t really want to talk to you about it with you anymore”

He said going red with embarrassment.

“So James and you haven’t..........

“NO and I don’t really want to talk about it with you anymore”

Gemma said with a shit eating grin.


Her dad replied.

Gemma knew Deb was coming over on Saturday night and she led her father to believe James was taking her out to a late movie and dinner but she had other plans. She left her bedroom window open upstairs and left at around 6 o’clock to supposedly meet James at the mall. Using a ladder she climbed back in and waited for her dad and Deb to come upstairs. When they did they left the door open as usual making it nice and easy for Gemma to watch them perform.

Gemma’s dad was somewhat different tonight. Gemma could see him making the effort to be gentle and loving as he caressed and then softly kissed Deb’s nipples and neck. He trailed down her flat stomach and kissed her lower stomach above her mound as he pushed her gently back onto the bed. Gemma started to get quite wet as she watched her dad make circles around her lips and then gently tease her clit with his teeth and lips. He sucked and licked her vaginal folds until her pussy was dripping wet and began to quiver. Her back arched and she groaned deep and loud as she exploded into orgasm.

“Oh Adam, that was incredible”

She gasped. He climbed on the bed and Deb grabbed his large cock and steered him onto his back before kissing him on the lips and trailing down his chest and stomach toward his cock. When she got there she wasted no time in taking the bulbous head into her mouth and starting to bounce up and down on it. When she had licked and sucked him to a mighty erection she climbed on top and straddled him ready to impale herself on him. She dropped with a yelp as his balls smacked her in the ass and she started to ride him like her life depended on it as he groaned

“Oh Gemma, fuck that feels good”

Deb stopped instantly. Out in the hallway Gemma gasped.

“What did you call me? Why would you call me that?”

“Umm I thought I heard Gemma come in”

“Please help me understand this Adam. How is it that while making love to me you call out Gemma. Your daughter’s name?”

“I don’t know Deb. It was an accident, like I said I thought I heard her come in”

“That’s bullshit Adam. I don’t know what’s going on but this is too much for me to deal with tonight”

She said as she got dressed to leave.

“I’m sorry Deb, it was a silly accident”

Gemma understood the angry sex now. Without having to ask him Gemma knew that her dad was angry as he was no longer able to make love to her, his daughter. He knew that if he ‘made love’ to someone else this exact thing may happen as it was her, Gemma that he loved and longed to be with. Although he was in an awkward and embarrassing situation at the moment she would be there for him. She knew once more that they were meant to be together and she hoped that he would see that to now. Debbie didn’t even see Gemma standing there with her mouth open as she ran sobbing down the stairs. Her dad rushed out after her but stopped when he saw Gemma there and looked at her with agony on his face.

“Go after her Dad”

She did not want him to of course, she wanted him to hold her and tell her it didn’t matter what any law or any person said that it would all be ok and confess his undying love to her.

He ran down the stairs after her as Gemma had suggested and caught up with her before she drove off. Gemma went in and sat on her Dad’s bed with her mind racing. Had her Dad just had a slip of the tongue? Or was he struggling to get over her as she was struggling to get over him? The real reason she was home early from a date with James the night of their date was that she had tried to progress to another level with him but when James was sucking her tits and fingering her she called him Daddy. She managed to get out of it explaining the she was trying to be kinky and try on some role playing. She convinced James but at the same it was a bit too weird for him to take and she didn’t know that their relationship would go very far after the incident.

Her dad came in and she heard him stomp up the stairs slowly. He appeared in the doorway looking like he had seen a ghost.

“It’s over Hun. We are going to be ok as friends but she thinks I am not over your mum yet”

“Are you Dad?”

She asked not knowing the answer herself. At one time she was happy to fill the gap her mother had left behind but she was only realising now that she wanted her father to love her, to be in love with her.

“You know what baby girl, I didn’t think I was”

He said as he can and sat next to her on the bed.

“I thought I was using you to have another chance to be with your mum, but all I could think of tonight, all I think of any night is how much I love you Gemma. I hope you don’t hate me, oh baby please forgive me?”

He begged. With tears streaming from her eyes she sobbed

“I could never hate you daddy, I love you more than anything in the world”

She put her finger under his chin and lifted her mouth to his and kissed him passionately.

“Daddy, I want you. All I want is you, please make love to me”

He kissed her gently on the lips as he unbuttoned her blouse with one hand and slipped his hand inside. He placed his hand inside her bra and squeezed her nipple gently between his finger and thumb until it was hard as a rock as he explored her mouth with his tongue. She groaned as he nibbled on her neck and removed her shirt and unhooked her bra letting her large tits bounce free. She slid the bra forward and let them drop to the floor, her father immediately fed hungrily on first one hard nipple and then the other. Gemma gasped at his touch, so tender, so loving, she felt her pussy drench her pants with anticipation. Her dad climbed between her legs and removed her tiny shorts and panties revealing her tight shaved pussy and pushed her legs gently further apart. She lay back on the bed and lifted her feet up onto the edge of the bed as her dad kissed her pussy lips gently.

He kissed her pussy gently with closed lips several times and then circled the folds of her with his tongue first one way several times and then pack the other way before taking her sensitive clit into his mouth and teasing it between his lips. He grabbed her ass cheeks and plunged his tongue in and out of her warm, moist pussy lips and then sucked on her cunt as if trying to swallow every drop of her sweet nectar he could. She gasped and flung her arms against the bed grabbing the sheets as her powerful orgasm ripped through her young firm body in waves.

“Oh god I have missed you daddy”

She panted as he licked every drop of juice from her silky smooth slit. He removed his clothes adding to Gemma’s pile on the floor and then climbed up on the bed alongside his beautiful daughter wither breasts heaving up and down as she caught her breath.

“I have missed you to Gemma”

He said looking into her eyes totally under her spell. He kissed her beautiful tits as they moved up and down in front of him and massaged his cock until it was hard. He slid his knob up and down between her sopping wet cunt lips and then slid easily into her despite his larger than normal size. He was now lying behind her and she had raised one knee to make it easier for him to drive further into her. From this angle he could see her pretty face twist up in exquisite pleasure as he pumped in and out.

“Daddy, go slow?”

“Oh I will”

As he spoke a huge weight lifted from both of them as they both came to the realisation and accepted that their love and their relationship, while not acceptable within the law or society to a large part was real and was deep. Gemma’s father rocked back and forth watching with great satisfaction the pleasure on his daughters face. They moved gently and gracefully for several minutes before Gemma went tense and dug her head back into the bed as she experienced her second and then third delicious orgasm. Her dad slowed down and then pulled out and climbed on top so he could look down at her pretty face as he moved in and out of her. He slipped in and moved slowly for a while as he placed kiss after kiss all over her face. Gemma placed her hands on her dad’s ass and pulled him into her deeper as she begged him to make her cum again. She puffed and panted as he increased his intensity and he too felt his climax approach as his balls began to churn. Gemma began climbing toward another orgasm as she moaned

“Oh, oh, oh, Daddeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”

He spewed round after round of hot sticky cum deep inside her belly and then rolled off of her onto his back and lay panting as they both recovered. After several minutes Gemma’s Dad said

“We should get cleaned up; do you want to jump in the shower Hun?”

“Oh we’re not done yet Daddy”

She said climbing between her legs and kissing his limp cock hoping to revive it for another round. To her deep satisfaction it did not take long before his cock was rock hard between her lips as they slid up and down his shaft. She climbed on top of her and squatted over him and lined his cock up with her pussy. Slowly she slid down his cock and began bouncing up and down on it. It was now her father’s turn to grimace with pleasure, the combination of his daughters perfect tits bouncing up and down in front of him and the feeling of her tight, warm pussy sliding up and down on him was almost to incredible for him to bare. He closed his eyes and concentrated hard and dug deep to fight of an early orgasm as Gemma bounced up and down. Gemma grabbed her father’s hands and placed them on her tits and together they massaged them as her dad started to thrust hard into her. She began to moan as her father began to grunt, together they shuddered and shook as their orgasm drained every ounce of energy from their bodies. Gemma slumped forward on top of her father who held her close as they recovered slowly. They lay for a long time in each other’s arms before Gemma spoke

“Daddy I think a fresh start in a new place is what we need, there is nothing keeping us here”

They decided to make a fresh start somewhere where nobody knew them that they could live as man and wife. Great excitement filled them at the thought of not having to hide their love any longer.

“How do you feel about becoming an Aussie sweetie?”

He asked. They both giggled at Gemma’s answer as she cheekily shouted

“Oi, oi, oi”

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