Who will win the blowjob contest? Jen or Lisa? Will Jess and Bob have another date?
Chapter 7

Blinking back her tears, Jess looks in disbelief at the picture on her cell phone one more time. She doesn’t recognize the phone number that the picture had been sent from, but the image itself is unmistakable. Yes, it is Mike with a beer in one hand and giving the thumbs up to the camera with the other. And yes, that’s that little slut Becky with Mike’s penis in her mouth! “What was he thinking???” Jess cries out loud. Not only is he cheating on her with that little whore, it’s pretty obvious he doesn’t care who knows about it. And here she is, at State, being a celibate, faithful, good girl, turning down the advances of good looking studs like Bob. “How could he do this to me?” Jess sobs, her head on her desk, enduring the bitter misery of humiliating betrayal.

Heather is perspiring. She’s been dancing with three or four different studs at the frat party, and she’s here to hook up. Jen and Lisa are here, too, having their silly blow job contest. What a couple of sluts, Heather thinks to herself, as she grinds with one of her well hung prospects. Heather’s bountiful tits are almost spilling out of her low cut top. Encased in her skin tight jeans, her magnificent ass is given uplift and further definition by her high heels. Her pussy juices begin to flow as her excitement mounts. One of these studs is going to be penetrating me real soon, she excitedly tells herself. Now, it’s time for a slow dance, and Heather’s partner is the tall, muscular stud with the curly black hair and piercing blue eyes. She grinds into him, thrilling at the feel of his large, rigid tool. Getting even wetter, she thinks to herself, he’s ready for me, and I’m going to take him. She quickly reviews all of the other men in her life: her boyfriend at home is too far away; Dom is hung and good in bed, but he’s starting to bore her; and this new guy in her class, what’s his name again? he’s pretty good, too, but definitely not long term. So, why not screw this new, good looking, hung stud? Both of the stud’s hands are now tightly gripping Heather’s ass as the heat rises from their perspiring bodies. Closing her eyes, she can feel her tongue thrashing against his, their lips forming a passionate seal. In no time, with her hand in his, she is being led to the stud’s bedroom at the back of the frat house.

Behind the closed bedroom door, their lips lock again as the stud’s big hands caress Heather’s tits. Now in a state of full arousal, she is conscious of her erect nipples and completely saturated canal of love. With carnal hunger, she undoes the stud’s belt, opens the top of his jeans, and pulls down the zipper. She pulls down the stud’s jeans, and then his briefs, and his rigid tool pops out to greet her. About 8 inches, Heather appraises this new penis with a practiced eye. She drops to her knees and takes the stud’s engorged manhood in her mouth. Having attained oral proficiency with Dom’s 11 inch tool, Heather deep throats the new stud’s erection with ease. After brief oral worship of the stud’s phallus, Heather gets up and strips. Holy shit, these are soaked, she thinks to herself as she slithers out of her love saturated panties. Soon, she is in bed, on her back, in the familiar position. The now stripped stud climbs into bed with her, and as they once again kiss passionately, he inserts a finger into Heather’s womanhood. Heather moans softly as the stud’s finger tantalizes her canal of love. The stud withdraws his finger, wet with Heather’s vaginal honey. “Sweet,” he says, sampling the feminine nectar. “Eat some more, baby,” purrs the thoroughly aroused slut. The stud plants a kiss on Heather’s pussy, and then begins lapping it with his tongue. She squirms happily as the stud’s tongue begins to work her nether lips and then her clit. “Oh, baby!” she moans in ecstasy, and then lets out a long lingering moan as an orgasm flashes through her body. It is now time for penetration.

The stud slips his stiffened tool into Heather’s pussy and begins thrusting. Heather points her beautiful feet at the ceiling as she takes the deep, hard thrusting that she can’t get enough of. As the stud thrusts harder and faster, Heather begins to scream. “Oh, my god! Oh, my god!” she cries out in ecstasy, as multiple orgasms rock her body. She raises her hands and caresses the stud’s face, moaning, “Fuck me, baby! Fuck me!” Driven to a frenzy, the grunting stud slams into Heather with animalistic fury. Heather moves her hands down to the stud’s back, digs in her fingernails and begins to scream uncontrollably. Finally, the stud’s balls convulse and his tool belches his thick, hot genetic elixir deep into Heather’s pussy. Drenched in each other’s sweat, the lovers listen to the sounds of the party swirling outside. Heather is not going anywhere; after a brief period of recovery, the stud will be ready for round two.

Heather opens her eyes. The first rays of dawn are lighting up the bedroom. She is lying naked in the stud’s muscular arms. Even with only two hours of sleep, she feels exhilarated. Wow, she thinks to herself. Six times! This stud is part animal, part machine. And she still doesn’t know his name! She slips out of the arms of the still sleeping stud, and takes his now resting tool in her mouth. Soon, her caressing tongue and lips have the stud’s staff of love fully awake and erect once again. The stud dreamily opens his eyes. “Oh, yeah, baby,” he murmurs approvingly to his beautiful lover. “Do you have anything to drink?” Heather asks, giving his balls a squeeze. “Go for it, babe,” replies the stud. Heather responds by thrusting her head straight up and down, again and again on the stud’s rigid flesh pole. For a long while, her efforts seem in vain. In spite of his deep, ecstatic groaning, the stud just will not cum. Heather is determined. I want to get every last drop of sperm out of him, she resolves to herself. Finally, the oral assault compels the stud’s balls to surrender a fresh load of the white nectar the beauty thirsts for. Thinner and less abundant that his previous six ejaculations, the taste of the stud’s sperm still delights Heather, who swallows every last drop, and licks stray droplets off her fingers. “Thank you, baby. You were so good,” she tells the still naked stud as he lies in bed and watches her put on her blouse, wriggle back into her skintight jeans and slip on her high heels. She leaves her panties behind as a souvenir of their night of lust.

Jen and Lisa are both on their knees, fully clothed, ten feet apart from each other, surrounded by a drunken, rowdy, cheering crowd of frat boys. Each has a rigid penis in her mouth. The blow job contest has begun, and as agreed, the one ironclad rule is that all sperm must be swallowed. Lisa is sure she will win the contest easily. She’s already sucked off 5 guys in one night, and swallowed them all, while Jen, as big a slut as she is, has never sucked more than one guy in a night. Jen will drop out real soon, and I’ll just break my own record, maybe suck off 10 guys, Lisa reasons. No big deal. Lisa deep throats the anonymous tool that is thrust in front of her face, and massages the sperm swollen balls. She’s not going for finesse or sensuality tonight. Her goal is to get as many studs off as she can as quickly as she can. Soon, under her intense and practiced oral torture, the stud’s tormented tool is ready to explode. Sensing the right moment, Lisa withdraws her mouth from the tool, opens wide and begins to vigorously yank the penis until it spews forth its love milk. The load is thick and copious, and Lisa is delighted as it fills her mouth with its warmth. She swallows the millions of sperm cells that the load contains, and without hesitation, takes a second penis in her mouth.

The slit of yet another penis spews forth its thick white load, as more millions of sperm cells are propelled at high velocity into a beautiful open mouth. Jen swallows her fifth load with gusto. This is easier than I thought it would be, she thinks to herself, as she takes a sixth penis in her mouth. I’m keeping pace with Lisa, and I’m going to beat that little slut at her own game, she vows to herself as she thrusts her head further down the shaft of a well hung stud. Close by, Lisa is also sucking her sixth penis of the night. She’s starting to feel somewhat apprehensive. Jen is definitely holding her own, and she’s not showing any sign of giving up. And I’m beginning to wonder if I can really swallow 10 guys. Most of these loads have been pretty big, she reflects as she massages the pair of sweaty balls holding the precious white fluid she craves. Soon, two more penises explode almost simultaneously, two more loads are swallowed, and each of the girls prepares for her seventh dick of the evening.

Jen’s seventh stud lets out a deep groan as his balls contract and spurt after spurt of his liquid love blasts from his penile slit into the beauty’s wide open mouth. The load is huge, and Jen can almost feel it ready to spill out of her mouth. She swallows, and realizes that it didn’t all go down. She gulps again, and the remainder of the load starts its journey to her belly. Wow, that was huge fucking load, she thinks to herself. I almost gagged on that one. But I’m not going to let that little slut beat me, she reaffirms to herself, beginning to work on her eighth stud. Lisa, meanwhile, suddenly finds herself faltering. Her seventh stud’s load has a bitter taste, and the rowdy onlookers howl with laughter at the look of disgust that crosses her face as she swallows. Jen had better give in soon, she frets, as tool number eight is presented for her to service.

Jen is sucking her tenth cock with renewed enthusiasm. She’s now actually beginning to enjoy the big loads, and relishes the taste of all the sperm that she is greedily consuming. This stud is well hung, and he pushes on the back of her head, helping her to get all the way down to the base of his mammoth tool. She is aroused by the pleasure she’s giving him, as she can hear his groaning, even with all the rowdy noise and chaos surrounding them. Soon, Jen is digesting yet another load of the love offering of the human male, and looking forward to even more.

Lisa now has her twelfth cock deep in her throat. When is she going to cave? she wonders, astonished at Jen’s magnificent performance. Now, the loads are going down harder and harder. She still can’t get that bitter taste out of her mouth. What the hell was that guy eating or drinking, she wonders, as she bobs her head up and down on her new stud’s tool, feeling his hand on the back of her head. She can sense that he is on the verge of orgasm and starts to pull her head back. To her alarm, she feels the backward motion of her head arrested by the firm hand of the stud. He’s going to keep me on his dick, she realizes, even as his tool explodes in a powerful ejaculation. The stud’s load is propelled straight down Lisa’s throat. She gags, and nearly chokes, but the stud holds her in place as his tool continues to spurt and the rowdy crowd roars its approval. When his ball contractions have finally ceased, he removes his hand from Lisa’s head. She staggers to her feet, looks at the crowd, and runs from the room. Half the crowd jeers at her for giving up, the other half cheers her for her heroic cocksucking efforts. Jen is now starting to suck her thirteenth cock.

The fifteenth penis shoots its load into Jen’s eager mouth, and she swallows every last drop of sperm that it belches forth. She gets to her feet, and the crowd cheers. “Thanks, guys! You all tasted great!” she calls out, reveling in the glow of her triumph over Lisa. I’m going home now, she thinks to herself, and as she steps outside, she is confronted by a muscular football player just walking in. “Where’s the blow job contest?” he asks her. “It’s over, but I might as well do one more,” the tiny beauty responds with a smile as she pulls the stud into the shadows just outside the frat house door. Soon, another dick is in Jen’s mouth as her new stud groans in ecstasy. She takes her time with this one, giving him a slow, sensual blow job, alternately teasing the head of the cock with the tip of her tongue and then slowly absorbing the shaft in her mouth down to the root. After being subjected to Jen’s prolonged and expert oral love, the stud’s balls finally explode. Jen catches every last drop of sperm in her mouth and swallows. I’ve sucked 16 guys tonight and swallowed them all, she reflects happily as she walks home. And all just to get Lisa to pay for my dinner at the Pizza Palace!

Chapter 8

“Jennifer, this is the third time I’ve tried to explain this theorem to you, and you still just don’t seem to get it.” Jon’s voice reflects his frustration. He is sitting next to Jen in her dorm room. Jon is a senior, tall with brown hair and brown eyes and he’s been Jen’s tutor for three weeks now. He’s not bad looking, Jen thinks to herself, but he is such a nerd. I wonder if he’s ever gotten laid. “How old are you, Jon?” Jen asks. “I’m 21, but that’s not really relevant to what we’re discussing here. You really need to focus on what I’m trying to teach you if you want to pass this class, Jennifer,” he sternly replies. “Do you have a girlfriend?” Jen pursues. “No, but…” “Have you ever had a girlfriend?” “Um, no,” Jon admits reluctantly. “You’re not a virgin, are you?” Jen asks in astonishment. Jon’s face flushes deeply, and he does not answer. “You are, aren’t you?” Jen exclaims. “Ok, we’re done for today,” Jon announces, standing up and gathering his books and papers. “Let’s meet tomorrow at the library,” he says as he walks out the door. Poor guy, I embarrassed him, Jen thinks to herself. Still, he’s not a completely hopeless case. He actually looks like he might be big, she smiles, remembering the bulge in his jeans that she couldn’t help but notice when he stood up to leave. Let’s see what happens at the library tomorrow, she giggles to herself.

Jess’ heart pounds with excitement and anticipation as Bob walks her back to her dorm after their second date. She had surprised him by asking him if he had wanted to go to the movies again tonight, and she’s made up her mind that she’s going to give him an even bigger surprise to cap off the evening. Jess has prepared herself carefully for the evening. Usually one to shun makeup, tonight the beauty has applied just enough to highlight her breathtaking features. Tonight, she wears no bra under her low cut blouse, and showcases her long, lovely legs with her shortest, tightest skirt. Completing her alluring ensemble is a pair of high heels. Now, she stops with her date in front of the girls’ dorm, but before Bob can say good night, he is startled by the words, “Want to come in?” “Sure,” Bob responds readily.

As they enter the deserted suite, Jess is in a state of full arousal. Her pussy juices have begun to flow and she is almost breathless with desire for the handsome stud she is now alone with. “I really enjoyed tonight, Bob,” she almost whispers, her eyes shyly lowered and avoiding his. Without saying a word, the stud inclines his head, and her lips reach for and meet his. Unlike their first kiss, Jess does not pull away this time. Their lips lock for a kiss of passionate intensity, as their tongues lustfully entwine. Embracing the stud tightly, Jess once again feels his stiffened tool, now the object of her unashamed desire. Mike’s betrayal has made her a free woman, and she will enjoy her freedom without a trace of guilt. Emboldened now, Jess slides her hand down to the stud’s crotch, feeling his stiffened tool through his jeans. I can’t believe I’m doing this, Jess thinks to herself, even as lust consumes her. I’m really going to fuck him! “Mmm, you feel good,” Jess murmurs shyly to her stud. Bob puts his hand on hers, and guides it to his belt. Slowly, almost timidly, Jess undoes the belt and pulls down the zipper of the stud’s jeans. She pulls down the jeans and giggles at the red briefs her stud is wearing. “You like them?” the stud asks her. “I like what’s in them,” she responds, and tugs the briefs down onto the stud’s thighs. In awe, she grasps her prize, the stud’s 9 inch pole of love. “Wow!” she exclaims breathlessly, gently stroking the rigid tool. He’s even bigger than Mike, she thinks to herself.

The lovers again kiss passionately, and then Jess drops to her knees. I’m not very good at this, she thinks to herself as she starts to suck the stud’s tool. “You taste so good,” she tells her man, looking up worshipfully at him. He helps her to her feet, and begins to unbutton her blouse, as she casts her eyes demurely downward. Jess shrugs off her blouse as the stud caresses her titties and sucks the nipples, inducing her to moan softly in ecstasy. She slips out of her heels and offers no resistance as the stud unhitches her skirt. The skirt collapses to the floor in a crumpled heap, and then the stud rapidly strips. He drinks in the sight of the beauty, now stripped down to her panties, standing in front of him and smiling shyly at him. What a contrast to the bold, slutty, lust consumed Jen! Jess’ long, beautiful raven black hair is thrown back over her shoulders, fully revealing her glorious d-cup titties with their erect nipples. Breathing heavily, she is ready for the stud to take her. Jess blissfully closes her eyes as her stud scoops her up into his arms and carries her over to the bed. Gently placed on the bed by her man, Jess lifts her legs high in the air, allowing the stud to pull off her soaked panties. Realizing that she will soon be swept away on the flood tide of passion, she reaches under her pillow and pulls out the condom she had placed there earlier in the evening. She wants this stud to take her, but she knows that he has bedded many others, including Jen, and she’s taking no chances. She hands the condom to the stud, who places it to one side. He is not yet ready to penetrate her; first he wants to taste the sweet pussy that Jess now spreads out before him. Jess moans in ecstasy as the stud first tantalizes her labia with his tongue and then lightly nibbles at her vertical lips. He then slides his tongue upward and begins a prolonged clitoral assault that propels Jess into a moaning, writhing orgasm.

“Oh, fuck me! Fuck me, please!” she moans imploringly. The stud deftly removes the condom from its package and sheaths his tool in latex. Jess delights in the feel of the rigid shaft sliding into her canal of love. The stud begins to thrust slowly, almost gently. “Yes! Oh, yes!” Jess exclaims passionately, looking up into her stud’s eyes as he tools her pussy. Mike always wanted to get it over with so quickly, she remembers, contrasting her new stud’s more sensual approach to lovemaking. Gradually, the stud begins to increase his tempo, thrusting harder and faster. “Yes, baby! Yes!” Jess yells in ecstasy as the stud now slams his tool into her to the root. She lets out an ear piercing scream as the stud’s pounding brings her to orgasm, the second of the night so far. Still in the throes of her own climax, she hears her stud groaning and realizes that he is shooting his load. Deep inside Jess’ pussy, the condom’s reservoir rapidly fills up with the stud’s thick white genetic product. The realization that her lover has just achieved his own climax triggers a sympathetic orgasm in Jess, her third of the night. “Oh my god! Oh my god!” she moans loudly. Three orgasms, wow! she thinks to herself. I was lucky if I got one in a whole night of sex with Mike. Before he loses his erection, the stud quickly strips off the condom, filled with its massive load. Before the night is over, it will be joined in the wastebasket by two more condoms, filled with the stud’s sperm, and steeped on the outside with Jess’ love juices.

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