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We are living in a lodge in the Savannah. It is just becoming time for the sun to set over the horizon. From our chairs out on the deck outside our bedroom we can see off to the left of us two Cheetahs walking together and continually rubbing their heads against the others neck. It is obvious that the two are showing much affection to each other.
As we continue to watch them they stop walking and start to circle and then stop and the male mounts the female and starts to do what animals and people have done since time began. As they continue you stand up to get a better view of the two, for the sun has set more and is becoming harder to see them.
While you stand there, now on your tippy toes leaning against the rail around the deck, just a small peek of your panties became exposed to me under your dress. Your focus was completely on the Cheetahs, so you did not notice that while you stood there, you kept shifting your weight from one foot to the other. This caused your ass to slowly sway back and forth; it also allowed your dress to work itself higher exposing more of your panties covered ass.
The view of you standing there was making me desire you even more. I watched this until I couldn’t control myself, so I stood up and walked over behind you. With your focus still on the Cheetahs you had not noticed me come up behind you. My desire was controlling me and I couldn’t stop myself. I took my left hand and pushed you in the back, causing you to bend over the rail. Just has fast my right hand reached down and ripped your panties right off your ass.
Now with the view of you completely naked from the waist down, caused my desire to become so strong, that even though I hadn’t done any “4 play” to warm you up and make you wet, I simply dropped my shorts down exposing my rock hard cock. I spit into my hand and rubbed it over the tip of my cock to moisten it some, and then I rammed it into your beautiful pussy.
Because it all happened so quickly, at first you were unsure of what was happening. After I started, I could hear you start to moan with pleasure. As I continued to pump my cock in and out of your pussy, I could feel you becoming wetter and your moans louder. Your dress was blocking my view of your amazing breasts, so I tried to slide it up over your head, but this was not working fast enough for me, so I took both my hands and just ripped your dress off your back.
We continued like this for awhile, until I decided I wanted you to taste the juices on my cock. I pulled it out of your dripping wet pussy, spun you around and pushed you down unto your knees. I took my hand and grabbed you by your hairs, and with my other hand I grabbed my cock then pulled your faces waiting mouth to the head of my erect cock. When your eyes finally saw my cock with all of your juices all over it, you became an animal and attacked it so quickly.
The feeling of this was so amazing, I just stood there with my eyes closed and my head rolled back. After a while, I opened my eyes, and looked down. Seeing your gorgeous face sliding back and forth and your mouth wrapped around my cock, drove my desire even more. I took and placed both hands on your head, slid my fingers into your hairs and pulled your beautiful mouth deeper and deeper unto my cock. It felt amazing for me, and I only released your head when you started to gage from it going to deep.
At this point I needed to taste your juices for myself. I reached down, grabbed you from under your arms, picked you up and placed you on my chair. I pulled your hips forward and rolled your legs back. Seeing the lips of your pussy, with the juices flowing from it, and your ass all staring me in my face, caused me to lose all control and so I buried my face completely between your legs. First I started to suck on your clit, and then used my tongue to circle around it and lick it up and down. While I rubbed my face all over your pussy, my tongue started to probe into your pussy and taste the juices still inside of you.
By this point we have both become simply mad with passion and desire. With you still in that position I remove my face from your pussy and spit on your ass. With the small amount of water dripping into your ass, I slowly started to slide my cock into your ass. At first you tensed up, but after it was all the way in, you relaxed and again started to enjoy everything again. While I continued to run my cock in and out of your ass, your fingers had found your clit and started to rub it around in circles.
With all the emotions and everything we were feeling, we both began to feel the building inside of us. So as you continued to rub your clit while you exploded, I pulled out of your ass and stood up directly in front of you and with my cock only centimeters from your face I let my load of cum explode, some went into your mouth and the rest ran down your chin and onto your breasts. By now we were both exhausted, and I stumbled over to your chair and simply fell in to. The sunset was completely over, and has we rested we looked out and saw that the two Cheetahs that we had started out watching, while we made love had come in closer to us and had been watching us. Our night ended watching the two Cheetahs walking away.
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