A poem.
Relinquish yourself to me,
Let every thought melt,
like a summery sheen upon your bosom,
I feel you breathe,
How incredible is it that you've chosen me?
As much as I try and resist,
You seduce me,
Your dark brown eyes leave me helpless,
The rhythmic laughter that escapes your lips,
Is like the play of children in a grassy field,
What can it be that draws me to you?
The promise of what could be?
Something I'm not worthy of,
The realization of a lifelong dream,
Things I'll never see,
Not again, not anymore,

I want to know what it's like,
to feel your hands all over me,
Your lips dedicated to mine,
No nights spent alone,
No more tears to cry,
No depressed sighs,
No aching of my heart,
I'd give my life to have you in it,
What a thrill for you to be at my side,
Another heart to beat,
To hear you sing so sweetly,
From across the room

11-28-2011 onehandedtypist

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2012-11-22 11:02:24
The rain is on its waySo watch where your going because it Might just start snwiongLet's go out and play in the rain Incase the snow visits againThe trees start breaking and shaking While we play on the swingsI was starting to get cold and started shivering.Well done for having a really good go at sticking to JF's style! Mrs R

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