A poem
To see a heart for its enchanting beat
Soft skin
I wish was next to me
Dark eyes
Sweet sounds arise from her lips
A distraction nonetheless
To tie me into this world
Conscious thought
I emote little
Outside our circle
None of them are invited
Too far from our normalcy

Breathe you in
A carnal skin
Lick and taste
Pretty face
Long hair, maiden fair
Hide in your watchtower
Sing songs carried on the wind
Wings clipped, can't fly free
I will rescue you if you can help heal me
This broken heart won't mend itself



There she is
In unkempt forests
And atop plateaus you've climbed to reach
Skimming the ocean's surface
Causing the water to wave and ripple

Sunshine dances
In lazy circles
Crescendos peak and climax
All around her
She is nothing like they've dreamed up
Much more than a storm in a teacup
The apple of everyone's eye
Spare yourself the pain
The same refrain
Repeats again

10-25-2011 onehandedtypist

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2012-02-11 20:51:21
N2gPGs Cool:) I would say say it exploded my brain..!!

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