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Inspired by some banter in the Games Forum.
Meet at the lake

Adam had never been to the lake at this time of year. Normally he only came to the cabin in the early summer, enjoying the sunshine and the people playing in the water. However, after everything that had happened he needed some time away, and the cabin was the perfect place to find that solitude.

The lake was quiet this time of year, with few travelers coming so far after the Thanksgiving season. Adam made sure there was plenty of food in the kitchen, firewood by the side of the house, and that everything seemed to be in order for his stay. Afterward he felt a bit of wanderlust and decided to head down to the lakeside, and think about the mess his life was in right now.

With the light fading in the west, Adam saw the first few faint stars starting to shine, the cloak of night drawing itself slowly over the sky as the sounds of night gave way to the gentle lapping of the waves against the shoreline. Adam walked slowly along the edge of the lake, finding a log and settling himself, watching the stars light play on the surface of the water, and ran over the events in his head again. The anticipation he felt at coming home early to surprise his wife. The shock in his face at seeing her face contorted in pleasure, an unknown man behind her, obviously thrusting deep into her, his eyes closed. The sound of the jeweler’s box he'd picked up earlier hitting the floor, causing both of the lovers to snap their eyes towards him. The guilt and terror flashing through her eyes, the confusion and fear through his. The quiet click of Adam's phone as he took a picture, his eyes blazing with anger and betrayal before he broke the silence softly with two words. The two words ordering her to get out.

A soft crunch of gravel brought Adam's thoughts back to the present, and he turned his head to see a woman walking towards him, apparently lost in thought. In the dim light, Adam would have called her fair skinned, with long dark hair, average height and build with a cute elfin face. Her eyes had a faraway look, as if she too was wrapped up in memories. Adam coughed quietly, turning his head to look out at the lake so she wouldn't feel he was staring. The girls head turned towards him and she assumed a thoughtful expression, which Adam could just make out at the corner of his eye.

“Hi. I wasn't expecting anyone out here. The lake is usually deserted this time of the year,” the girl spoke with a soft voice, almost breathy and with a lower pitch than he would have expected. Adam's mind flashed to Janis Joplin's voice and he turned to look at the girl again.

“Hello. Yeah, I am not usually up here this time of year, but I wanted some time away from home. I hope I didn't disturb you.” Adam answered the girl, keeping his eyes on her face as he took in the details of her form and dress. He could see the jacket had a lived in look that told him it was probably a favorite, chosen for comfort over looks. Her blue jeans by contrast looked almost brand new, Adam's sharp eyes picking out where the stickers had been on the legs, and he reasoned she must have just bought them. She wore a pair of sturdy hiking shoes that had some scuffing, so had seen their share of use as well. The glimpses of her shirt through her open jacket showed a hunter green shirt or blouse, but not much more. The woman was wearing a rainbow colored beanie as well, to keep her head warm, and it too had a lived in look.

The woman smiled and responded, “No, you didn't disturb me. I was about to ask you the same thing. I'm Rose. I work at the hotel a few miles down the road. I just wanted to get out and get some fresh air. It's so dead there right now that all the work goes pretty slow.”

Adam watched Rose look him over and hoped she liked what she saw. His denim jacket was a bit light for winter but it was warm enough. The shirt it covered was a pale white knit jersey, his sole concession to any chill in the air. His work boots were worn and scuffed, having been his companions for a couple years now, and his jeans had that lived in look that only a pair of old jeans can get. Adam thought he saw approval in her eyes but could not be certain. He spoke up, realizing he was staring a bit, “Sorry, lost in thought. I'm Adam. I own a cabin up that way.” Adam gestured back behind him towards the cabin. “I've eaten at the hotel before, usually in the early summer when I am normally here, but I don't recall seeing you before. Are you new?”

Rose's eyes appeared to dance with humor as she stepped closer before replying. “Yeah, actually. I moved here over the summer and took an opening there. I used to live in the city but,” her voice broke suddenly and she got a dark look in her eyes before continuing, “that didn't work out. So, now I am here.” Rose turned to look out over the water after answering, her thoughts appearing to distract her.

Adam watched her for a moment and then jumped as something occurred to him. “I'm so sorry! I am a dunce. Would you like to sit down? I should have offered earlier, I know, but I was distracted I guess.” Adam gestured to the log next to him with a sweep of his hand. He watched her turn and look at him again, a smile on her face as she nodded and then walked over to sit next to him.

“Distracted huh? By what?” Rose asked him, her eyes dancing mischievously and a large grin appearing.

“Well,” Adam started then looked at her before finishing. “You. I was distracted by you. You are a beautiful woman and I appreciate beauty.” He cocked his head and kept his eyes on her as he noticed a pale blush starting on her cheeks. “It's a pleasure to make the acquaintance of such a beautiful woman. Thanks for saying hi, Rose. I needed the distraction.” Adam watched her smile at the compliment, his eyes drinking in the beauty of her features, the dark thoughts that had led him here drifting back into his consciousness.

“My my, you are a charmer, aren't you?” She kept smiling and looked at Adam closely. He could see a frankly appraising look in her eye and slowly an even deeper approval than before stole over her features. She reached out to lay her hand on his arm, quietly saying, “The feeling is mutual. And I am glad of the company as well.” She left her hand on his arm and his breathing quickened slightly, before he turned his eyes back to the lake, noting that the stars had multiplied many times, and that it was quite dark now. He hadn't noticed since when looking at Rose, everything seemed to glow with an inner light. Adam turned back towards her and started to speak.

“Would you like..”

“I was wondering if you..” she spoke at the same time as him.

They both smiled at the other, and Adam graciously gestured to Rose to continue. “I was wondering if you would like to have dinner with me?” Rose asked him, a hint of nervousness in her voice.

Adam smiled and responded, “I was just asking you the same thing. I was going to cook myself something nice, sort of a way to cheer up. You are welcome to join me.” He smiled as non-threateningly as he could, feeling a bubble of anticipation growing inside himself as he watched the woman think about his offer.

“You can cook huh? Are you sure it's not take out?” Rose quipped at him, lightly poking him in the ribs as she grinned.

“Ouch! I am wounded by such a suggestion. I've been cooking for myself for a while, and I assure you I can hold my own.” Adam replied to her jest, rubbing his ribs where she had poked him, pretending to soothe away a non-existent hurt. He watched her eyes follow his hand before she spoke again.

“I believe you. And I didn't mean to hurt anything.” Rose spoke huskily, a note of desire creeping in. “Want me to kiss it better?” she asked, leaning in close to him. Her attitude looked faintly predatory, but with just a hint of readiness to pull back.

Reaching a decision with lightning like speed, Adam leaned closer to her as well, feeling the heat of her against his skin a moment before his lips pressed against hers, and then it felt to him as if he was lost in an explosion of pleasure, his hands finding a natural spot wrapped around her, and he was dimly aware of her own hands holding him close, their lips pressed so naturally together it was as if they were two parts of a whole, their tongues sliding out tentatively to caress the other. A gentle moan escaped her lips as they pulled back slowly, their eyes each drinking in the other for a moment before they leaned in again, continuing their kiss for a tantalizing moment, then once again they drew apart, eyes lost in each other.

After an unknown amount of time had passed Adam spoke. “We should, uh, we should go. Make dinner. Yeah, we need to do dinner. Make dinner. Have dinner. Uhmm.. wow. Do you still want some food?” Adam found it difficult to get his thoughts in order as he kept staring at this beautiful woman who had slipped in so quickly to invade his decision making thoughts.

Eyes blinking, Rose came back to earth and her lips grew into a happy smile. “Dinner. Yeah. Yeah I want some of your dinner. Let's do it. That. Something.” Rose had little knowledge of what she was saying, just that it was positive and that she felt like she had touched something she thought she'd never touch again.

The two rose as one, and started slowly walking towards the cabin, hands slipping down each others arms to grasp one another, the heat of each other keeping them warm in the chill night air.

* * *

Rose relaxed on the couch, listening to the sounds of Adam in the kitchen of his cabin. She turned around to look at the décor. Simple but warm and comforting. Made of wood, all of it looked handmade. The couch was turned to face the fireplace, a low coffee table in front. There was a book case against the wall that the fireplace was on, with a small buffet perpendicular to it. A few chairs were set here and there around the room. There were square end tables on either side of the couch, holding small lamps. All the light in the room came from the fireplace though.

The fire crackled in the fireplace, and Rose started into it's depths as her thoughts briefly rested on what drove her out to the lake in the first place. Her boyfriend's words of bitter betrayal. The agony of watching him pack his things and then, he was gone. Out of her door. Out of her life. The life she had thought they would be sharing.

She hadn't told anyone where she was going. She ended her lease, quit her job, and packed the few belongings she really cared about and just started driving. She drove for days, until she ended up at the lake. It's peaceful tranquility was just what her soul needed. She found refuge here and had been quietly living, healing, and growing ready to move forward until today. Until Adam. And the fire of their kiss. She felt it again, the molten purity of it. The amazing loss of time as they just existed, no longer apart, but together. She felt so natural with him. So comfortable. She had seen he had his own pain, his own hurt, and she wondered about it, but had already decided that those things would be discussed when they were ready. For now, it was about now. It was about the here and now and the two of them. Not the past. There would be plenty of time for it, if there was a need after all.

“Are you sure you don't want a hand?” Rose called out towards the kitchen. Adam had showed her around the cabin quickly, and told her to relax on the couch while he got things ready. He had appeared a few minutes later with a glass of red wine, a lovely tasting Merlot, and then disappeared back into the kitchen, leaving her alone to enjoy the fire and get her thoughts in order. She had already called a friend from work to tell her where she was. A safety mechanism. She didn't think she'd needed it, but Adam had smiled at her when she'd made the call, approval in his startlingly green eyes.

“I'm sure,” he called back through the open doorway to the kitchen. “Just relax and enjoy your wine. I'll have salads ready in just a bit.”

Rose got up and wandered towards the book case, seeing pictures there. She looked through them, seeing some of another woman with Adam, a red-headed woman with pale skin and sad eyes. She noted it for asking about later and kept looking. She saw an older couple that could only be Adam's parents. She noted the strong bearing of his father. The short hair-cut gave him away as former military, and his mother's expression of love and happiness told Rose a great deal about Adam's upbringing. She suspected he had grown up a military brat, traveling around. But his mother obviously loved her life, and that would have transferred to Adam. She didn't see any pictures of siblings, so she suspected Adam was an only child. That was interesting. Then she saw a wedding picture. Adam and the red-head. She had been right. She turned and walked towards the fireplace mantle, looking in the fire and thinking.

Almost, she decided to leave. Almost she decided that this might be more than she was ready for. But then it occurred to her that she didn't have to do anything she didn't want to. She could feel that Adam wouldn't force anything. And with that though she decided to wander towards the kitchen and watch him cook.

Rose watched Adam move about the kitchen, a sense of purpose in his movements, and smiled at him when he glanced up at her, a quick smile flashing across his face before he turned back to the pan he was seasoning.

“I hope you like steak. I got these as a sort of celebratory gift. I intended to have them separately of course, but I am happy to have company. And they will go great with the wine.” Adam opened the broiler and put the steaks down on the pan, closing it and leaving a gap for the air to get in. Rose nodded her assent at him before he picked up two bowls, filled with leafy greens, tomatoes, onions, croutons, cheese, and thinly sliced cucumbers. He carried these out of the kitchen, sliding past Rose as she smiled innocently, rubbing herself against him as he moved past, and set them down on the dining table. He turned the lights on and then moved back towards the kitchen.

“If you want to grab the wine and our glasses, I'll have the rest of dinner out in a few minutes.” Adam handed her his glass and the bottle of wine, turning back to the stove, and giving something a stir in the pot sitting there. Rose chuckled and walked back to the table where she'd left her wine, quickly setting both glasses and the bottle down on the table, and choosing a seat with the delicious salad sitting there. She waited patiently as a moment later, Adam walked out, setting a freshly made vinaigrette on the table before sitting down. He picked up his glass and held it towards her. Rose quickly raised her own glass, smiling at Adam as he spoke softly. “Here's to endings, new beginnings, and chance meetings. Sláinte!”

Rose sipped at her wine, letting the sentiment mesh with her own feelings and suspicions. She smiled and sipped some more, enjoying the parallels and allowed herself to hope that perhaps there was more than she had first considered. She tried the delicious salad with the bacon vinaigrette that Adam had obviously just made, and savored it. She lost herself in the meal, briefly acknowledging Adam going into the kitchen to retrieve the steaks, baked potatoes, and boiled zucchini that he had prepared. Everything was perfect, delicious, and made her feel at home. She ate her fill, far less than he had served, and watched with delight as he finished his own meal.

The realization hit her that she had barely spoken for some time. “Adam, that was amazing, and I fully retract my earlier comments. You are an outstanding cook. Forgive me?” She batted her eyes coquettishly, deliberately overplaying it to make him smile.

“I don't know. I was pretty hurt. I might just need some more kissing to make it better,” Adam replied to her. His eyes were alight with mischief and she couldn't control a giggle.

“You may just get your wish,” Rose told him, more than a hint of promise in her voice. Rose nibbled at her plate and smiled at Adam's expression.

* * *

The couple relaxed on the couch, watching the fire dance over each others face, as their thoughts whirled. Neither seemed to want to break the silence as they enjoyed each others company, the very presence of the other person driving out the darker thoughts that had earlier preoccupied them both.

Adam broke the silence, “This isn't how I expected tonight to go. I thought I would be eating alone, and just sitting quietly with my thoughts. When I saw you on the lakeside, I still didn't expect this, to be sitting here with you. And yet, I cannot imagine anything that I would rather do, anywhere that I would rather be, than here, now, with you. Thank you for appearing like that.”

Adam's quiet admission caused Rose to smile tenderly. She replied, “I should be thanking you just as much. I too wasn't expecting this, and yet I am so glad this is where I am, right now. I couldn't imagine anywhere else I would want to be, either. Or anyone I would rather be sharing tonight with.
Thank you for dinner, and wine, and company, and ...” Her voice drifted off for a moment, as she suddenly looked contemplative. Then a smile lit up her face and she finished her thought, “being you. Thank you for being you.” Adam could see the happiness in her expression and knew it wasn't feigned. For reasons he wasn't completely cognizant of, that simple fact filled him with such happiness and affection.

“What do you like to do, Rose? What things make you happy?” Adam asked, wanting to know more about this infatuating woman sitting beside him.

Rose responded, her face going thoughtful, “I like hiking, skiing, and yoga. I practice belly-dancing to keep fit, and I enjoy reading. At least, those are the things out of the bedroom. You might find out about more, in time.” She grinned at him cheekily. “I enjoy dancing and driving for long trips, finding lost nooks that no one else knows about. And I love when I get my own way.” She finished, a sly smile on her face, and that mischievous look back in her eyes. “And what about you?”

Adam flushed slightly at the thoughts that raced into his head based on her leading statements. He coughed for a moment and smirked as the delight lit up her eyes from his discomfort. “Uh, well, I like reading too, I work outdoors so I enjoy being outdoors for other things. Construction is kinda monotonous sometimes, so I like to get out and just revel in nature. I've found that I enjoy cooking, although that's kind of a new development. I like going for drives as well,” Adam nodded at Rose, “and I love music. I learned piano when I was young and it's stayed with me pretty well. It's something I know I can do and feel good about myself.” Adam's eyes got distant for a moment. Then he snapped back and smiled broadly at Rose. “So,” he began. “You belly-dance huh? I'd love to see that. I have never seen a belly-dancer before. Would you dance for me?”

A blush slowly covering her cheeks, Rose looked at Adam for a moment before nodding. “Okay, but on one condition. Dance with me.”

“I don't know how to belly-dance!” Adam exclaimed. “I'd be awful!”

“Come on, it would be fun! You don't have to be good, just try. And I will dance for you. Please?” Rose's eyes got large and vulnerable. Adam looked at her for a moment, remembering how she liked to get her way, and gave in.

“Alright, but I am going to look stupid.” He stood and walked towards the bedroom. Adam started rummaging in the closet, and finally found what he sought. An old suitcase of his wife's. Ex-wife's now. He opened it and found some of her flowing skirts that she never wore, saying they weren't for her anymore. He still remembered being a bit disappointed she had never worn them. He took the skirts out to the living room with him. He laid them on the couch and looked at Rose, his emotions guarded. “These were, well, they were for someone else. She didn't want them. They've never been worn, so I hope this isn't too weird. At least, skirts seem to go better with belly-dancing than jeans, right?”

Rose looked at him, her mouth slightly open in astonishment. She closed her mouth and looked down at the skirts. She recognized the vulnerable gesture, and his reassurance that the gifts hadn't been accepted eased the tension she'd initially felt when he brought them out. “These will do just fine, Adam. Thanks.” She stood and selected one of the brightly colored peasant style skirts. “I'll just go change,” she said while walking towards the bedroom. She reappeared a few minutes later, her jeans and boots in one hand. She laid them on a chair and then walked back to the couch. “Aren't you going to change too?”

Adam shook himself out of his daze, as his eyes drew away from the flash of purple he had seen inside her jeans when she laid them down. He blinked and then picked up the other skirt. He hesitated a moment and then turned determinedly to the bedroom and went to change into his skirt. He debated doing the same thing that he suspected she had done, but decided that he didn't want something popping up to ruin the moment. Adam returned to the living room, his face red from blushing so hard. He walked towards the couch and wondered to himself what it was about this woman that made him do something like this.

Rose shrieked with laughter for a moment, then caught herself, her shoulders shaking and she fought to control her giggles. She looked at Adam apologetically for a moment, then stood up to collect herself. “Okay, we are going to need some music. Do you have any Arabian or Persian style music? That would be the best to dance to, but many other things can work.” She was obviously still struggling to control her mirth, and in a way Adam was glad he was able to inspire so much joy.

“Uh, yeah, music. Let me see what I have.” Adam walked to the buffet and opened it, looking through the music inside. He found something that looked faintly middle eastern and put the music on. He turned to glance at Rose and she was nodding her head, pleased with his choice. He walked back to her and faced her, watching her expectantly. He let the music seep into him, enjoying the complex patterns as they seeped into his consciousness.

Rose started undulating, motioning Adam to copy her movements. She started moving and swaying in time to the music, her hips constantly in motion, her feet stepping quickly at times, then slowing down to let her use her whole body as she translated the music to physical motion. Adam tried his best to keep up, but he felt the music a different way, and he was too mesmerized by her dancing. Time drifted as they danced for each other, Adam badly, and Rose with a sinuous grace. She started spinning, her skirt flaring and glimpses of her leg, and higher began raising Adam's ardor. Then, the briefest of flashes and he he saw her sex, just for a moment and it was gone. His eyes were glued to the spot then he glanced at Rose's face and she had this smile that was no longer mischievous. This smile was sultry, and wanting. He could see the desire in her eyes, the invitation open in those liquid pools that he was unable to tear himself away from and before he knew what he was doing, he was holding her, his lips seeking her, their bodies pressed to one another as their lips locked again in that molten, fiery kiss, filled with passion.

Adam broke the kiss reluctantly, his mouth moving to her ear, the feelings and emotions inside cascading and rushing through him. He heard himself say softly into her ear, “I want to taste you,” a moment before his tongue lightly licked her earlobe, feeling the simple act send a shudder through her body, her hands grasping at him and pulling him tightly to her. He felt her hands drift over his back, feeling his body as his own hands seemed locked in place, holding her tightly to him as he let his tongue wander all over her ear, nibbling slightly at the lobe before he spoke again. “May I?” he breathed.

Rose pulled back in his arms and nodded slightly, her smile growing as she spoke just as softly, “Yes. Nothing's stopping you.” Her eyes were almost pulsing with the desire for him implicit in them.

“I noticed that,” Adam said before he picked her up, carrying her to the couch and setting her upon it lightly. He tugged the skirt down, watching her skin appear as the fabric slid down her long, slim legs. The small patch of hair at the apex of her legs was neatly trimmed and small, proclaiming her womanhood, while the lips below were already starting to spread, signaling her desire for the man she watched with eyes filled with lust. Adam smiled at her, then leaned down, kissing her lips for a moment before moving lower, his lips starting their path up her leg, gentle kisses leading up her leg, heading for the core of her womanhood. He fluttered over her sex for a brief moment before continuing down her other leg, enjoying the soft moan of frustration that Rose gave him. Her fingers stroked his hair as he moved back up towards her sex, his tongue flicking out to tease open the soft lips, feeling the heat of her lust against his face. His tongue reached between those lips and tasted her, the mix of scents and tastes mingling to solidify in his brain as the essence of HER. He definitely enjoyed the taste of her. Musky and spicy, with a tangy sweetness that was almost indescribable. He reveled in the taste of her on his tongue, and slowly dragged his tongue down through her sex, feeling the soft folds give way to the oral intruder. Her fingers clenching his hair, and the soft moans coming from her let him know she approved of his efforts. He reached her opening, the entrance of her very core, and the wetness here was almost incredible. He could see and feel how much she wanted this with a certainty he never had received in the past. It set things going in his head, but he shook his head and banished the thoughts. He smiled up at Rose again, her eyes looking askance, and then dove back in to thrust his tongue into her, feeling the quiet shriek of pleasure come from her as he thrust and licked deeply inside of her. Adam moved up her hot wetness again, feeling for the hard nubbin of her clitoris, sucking it in and gently applying pleasure, while his tongue drug slow circles around the hard and sensitive part, feeling her body buck slightly as he swiped closer and closer to her clit, the sensation shooting through her causing her to momentarily lose control. Finally he flicked the clit directly with his tongue, his mouth applying a firm suction on it as the tongue swirled wetly all around the clit, while her body arced and a shriek of ecstasy escaped her mouth, her fingers tightening in his hair as her orgasm consumed her, racing through her body, the tender ministrations of his tongue on her clit driving her to higher and higher peaks. Adam was amazed that she had orgasmed so quickly but he kept a firm hold, finally moving his mouth downwards to lick and suck up all the juices pouring from her, loving the taste of her in his mouth, feeling the pleasure one can only feel by giving something so pleasurable to another.

Rose gasped for breath as she seemed to come back down to earth, her head spinning with the force of the orgasm she'd just received. Her face crinkled slightly with the joy flowing through her, as she beheld Adam's face smiling at her, his chin still wet, his lips smiling happily, his hands rubbing gently over her legs. She darted forward, her hands taking his face between them and kissed him with a strength that surprised them both. Their tongues danced and she held him tightly to her, not wanting to let go, and feeling the fluttering in her stomach as the tension increased again. Finally, she broke the kiss, looking longingly into Adam's eyes before she quietly said, “My turn.”

* * *

Adam's eyes fluttered open with the pale light of dawn seeping through the window. He breathed in deeply, a slightly stale scent mingled with the altogether different scent of a woman's perfume. Adam looked to his side and admired the sleeping form of the woman at his side. His mind still reeled a bit from the speed of their interactions. And yet, he couldn't say that it wasn't completely natural feeling. That this just felt right to him. He only hoped that she felt the same way. His mind flashed back to the night before, and he recalled the feel of her lips as the slipped over his organ, and his body responded to the memory. Realizing he should use the bathroom before anything became too difficult, he quietly disengaged himself and padded quietly to the bathroom.

When he returned to bed, the chill in the air making him welcome for the warmth of the bed, he nuzzled back down, turning on his side to watch the woman sleeping at his side. He felt himself becoming something he hadn't expected. And he wasn't sure it was fair to feel this way. He silently berated himself and decided to just take things as they came. One thing he could do though was make sure she enjoyed her morning as much as he had enjoyed their night. He leaned down and kissed her cheek softly, before again rising and putting on some pajama pants, heading to the kitchen to start cooking some breakfast for them both. Losing himself in the cooking, he didn't hear her rise and quietly walk out to the kitchen.

Rose had woken and wondered where she was at first, then the night came rushing back. She remembered the meeting at the lakeside, and the dinner they shared. Then the silliness of dancing and finally the heat and pleasure of what followed after. She shivered with joy at the memory of his tongue, the feel of his fingers, the taste of him on her tongue, and the exquisite pleasure of holding him as they slept. Rose worried for a moment that perhaps things had gone further than they should, but she quickly banished that thought. She was content, and everything that had happened had been welcome to both of them. She realized that she was alone and then heard the sounds drifting to her from the kitchen. She smiled and slipped out of bed, using the bathroom before quietly sneaking to the kitchen to peer around the wall to watch him.

She admired the strength in his shoulders, the erect carriage that had held her so effortlessly it seemed. She watched him move about the kitchen with purpose, exulting in the memory of how his fingers felt in her hair as she had bobbed on him, taking him into her mouth, feeling the heat against her tongue and the soft, spongy head press against the back of her throat. She smiled at the man making breakfast, resolving to show him again how much pleasure he'd given her, and then quietly slipped back to the bedroom, crawling under the covers to wait for her lover to return. She paused at that thought then an even larger smile of happiness crossed her features. Her lover. She hoped that it would be for more than the day.

Adam put the finishing touches on the breakfasts and then picked up the tray, carrying it to the bedroom where he saw Rose sitting up in bed, the blankets pooled at her waist, her breasts swaying slightly and capturing his attention for a moment. He smiled and then moved further into the room, laying the tray on the bed and smiling at his bed-mate. “I thought you might be hungry this morning,” he told her, admiring her naked form without staring too hard. He watched the smile dance on her lips as she noticed his eyes but she said nothing, and didn't cover up.

“Thank you.” Rose spoke quietly, before lifting her plate and starting in on breakfast. They watched each other eat, quite words of appreciation and thanks all that were traded for the moment. Finishing rapidly and enjoying the simple meal, Rose felt her desire rise once again. But she wasn't sure he felt the same, and there was a bit of hesitancy now. They sat there a moment before Adam spoke softly to her.

“I was going to have a shower. I hoped that you might want to share it with me.” He looked at her hopefully, no expectations just a wanting, a desire to spend more time with her.

“That sounds wonderful. And I could use someone that can wash my back,” she quipped, trying to reassure him as well as lighten the mood a bit. She was enjoying the presence and the company and she wasn't ready for it to end. Sharing a shower sounded exactly right.

The couple rose from the bed and headed into the bathroom, Adam grabbing some towels along the way. He was momentarily distracted as Rose slid past him and leaned over to start the water, his eyes caressing her form, her ass presented to him. His hand reached out almost of it's own accord and caressed the cheeks of her ass, her head glancing back at him with a smile as he seemed lost in the feel of her skin. Her voice broke his reverie, “Did you want to get dirtier first?” The mischievous glint was back in her eye. She glanced down at the rapidly forming tent in his pajama pants.

For answer, Adam dropped his pants, revealing his cock to her eyes again for a moment before stepping up behind her. He reached down and gently rubbed her clit and the lips of her sex, then decided that a taste and some extra wetness would make things even better. He squatted down and she felt his tongue lick slowly up and down her slit, thrusting into her, causing her to shiver with excitement.

Rose quickly reached over to shut off the water and then held onto the tub, enjoying his actions to get her wet. Then she felt him stand and the anticipation lasted for a moment before she felt the head slide through her pussy, getting it ready for her. She flashed back to the first time he had entered her, on the couch, the firelight dancing over their bodies, and she shivered in readiness to feel him inside her again.

Adam slid deeply into her, feeling the same heavenly feeling as he had the night before, this time without the worry that he wouldn't pleasure her. He knew her just a little better now, had learned enough to please her as he enjoyed himself. The motion rocked through both of them, their hearts beating rapidly, the blood pumping through them as his cock slid effortlessly deep into her, and her muscles fought a valiant effort to try and keep it inside each time, the massaging effect making Adam shudder, the hardness, heat, and deep penetrations wracking Rose's body with ecstasy. This time was a little different though. Where last night had been tender and about discovery, this time was about passion and fire. Adam picked up the pace and soon was slamming his hips against hers, the hardness of his cock thrusting deeply into her slit, her body rocking to the feel of him fucking her, driving them both closer and closer to climax.

A moment before he grunted, Rose felt the heat of his body's life giving fluid erupting into her and the very feel of it tipped her into her own abyss of pleasure, the sensations reinforcing one another as they cascaded back and forth between the two lovers. She lost focus and couldn't see for a brief moment and then reality crashed back in on her, and the delicious feeling of his hard member penetrating into her core filled her with rapture once again. She shuddered as he seemed to come back from his own orgasm, and then leaned over her, pulling her up slightly, his cock still buried in her, and kissed her, their tongues meeting as his cock twitched, expelling the last of it's fluid into her welcoming body.

They disengaged and started the water, laughing and grinning, the mood light as they washed each others bodies, playing and kissing parts of each other, no sense of urgency, just the play of two lovers enjoying each others bodies. They emerged from the shower, drying themselves, smiles passing back and forth. Adam thought about something she had said and asked her, “Do you have to work today? I can run you up to the hotel, or wherever your car is.”

Rose chuckled. “Trying to get rid of me?” she asked lightly, humor in her voice.

“What? No! I just remembered you saying you worked at the hotel. I didn't want to make you late.” Adam defended himself.

“Relax babe, I was teasing you. No, I don't work today. Thank you though. It was thoughtful of you to worry about that.” Rose smiled at him, the mischief in her eyes still present but tempered with something else. Admiration it might have been. Adam swallowed and nodded his head at her.

“Besides,” Rose continued. “There is something else I want to do today.”

“Oh? What's that?” Adam grinned at her from behind, admiring her ass until she turned around and looked at him, the lust he had seen the night before returned to them.



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really nice...

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