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Janet is in dire need of a good spanking in this story - but not without her favourite brown game style.
Content warning: [i]This story contains both spanking and playing with shit. If you are offended or disgusted by either or both of this themes, [b]do not read on further - you have been warned.[b]

The next days, Janets behaviour began to change. She started to develop a really bad attitude on me, giving me foul answers, refusing my touchs, even insulting me - in general, she began to behave really bad.

At first, it was pretty unclear to me what this was all about as we were used to get along well, sharing our dirty games... but after five or so days, it dawned to me, and I suddenly remembered what she had told me after her encounter with Alex in the changing room: she had mentioned some girls, her amongst them, wanted to be treated rough from time to time, to get her ass spanked. I guessed she as too afraid or too shy to tell me so directly, so she chose to provoke me as to get me mad... well, if this was what she wanted, she could well have this. My chance came a few days later, when we once again had history as our final lesson and the room would be empty for lunch break.

After the teacher had closed the lesson, Janet wanted to get up and hurry away, but I grabbed her by her jeans and pulled her back. She looked at me with some astonishment.
"We're staying here, lady, I'd say we have something to talk about", I told her with a low voice but with a tone that allowed for no resistance. She obeyed; and just as the week before, I took out the maths book and started explaining some math problems until we were alone. As soon as the teacher had closed the door behind her, I shut the book and looked Janet straight in the eyes.
"So, what do you wanna tell me about your behaviour when dealing with me the last few days?", I thundered. She got rosy cheeks but kept a defiant look in her eyes.
"No idea what you're talking about. And my behaviour is none of your business, mind your own crap!"
"This is not what I wanted to hear. Seems someone needs some behaviour correction, wouldn't you agree?!"
Her (only played) self-confidence and defiance started to crackle.
"Umm, what do you mean by this? Why don't you leave me alone?"
"Because I won't tolerate the way you treat me any longer, is that clear?"
"And what do you wanna do about that?", she asked, now in the tone of a shy little girl being caught at something she well knew she better hadn't done.
"I think your pretty ass needs some good correction treatment!"
With her face, she perfectly played the little girl who was afraid of what was to come, but her eyes began to shine. Yes, I tought, full hit - my guess obviously was right.
"You wouldn't dare to spank me", she tried to provoke me one last time and started to get up. OK - this girl wanted to play rough, she should have her will. I harshly grabbed her jeans again.
"You're going nowhere", I hissed, getting up as well and pulling her with me to the front of the room. She offered me some resistance, but for sure far less than she could have would she seriuosly wanted to have gotten away - her resistance was only part of the game, I realised. With my free hand, I took of my belt.
"Remember this thing?", I asked, letting the belt dance before her eyes. Her face remained angry-defiant but the shine in her eyes became brighter.
"Now you're gonna learn to behave well against me", I announced. "First, we will have to get your ass free - its meant to feel something and not to be buffered by your jeans, isn't it?!"
I laid the belt down on the nearest desk, then unzipped her jeans. I tried to shuffle them down with one hand, and with some effort, even managed to do so. Janet wriggled around a bit as if to stop me, but in fact, she even helped me, and soon she was just in her panties. I turned her so I could see her ass, and saw, just as I had expected, the seat of her panties with some small shit stains.
"Now look at this - ", I pulled down her panties with one sudden move so I could see her ass, it looked as usual: some small dried shit stains and some fresher shit in the butt crack, and a really fresh spot of shit at her butthole, all together emanating a smell which got me horny at the moment, "- your behaviour was as shitty as your ass now is, and therefore, your ass will have to pay the price for it. Bent over the desk now."
I supported her appropriate move with my hand, I nearly threw her at the desk. She didn't dare to move anymore, and I took my belt and mid-folded it to get a better handling. Then, I let it flew through the empty air three times to get a feeling for a proper handling.
"Lets get it started and your butt get warmed up. What do you say about 25 good lashes with this belt?"
She said nothing, but I hadn't expected that. Instead, I let the belt fly again, and it landed on her ass with a whacking sound, instantly creating a rosy stripe.
"Ow! That hurts!", Janet protested, but didn't even lift her hands to her butt to rub a sting out, and so I lifted my belt instead for the second lash. This time, I used some more force, and again the belt crashed at her ass, leaving another area shining rosy-red.
"Ummm! Aagh!", was all she had to say, and so I continued: the 3rd lash, and again I used some more force than before, leaving a now visibly redder stripe at her buttocks than before.
"You call that a spanking?", she now hissed at me, and I found myself at a loss of words. At the first lash, she had complained about the belting hurting, and now this?
"You want it better? You just have to ask!", I nearly yelped, recalling just in time we still were in school and I better should not have yelled around. I lifted the belt again, this time using much more force than before, and the stripe I left now was of a considerably darker red than the first three ones. Janet now only uttered small noises of pain but did not cry or protest, so I continued with #5.
After landing #6, her butt cheeks had become a nice landscape of different shades of red. I lifted my belt for #7 when I saw it: her body tensed, but not in effort to press together her ass cheeks or in anticipation of the pain of another lash. Instead, her ass hole widened, and the first peek of shit slowly emerged - I had serious trouble believing my eyes: this girl was shitting during a spanking!
I decided not to let that stop me. Instead, I accelerated the belt once more - and lash #7 landed across her butt cheeks and the very first tip of her shit load. Due to the pain, she stopped her shitting effort for a moment, the shit lurked nearly completely back into her ass, but then she pushed again, this time bringing her shit a bit further outside herself. I again lifted the belt and let #8 race down at her nice red ass - and sure enough hit the shit as well, smashing a bit of it at her skin, and a bit remained glued to the leather of the belt.
For the next ten lashes, Janet continued to try shitting against my belting, and with each lash, I smashed shit into her skin and got more shit at my belt, and with each more lash, shit of my belt got hit to until then clean portions of her ass cheeks. Meanwhile, I of course had my boner brought into a position where it could not rip my jeans, and once again, I felt my hormone levels rising up to barely imaginable heights. In addition to the horny sexy view of Janets ass, now being a mixture of different red and brown tones and welts starting to form, there was of course the smell: the shit got mixed with lots of air which improved the smell considerably, taking away any sour note and leaving pure aroma. By now, I had realised her shitting was part of the game she had planned, something completely new and never done before: shitting whilst being spanked, shitting against the spanking instrument and so having both the instrument and her ass being covered with shit.
When I was done with my 25 belt lashes I had promised her, her ass had gotten nice dark red welts and shit smashed everywhere at it, and my belt was at a length of some centimeters completely soiled with her shit. I couldn't resist to take a good sniff at it, then looked down at Janet who still laid at the desk with a dreamy look at her face.
"Don't you think this would have been all - I won't let you get away so easily. Look what you have done - this will earn you another good amount at your ass!", I announced at her. Now, the look in her eyes became a bit scared indeed, but she still made no protest. I went to the blackboard and took the pointing stick. This thing was more than a meter long, had a diameter of only one or two centimeters and was made of fiberglass covered with a thin plastic cover, which made it extremely flexible and durable. Sometimes, when talking in our class during the lessons would have become too much or no one was paying attention to the teacher anymore because everyone was asleep, one teacher or another had even used it to slam it onto an empty desk with full force, waking up everyone and getting all attention at the moment due to the shock effect of the loud and unexpected bang noise. Would the stick have been made of wood or maybe even been a simple cane, it would long have been broken, but due to its material, it withstood nearly every stress test it was subjected to. Once, it had a pointing tip but this plastic thing had long been gone. I took it by its handle and went back to Janet, letting it dance before her eyes.
"I always wanted to see how this thing dances on a girls ass and what it will do to this ass", I explained. Janets face became a bit more scared but she still did not protest.
"Because you have dared to shit against my belt and soiled it, you will get a small extra", I added, and her look became somewhat curious. I took my shit stained belt and positioned it directly before her nose.
"You will have to keep sniffing your own smelly shit for the rest of your spanking!" I could clearly see a happy smile fly across her face.
I whipped the pointing stick through the air a few times to get a feeling for it, then got behind her.
"I'd say 15 strokes with that would be in order", I commented. I lifted the stick when her body tensed again. Lets see how far this will go, I thought and decided to wait for a moment, and as expected, Janets asshole opened again, and now, without her ass being hit, she managed to bring out a good amount of her load. It was not overly much but enough to completely fill her butt crack and a small part of one of her cheeks. I decided to help out a little bit and used the sticks tip to push her shit up far enough it could not roll down between her legs, then I took my position again.
"Now we'll get started."
I again lifted the stick, and this time, her body didn't tense, she obviously had done the shitting she had wanted to do, so I could let the stick fly.
Whack! Stroke #1 landed across her butt cheeks and her shit, leaving a clearly visible caning mark. I lifted the stick which now already had gotten some shit on it and hit again - whack! #2 got down at her ass, leaving another straight mark, but now mixed with some shit. She again uttered this small noises of pain, but otherwise seemed to enjoy her treatment - at least kind of. At least, her pussy was literally dropping with pussy liquor, I could clearly see this as she made no effort to push together her legs. I lifted for #3, and another cane welt appeared at her already sore butt. I delivered the rest of the promised 15 strokes, leaving clearly visible marks at her now dark red butt which was smashed with shit, too, and the room was by now completely filled with the hot smell. When I was done, one of Janets hands came up, but not to rub the sting out of her bottom but to start playing with her pussy. She rubbed the lips and the clit really fast and needed only seconds to reach climax - once again, her body shook around violently at the desk. After around a complete minute, she was done for the moment, catching her breath.
"Wow... that was really good... you indeed managed to spank me to an orgasm! Wow, you've got a pretty firm hand, I have to say, I'm really impressed."
"Glad to hear this and see you like this", I grinned back. "Besides, I guess it was not just me spanking you to cum, but you on your own helped with the task by literally shitting yourself to orgasm, too - you would not deny this, I guess?"
"He-he... you know me all too well by this time, you raunchy shitty lover boy!"
"But wasn't the spanking overly hard? I mean, you should see your butt - let aside your shit, its dark red and marked with welts and cane marks, this really must have hurt. But, I have to say, it was fun to do that", I added with a sadistic grin.
"Hey, I didn't realise you are a sadist", she teased me, but then answered my question.
"Of course this hurt, I can still feel each cane mark, and my butt cheeks are sore in general, I sure will have some trouble sitting the next few days. But I really wanted to get this - to really get my ass hit well because that gets my cunt so wet - and I wanted to shit during and against a spanking for years. This was something I couldn't have done with anyone except you, nearly no one understands shitting games. But now, show me the stick that hit so heavy at my poor bottom cheeks."
I handed her the thing which was partially plastered with her shit. She looked at it happily and didn't miss to sniff it, of course, then handled it back to me.
"Please, put it back into its place as it is. The shit will dry soon, and why shouldn't others get some fun out of the smell as well...", she grinned happily, and I obeyed. Meanwhile, I had looked at my watch and found out we still had some 30 minutes left. Janet, obviously, had the same idea as she was fondling her pussy again.
"Guess you wanna fuck me now?", she teased with a sweet voice. Of course I wanted to, but had gotten too much fun out of the spanking as to just simply fuck her now, so I just grinned.
"I can see you desperately want my hard stick inside your pussy, don't you?"
"Yes of yourse! I can't do everything myself, and my fingers can't replace a nice hard cock!"
"OK... but you will have to pay the price", I said with an evil smirk at my face. Janets face got a bot curious, but then she just shrugged.
"Can't be that bad... I'll pay, but now just start fucking me, please!"
I didn't need a second invitation and rammed my cock inside her pussy. Then, just as usual, I started thrusting, but took it nice and slow - and with each thrust, I lifted both hands and let them smack on her still sore and shitty ass cheeks. With the first double stroke, she let out a small cry, but then I felt her pussy muscles taking up some work, and I knew I was at the right path - I ccontinued to fuck and simultaneously double hand-spank her ass which now emanated a considerable heat, which had its effects on the shit smell as well. In interrupts, I looked at my hands which were of course brown by now and took some sniffes... and Janet still had my belt with her shit to sniff, too. The spanking, the small signs of pain I brought to her ass, the fucking and of course her shit took their effects: after just a short time, we both reached the peak of our lust once again. Since this kind of game was brand new for me, too, I, much like last week, felt like I was becoming dematerialized for a certain period of time, pure energy racing through my body and searing every nerve, and it took some time until the waves of energy slowly died away and I regained my normal consistence. I could feel at my dick Janet was feeling much the same, too.

After we both had gotten back on earth and our hormone levels had lowered a bit towards normal, we started cleaning up our mess. I opened the windows despite the fact it was a cool day with much raining outside. After some minutes, we were done, Janet had brought enough tissues to clean up her ass, pussy, my dick and my belt, we hid them in the trash bin beneath some other litter. My hands I cleaned at the sink with water and soap, and soon we were done. Janet wanted to leave now, but again, I held her back.
"Wait - we have to stay in here until the other ones will come."
"Why? Aren't we done here?"
"Yes, we are, but there is still shit smell in here. You remember, not every one loves this, so we'll have to let the windows open for some more minutes, and we should not leave with open windows. Maybe we need this room again for a new session, and if we leave with the windows open, we surely won't get it."
"Damn, you're right... I'll miss my bus because of this, but I guess this is the price I really have to pay for my needs."
So we took our seats... at least, I did so, but Janet obviously had some trouble to get seated and shifted around uncomfortably... clearly, she was feeling her freshly well spanked ass, to my silent diabolic amusement, I have to add.
After some more minutes, the first of the other students arrived. I again, like last week, played the surprised one that lunch break was over so soon, then we left. Of course, we got curious looks because of the open windows, they closed them at the moment - but we gave no explanation and left, both in anticipation for maybe another game to come.

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