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this is going to be the last one of this for a while im going to be working on my other stories i didnt do any corrections with this because i wanted to get back to working on twin sisters
They pulled up to a big white, two story house. Zack got out of the front seat and opened the door for Rachel who was sitting behind him.

“Quite the gentleman.” Getting out she leaned forward and whispered “and an awesome lover.”

“Yes he is a gentleman for helping you out but can he come and keep Kelly from smashing her face on something?” Erica shut the driver’s door and opened Kelly’s for her. Kelly was leaning on the door when Erica opened it and fell sideways. Before she could fall Erica caught her and grunted as she pushed Kelly back upright in the car.

Now, Erica is tan with dark brown hair that she always does the poof thing, making it look larger than life. She stands at 5’2” and has great breasts that are 36 B and she has a thin waist that sits on top of a tight firm ass. She has green eyes and her lips always seem to be pouting.

Zack hurried over to the other side of the car and helped Kelly extricate herself from the apparently every tangled seatbelt.

“You know that I could do this on my own?” Kelly was pretty drunk but luckily she rarely pukes and seems to know when to stop.

“Yeah we know that but we don’t want even the possibility of you wrecking your pretty face.” Zack has dealt with these kind of girls before. You have to compliment them in such a way so that they will accept your help. “’Cuz aren’t you doing a Maybelline commercial next week?”

Erica looked at Zack from the opposite side of Kelly and smiled, he really is a gentleman. She always thought that Zack was cute but was afraid that he was like the other guys, get drunk, rub against a girl, fuck for thirty seconds and fall asleep.

“Ha I wish but my dad says ‘you have to go to college’ or I won’t be able to get anywhere in life.”

“Harsh, shouldn’t parents be encouraging their kids to chase their dreams? Even if that means foregoing a higher education?” Zack had to pull her arm and get closer because Kelly was leaning to far forward and from the crook of her elbow he couldn’t support her.

Rachel looked back at them from just inside the front door. Zack and Erica holding Kelly up as they climbed the front steps.

When they got inside Erica asked Zack to take off his shoes. “My parents are anal about this, they don’t want the seven year old floor to get scuffed up.”

“What?” Zack asked incredulously. “Isn’t that what is supposed to happen to a floor? Especially one that is seven years old? Did they instigate that rule and just never” Zack took a second to think of the word. “Abolish it?”

Erica, Rachel and Kelly all laughed at this.

“Yeah that is exactly how it happened.”

They leaned Kelly against the wall with promises that once they had taken their shoes off that they would help to remove hers. Zack untied his bunny ears and slipped off his shoes. He put them in a bin full of other shoes which is where, he guessed, everyone puts their shoes.

Rachel and Erica dumped their sneakers in the bin and helped Kelly support herself on the wall.

Zack saw them doing this and said “So I have to take off her shoes?” Erica nodded and Zack dropped down on one knee.

Why did she wear heels, he thought, if she know she was getting drunk tonight? He undid the little buckles at her ankles and slipped them off of her feet.

He was about to toss them into the bin from where he was but Kelly said “no you could ruin them.” So he got up and with exaggerated carefulness he placed them in the bin.

On her bare feet, Kelly seemed to be more stable. So just lending her his arm, Zack led Kelly while he followed Erica up the stairs to the room that she would be sleeping in.

“We have three guest bedrooms.” Erica pointed them out “but the last one is being re-painted so it doesn’t have any furniture in it. Kelly you get this one” Erica indicated the second doorway on their left. “And Zack, you and Rachel can share this one” the first doorway.

Kelly pulled away from Zack “I need to piss before I go lay down. I think I’ll be fine, you can go make out with Rachel some more. Oh and make sure to give her a kiss for me.” Kelly winked and walked unsteadily into the bathroom and shut the door.

Erica turned to Zack “She’ll be fine. Nothing has happened to her from this point on before. Come on we can go crack those bottles and continue our party.” She grabbed his hand and pulled him back downstairs into the kitchen.

Rachel had her Jacks open and poured them each a double shot. “Ah finally, is the drunken mistress tucked in?”

Erica and Zack reached the island and grabbed their shots. All at once they downed their shots. Zack said “old Jack no matter how many times you drink, it still burns.” They grabbed their sodas they had bought for chasers and took a drink.

They each took a couple more shots from Rachel’s Jack Daniel’s and then they decided to open Zack’s Captain Morgan and mix that with some coke that Erica found in the fridge.

They retired to the living room and turned on the tv. They were sipping on their drinks flipping through channels, they would pick a show but when it went to commercial they would move to a movie and after a couple of minutes they would search for something else.

After some time of this Erica handed the remote to Rachel who had been flirting with Zack. “Okay then lets see what else is on.” Rachel just flipped through the channels, paused then moved on. “Don’t you have any movies? Lets watch some dvds.”

“Okay I’ll go choose some movies and be right back.” Erica set her drink down and went to and adjoining room.

Zack thought we’ve seen everything needed to be seen on this. He was about to speak up when Rachel landed on a porn movie, Zack stopped with his mouth half open. Rachel looked at him and laughed at his expression.

Erica rushed into the room. “I lost track of time, I need to go to be bed. I have work tomorrow. Help yourselves to whatever but make sure you clean up afterwards.” She was about to leave when she saw what they were watching. “Uh… make sure you get to a bed before doing that, okay? Good night, sweet dreams.”

Rachel turned to Zack when Erica’s footsteps receded up the stairs. “I know where I can get condoms.” she got up and went to the front door and grabbed Kelly’s bag, rummaged around and pulled out two condoms. She came back over to the couch and set them on the coffee table and sat down.

Zack leaned in and kissed along her jaw and when he reached her mouth he kissed her upper lip three times. After this last kiss one he brushed his tongue along her lip. Rachel laughed at this and pulled him in closer and kissed him full on.

Rachel pushed her tongue into his mouth and flicked it back and forth on the tip of his. When she pulled her tongue back Zack took in her lower lip and ran nibbled it then ran his tongue over the inside of it.

Rachel got up and undressed, releasing her full 40D breasts and her glistening pussy.

“Damn babe, come over here.” Zack laid her on the sofa and dove right in to her pussy. He licked up and down her slit and whenever he reached her soaking wet hole he pushed his tongue in.

“Oh yeah just like that” Rachel cooed.

Zack came up to her clit and started to saw it, while he slowly slipped his middle and ring finger into her pussy. Zack then sucked on he clit and curled his fingers up and started to slide them in and out. Not long after Zack felt a rush of Rachel’s juices, he lapped it up as it came out.

“Wow that was awesome but I want your cock in me.” She stood up and was about to run upstairs but she remembered the condoms and spun around. Doing that she lost her balance in her inebriated state and almost fell on the coffee table.

Zack caught her before with both arms around her stomach and pulled her into him.

“Hmm, that’s what I want.” Rachel felt his dick slide in between her legs. “But we need to get in a bed, I don’t think we should have done that in here.” They looked down and saw some of her moisture on the sofa.

Rachel kissed Zack on the cheek and turned, walking towards the stairs. Zack was her swaying her hips and his already hard member grew even harder. She turned around when she noticed that he wasn’t following her.

“You don’t want to fuck me?” Rachel said this in a childish voice with a pout.

“Of course I do.” Zack walked forward to Rachel. She bounced on her toes which in turn made her lovely breasts bounce. She grabbed Zack’s hand and they went up the stairs into their room. They didn’t bother turning on the light as there was already a lamp turned on in the corner of the room.

Rachel sat on the edge of the bed and said “come and bring that big beast over here.” She opened up one of the condoms and when Zack was close enough she slipped it on.

She scooted back on the bed and grabbed his cock and slowly guided it in. “Oh, that’s huge!”

Zack slowly pushed in a couple inches and then pulled out some. He did this until he was fully in, then he began to slowly pump in and out. He had never had sex with a condom before and didn’t like the decrease in the sensations.

It seemed that Rachel didn’t have these same thoughts. “God damn you’re filling me up so much! Yes it feels so good!”

“Hey, babe?” Zack didn’t finish what he was about to say because Rachel put her hand on his chest and somewhat, weakly pushed. Her felt her pussy tighten around his cock but not the muscle movement.

Rachel said with her eyes shut tight “nice, nice, yes, I’m cumming, oh it wont stop!”

Zack took this as an indication that she wanted him to pull out. He proceeded to do so but he barely got three inches out when Rachel wrapped her legs around him and pulled him back.

“Don’t you dare.” she said around her heavy breathing.

Zack leaned down and licked circles around her nipples.

“Ooh, yes that feels so good.”

With her orgasm finally subsiding she said “here get up on the bed with me.”

Rachel grabbed his ass and slowly scooted back, up on the bed while keeping his dick inside her pussy. When they were in a comfortable position Zack started thrusting, going harder and harder.

“Yes harder, oh my god, YES!”

Zack grabbed her tits and massaged them and tweaked her nipples. Rachel began to thrust her hips up to meet Zack’s downward ones.

Again Zack felt her pussy tighten around his cock but he was no where near cumming himself. So he kept pumping into Rachel.

“Oh yes, don’t stop, keep going.” Rachel was moaning and moved her hips with more vigor, “OH pound my cunt harder. YES!”

Zack felt her juices running down his leg and soaking the sheets underneath them. “Oh shit, oh shit, shit another, another one. YEESS!”

Zack could feel her slightly relaxed muscles tighten again. Zack looked down at Rachel’s face and saw her eyes tightly closed and her mouth slightly gaped. The sweat glistening on her body, her tits bouncing every time he thrust himself into her. “Damn your beautiful babe.”

Rachel opened her eyes when he said this and smiled a little coyly. He started to pump into her faster and he heard Rachel say “yes oh fuck me Zack.”

Hearing her say his name with lustful passion, pushed him over the edge. His cum seemed to burst out with enough force to pull the condom off. “Damn, babe I’m cumming.”

When Zack stopped thrusting Rachel turned him over and got down next to his cock. She pulled off the condom and licked up his spunk that was still on his softening penis.

Zack laid his head back enjoying the feeling of her tongue running up and down his length.

After she had licked him clean Rachel climbed up and cuddled next to Zack. She reached over and grabbed the throw blanket and pulled it over them. “Good night.” She kissed his cheek and laid her head on his shoulder.

“Good night.” When he closed his eyes Zack heard movement and looked up to see Kelly’s blonde hair tailing behind her as she rushed out of the room. “Rachel I think…”

“I know, she asked if I would let her watch us.”

Zack laid his head back and went to sleep.

i hoped you enjoyed this story but its too much to try and keep track of what im writing in one story while continuing two others so tah tah for now fun at a party and if you read my other story hottest senior then i posted a thread or whatever that explains the order, sorting out my stories or something COMMENTS WITH FEEDBACK THANK YOU
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