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She look so HOT I could not help myself.
I am a basketball coach at a small collage in the south. I coach girl I have twenty, five in each grade. they are of all sizes, tall and short, but not to short. All of them are well built. Breast the size of gragefruit. Some of the best looking asses you have every seen.

So on day I'm in my office and Annie come into my office. She has on one of those short top that come just over her breast. It is obese she not wering a bra. She has on a pair of short that are cottOn and are so tight that you can see she is not waring any thing under them. She is so "Hot"

I am 6' 10" tall, 230 pound, 30 year old and in good shape. I play basket evary day. I am hung like a mule. About 14" long and 6' around. So if I get aroused I have a hard time keeping it out of seen. So when Annie come in looking the way she does. I get a little horny. OOOOOHHHHHHH I get very HORNY.

She know what she is doing to me, so she been over in front of me I can see her asa and breast as she been over. Her short are wet where she has come a little. Her nipple are as hard as can be.They look like door knobs under the top she has on.

My cock start to rise I can't help it she look so goooood. I have on a pair of short like her's, but not so tight. I never ware underwear. I don't like to be confined. So when she see how much I am aroused she come over to me. She said to me, "are you glad to see me, or is that a big stick in your short." I said, "I am sorry but you turn me on the way you look." She goes over to the door of my office and close it and lock it. I say, "what are yu dling."

She said, " I am going to FUCK that pole you have in your short." So she take my short and jerks them down to the floor. My cock stands up like a flag pole. She said, OOOOOHHHHHH SSSSSSHHHHHHHHIIIIIIttttttttt It is Bigggggg.
She take my dick in her hands and holds it like a big sucker. She take it in she mouth an starts sucking on it. A little at first then she take a little more 5" then 6" then 7" but that is it. She suck on it for about 5 min. Just before I am going to blow she stop.

Annie undress in a rush. Her body is so gooooooooood loooooooooking, so HHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTT. She is 6' 2" with long legs. She turns around, been over so her ass is in front of me. I been down and start licking her pussy with all of my tongue, I have a very long. I stick all of my tongue up her fuck hole an she come in my onuth it tasted so goooooooood. I hit her clit back and fourth a dozen times or so she come two or threes. I am lick and sucking up all of it. It taste so goooooooooooood.

Annie said to me, "I want to fell that big hard long cock of your in me." So I get up and put the head of my DICK at the lips of her pussy. To my surprise she back up on my love machine and about 5" go in. I can see she is coming all around my dick. So I put in 3 more inchs and more come, come out all around my cock. She said "I'm COOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEE, I'MMMM CCCCCOOOOOOMMMMMEEEEEEE.

So I put in 3" more inch and she said "FUCK OH FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARDER." So I put in the last 3 inch and start to fuck her harder. She said, "FUCK ME HARDER." so I fuck her haarder and harder. She is screaming out I'MMMMMMM HHHHHOOOOOO

We come together. Her cunt is so wet. With that I shoved my cock deep into her pussy and I spray come squirt after squirt deep into her womb. All 14 inch deep in her and she LOVE IT ALL
Love t o e a t or
p u s s y

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2012-06-12 07:10:59
several issues: a, you cant spell, lie like a rug, c. your imagination re the size of your cock is leading to insanity and d. you must be at least 14 years old. another of your comments said it all; why are you writing this bullshit?

Anonymous readerReport

2009-02-16 23:53:36
I for one, hope you are better at eating pussy than you are at writing.

Anonymous readerReport

2009-02-16 23:48:50
Geesh! What the hell was this.....


2006-05-26 06:58:20
what a load of crap


2005-10-12 23:05:21
This story is terrible........... My pussy is dehydrated!

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