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This is only a re-post. I haven't changed a thing but as I was reading back through this story I noticed for some reason all of the apostrophe's and quotation marks were changed to question marks. So this is me re-posting that story but with the correct quotations. Enjoy!
Best Sister in the World!!!

I guess I should start this off with a little bit about myself. My name is Jason Stone, I'm about 5' 8", fairly well tanned with dirty blond hair and an athletic, muscular build.

You should probably also know about my older sister Sydney. She's 16 and absolutely, drop dead gorgeous! She stopped growing at about 5' 4", she has the same dirty blond hair that I do, blue eyes that you could lose yourself in, in... well, the blink of an eye! She has legs that go on forever and hips and an ass that scream for attention every time she's around. And topping it all off is a pair of 34C cup breasts.

My sister and I only being a year apart in age, were inevitably close in our relationship. We had our fights of course, but we always hurried to clear it all up and we'd be the best of friends again by the end of the day. We'd come to each other with all of our problems, we'd hang out together and just have an all around good time with each other!

There was one day, however, that took all of that to the next level...

It was getting close to Christmas break and we were both looking forward to the break from school with much enthusiasm. It had been a pretty hard semester academically and we could both use the down time to just get away from it all. But before we got to the break, we had a week and a half left of school.

I had just gotten home from school and was upstairs in my room getting a jump on my homework so I could put it all behind me for the day. My sister and I usually get home at different times because she has cheer-leading practice right after school. My parents both work till at least seven in the evening and don't get home till around seven thirty. So I basically had full run of the house for about 2 hours every day which is something I always took advantage of.

"There!" I said, tossing my pencil down on my desk. "Finally done."

I had just finished the last math problem of my last sheet of homework and was thrilled to see I still had forty-five minutes left before Sydney got home.

Delighted, I grabbed my laptop and pulled up my favorite porn sites. As I flicked through all the images, I started to get more and more aroused.

I won't say that I’m the most well endowed man on the face of the planet, but my cock is pretty decent sized for my age coming in at about 7 inches long and 3 inches thick.

As I kept looking at my screen, I gradually pulled my cock out and wrapped my fingers around it, starting to pump slowly. I was really beginning to enjoy myself and I started pumping faster and faster. My breath was getting real ragged as I kept beating my member closer and closer to the edge. I started getting that familiar ache in my balls and cum started racing up my shaft! I kept pounding furiously on my cock trying to hold off cumming to boost me that much higher in ecstasy. I couldn't hold it off much longer, I erupted and started spewing cum all over the place...

"Hey Jason? I'm h-... oh shit!" exclaimed my sister.

I looked up and sure enough, there was Sydney standing in my door way with her mouth wide open and eyes wide in shock as she saw my large dick in hand, shooting cum all over myself.

We both stared at each other for what seemed like eternity. I wanted to melt into nothingness at the thought that I had just been busted by my sister just as I had started ejaculating.

"Uhm... it started... snowing so they told everyone to go on home early..." Sydney explained.

With that she quickly turned and ran away, face beet red. I listened and heard her footsteps going quickly to her room, then I heard her door shut.

I was still laying there in complete shock at what had just happened. I was so embarrassed that I just stayed in my room for the rest of the afternoon till it was almost dinner time. Then I got up, made sure I had all my clothes on and headed out my room, down to the kitchen to fix myself some dinner.

Sydney was in the living room watching some girly flick on TV and didn't even look my way when I walked towards the kitchen.

I fixed myself some dinner and ate it quietly at the dinner table.

The rest of the evening was awkward to say the least. We both tried to avoid any sort of confrontation till finally it was time for bed. My parents had gotten home a couple of hours before and had pretty much just eaten a late dinner and went straight to bed. We could tell they were both tired from their work days. I quickly showered and got ready for bed and then promptly slipped into my covers and tried to sleep.


It was about 11:00 P.M. when a noise woke me up. I sat up groggily and rubbed my eyes, then looked at the clock and realized what time it was.

Then I heard it again! Faintly, at the very edge of my hearing... I could have sworn I heard a slight moan!

My curiosity piqued, I climbed out of bed, eased my door open and peeked my head out into the hall way.

This time I was sure that I heard low moaning coming from my sister's room! I don’t know what made me step closer towards her door, but I just couldn't seem to walk away... I HAD to see what was going on in there!

I kept stepping closer to the door till finally I was there. I very gently turned the door knob and slightly pushed the door open, being extremely careful to not make the slightest noise. After what seemed like an eternity of sneaking across the hallway to my sister's room, my eyes (and my cock for that matter) were greatly rewarded by the most astonishing sight I had ever seen!

Sydney was laying on her bed without a stitch of clothing on! Her legs were spread open and I noticed her crotch was extremely wet. She had two fingers buried deep inside her while her other hand was rubbing her clit in slow, big circles.

I watched as my sister pleasured herself, chest heaving, with her fingers. With every gasp or breath, her gorgeous breasts would rise and fall without the slightest droop! Her eyes were closed in concentration as she tried to push herself up and over the edge of climax.

"Hmmmm Jason..."

My heart froze.

Did she really just say what I thought she said?! My sister masturbating was hot enough! But now I knew that it was images of ME that she was masturbating to!

She kept moaning my name and sliding her fingers in and out of her wet, juicy cunt faster and faster. I slowly pulled my cock out of my boxers and started jacking off right there in the hallway as I watched my sister intently.

Her moans started to rise in pitch and urgency and I sensed that she was close to cumming. Then finally, she shoved three fingers up her pussy, pinched her clit and moaned out loudly "Oh god Jason fuck me... oh fuuuuucckkkkkk meeeeeeee!!!!!!" Then she shrieked so loud I thought she would wake our parents downstairs and collapsed down in a heap of heavy breathing as she rode out the last waves of what I was sure was a massive orgasm.

I slowed down my pumping on my cock just before I started cumming, realizing that my sister could look up and see me at any point. I quietly shut her door and just as silently, moved across the hall into my room and closed my door.

"Holy shit!" I thought as I quickly ripped my boxers off and layed down on my back on my bed as I quickly resumed beating my cock faster and faster. I thought of Sydney sprawled out on her bed masturbating to me... Then an image of me on top of her ran through my mind... "Oh god!" I said as cum started spewing forth from the tip of my dick. Spurt after spurt shot out of my prick and landed all over my stomach and chest.

I had never cum so much in my life! I was still breathing hard after several seconds had passed. I wiped myself off with my boxers and discarded them in the dirty laundry hamper. I then crawled into bed, deciding to sleep in the nude tonight, and fell into a deep, restful sleep...

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