Chapter 1

I’d become preoccupied over the past few weeks—with avenging myself against Susan’s manipulative bitch mother. I didn’t object to fucking her. Hell, she was hot, it was a lot of fun, and under other circumstances I’d be looking forward to an encore performance. But, coercing me—actually, it was blackmail--to fuck her and doing it in school where I worked—risking my job to get off—deserved, no, demanded a response from me. Maybe it was my Sicilian heritage—the whole concept of vendetta—but I hated letting someone get away with putting one over on me. Getting revenge could be easy. The hard part was doing it and not losing Susan in the process.

Now school was out (good) and Susan was out in Colorado (not good). I had started my summer job as a ranger at the Fire Island National Seashore a week ago and I spent the thirty minute drive every day thinking of how to deal with Sharon Miller, Susan’s mother. I had just finished a difficult shift—a crowded Saturday in the mid to upper nineties. Normally, there’s a cooling breeze off the ocean but not today; it was just a hot, sweaty, and exhausting day.

I pulled off the parkway onto the road that passes the farm where I live. I stopped, waiting for a break in the traffic to turn left onto the dirt road to my rental. The road was a good quarter mile or more and the weeds were almost up to my chest. Nonetheless, I could see flashes of red through the spaces created in the weeds by the gentle evening breeze. That could only mean that my friend Kelsey Klein, foxy daughter of my obnoxious principal Stewart Klein, more affectionately known as “Stewie” to his biggest detractors, had found her way to my door. Kelsey appeared now and then when she wanted to go crazy and most times she did. We usually fucked each other five or six times, staying up through the night, until my cock felt like it was going to fall off.

My truck threw up a cloud of dust as I neared the house and Kelsey’s red Mustang convertible. She climbed out of the car just as I stopped, wearing a hot pink tube top that made her ample breasts—D-cup at least—look even bigger, if possible, and black baggy shorts. Knowing her as I did I’d bet with nothing underneath but her neatly trimmed pussy. Let me tell you about Kelsey. She must have taken after her mother because she looks nothing like her father who is taller than me and very heavy, fat, actually. Kelsey can’t be more than five feet two, weighing less than a hundred pounds on most days. I often wondered if her mother had a thing for the mailman, so little did she resemble her miserable father. “Well, this is a pleasant surprise,” I began. “Wonder what’s on your mind, as if I didn’t know,” I continued, chuckling as I did.

“I wanted to see you in your Boy Scout uniform and you didn’t disappoint with those shorts. You look really hot!”

“Kelsey, you know very well that nobody has ever confused me with a Boy Scout…although…I’ve found my way into a few Girl Scout uniforms in the past.”

“I stand by my comments about your shorts. You do look great and what’s in them ain’t too shabby either.”

“Listen, Kelsey, I had a miserable day at the park. It was hotter than hell and I’m sweaty and dirty all over,” I said trying to discourage her, knowing from past experience that it was nearly impossible.

“Great,” she replied, “I love sweaty and dirty. It’ll save us a lot of time.” Rolling my eyes I walked toward the house, opened the door, and held it for Kelsey. I had taken two steps inside when she went right for my cock. I pulled away, stripped and walked toward the shower. Kelsey joined me, ripping off her clothes; I was right—not a thing under those shorts. She came in for a long hot kiss, pressing her hard nipples into my stomach and rubbing her abdomen into my cock. Tired though I was I found the kiss stimulating. Kelsey was a great kisser and she was definitely hot with her thin fit body, huge firm tits, and round muscular butt. I pointed to the shower, cocking my head to ask if she were coming. She grabbed my butt and followed right behind me. I adjusted the water temperature and stepped into the soothing water. Kelsey kneeled inhaling my cock into her mouth. I was semi-hard after our kiss, but that lasted only a few seconds as she sucked and licked my cock energetically. In an instant I had grown to my full seven and a half inches, so thick I would barely fit into her mouth. The shower energized me and now the idea of fucking didn’t seem so bad. I grabbed the soap and washed Kelsey’s smooth skin, starting at her neck and moving down over her breasts and back. I pulled her up so I could finish the shower. We washed each other, but she couldn’t resist pushing several fingers into my ass while she slowly stroked my cock. I was suddenly horny so I initiated a brief passionate tongue-laden kiss. Kelsey grinned when she broke it, turned off the water, and grabbed two towels, encouraging me to dry her as she reciprocated with me. We walked down the hall to my bedroom where I drew the blinds to lower the light in the room. “Turn on the lights,” she instructed me, “and turn on the cameras. I want to see myself.” I stood stock still for almost a minute, confusing Kelsey until I smiled. “Kelsey, I think I love you.”

“Now, listen here, Tattaglia, I only come here because I know I can fuck you without all the emotional bullshit that comes with commitment. Don’t tell me you’re going to become a problem.”

“No, Kelsey, it’s not that, but you just helped me solve a big, big problem.” I explained how Mrs. Miller had made an appointment to discuss her daughter, maneuvered me into a compromising situation, and blackmailed me into fucking her in school, where I risked my job and profession. I went on to tell her I had been looking for a way to get even. Why I hadn’t thought of the cameras I couldn’t understand; it was so obvious. And then I told her what I had in mind. When I sought her help she agreed immediately. “Shit, Tom, even I wouldn’t do that and you know how much I hate my father.”

I turned on the ceiling lights and, using the remote, turned on the TV’s and cameras. Knowing that I wanted to become a teacher I’d taken several courses on audio-visual techniques, including one with a curriculum that contained CCTV--closed circuit television. I had installed three cameras, the exposed lenses only slightly larger than pinholes—one on the side wall, one overhead, and one behind the headboard—connecting them to the two wide screen TV’s in the room. They were usually a lot of fun, just like people who put mirrors on their ceilings, and I had never filmed anyone without their knowledge and permission but that was about to change.

Within a few seconds three images of Kelsey and me appeared on the screens—one a split screen showing simultaneous images—side and overhead. The remote could zoom the lenses in or back them out, as I wished. Kelsey had been here so many times she was familiar with the whole operation, making her perfect as my accomplice in my vendetta against Susan’s mother.

I lay back on the sheets, inviting Kelsey to take charge with a waggle of my finger. Checking herself on one of the screens, she began at my toes and worked her way up to my head, rubbing her hard long nipples against me. When she reached my cock she gripped it and rubbed the head against each nipple, causing me to moan in ecstasy as she did. She moved back down to take me into her hot mouth. She licked all around my cock while sucking me forcefully, driving me almost to orgasm—but not quite. She pulled back and continued up my body, bringing each delicious nipple to my mouth. I suckled like a baby, hungry for the teat. When she was as hot as I had become she lowered herself onto my cock. Her pussy was so hot I thought I could see steam emanating from it. Her cunt sucked me into it like a vacuum sucks up dirt. Kelsey groaned, “OH MY GOD! FUCK, THAT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD!” as I slid into her hot tight canal, stretching her cunt almost to the breaking point. I bottomed out against her cervix with a couple of inches left sticking outside her. She leaned forward as she rocked bring her clit into contact with my muscular abdomen. Kelsey threw her head back as her heat increased, working herself harder and harder, rubbing her clit with more and more force. I could feel that swollen button, hard against my skin as her orgasm neared. She was doing all the work so it was fitting that she was the first to cum—and did she ever! She shuddered repeatedly as her cunt squeezed my cock in an attempt to milk it of my baby making cream. I was saving myself—knowing Kelsey I figured I’d need to.

Kelsey fell forward, resting her head on my chest. I moved within her, but slowly and gently—just enough to keep my erection, as I rubbed her back with both hands, dropping them occasionally to massage her breasts and roll her nipples between my fingers. Kelsey seemed drained but I knew that was just an illusion. She had as much staying power as I did so it was only a matter of time before she came back for more. It took her almost fifteen minutes. She lifted her knees forward and rose from my chest, a look of total lust in her eyes as she once again caught her image on the TV’s. She rocked forward…back…forward…back. On and on she rocked, grinding her clit into me. To maximize the effect she spread her legs almost 180 degrees, releasing her clit from its protective hood. Her look of lust was replaced by one of sheer determination. She gritted her teeth as she pushed that sensitive button in her attempt to secure that second elusive orgasm. Her motions were hot and furious as her cunt constricted around my cock. I started to move with her, wanting my own climax as much as she wanted hers. I was lifting her tiny body off the bed as I rammed into her. I could tell she was getting close when she threw her head back and grunted straight into the overhead camera and it was a good thing because I could feel a rumbling deep within me. Our pace increased until we rutted like wild animals. It came to a sudden end with a thrust that lifted her, holding her in the air for almost a minute as I growled my orgasm to the surface. My hot cum sprayed into Kelsey’s cunt and womb--five strong rivers of sticky white semen--until I collapsed from fatigue. My initial spurt was a trigger for Kelsey whose orgasm caused her to shake violently around my cock until she once again collapsed onto my chest. I held her close as we both recovered.

She rolled off me as my cock “popped” out of her cunt. She laid back on the pillow, cunt leaking cum, relaxing when she said, “Play it back will you, Tom? I want to see us. I’ll bet that was as hot as any porno.” I aimed the remote at one of the screens and pressed “Play.” Almost instantly our images came up on the twin flat screens. She was right—it was hot, much hotter than most of the porn flicks I had seen, especially when she screamed right into the overhead camera. When the playback ended Kelsey leaned on her elbow and, looking at me, said, “Sorry, but I have to go. We’re off to California in the morning and I have to get up early. I’ll be back in two weeks so plan your revenge for after that, OK? Just give me a ring to confirm the date.” She kissed me—just a short one—dressed and left.

Chapter 2

I waited about a week and called Susan’s mother on her cell. She answered on the third ring, “Well, hello there, I was afraid you’d lost my number; what’s up, Stud?” If there’s anything I hate it’s stupid pet names or names that are simply insulting, and “stud” qualifies on both counts, but I kept my cool. “I had a ton of work at the end of the school year,” I began, “and then I had my summer job. I have a new boss and he’s a real asshole, but I’m going to have some time off next week.” We talked about the usual when and where and I agreed to call her the day before to finalize the arrangements. Then I called Kelsey. She was still in California but would be home two days before the big date. I could hardly wait.

I met Sharon in a strip mall parking lot. She jumped into my truck, laying a big wet kiss on me. I eagerly returned the kiss, opening my mouth for her and working my tongue against hers. My avid interest was all part of the plan. Sharon wanted a discreet location and I had convinced her that my house was the perfect spot—hidden from the road, quiet, and a long distance from any prying neighbors. As we drove to my house Sharon was all over my cock. She opened my belt, unbuttoned by shorts, and pulled it out, stroking it and licking it as we rolled down the highway. I had a nervous moment as we passed a cop directing traffic at an accident scene but, fortunately, he looked away at a car parking on the other side of the road just as we passed. Had he looked our way he would have seen Sharon’s head bobbing up and down over my cock—and she wanted to be discreet? What a horny bitch!

I turned up the dirt road, stopping at the front door. I got out and held the door for Sharon. She had her hand on my cock all the way into the house and through to the bedroom. It was just after two in the afternoon on a sunny warm Sunday so there was plenty of light in the room. I explained that I needed to leave the windows open to allow the breeze into and through the house; there was no air conditioning. I put on some mood music to hide any noise from the DVD recorders and led her to my bed, not that much leading was necessary. Sharon ripped off her clothes and dove onto my cock sucking it into her hot mouth. Before I could remove my shirt she had pushed me back onto the bed. I moved to the center so everything we did would be on camera. Sharon attacked my cock, rapidly moving her mouth up and down my shaft. I pulled her up, facing her directly in front of the headboard camera. There’d be no doubting who was doing all this fucking if push came to shove.

After our kiss she pushed me back down so she could stick my cock between her big soft breasts. She worked me for several minutes. I hadn’t done a thing to her but I didn’t need to—she was fucking hot from the minute I picked her up. All the same it was time to get down to the real action so…”Oh, Sharon, I need you to fuck me. Sit on my cock!” She reacted immediately, jumping up and positioning her pussy over my cock. She rubbed it over her slit, giving it all the natural lube it would need to penetrate her to the hilt. She rose up, moved the tip of my rock hard erection just below her dripping tunnel, then sank down slowly, savoring the sensations of being filled and stretched.

“Oh, damn, I wish my husband would do this to me, but he’s too busy with the store as if selling those fucking bras and girdles was more important than satisfying his wife. We haven’t fucked in almost a year. Oh, I’m so fucking horny. All I can think about is fucking, fucking, fucking.” All the time she was screaming this she was looking right into one of the cameras. This was too good to be true. She started to ride me—fast and furious. I had never had anyone ride me like this, not even Kelsey who was a world class fucker. I could feel her clit grinding into my abdomen so I figured she was close to cumming. I began to thrust into her, driving my thick cock deep into her cunt. Several times I felt myself bottom out against her cervix. Normally I would be careful about hurting my partner, but with Sharon I just didn’t give a damn. I went harder and harder, seeing her wince in her ecstasy. “Oh, I’m getting close,” I yelled.

“Don’t cum in me! I’m not on anything. I can’t risk getting pregnant.” Sharon jumped off and took my wet sloppy cock into her mouth. She was between my legs so she was facing right at the camera when my first load hit her tonsils. Cum dripped from the corners of her mouth onto her sweaty red tits. She scooped it up on her finger and licked her fingers clean. When I was done she mounted me again and managed to reach her orgasm. She bucked forcefully forward and back until it had passed through her body then she sank, exhausted, onto my chest. She had rested for about five minutes when Kelsey appeared at the door. Naked, she made her way to the bed, placing her hand on Sharon’s back and kissing her neck. Sharon jumped up in shock.

“What? What the hell’s going on here? Who’re you?”

“Oh, Sharon, let me introduce Kelsey Klein, you know…Principal Klein’s daughter. She’s here to get her ass sucked and licked…and you’re going to do it.”

“The hell I am. What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

“Well, Sharon, I’ll bet you will do it and gladly. And to prove it to you I’m just going to whisper two words in your ear—‘You Tube.’”

“What the fuck are you talking about?” I reached for the remote and turned on the TV’s and DVD players. Sharon sat there in disbelief as she watched her image appear on the screen. “Just imagine, Sharon…how long before “Northport’s Sharon Miller Fucks” goes viral. You can barely tell who I am but there’s no question who you are, is there? And there’s enough video to make several scenes. It would make you look like you did this on a regular basis, wouldn’t it?”

“This is blackmail!”

“Yup, and you should know all about that shouldn’t you. I would have gladly fucked you had you handled things a little differently, but you had to coerce me into fucking you in school where I work. You put me at risk with no concern for me whatsoever, and all to get yourself off. Well, now the shoe’s on the other foot, isn’t it?”

Sharon sat back, defeated. “You wouldn’t.”

“I wouldn’t want to, Sharon, but you’re going to have to be very cooperative…extremely cooperative, virtually my slave, in fact. You’ll come here to fuck me whenever I want. You’ll let me fuck your ass or your pussy or your mouth and you’ll service Kelsey here whenever she wants. If you don’t, this will go on line. And don’t think about trying to steal it either. It’s already stored in the ‘Cloud,’ somewhere on line where it’s totally safe.” Sharon’s head was down. She knew she was defeated. She looked at me as if to ask what she should do. I told her to lie down. Kelsey straddled her head, first positioning her cunt just over Sharon’s mouth. “Eat that pussy and do a good job of it or I’ll have to punish you.” Sharon began to lick and finger Kelsey’s cunt, tentatively at first but with more energy as she tasted Kelsey’s sweet pussy. “Stick your tongue into her,” I directed as I lifted Sharon’s legs, sliding my thick cock back into her love canal. The effect of my fucking became apparent immediately as Sharon dove into Kelsey, fingering her hard and then substituting her tongue for the fingers.

I wanted a change so I told the women, “Kelsey, get on your stomach and lift your butt. Sharon, get behind her and lick her ass.” Sharon looked at me as if I was crazy but I steeled my expression and she turned around to do her duty. I moved behind her, lubed her butt and my fingers, and drove them into her ass. “What’re you doing? No! No! Not my ass. I’ve never done it there. I don’t want to. I don’t want to.” I ignored her, pointing her back to her task of eating out Kelsey’s sweet ass as I continued to ream her ass in preparation of fucking it. I pulled my fingers out and replaced them with my cock, pushing firmly to get it in. “Oooooohhhhh, nnnnnooooooooo, please, please doooonnnnn’ttttt,” she begged. I ignored her pleas, telling her instead, “Stick your tongue into her ass. Fuck her ass with your tongue.” When she was slow to do it I gave her butt a couple of sharp smacks, leaving red hand and finger marks in the soft flesh.

Sharon stuck her tongue into Kelsey’s fine behind. “Farther,” I demanded as I pounded her ass with my hard thick cock, “Push it all the way in. Play with her clit and finger her pussy. I want her to cum and if you do a good job of it I’ll let you cum, too.” Sharon attacked Kelsey’s cunt with a vengeance, probably to put her humiliation to an end. She had two fingers into Kelsey while she rubbed her clit with her other hand. At the same time she tongue fucked Kelsey’s ass. Even Kelsey couldn’t withstand that kind of assault for long. Soon she started to shake and when she bucked I knew it had hit her hard. It continued for about thirty seconds—close to a record for her—and then she fell forward into a heap. “Good job, Sharon,” I told her as I leaned forward to kiss and nibble her ear, “Now it’s your turn.” I reached between her legs, shoving three fingers into her cunt—her dripping drenched cunt—while I rolled her clit with my other hand. Sharon moaned and groaned as her ecstasy grew. “Oh, fuck me, Tom. Fuck me hard. Harder! That’s it. Ooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.” As she collapsed from the strength of her orgasm I shot stream after stream into her bowel. When I pulled out of her ass I moved my deflating dick to her mouth, “Clean it, bitch. Use your tongue and your mouth.” I grabbed her by the hair, forcing her mouth to my cock. She cleaned me in only a few seconds once she started apparently deciding that was the lesser of evils.

Sharon and I dressed about twenty minutes later so I could take her home. “Let’s do this again next week, what do you say?” I asked the women. Surprisingly, Sharon was the first to answer, “Definitely, same time, OK?” Kelsey and I simply nodded. That’s the way the summer went. Kelsey came by once or twice and occasionally we actually did some date stuff, but mostly we’d just suck and fuck ourselves silly. Then on Sunday afternoon Sharon came by to explore her sexual boundaries, if she actually had any. As wild as Kelsey could be, Sharon was worse. Eventually, there was nothing she wouldn’t do—absolutely nothing!

Chapter 3

It was mid-August when I returned from work to find a white VW Jetta parked in front of the house. As I drove in I could see a tall slender brunette with a fantastic body emerge from the car. She seemed somehow familiar but I just couldn’t place her—until I was almost there. Oh, my God! It was Susan! All the baby fat that plagued her body while she was in junior high had disappeared over the summer. She ran into my arms giving me the most passionate kiss I’d had since she had left. When she broke the kiss she stepped back, spun around showing me her new look, “Like?”

“You bet,” I said enthusiastically. “Wow!” She spun around again before returning to my arms. “Oh, Tom, I missed you so much and I’m tired of masturbating. I need to fuck. I need to feel you inside me. Then I’ll explain the new me.” She led me into the house using the key I had given her last year. She stripped herself first and then insisted on undressing me. When we were both naked she rubbed against me savoring our first skin-on-skin contact in almost two months. I started for the shower but she shook her head “no.” “I’ve waited too long for this. I’m not waiting another minute.” We went straight to the bed.

I laid on the bed, pulling Susan to me. She stuck her tongue out at me so I opened my mouth to give her a big target—bulls eye!” Susan ground her lips into mine as our tongues danced between our mouths, our arms encircling each other. Eventually, Susan broke the kiss, giving me a sly smile. She pushed away and moved down my body until she found my hard cock. She kissed it tenderly just before swallowing it in a single gulp. Susan closed her eyes in rapture as she slid her mouth up and down my cock. “Cum in my mouth, Tom; I love the taste of you. Then, later, we’ll fuck like crazy and you can cum in my pussy.” She resumed her sucking and, licking her fingers, pushed two into my ass. Apparently, she’d been watching some more internet porn. She washed my cock with her tongue and when she teased my hole I couldn’t hold back. Susan smiled as she knew her prize was on its way. I fired rope after rope of hot cum into her throat until she pulled back so only the head was in her mouth. Then I sprayed all over her mouth, tongue, and tonsils. She pulled my cock several times, milking it of the last drops—licking them up eagerly. My breathing slowly returned to normal, Susan moved up to snuggle while I recovered.

My thoughts left Susan momentarily to my other two lovers—what to do about them. I wasn’t too worried about Kelsey, she’d be on her way back to school soon, but Susan’s mother was another thing. Now I’d have to blackmail her not to show up, at least not when Susan would be around. Hmmm, this would take some thought. Susan was gently kissing my neck, showing her interest in continuing our love-making. I rubbed her back from her fine trim butt up to her shoulders; in response she rubbed her breasts and nipples into me. I could definitely learn to love this. Susan moved her hand from my chest down to my cock. She began to stroke it slowly and gently as we kissed once again. Susan’s heat combined with her desire for me caused me to stiffen in record time. In only minutes I was again ready for sex. “Ride me,” I told her. Rarely had two simple words meant so much to the two of us. She broke the kiss and straddled my hips. Grabbing my cock she rubbed her slit up and down the shaft. In only a minute both were drenched in her sweet delicious fluids. She changed her hold on me, moving my cock into an upright position, perfect for penetrating her wet hot cunt. Slowly she slid down, her tight tunnel stretching—gripping my cock--until she was fully impaled on my organ. Susan sat perfectly still for several minutes, eyes closed. “Oh, Tom, it’s even better than I remember,” she whispered. “I love your cock in my pussy. It always makes me feel…full…whole…I don’t know…wonderful.”

She began to rock, nudging her clitoris into me at first, just enough to make her hot but not enough to make her cum. Susan wanted this to last as long as possible. She rocked on gradually picking up speed and intensity. Susan’s eyes glassed over. She was in a trance-like state of euphoria, her entire body rapt in the act of physical loving. Suddenly Susan stopped. Her eyes cleared with a look of determination. She spread her legs, increasing access to her clit. She pressed into my pubis, her large clit pressing firmly into my muscles. After several minutes of hard humping Susan screamed at the top of her lungs as her climax hit her hard. She was covered in sweat when she fell onto my chest, her breathing ragged and rapid.

We lay there together, our limbs intertwined, for many minutes. Finally, Susan rose to sit next to me, legs crossed, her hand rubbing my chest and stomach. “I guess you’d like to learn about the new me.”

“Yeah, you look incredible now. You look like you lost twenty pounds. You left here a kid and you’ve returned a woman, and a beautiful woman, at that. You’re a duckling that turned into a swan.” Susan went on to explain that her aunt owned a large ranch with more than ten thousand head of cattle and almost a thousand horses, almost all of which grazed on vast federal lands. Susan told me that she had to get up by 5:30 every morning and ride a horse until almost 6:00 in the evening. “The first few days my butt was really sore. I wasn’t used to riding at all, let alone nine or ten hours every day. I had no idea how strenuous riding can be. After two or three weeks I found my clothes no longer fit because of all the weight I’d lost and just feel all my new muscles.” Then rubbing her abdomen and ass, she continued, “Ha ha, I‘ll bet I can fuck all day now without getting tired.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised, but what about the car? Where’d that come from?”

“It’s a birthday present from my parents. I’m sixteen now,” and winking to me, she continued, “and one hundred percent legal. I’m free to fuck now! Yay!!” I had to make a decision and I felt that honesty with Susan would be best and this way I could control the spin. “What’s your mother like, Susan?

“Why do you ask that, Tom? Do you know her?”

“Well, remember I told you she came to school to ask me about giving you birth control?”

“Yeah, I’m surprised she didn’t try to fuck you. She is such a hypocrite—so active in our church and a total slut the rest of the time. Lots of people know she had an affair with our pastor.” I just stared at Susan, not answering her comments until she figured it all out on her own. “No! Tell me she didn’t. She didn’t try to fuck you, did she?”

“Susan, she didn’t just try, she blackmailed me into it, telling me she’d cry ‘rape’ if I didn’t. She fucked me right in the prep room—our prep room.

‘Oh, Tom, that’s terrible. I’m so sorry.”

“I’m not done. I determined right then I’d get revenge. You know us Sicilians. I swore revenge and I got it—right here in this room, right here on this bed.” Rather than tell her I showed her, turning on the cameras and TV’s. She was shocked at first but slowly a smile came to her face. “Oh, Tom, I love it—hoist with her own petard!
That’s hilarious. I assume you have her on tape or DVD. I’d love to see it.”

“Yes, I do have her on DVD, and more than once. I blackmailed her to do all kinds of perverse acts. If she didn’t I’d post her video on YouTube. Then when she did all these things I taped her again and again.”

“Can you tell me? What did you make her do?”

“Well, to start with I fucked her ass, but not the way we did it. With her I did it the hard way, mostly while she was sucking Kelsey Klein’s asshole. Remember I told you about Kelsey, your former Principal’s daughter? Well, after that I made her clean my dirty cock with her mouth. And I made her clean my asshole while Kelsey fucked her with a strap-on. I have all that recorded. Then…there was the dog.

“Dog? You made her fuck a dog? But you don’t have a dog.”

“I came home from work on a Saturday and found this stray lying in the shade of the house. I gave him some water and cooked up a couple of ham steaks for him. After that he stuck around. I gave him a bath and when I did I saw a phone number on his collar. I called the owner but only after I used him. I brought him in after your mother had started to eat Kelsey’s pussy and ass. I had him lick her cunt and fuck her. She screamed when he knotted her, but afterward when his cum was running out of her cunt and down her leg I told her she could go home but she chose to stay, knowing that she’d have to fuck the animal again and she did—three more times! What surprised me was that she actually enjoyed all the degradation I handed out. I don’t know if I want to show you all of it. It’s really nasty. I wanted you to know all this in case your mother showed up here sometime. I’m going to tell her it’s over with us. There never was any emotional connection like there is with us, I was just getting even. I just hope you can understand. I’d hate to lose you because of this.”

I turned away. My prayers were answered when Susan stroked my cheek with her hand, turned my face back to her, and kissed me gently. I pulled her close as we hugged each other for a long time. We held each other, savoring the moment as much as the physical sensations. Eventually, I asked her, “What time do you have to be home? I don’t want you getting into trouble your first night with me.”

Susan laughed, “I don’t have to be home at all. I’m spending the night. I brought my tooth brush and a comb—that’s all. I didn’t think I’d need anything else. My parents are going to an industry function in the city and they’re staying overnight in a hotel. They’ve done this dozens of times and—most importantly—they’ve never called to check on me. Even if they do all they’ll get is that screechy noise you get when the phone’s off the hook. Besides, I’m hoping you can get it up one more time—up my ass, that is.”

“I may just take you up on that, but right now I need something to eat.” When she gave me a wry smile I continued, “Food! Food! Remember I worked all day while you were looking beautiful.” We decided on Chinese—Shrimp with Lobster Sauce, General Tso’s Chicken and some Pork Fried Rice. I called the order in, asking for delivery. About forty minutes later the guy knocked on the door. I slipped on some running shorts and answered the door. I had just finished paying him when I saw his eyes jump out of his head—Susan had walked up behind me, still naked, cum oozing from her pussy. I closed the door before he got any ideas and we ate in the living room with our food on the coffee table, but not until Susan made me remove my shorts so we were both naked. Dinner took a long time—between bites Susan stroked and kissed my cock or sucked my nipples. I tried to concentrate on the food but found myself returning the gestures—licking her areolas, sucking her nipples and fingering her pussy then licking them or offering them to her. By the time we had finished we could barely wait to resume our sexual adventure.

We were all over each other before we reached the bed. Susan turned to me. “You know where I want it.” I laid her on the bed, a pillow under her hips, as I brought a tube of KY from the night table. Moving her legs onto my shoulders, I rubbed it into her ass with my finger, listening to her moan from the pleasure I was giving her. I eased a second digit into her, working even more lube into her anus. I slathered some over my cock and, looking straight into Susan’s eyes I pushed my cock, now rock hard from the exciting scenario, into her slippery ass. We could hear a “pop” when the head passed her sphincter. I leaned forward to kiss her and in the process bent her body to maximize the depth of my penetration. I was in her—every millimeter of my cock immersed in her ass. We kissed passionately and when we broke I saw Susan mouth the words, “I love you.” I didn’t mouth it. I came out and told her, “I love you.” It was the first time I had ever said that to a woman and I meant it. I leaned forward again to share another long passionate and loving kiss. All this time I was pumping her ass and I could feel myself nearing orgasm. One hand found its way to Susan’s clit to stroke it as I’d stroke my cock; the other found a nipple which I rolled and pinched. Our orgasms hit at the same instant. We moved into each other violently as I rammed my cock home—each thrust emitting what seemed a gallon of cum into her bowel. Susan, for her part, thrashed uncontrollably, anchored only by my cock in her ass. In time it passed and we were both exhausted and sweaty. Susan’s hair hung in damp ribbons from her face. I slowly pulled my cock from her and we fell asleep on the wet dirty sheets, too tired to do anything else.

Chapter 4

I woke the following morning to find Susan’s head on my chest. “Good morning,” she said as she gently kissed my stubbled cheek. Then she continued hesitantly, “Last night…did I…did I hear you say…?”

“Yes… I did,” I interrupted, “I said ‘I love you’ and I meant every word. I never thought I’d fall for anyone like I’ve fallen for you. Nobody has ever made me feel the way you do, but we still have to be careful, at least until you’re out of high school, or 18. Then we can do anything we want.”

“I don’t know if I can wait that long,” she said barely holding back tears, “but I want you to know that I love you, too. I love you so much it hurts.” I held her, our naked bodies warming each other in the cool August morning, as we reassured each other of our love. “Don’t worry,” I whispered in her ear, “the time will go faster than you believe. We’ll see each other every day; we’ll love each other every day and when we can we’ll spend the night together.”

I checked the time—7:15. I had to be at work by nine so there was still time. “Want to celebrate?”

“You know it,” Susan enthusiastically replied as she jumped off me. She grabbed the KY and covered my cock with it. Then she straddled me and slowly lowered herself onto my cock. Gradually, my cock entered her ass. She took my hands, leading them to her breasts. “Roll them. Pinch them. Hurt me, Tom.” I had never seen this side of Susan but it was intriguing. Had she inherited this from her mother? I did as she asked, pinching her nipples gently. She had bottomed out on my cock and had started rocking forward and back, rubbing her clit as she did. Things went slowly at first, until Susan threw her head back, thrust her breasts forward, and bent my cock in two. It was time—I squeezed those hard nipples, using my fingernails to inflict just a little pain. I was taking care of Susan and, wow, was she taking care of me. Her sphincter gripped my cock like a vise and her motions forced that tight muscle up and down my cock. I’m not Superman; there’s a limit to what I can take and I was almost at that limit. “Ohhhhhh, Susan, I’m cumming,” was all I could handle as I fired stream after stream of cum into her. As my third stream jetted into her I felt her anus contract, a sure sign that she was there. I was right--a second later her body was wracked by a series of violent convulsions as a powerful orgasm coursed through her. She fell exhausted onto my chest. “Is this what I have to look forward to?” I asked her as I pulled her close, rubbing her back.

“I hope so,” she panted in reply.

‘Me, too,” I whispered in her ear before kissing her gently—tenderly—lovingly. I picked up my phone and called in sick for the day. I needed to be with Susan—forever. When I finished that call I made another, Susan still lying sweating and drained on my chest. “Hello, Sharon. I wanted to call you and tell you that it’s over between us. I’ve met someone and we’re getting serious. I won’t cheat on her—ever. So don’t come by any more. If you do, well, you know the consequences. Good bye.” I hung up the phone and returned to my love. We finally got up around 9:30 and I led her to the shower. We were covered in dried semen, pussy juice, and the remnants from our anal excursions. We showered together, cleaning each other lovingly. I took out my razor—I usually shave in the shower—removing my stubble while Susan watched. When I was done Susan took the aerosol and coated her abdomen with the silky foam then she pointed me to it. I cleaned off the excess and carefully drew the razor across her most delicate skin. I was especially careful around her labia and when I was done I kissed the entire area. We dried each other in my most luxurious towels. I poured some lotion into my hands, and reaching around her from behind, rubbed them together to warm the liquid before gently applying it to her newly shaven area. She ground her butt into my cock getting a reaction immediately.

Unfortunately, we were both starving so any games would have to wait. In the kitchen I whipped up some scrambled eggs and bacon along with coffee and English muffins. We ate in silence. I wasn’t sure if it was just that we were both starving or if we were both contemplating the new nature of our relationship. I’d never been committed to anyone in the past so this was new territory for me. She surprised me about halfway through the meal. She jumped up, motioning me to join her. When I rose she pulled my shorts down and off. Hers soon followed. She turned my chair sideways to the table, pushing me into it. Susan straddled my legs and sat facing me, my cock sliding easily into her wet tight canal. When I was firmly in her she smiled, “Now, this is how a great breakfast should be. Promise me we can eat like this a lot when we’re together.” I grinned and nodded, noticing her avoidance of the “M” word. I guess she was waiting for a formal proposal. Susan fed me the rest of my breakfast and I fed her. The farther breakfast progressed the more Susan squirmed around my cock. She reached for one forkful of eggs but was unable to secure it so actively was she moving on me. I pushed the fork away, gripping her hips. I drove my cock up into her hard and fast. Susan’s head fell back and she would have fallen had I not caught her. I rose from the chair with her balanced on my cock. She wrapped her legs around my waist, her arms tightly around my neck as I pounded her cunt over and over, faster and faster, harder and harder. “Uuuunnnngggghhhhhh! Aaaaahhhhhhh!” was all I could say as I rammed into her, my hot white cum soaking her pussy and womb. Susan followed shortly behind me, her body quivering uncontrollably as she pulled herself close to me. Finally, we rested leaning against the wall, our chests heaving with our labored breathing, sweat dripping onto the floor. Eventually, Susan spoke, “I’ll never tire of that—never!” I had to agree.

We decided to go to the beach. Long Island is a big place with more than three million people, many more if you counted those parts of the island within the boundaries of New York City so it was easy to find a state or county park. I decided on one I knew of on Fire Island in Quogue, about twenty-five miles away. I picked it because, although public, it was always deserted. The chances that we’d be recognized there were less than one in a million. We talked almost non-stop while I drove, stopping once at a deli for some sodas and subs. Back in the truck we headed east along Sunrise Highway. “Susan, I don’t want you to think I’m complaining, because I’m not. I love fucking you. I’ll never tire of it, but we need to do other things—develop other mutual interests.”

“I know that. I’m just making up for lost time. How many times would we have fucked if I’d been here all summer?”

“I don’t know. Fifty? Seventy? A hundred?”

“See what I mean? We still have at least forty five before we’re caught up.” I couldn’t argue with such logic so I didn’t. I put my arm around her shoulder and held her close.

The beach was typically deserted when we got there. The only time I ever saw anyone there was on a weekend so I wasn’t surprised. We unloaded our stuff and found a place to sit. Susan wanted to go in the water so I went with her. It occurred to me that I’d never seen her swim so I didn’t know if she could handle herself in the rough water. The Atlantic is always cold on Long Island beaches—never more than 65 degrees and it’s always rough with breakers of four feet or more. Susan showed she knew what to do so I was able to relax around her right up until she stuck her hand up the leg of my suit. She may have wanted to play but that cold water would stop her every time. I laughed at her attempts, but nothing would work in the ocean. I signaled her—time to get out.

We walked back to our chairs, her hand still on my cock, but now she was getting the reaction she wanted. Smiling, she sat me down while she knelt in the sand and took my salty cock into her warm mouth. “Is this one of those mutual interests we’re going to develop?” I kidded her. She tried to respond but it is tough with a mouthful of hard thick cock. She licked and sucked, bobbing actively until she felt me tremble then she backed off and stroked me until I shot several strong ropes of tasty cum into her mouth. She showed me the white goo on her tongue—more internet porn—before she swallowed. I would have laughed at her performance but what I really wanted to do was kiss her, which I did, tasting my own semen on her tongue. We left the beach around 4:30, leaving plenty of time for the trip home, a shower at my place, and some burgers from Wendy’s before Susan had to return home. There were tears in her eyes as she started her car for the drive to the home she no longer loved.

Chapter 5

The next two weeks passed quickly. Susan was waiting for me every evening when I returned from work. We spoke at length about the upcoming school year. Susan would get out of school an hour before me, around 2:30. We agreed that she would come to our home and start her homework. There would be a break when I arrived for sex, around 3:30, then back to work for both of us—homework for her and lesson planning or paper grading for me. Dinner followed around six and home before her parents arrived around 7:30.

Susan was a good student, but sometimes she had difficulty in math and science, my two specialties so she left that work for when I was there to help. We had lots of plans and one of them was for Susan to graduate from college but there was plenty to do first.

I started work a few days before students were to report. The Friday before Labor Day was spent learning new instructional techniques and curricular changes. I was frazzled by the time I went home in mid-afternoon. I was surprised to see Susan’s car there. I thought she had other plans for the day, at least that’s what she told me. I walked into my rental and stopped short, just inside the door. Susan was there in running shorts and nothing else, some scarf, I think, tied around her hair, kneeling and washing my floor. As I looked around I could see that she had cleaned the entire house. “Uhhh,” I interrupted her work.

“Oh…Tom, I wasn’t expecting you so soon. I wanted to surprise you.”

“Well,” I continued, “mission accomplished. I thought you had plans.”

“I did, silly—to clean your house. It’s really nice here, but it desperately needs a woman’s touch—my touch.” I wasn’t about to argue with anyone who would do so much work on my behalf, especially when she was my lover. Time to show my appreciation, I thought. I pulled Susan to her feet, removed the scarf from her head and used it to wipe her face before leaning close for a warm tender kiss. Susan responded by throwing her arms around my neck and rubbing her sweaty breasts into my shirt, leaving small wet circles on my chest. “Shower?” I asked her. She nodded as she began to strip her dirty shorts and panties from her body. When all her clothes were on the floor she started in on mine then she led me to the tub. I could see why she was so dirty—the bathroom shone like it was brand new. We stepped into the shower. It was a tight fit which was always OK with me. I loved the feel of Susan’s skin on mine. Susan grabbed the soap but before she could use it she looked into my eyes. When I pulled her into another long hot kiss—our tongues dueling—she dropped the bar in favor of my cock which was rapidly increasing in length and width. She was just about to kneel before me to suck my cock but I beat her to it. I lifted her leg onto the tub wall, exposing her delicate pussy to my lips and tongue. I spread her labia exposing her pink canal, so moist and delicious. I flicked my tongue into her tightness. I could feel her muscles constricting around it. Pushing all the way into her enabled me to taste and enjoy her sexual secretions; I loved the taste of her. I removed my tongue so I could suck her hard swollen clitoris into my mouth. I sucked hard, forcing her clit between my teeth. Hearing Susan moan encouraged me. I sucked harder, nibbling and licking until I could feel her shudder. Looking up I could see her holding on to the shower door and soap tray for support. Her legs sagged as her climax hit. I kept on sucking, licking, and nibbling to prolong her ecstasy. Finally, she slid down, sitting right in front of me as the shower bathed us in hot soothing water. “If I knew I’d get this kind of treatment I would have cleaned your house weeks ago,” Susan joked. “Yeah, well,” I replied, but I couldn’t think of anything smart or cute to say so I just did what came natural—I kissed her, a hot, deep kiss, made all the wetter by the water dripping all over us.
I turned the water off—we were clean enough for what I had in mind.

I stepped from the tub, pulling Susan behind me. She staggered behind me not yet recovered from her mind blowing orgasm. I dried her carefully before hurriedly wiping myself fairly dry. I leaned down, picked Susan up in my arms, and carried her to our bed. I laid her gently on the blanket, admiring the job she had done in this room, before lying carefully alongside her sleek sexy body. I took a breast in each hand, rubbing and massaging each tenderly. Susan stopped me saying, “Turn on the cameras Tom. Let’s make a movie.” I did as she asked before returning to my most pleasurable task. I suckled a nipple, making it hard between my lips and teeth. The other I rolled between my fingers before lowering my hand to her cunt. Despite her recent orgasm Susan was once again dripping her delectable pussy juice. I slid a finger into her tight hole and watched her react as I rubbed her G-spot. Susan was shaking when she gave me that sly smile I’d seen so many times before. Now it was my turn. Susan flipped around into a “69” so she could attack my granite cock with her soft hot mouth. She inhaled me into her throat in a single try, washing my cock with her active tongue. She sucked up and down my cock as I continued pumping her cunt with my finger. We were both getting hot—oh, so hot for each other—until we could take no more.

Susan virtually leaped from the bed, turned around with a look of total lust on her face and dropped onto my cock, forcing me deep into her pussy. I think it was the fastest entry into that totally tight tunnel. I was afraid she had hurt herself, but I was wrong. Susan initiated rapid and feverish rocking that jammed her hard clit into me while it bent my cock in what seemed to be three directions at once. Susan bent down, grabbing my neck to protect herself from falling as she came—so hard she squirted all over my abdomen—a first for us. Seconds later I forced my hips up as my first thick rope of semen exploded from my cock. I held my hips up, suspending Susan above me, as I shot load after load into her womb. We both collapsed—exhausted--but with huge smiles on our faces. I turned off the cameras and reran the video. It was hot--fucking hot! Watching Susan gyrate around my cock made me hard all over again. Too bad I was so tired I could hardly move.

As we lay there Susan gave me the best news I’d heard all week—her parents were taking a short vacation, returning on Labor Day. We’d have three days together; we made our plans immediately—days at the beach, nights making love. When the weekend ended we reluctantly said our good-byes, kissing and holding each other repeatedly until I insisted Susan go home. We would, after all, see each other again tomorrow afternoon.

Our schedule worked perfectly all throughout September and October. We spent four to five hours together daily, making love every afternoon as Susan became more and more daring in the sexual arena. One Friday afternoon Susan drove to the house to see another car waiting there—a red Mustang convertible. When she exited her car she walked to the other. “Hi, I’ll bet you’re Kelsey. I’m Susan Miller. I understand you know my mother, Sharon. C’mon in.” She opened the door for the startled older woman. Susan had the advantage—she knew about Kelsey but Kelsey knew nothing about her. By the time I arrived almost an hour later they had resolved that issue completely. I walked in to find the two sitting together talking like old friends.

“I think I owe you an apology, Kelsey,” I started. “I should have called you to tell you about Susan. We’re a couple now so I am not fucking anyone else. Sorry.”

“I don’t think that’s necessary, Tom,” Susan interrupted. “Kelsey and I were just talking about your movies with my mother. I thought Kelsey was totally hot and I’d like a shot with her myself. In fact, we’d just about agreed to that before you came in, right Kelsey?”

“Yeah, and I must say Tom you have excellent taste. I could go for Susan, too. Of course, you’re welcome to join us, right, Susan?”

“Right, Kelsey!” I was dumbfounded, especially by my sixteen-year old lover who only a few weeks ago was a naïve kid. Kelsey and Susan rose from the couch with their eyes on their target—me! It seemed like an instant later that my clothes were on the floor, followed seconds later by theirs. Arm in arm they led me to the bedroom. Susan directed (!) Kelsey to lie down on her stomach with her butt in the air. She placed her face in line with Kelsey’s ass. Was she actually going to tongue Kelsey there? The love of my life was becoming a wanton slut. She finished the triangle by pointing me at her ass and mouthing “K-Y” to me. I lubed her butt and when I looked up I saw she had started in on Kelsey who was writhing around the bed in rapture. I saw Susan push her tongue deep into Kelsey’s ass as she feverishly fingered her cunt just about the same time I pushed my hard thick throbbing cock past Susan’s sphincter. The three of us kept at it for another five minutes until Kelsey came hard. When she fell to the bed I concentrated on Susan, pushing two digits into her hot tight hole while attacking her clit with my other hand. When Susan came she lifted herself off the bed, suspended only by her hands and my still hard cock. That was more than I could stand. I blew river after river of hot cum up her ass, bathing her bowel in sticky white baby juice. We fell together onto the bed exhausted but laughing. Susan leaned forward to kiss Kelsey, giving her the opportunity to taste her own ass. “That was smoking hot,” I said, “too bad the cameras weren’t on.” They looked at each other and broke out laughing. “We…ha ha…did it before you came in. We got the whole thing,” Susan informed me. She reached for the remote, pushing playback so we could see the whole thing. I was right; it was smoking hot.

We had dinner together then Susan left. Kelsey was right behind her but before she left she turned to me and kissed my cheek. “So long, Tattaglia, it was fun while it lasted. You’re lucky. She’s really great even if she is only 16. I wish you luck, especially if my asshole father finds out. Ciao!” She got into her car and drove away, probably for the last time.

Things went back to normal for the next three weeks—until just before Thanksgiving. Once again I drove home anticipating fucking Susan silly. It had been a hard day with the kids really antsy looking forward the long holiday weekend. I almost stopped short halfway up the dirt road. Susan’s car was there waiting for me, but there was one other—her mother’s. This was going to be interesting—really, really interesting.

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