A Family Cruise 3 (Buster)
It’s recommended that you read, “A Family Cruise 1, and 2” before you read this segment. I had complaints that the first two offerings were too long, so I’m trimming each down considerably. I like them long, but then again it is you who must wade through them.

The day had arrived when the entire group was to head down to the animal area, where the ponies and kennels were.

Everyone was excited. Cynthia wasn’t sure she wanted to participate, she was an eager voyeur, excited to see the horse, dog and goat cocks. She had never had the opportunity or the interest in any cock other than human but hearing the other guests talk of dog fucking, and then of course Barbara and Eve’s time with buster had her cunt dripping wet.

When they arrived the girls ran to the horses. Darlene asked the boy in charge if she could see a pony cock. He opened the stall door and led her into a clean polished stall, where a black and white pony stood. The boy reached under the animal and started stroking his cock sheath, “Just rub here and his cock will come out. Do you want him to fuck you?”

“I don’t think so,” she giggled, “I just want to touch it.”

“Just rub and it’ll come out.” If nobody here wants to be fucked by it you can jack him off or suck it, whatever you want. But if somebody wants to fuck, then it wouldn’t be fair to waste all that cum.

He waited, and Sam came over and looked and opted out, saying she was interested, but not today, giving Darlene the green light to proceed.

The boy turned on the lights under the pony and she got on her knees and started rubbing the sheath. “Wanna help?” she asked Dawn. “There’s room enough for both of us.”

Dawn entered the stall and got down next to her sister, both of them started rubbing pulling as the cock slowly emerged. “God look at that,” Dawn cried. “It’s bigger than yours uncle Jerry. It’s the same color as the horse, black and white. I love it.”

Darlene reached in and put as much of the tip as she could handle into her mouth. “God this is sexy. It would never fit in my cunt. How in the world could a woman get fucked by this?”

“It’s small compared to Prince William,” the boy said. “Prince William is the full size stallion, in the next stall. Do you want to suck on something really big,” he said to Cynthia.

“Let me see,” she said as she watched her little girls suck and stroke the ponies huge cock.

The boy led her to the next stall where an enormous black stallion stood.

“God he’s big,” she said, a little frightened.

“He’s gentle,” the boy said. “He loves to have his cock played with.”

Cynthia and Sam both entered the stall and got on her knees under the belly of the horse. In anticipation of what was about to happen the horses cock started to emerge from its sheath, a gigantic black and pink cock kept creeping from his belly and Cynthia began stroking it and kissing it.

“Isn’t it magnificent. God I’m glad I’m a woman, why can’t a man enjoy something like this? Adam get in here and look at this beautiful cock.”

Adam and Jerry both entered the stall and knelt next to the naked women who were caressing and kissing the enormous cock that was getting harder with each touch.

“Just jack him off while you put your mouth over the end. If you like the taste of cum, you’ll love this he will drown you.”

Sam put her mouth over the tip, while they both started jacking him off. It wasn’t long before the horse began stomping his hind legs and making noises deep in his throat, he hind legs then gave a bit of a squat and cum shot from his cock, catching Sam by surprise, she lifted it up and caught Jerry and Adam in the mouth and face, then directed it to Cynthia. By the time the horse had finished they were all drenched in cum. Cynthia put the cock’s tip into her mouth and caught the last few drops and ran her face up and down the length of the cock sighing and kissing it.

“God that was hot. I didn’t know so much cum existed. We should bottle some of this and take it home,” she said with a giggle. “Well what do ya think guys? Was that hot or was that hot?”

“Got to admit,” Adam said. “That got my cock hard.”

“Me too,” Jerry said, wiping cum from his face and into his mouth.

Sam turned and started licking cum from Cynthia’s tits. “Tastes like Jerry’s,” she said. “Are you sure you’re not part horse.”

“It isn’t as thick as a man’s,” Cynthia said, wiping it from her face and into mouth. But tastes pretty much the same. How are you girls doing?”

Just then Dawn and Darlene stepped to the stall door covered with cum.

“I think we need a shower,” Dawn said laughing. “We got drenched.”

“Did you eat any?” Sam asked.

“Almost choked to death.”

“There’s a shower at the end of the hall, you can clean up there and I’ll get Buster for you.”

After they showered they headed back to the kennel area. The kennel keeper had buster in the padded room, he had his feet in soft socks and was standing waiting with his tail moving in anticipation.

“Who’s first?”

“It’s got to be me,” Sam said. “Jerry I want you to help me get him ready.”


“Yes you,” she said pulling him into the room.

“Who’s going to get him ready?” the kennel master asked.

“We are,” Sam said, kneeling next to the dog. “Help me Jerry.”

Jerry reached under the dog and grabbed his cock. Bust knowing what was expected of him laid down and rolled over onto his back. Sam and Jerry massaged his cock and it came out of it’s sheath.

“Suck it Jerry, suck this dog cock like you saw your daughter doing so many years ago.”

“Me, suck it?”

“Yes you,” she said pointing it to Jerry’s face. “Suck it like you mean it.”

Jerry lowered his head and took the dog cock into his mouth, and sucked.

“What’s it like?” Sam asked. “Is it as good as Brad’s”

“Different,” Jerry said raising his head and pointing it toward Sam. “You try it.”

“Sam lowered her face onto the cock and rubbed it over her lips, nose and eyes before devouring it.
“Oh, nice,” she said. “It’s ready and so am I.” She turned and presented her wet cunt to the dog who immediately stood and mounted her. “Help him hit the hole,” she directed Jerry. “Put that cock in me NOW.”

Jerry, without an prompting put the cock in his mouth and then put it to the opening of his wife’s fuck hole. “Fuck buster, Fuck.” He ordered.

Buster didn’t need any further encouragement and started pounding Sam’s cunt with rapid movements that nearly knocked her off of her knees. “Oh fuck,” she screamed as the knot entered her. “Oh shit this is wonderful. I thought you had a big cock, but this fucking dog is great.” She said panting and shaking with orgasm after orgasm.

Buster let out a yelp, and shot his enormous load into her cunt, sending her though another orgasm. After he finished he turned and were ass to ass while the knot stayed in her stretched cunt. “Okay buster, you’re going to fuck my husband in the ass as soon as you recover. “How long before he recovers,” she asked.
“He is quick, maybe ten, fifteen minutes.”

“In my ass,” Jerry said watching his wife’s stretched cunt. “I don’t think I can take that.”

“He won’t put his knot in your ass if you tighten you sphincter.” The keepyu said.

“Well I’ve never had anything but shit in my asshole. I don’t know if I can do it.”

“Get in here Adam,” Sam directed. “Fuck my husband in the ass and get him ready for a pounding. Do you have any lubricant?” she asked the keeper.

He turned and opened a small leather case and pulled a bottle out.

“Get on your knees,” she directed.

Jerry complied and she squirted the lube into his ass, inserted her finger and pushed it around. Then she went down and ran her tongue around the brown hole inserting her tongue, then one finger, then two, and finally three. Come in here people, give this virgin asshole a lick and a kiss and a tongue fuck before he gets fucked raw.

The all entered the glass room and sucked, licked and kissed and stuck their tongue up his asshole and laughing all the way through it.

“Okay Dave fuck this asshole, get him ready for Buster.

“Why are you doing this?” Jerry said looking back over his shoulder.

“Why do you think? This is your reward for killing that pore animal that was fucking your daughter, and licking my cunt.”

“Take it easy Adam,” Jerry said looking back. “That hole is a virgin.”

Sam took Adam’s cock in her hand, put some lube on it and directed to the waiting ass hole. Okay, young man fuck this old man’s ass while I get that dog ready.

Adam pushed his cock in slowly. “Are you okay?” he asked.

“Yes, it’s okay, it feels like I need to take a shit.”

David pushed the rest of the way in and started to fuck. It didn’t take long before Jerry was starting the feel the pleasure of a cock up his ass. “Oh shit this is great,” he moaned. “God I didn’t know. No wonder you women love this.” It didn’t take long before Jerry and Adam came. Adam into Jerry’s ass and Jerry spewed his cum all over the floor.

Adam pulled out and Sam directed the dog to Jerry’s ass. The dog licked his cum filled asshole and mounted him. Sam directed his cock into his ass and stood back and watched as the dog fucked the living daylights out of Jerry. To Jerry’s astonishment he came two times with the dog cock up his ass. When it was over Jerry fell to the floor and Buster went to the corner to lick his cock.

During that afternoon, each of the Adam, and boys sucked the dog’s cock, and each of the women got fucked. Poor dog.

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sam horse cum in ass

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Great series. Keep it up.

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I liked the story but not the parts with the gay bestiality. I wish the "gay" tag would be added when stuff like dog-fucks-male are involved in the story.

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Don't really care for the guy guy stuff not gay no offense to any body and don't change the way you write for anybody including me wen I see the guy guy stuff my johnson gets soft skip to another line and its hard all over again

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You write this way you want to. I don't think that the other stories were to long. I enjoyed them.

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