Who says there is no way to make your man watch a movie
Just what I wasn’t looking forward to…I had gotten railroaded into going to watch the latest twilight movie with my wife Christine and her best friend Ally. Due to the fact that they had gone to see the Expendables with me a while back, I had reluctantly agreed that I would watch the latest edition of the Twilight Saga with them. If nothing else, I at least knew that I would finally get a chance to voice my latest Edward jokes and tease them about sparkling vampires. It wasn’t all bad at least. The fact was that my wife and I usually got along pretty good, except for the fact that she had kind of let our sex life slide over the past few months; she just never seemed to be in the mood as much as she used to be; when sex is on the table, there seems to be a lot of tension lately. Her new friendship with Ally didn’t really help either. My wife is very attractive for age; at 37 she still has the ability to get me to rise to the occasion with the slightest of effort. But Alley was only 25, and she had the body of a supermodel. It was weird, because my wife never really brought home hot friends in the past, but this little beauty was gorgeous. She was about 5’4, and couldn’t have weighed more than 110 pounds, but she had great breasts, and always wore the kinds of shirts that showed them off.
It was time for the movie, and my wife and I both dressed fairly nice since we were going to go to a nice restaurant for dinner afterwards. We drove across town, and I couldn’t help but stare as Ally rushed out to the car in her black flared mini-skirt and white tank top. The thin fabric clung to her braless breasts perfectly, and even in the shadows of the night, I could easily make out the shape of her pert nipples.

“Stop gawking,” my wife sneered with a grin as she punched me lovingly in the arm.

I feigned like I wasn’t, but the fact was that we both knew that I was. We had talked about how sexy Ally was, and my wife had even said that she couldn’t blame me for thinking she was sexy. Christine had never talked like that about a woman before, so that just made me even more interested. Ally jumped in the front seat next to my wife, pushing her tight up against me in the front of the car. I didn’t mind, the closeness of two women is always welcome in my book.

We finally made it to the movie and was lucky enough to secure the back seats. The very back row of the theater actually just consisted of three seats secluded in the corner. I always preferred the that section to the others because it reminded me of the good old days when Christine and I would make out and feel each other up instead of watching the movie. I can’t tell you how many times those giant tits of hers kept me from knowing what the movie was about…but believe me…I wasn’t complaining. We settled in our seats, and Christine decided that she would sit on one side of me, and Ally could sit on the other so that I could feel like I had two dates for the movie. We finally got situated and we were glad we had lucked out with this spot because the theater packed up quick, and none of us enjoyed sitting by strangers in the dark for two hours.
Once the movie began, I couldn’t really get into the story. I just wasn’t a fan of the twilight series, so instead I found myself glancing over at Ally’s sexy legs from time to time. My eyes would then drift up to her breasts, and desperately try not to get caught as I imagined sucking her nipples into my mouth. At one point, I was sure I hadn’t managed to look away fast enough, because Ally grinned at me and then nudged me in the ribs; I quickly returned my eyes to the screen. The first 30 minutes of the movie were lost to me as I fantasized about what I would love to do to my wife’s best friend, and I had started to feel my cock hardening in my pants. I tried to adjust, but really needed to use my hand to get truly comfortable…but I was just too scared Ally would realize what was happening…or even worse…Christine would. I sat there suffering with my still hardening cock bent uncomfortably in my slacks.

“Shit”, Christine mumbled, “I knew I should have peed before sitting down. You guys tell me what I miss, I’ll be right back.” With that Christine ran out of the theater to go to the restroom.

“Want me to adjust that for you?” I heard whispered in my other ear. Ally was leaning really close to my face and was grinning slightly.

“What do you mean?” I whispered back.

Without warning, Ally reached over and grabbed a hold of my cock, and began adjusting it through my jeans. She moved it to where it was able to finish stretching out against my belly.

“What are you doing Ally?” I asked shocked by the amazing feel of her hand through my pants.

“I figured I gave you that hard on, it was my job to make it comfortable.” She said, giving me the naughtiest little grin that her sweet innocent face could muster. Her hand had remained on my dick though, now squeezing and massaging at it through my slacks. I was as hard as a rock.

“Ally…mmmm…we can’t do this…oh shit…” I tried to resist, but she was not making it easy on me. “Christine will castrate me.”

“Don’t worry about Christine. Do you like how this feels?” she asked, continuing to rub her hand up and down my cock.

“Shit…mmmmm….of course I do…but …oh fuck…you really shouldn’t.” I tried to show restraint. My eyes kept staring at hers, finding it hard to look away as she methodically pumped away at my cock.
I noticed my wife appear back in the door way, and Ally’s hand quickly moved from my cock and back into her lap. Christine sat down next to me, and I told her that all she missed was some talking. The fact was I had no idea what she had missed. I couldn’t stop the lustful thoughts flooding through my head as I glanced back over at Ally. She was staring at me, and then gently licked her lips. I looked back at my wife who was completely engrossed in the film.

“I hate Twilight,” Ally whispered in my ear. “I only came here to sit next to you.”

I wanted to rip her clothes off and fuck her right there in front of my wife, but I knew that was not an option. My cock was still hard, and I knew I had better do something to justify it in case my wife decided to put her hand in my lap…which is something she always did when we watched movies. I slid my hand over into her lap, and began sliding my fingers up beneath her skirt. But Christine placed her hand on mine and put it back over on my leg.

“You are not making me miss my movie.” She quietly snapped.

Before I could get upset about it though, I felt Ally’s hand back in my lap, and her fingers were fumbling with my zipper. I tried to stop her without moving too obviously, but Ally unzipped my fly before I could. Before I knew it, she had slid her hand inside, and quickly grabbed tight to my exposed cock. I was not a big fan of briefs, but out of fear alone, this was one moment I actually wished I had been wearing them. I looked over at Ally in desperation, but she only had hunger in her eyes. I glanced back at Christine, but she was too lost in the scene.

Ally pulled my cock out of the fly of my pants, and began pumping it up and down slowly in her hand. I knew this situation was not going to end well, but the fact was that I was just not in control of myself at the moment. I tried turning my body a little toward Ally, hoping my wife wouldn’t be able to see her best friend stroking my cock, but it didn’t work. I looked back over at Christine, and her eyes were fixed on Ally’s hand on my cock. I started to speak, but she quickly whispered, “Don’t you make me miss my movie. Keep it quiet you two.”

“What the fuck?” I whispered back; Ally’s hand still pumping eagerly on my shaft.

Christine glanced over with a smile, “She hates twilight as much as you; why else would I bring her to this movie. Now shut up.” With that she turned back to the movie.
I couldn’t’ believe my ears. I sat there in a haze for a second staring at my wife, shocked by the way she responded to the situation. I was quickly brought back to reality though as I felt a wet warmth engulfed around my cock. I glanced down to see the back of Ally’s head in my lap. She turned her head upward to stare at me as she lowered her lips even further down my shaft. Her tongue eagerly massaged its way around my sensitive tip as her hand reached lower into my pants and began massaging at my balls. I was lost in my lust. I decided to give up fighting, and to just enjoy the “movie”. Ally adjusted herself in her seat, and leaned even more aggressively against me. I glanced down and noticed that her skirt had hiked up a little, so I figured “what the hell”, and I slid my hand down her back, and then up under her skirt. Once again surprised, I found that I was not the only one without underwear. My hand slid easily over the soft velvety skin of her ass. I even felt her moan a little as she felt my fingers brush over her sensitive asshole. Christine never liked for me to rub her ass, so I was excited to see her respond like that. I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity, so I allowed my fingers to linger there and teasingly pressed and rubbed at the forbidden hole.
Ally must have enjoyed it, because I felt her pace increase as she shoved even more of my cock down her throat. I was rock hard, and I knew that I wasn’t going to last very long at this rate. I glanced over at my wife a few times, and even caught her watching our action a few times with a flushed look on her face. My other hand moved to the back of Ally’s head and began guiding it up and down, encouraging her to take the full length of my cock into her mouth. She happily complied. As I felt her lips hit by balls, I pressed my pointer finger into her tight little asshole. I felt her jump beneath me, but then she started grinding her ass back against my hand. I couldn’t believe it; she liked me fingering her asshole. I was operating on pure lust now, and couldn’t help but push her head even faster up and down on my cock as I started pulling my finger even deeper into her asshole. I allowed my middle finger to stretch further forward, and I was able to find her swollen clit. I brushed my finger against it, and it was as if instantly she exploded. She was moaning against my cock as I felt her begin to violently push her hips back against my hand. I was doing everything I could to keep her quiet, but the fact was that I was about to explode. I forced her head down hard on my cock and began filling her throat with my hot seed as my orgasm began to rip through my body. Ally swallowed hard and fast as glob after glob of cum flooded inside her mouth. My finger was thrusting eagerly inside her ass now as I felt her juices cover my hand.

Ally finished drinking up my cum and then slowly removed my hand from her ass. I hated to stop, but I allowed her to sit back up in her seat to get resituated. I moved to return my cock to my pants, but she quickly stopped me. “No way stud,” she whispered, “the movie isn’t over yet.” I don’t know what else she had planned, but there was no way I was going to talk her out of it.

“I was going to give you my pussy, but after that, I say we let that thick cock of yours do my ass instead. What do you think?” she whispered again, pressing her tits against my arm as she snuggled up next to me. Even after cumming, I felt my cock throb at the thought of violating her tight asshole. I smiled and nodded eagerly at the thought.

I leaned over to my wife and whispered, “Are you sure about this baby?”

“I thought I told you not to interrupt my movie.” She replied, while reaching down and squeezing my exposed cock and smiling. “Enjoy the movie baby,” was the only other thing she said before looking back at the screen. She left her hand on my cock though, and slowly massage up and down on it, helping it to grow hard again. I couldn’t help but think how sexy it was that my wife was pumping my cock with another woman’s saliva all over it.

While Christine played with my dick, I decided to explore more of Ally. I reached over and slid my hand onto one of her tits. She didn’t stop me as I pinched and teased it with my fingers through her flimsy shirt. My cock didn’t take long to harden back up even more anxious than it was before. Finally Ally stood up and moved over to my lap. She was hovered over my dick, and then slowly lowered herself down onto it. Christine wiggled my cock around until she managed to nestle it right against Ally’s sexy asshole. I was so aroused at the sight of this sexy little vixen being guided onto my cock by my wife.

Ally lowered herself down a little more, and I could feel the head of my shaft starting to press her asshole open. I wanted to thrust up, but decided to leave this act to the women. Christine continued to rub up and down my shaft as Ally slowly lowered herself even further down on my cock. She paused only for a moment when the thick head finally forced its way inside her. But then she lowered her way down further and further until I finally had managed to impale her completely onto my hard cock. Her asshole was so tight as it squeezed around my shaft. I immediately found myself wishing we were back home where I could fuck this young thing right…but we weren’t. Ally leaned back against my chest, and I immediately moved both of my hands up beneath her tank top and onto her tits. She wiggled her little hips around on my lap as I noticed my wife slide her hands up Ally’s thighs and then in between her legs. Was she really fingering Ally? My cock twitched inside her.

For at least fifteen minutes we sat there quietly with me massaging Ally’s breasts as my wife continued to finger fuck her pussy slowly. I was sure that Ally had experienced at least two other orgasms, though she fought extra hard to keep them quiet. Each one caused her to tighten her ass muscles so tight onto my cock that I couldn’t even move it. At one point I even slid my hand down between her legs, and Christine and I both used our fingers together on her delicious wet pussy. My cock was getting worked up again though, and each spasm of her ass was pushing me closer to the edge. I pulled my fingers from Ally’s pussy and reached them over to my wife’s mouth. Without hesitation she sucked them in and devoured the sweet nectar from my fingers. The image alone stimulated me to where I grabbed both of Ally’s hips and began grinding her down hard onto my dick. She followed my example, and she eagerly began fucking my cock as hard and quietly as she could. I was crazy with lust as I forced myself as deep inside her luscious asshole as I could. Finally, I could hold back no longer, and I fired one of the most electrified loads of cum into her ass that I have ever had. My entire body shook as I thrust my cock hard and deep inside my sexy little vixen. I could feel the head of my shaft forced open as it exploded my hot cum inside her ass. Even when I locked up my body from the intensity, Ally continued to glide up and down on my shaft.

As my orgasm finally subsided, Ally slid off my lap and excused herself to the restroom to freshen up. I was exhausted and happy as I slumped back in my seat, not quite ready to return my cock to my pants yet, when Christine leaned down and began sucking my still throbbing cock clean. I just smiled at her as she devoured me hungrily, feasting on the remaining cum that oozed from my cock. All I could think was how sexy it was that she was licking the cock that had just fucked her best friend’s ass. The entire time, my wife kept her eyes fixed on the screen, and yet made sure not to neglect a single drop of cum from being expertly cleaned up by her luscious lips. Finally she sat up and gave my still sensitive cock one last squeeze with her fist before zipping my slacks back up.

“Wait till you see what is for supper baby,” she whispered, “I’ve got something special scheduled on the menu.” She gave me a quick kiss on the lips, and then returned to watching her movie. Shortly after Ally returned to her seat, making sure to take her time as she squeezed past me to sit down. Her breasts were perfectly lined up with my face, so I pulled her against me and sucked on one through the flimsy tank top material. She had the smell of peaches on her, and it was intoxicating. I was drunk with lust, and was already fantasizing about what my wife had planned for dinner. The movie finally ended, and we waited patiently for everyone to leave the theater before finally getting up to leave.

“What the fuck was that you two?” I asked excitedly.

“I just wanted to prove that I could make you a Twilight fan baby. How did I do?”

“Believe me honey, I will never bad mouth Twilight again,” I said with a huge grin on my face. “So what’s for dinner?”

“Hmmmm…wouldn’t you like to know stud? Don’t you worry, me and Ally have a special meal all ready for you; I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.” With that, Ally reached back behind her and gave my cock another reassuring squeeze through my slacks as she leaned in and thrust her tongue into my mouth. Damn she tasted good.

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