A Family Cruise 4 The Island

It’s recommended that you read, “A Family Cruise 1, 2 and 3” before you read this segment. I had complaints that the first two offerings were too long, so I’m trimming each down considerably. I like them long, but then again it is you who must wade through them. . I get carried away and keep a dildo snugly in my cunt as I write.

The ship lowered all sails and eased its way into the calm harbor of Brevoer Island, a high island 600 miles east of Fiji. The island was a prize in a British newspaper contest in 1893, the winner took the island and declared it independent from Fiji, and when Fiji didn’t complain it became an independent nation.

In the Early 1900s, an American millionaire moved to the island and built the town. He built homes and set up a trust for the people who eventually moved to the island. The trust would continue to support the inhabitants as long as they forswear clothing and clung to hedonistic values. As soon as they abandoned that life, the trust would revert to his heirs, if any could be found, and if none could be found then to any hedonistic society that could be located or founded.

The island sits on the equator and has lush tropical forests and people who appear to be of European and Polynesian descent. The women, on the most part, are slim and have well-toned muscles. The men are muscular and all men are well hung, being at least 8 inches, and in some cases 10, or 11 inches. The reason this possible, is that the mothers of boys start penis exercises as soon as the child is born. This exercise is a stretching by pulling it down, then to the right, then the left, and then up. The pull is severe but not enough to cause pain, or injure the child. The large girth is accomplished by Jelging, that is the milking of the semi erect penis. Each of these are done by the mother, sometimes an older sister, and it is done every morning from day 1, until the child is at least 8 inches long while erect. When he achieves this length he is given a party, and the entire village is there to witness the official measurement.

The girls, have a similar ceremony, the must maintain their virginity until age 12, at which time a feast is ordered. The girl, is laid out on a table, and the father will insert his finger into the girl breaking her Hyman, then the mother will follow, and each person in the village over the age of 12 will do likewise. Prior to the ceremony raffle tickets will be sold for $100.00 each on the Island is able to purchase a ticket, and on the ceremony day a ticket will be drawn and the winner will fuck the girl in front of the village. All of the money from the raffle will go into the girls dowry. After that she is capable of fucking whomever she wants, or for that matter, no one if that is her desire.

The only clothing allowed was when men swam or dived in the Ocean. While in the water men wear a thong covering their cocks, the reason being that such long cocks make a wonderful target for hungry fish.

Whenever the ship is in port, young women try to become pregnant by white Americans. The want their children to be as light skinned as possible, so as you walk down the street it isn’t unusual to find young woman lying on the sidewalk with legs spread waiting to be fucked by white men and boys.

As the ship pulled up to the dock, natives swarmed the dock and ship throwing flowers. The men would be holding their large hard cocks in their hands and waving them at the women who leaned over the railing.
“God momma, look at those beautiful cocks,” Dawn said, as she ran her finger up and down her dripping slit. “Aren’t they beautiful, and all so big.”

“Certainly are appetizing,” Cynthia said. “Your father said he’s not going ashore.”

“Why?” Darlene asked.

“I guess they make fun of any man who is under 8 inches long. You dad said he’ll just stay aboard and fuck a lovely white girl, if there are any left.”

“I doubt if there would be,” Sam said, and she walked up to Cynthia. “Why would any woman stay aboard with that?”

“Maybe some little girl would love daddy’s cock,” Dawn said. “I certainly love it.”

“I understand that the first cock in a 12 year old girl is always at least 8 inches long. Your Uncle Jerry is certainly right in vogue here, and he loves little girls, the old pervert.”

The gang plank hit the dock and the guests started leaving the ship, with Dawn, Darlene, Cynthia and Sam leading the way, with Jerry and the boys right behind.

“Are they going to make fun of us?” Thad asked.

“No, I asked the captain and he said you’re young enough so they will just imagine that you are still in training. We should watch and get some ideas so I can do some cock stretching for you,” Cynthia said, as she tugged on Thad’s cock. “Besides your cock isn’t anything to be ashamed of.”

Brad was right behind his mother, and as they walked down the gangplank he reached around and cupped her tits. She reached back and squeezed his cock.

Once ashore they slowly walked through the crowd of natives.

“Fuck me mister?” a young girl said to Brad. “Put your cock in my pussy, make a baby.”

She was lovely, maybe 13 or 14, small tits with dark nipples. He reached over and touched her tit. “You like my tits?” she said thrusting her chest forward. “You like my cunt?” she asked as she raised her leg up until it was against the side of her head. “We can fuck here, or go to my home and can fuck me and my momma.”

“Sounds delicious,” he said, as his cock took on a new dimension of hardness. He took her by the hand and pulled her off to the side of the dock were some large boxes were stacked. He sat her on the box, were she spread her legs wider than he thought possible, and he pushed his cock into her with such force that he thought he had hurt her.

“You have small cock, but very nice,” she said between grunts. “Oh, very nice. Please fuck me hard, and cum deep in my pussy. I want white baby, please fuck me hard.”

Brad couldn’t believe how excited he was, his cock was filling this beautiful little girl, and she was crying for more. He couldn’t hold it he started panting for air, the humidity of the island seemed to suffocate him and he shot a load that he couldn’t believe was in him. The only time he came as hard was the first time he had fucked his mother. It was absolutely amazing.

As soon as he had come, the little girl kissed him on the cheek and asked what his name was.
“Brad,” he responded panting.

“Okay, if baby comes part of his name will be Brad,” she said.

“What will the other part be,” he asked

“I don’t know it depends on who fucks me while ship is here, it will have a piece of each name. How can I know who the father is?” She kissed him again and darted off down the dock, with her hand covering her cunt to prevent any cum from escaping.

As the walked down the main street, shops had their wares on display. Most of the items had to do with either cocks or cunts, all handmade and all of the cock dildos were replicas of the largest and most famous cocks the island had produced. They were absolutely gigantic.

Darlene picked the largest one up in the shop called “Erros Gigantuous”. This rubber cock was at least 19 inches long and bigger around than her arm. It was life like in color, with veins running its length.
“Do you think that will fit in you?” Sam asked looking over her shoulder.

“Maybe,” she said. “It would be fun to try.”

“And maybe a little painful,” Sam said, holding it up to her cunt lips. “If you buy it, just put it on your mantel as a souvenir. Maybe you can challenge your friends to try it at a party. It would make a great conversation piece.”
“There is a famous cunt over there. Your uncle Jerry would love to shove his dick into that little thing.”

“It’s odd,” Darlene said. “The famous cocks are from huge guys, and the famous cunts are itsy-bitsy. This one here it says, is from a girl named Charlene, and the mold was taken on her 40th birthday. It looks smaller than mine. It also says she could take any cock offered without complaining.”

“Well it looks fuckable. I can’t imagine any man wanting to fuck it with all of this free pussy, or a woman wanting to stick this up her cunt with all of these beautiful cocks. Come on, let’s get out of here and get laid. What do you say.”

They all walked to the center of town where a marble fountain of men, women and children were sucking and fucking, with water spewing out of their cocks and cunts.

“That is erotic,” Cynthia said.

“I thought children couldn’t engage in sex until they were twelve.” Thad said.

“No, the boys can fuck as soon as they are physically able, in fact it is encouraged, and girls can’t fuck until their cherry breaking ceremony, but they can suck cock and lick cunts. See in the fountain, boys are sucking and fucking and the little girls are only sucking, and in some cases being but fucked. Only their pussys are off limits.”

Jerry was reading a paper taped to a pole. It says there is a pussy breaking ceremony this afternoon, and that there are raffle tickets on sale at the post office. There seemed to be just enough time to get some tickets and make it to the square were the ceremony takes place. He bought 10 tickets and $100.00 each, and they ran to the square where the ceremony had just began.

Jerry gave a ticket to each of the boys and they lined up to dip their finger into the waiting little girl. The mayor was first, not to break the cherry but to inspect to make sure it was still in tact. If it had been already broken the money from the raffle would go to the city, and she would get none of it.

He went to the table where she was spread out on a thin mattress, spread her cunt lips, and looked in, then he carefully inserted his finger and declared her cherry was intact and that the ceremony could continue. He also stated that 2,434 tickets had been sold, and that the money would go into her trust. The crowd cheered and the father stepped forward and inserted his finger into her cunt. The little girls squirmed and a tear ran down her cheek, but she didn’t make a sound. Her father raised his finger to show the blood and again the crowd applauded.

Next, the mother pushed her finger in, and again showed the blood to the cheers of the crowd. It was now time for all of the men to walk past her and insert their finger into the waiting cunt, some leaning down and kissing it and running their tongue up and down the little pussy. Each of the boys and Jerry followed suit.

After all had entered her by pushing their finger into her wet, bleeding cunt, the raffle was held. A large basket was brought in with the tickets in it. They were stirred and the little girl reached in and pulled out the winning ticket. She read off the number and all checked their stubs, Jerry raised his hand, he was the winner. The crowd groaned and tore up their tickets and the mother of the child escorted Jerry to the table where she assisted him by sucking his nine inch cock and inserting it into the waiting cunt.

With all of the attention the cunt had received it was dripping with cunt juice. The little girl looked up at him with a smile, and said the words each and every little girl on the island had said, or would someday say. “Please fuck me sir.”

With her mother holding his cock, Jerry slowly pushed his big cock into the tiny waiting cunt.
“Does it hurt?”

“A little sir, but I like it.”

He pushed, and pushed, until just over half of his cock was in her. “I think that’s all you can take honey,” he said leaning over and kissing her on the cheek and pinching her small breasts.

“I want it all,” she said biting her lower lip. “Put it all in.” A tear ran down her perfect little cheek and she forced a smile.

He renewed his efforts grabbing her hips and pushing steadily into her tight cunt. Her father stepped forward and offered her his throbbing cock, which she eagerly accepted into her mouth. His cock was huge and she was only able to get the head in, which she sucked with ugency, whimpering with every inch of cock Jerry was able to push in, until every last inch of his massive cock was buried deep in her belly. She pulled her mouth off of her father, and said, “please don’t move. Just keep it in me.”

“Sure baby,”

And she renewed her sucking of her father cock. Jerry could tell that her body was relaxing, and she again pulled off of her father, and said. “Okay mister, fuck me, please fuck me.”

The crowd cheered as Jerry pulled his cock out and pushed it back in and as the tempo picked up the crowd urged him on. “Fuck her. Give it to her. Shove that cock into the little cunt.”

Women at the event went to their knees and started sucking cock after cock. The girl’s mother went behind Jerry and sucked his balls as he pounded the little girl, in and out. The men without a mouth over their cock started pulling on their cocks. Soon cum was squirting all over the little girl’s body and women had cum escaping from their mouths.

The little girl started screaming with her first vaginal climax, orgasm after orgasm shook her little body, each was greater than the last and she was near fainting when Jerry shot his load into her cunt. The volume was greater than her body could contain and it was actually squirting out from around his massive cock each time he pushed into her. When he was ready to pull out her father filled her mouth with more cum than she could swallow.

As soon as he pulled out, her mother sucked his cock into her mouth cleaning the cum and blood from his exhausted cock.

“What’s your name mister?”

“Jerry Roper,” he replied.

“I’ll put your name in my diary, and the town’s record. Each name is kept there and has been for over a hundred years. Each time I tell my children and grandchildren about today I’ll tell them of the beautiful man, whose name is Jerry Roper, with the beautiful cock that transformed me from a girl to a woman. Thank you for fucking me and for purchasing the ticket.”

“What happens now,” Jerry asked.

“Now I’m a woman, and I can fuck all I want. Isn’t that great? If you want to fuck me again you can come back tomorrow. I’m a little sore now and these men will want to suck your cum out of me, so I’ve got a long day in front of me. She sat up and kissed Jerry on the lips and pushed some of her fathers cum into his mouth. Thank you again and enjoy my daddies cum.

Jerry thanked her and they left as each man stepped forward and sucked Jerry’s cum from her red pussy lips.
During the rest of the day, they roamed the island, the parks, and even went into the homes that displayed, “Welcome Nature” signs in their window. We took turns rubbing sunscreen on each others bodies. It seemed that Sam needed more attention than the rest of us, asking someone to continuously to spread the lotion on her ass, cunt, tits, neck, stomach and back. She was so shiny that when the sun hit her it hurt our eyes.

The boys tried to fuck every beautiful girl, or woman they could find, but were having trouble keeping their cocks hard.

“We need Viagra,” Thad said, squeezing his limp cock. “It’s not fair that uncle Jerry can get those pills, and we can’t.”

“The doctor said you’re too young. In a couple of years.” Cynthia said. “Is there anything I can do to help?”

“I don’t think so,” Brad said, giving his cock a pull. “It’s fucked out. Look at all that cunt and tit, and my cock just can’t handle any more.”

“Let us try,” Dawn said, grabbing Brad and pushing him down on a bench. “Come on Darlene. Start sucking.”

The stood and watched as the girls stuffed their mouths with the boy’s soft cocks. Sam and Cynthia gave a hand sucking their balls, and helping on the cocks.

“Come on Jerry, give a hand. They need a new adventure, everything is getting old and common place, take a cock and start sucking.”

Jerry got on his knees in front of Brad. “I’ve never done this before,” he said reaching out to touched Brad’s uncircumcised cock. “Is it okay?” he asked looking at Brad.

“Yeah,” he responded. Jerry squeezed the cock, and reached for his balls. “This is nice. He said as he bent forward and after pulling back the foreskin touched the head with his tongue.

“Look, it’s working,” Dawn said, as she watched Brad’s cock start to harden.

“Look, Thad’s is getting hard too, just watching. This is great, we should have had the guys suck each other sooner. Maybe we can get them hard enough to fuck us a lot more.”

Jerry took Brad’s semi-hard cock in his mouth and started sucking, as the cock, grew and grew he found he couldn’t fit it all in. He pulled away and looked up at Brad.

“Did you like it Uncle Jerry?” Darlene asked.

“Yes, I found it enjoyable. No wonder you ladies seem to like having a cock in your mouths.”

“We ladies love cunt, can’t imagine a guy not loving cock,” Sam said, and she burst out laughing. “Look at us, sitting here in a City park, on a park bench, sucking cock and finger fucking ourselves. Isn’t this amazing?”

“Next a cock up your ass,” Cynthia said, as she ran her finger up and down Jerry ass crack.

“I don’t know about that,” he said. “I can’t see how that would be fun.

“I’ve heard that guys cum while being ass fucked,” Sam said. “Are you boys okay, do you think you can find a girl to fuck before you lose those hardons?”


This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life.


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