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Only a Gothic Sisters Love Chapter 2 part B

Liz, Taylor, and I walked out of the parking lot into the South Shore Plaza mall. People in the mall where buzzing about trying to get there Christmas shopping done, or finished I couldn't tell which but I didn't care. Liz grabbed my hand and held it as we walked. "What are you doing?" I asked. "No one really knows us here. So we can act like a couple its just near home when we have to act "Normal"" She said smiling kissing me real quick. "So I'll meet you guys at the car in about 2 hours? Sounds good?" Taylor asked smiling. "Ya we'll meet you their." Liz said waving her off. Taylor went one way as Liz and I walked towards the escalator. We stepped on going to the second floor.

"Where we going?" I asked "Fools Mansion. My friend Christie works there you remember her don't you?" She asked as we stepped off the escalator. I did. She was my sisters friend from long ago I remember they always use to have sleep overs and Christie would always try to make fun of me. I couldn't blame her. I was an 11 year old trying to spend time with his sister and sisters friend. We walked down past a couple of department stores Gamestop, FYE, Spencers. The usual stores until we took a left down a hall that didn't have alot of people. We kept getting weird stairs and comments where being whispered as we walked down the hall. "Shit, They act like they've never seen a goth girl before." Liz said as she spat on the floor. "Fuck em." I said like it was nothing. We walked a little more until we stopped in front of a store with a black sign that said "Fools Mansion" in blood red calligraphy. They're where red Tripp pants and a purple corset in the front of the store to show the people passing by. We walked in to a department store black on the walls black on the floor and red on the ceiling. "Oh I love this song." Liz said smiling. I heard it. Loud guitars and alot of screaming. I couldn't make out what the person was saying. "Who's this?" I asked Pointing up. "Iwrestledabearonce, A very good band." Liz said smiling. We walked up to the counter. I saw a girl about 3 inches shorter than me with fiery red hair that reached to down to her shoulder blades. Her bright green eyes connected with my sisters and a smile was instantly pasted on her face.

"LIZ!!!" Christie said running around the counter and giving my sister a hug. Christie had I want to say starter C cups. It was fun to see them mashed together with my sisters huge tits. Christie had on a short skirt and black fishnets down to her black and grey converses. Her tight Fools Mansion belly shirt hugged her figure nicely. "How have you been?" Liz asked breaking the hug. "I haven't seen you in forever." Liz added. "Ive been good got my tongue pierced. how you been? We talked over the phone but I didn't quiet catch it. So we're gunna get some shit for your brother? Where is he?" She asked like I wasn't even there. "Christie....He's right there." She said pointing to me. Christie turned around and her eyes went wide. "Oh Shit how have you been I didn't even recognize you." Christie said hugging me pressing her boobs into my chest. "Ive been good and I know I guess Ive been changing defiantly for the better." I said breaking the hug. "Ok so lets see...We want to find the right look for your brother." Christie said taking me by the hand and leading me over to the shirts. "What bands do you like?" She asked. "I dunno I haven't really listened to rock music." I said shrugging as Liz laughed. "Jesus Christ we have to start from square one." Christie said leading me over to the music cd's.

An hour Later Christie brought me back to the shirts. "So we figured out you like Green Day, The Misfits, Nirvana, Sound Garden, Alesana, Mushroom head, and Suicide Silence." Christie said picking a bunch of shirts out of the rack and handing them too me. "I got XL's shirt for you. Always wear a size up." Christie brought me over to the pants. "How do you feel about skinny jeans?" She asked. "I don't really like them." I said as Liz came up behind me wrapping her arms around my shoulder. "Watch this." She said as she walked away and laid a pair of Skinny jeans down behind Christie. Liz came back up to me. "Christie, Dropped a pair of jeans." Liz said as Christie turned around and bent over to pick up the jeans. Her short skirt didn't hide much as I said her purple thong wedge into her nice bubble ass. Liz grabbed my dick through my pants and kissed my neck real quick giving me instant wood. Christie grabbed and put them back up on the rack and turning around giving me a smile. "Want to try Tripp pants?" She asked "Sure since I'm wearing em." I said with a chuckle as she led me over to the Tripp pants. "So what will it be? Electro Skull? Dungeon Dweller Bondage? Gothic Cross? or Chain Gang?" Christie asked. I looked at all of the Tripp pants. I liked the Electro Skull because they where all in different color Green, Blue, Red, Purple, Orange, White, and Gold, and Silver. All different designs but all with the skulls in the same places. "I'll take the Electro skulls." I said as Christie grabbed all 7 of them. "Let's go into the changing room to see if these are your size. Liz want to brows around?" "Sure." Liz said with a shrug. "Have fun." She added laughing as Christie took me into the changing room in the back.

The changing room was black and red but very roomy. Christie laid the pants down on the bench and she bent down one more time because she dropped the card saying how many clothes I was trying on. I looked down and caught a glimpse of her nice cleavage. Jesus this girl was hot as hell. My dick started to swell in my pants but thank god these Tripp pants where roomy and baggy or else my tent would show. Christie got back up and handed me the bright green Electro Skull Tripp pants. "Hold these." She said as I grabbed the pants. "Now Your gunna want a girls opinion like I tell all my customers. So normally I would wait outside and let you try them on but These are a little trick to get into so I think I'll have to help you." She said laughing. "Oh? OK." I said as my dick grew harder. So let's get these off of you." Christie said unbuttoning my pants. "Shit wait!" I said in a panic but it was too late my Tripp pants fell and my tent showed. "Oh shit." Christie said looking at my dick in my boxer shorts. "Did I do that?" She asked. "Sorta. Sorry." I apologized. I don't know why though. "Jesus I knew It was a good idea to wear this outfit today." She said laughing. I put the pants on the table. "Your more like Liz's Big brother." Christie said with a giggle as she reached out and grabbed the tent in my shorts. She moved my dick to the whole in the boxer shorts making my dick spring free as she grasped her sort hands on my dick stroking it back and forth real slowly. "You know I always thought you where cute when we were kids." She said into my ear before biting it lightly. "R-Really?" I asked between gasps. "Mhmmmm." She hummed into my ear as I felt another hand grab my balls and fondle them lightly. "I still do." Christie whispered kissing the right side of my neck up and down small little kisses making me shutter and my knees week.

I had to sit down on the bench or else I would have fallen on the floor. Christie still slowly stroked my dick standing in front of me. "Do you like my outfit?" She asked. "Uh-huh" I muttered and nodded. Christie took her hand off of my dick for a second to lift up her shirt to show me her nice perky boobs in a purple lacy bra. Her hands disappeared behind her back and unclasped her bra. She shook it off of her and let it fall to the ground. "Like em?" She asked grabbing her tits squeezing and caressing them. "Ya I do." I said reaching out and grabbing her waist. My dick poked her leg and her leg made my dick point up leaning on her right leg leaving a trail of pre-cum on it. I kissed her stomach grabbing her ass and kissing up to her boobs. I traced my tongue around her pierced nipple before breathing warm breath on it making her whimper. I attached myself to it sucking it lightly while my other hand explored her body. I grabbed her plump ass cheek and dug my fingers into her soft ass and bit her nipple lightly drawing a long soft moan from her mouth. I let my hand fall from her ass letting it slide around her leg under her mini skirt. rubbing her pussy through her pink thong. Even through the thin purple material I knew she was wet and only getting wetter. Christie Pried my mouth from her boob and took off her thong but left the mini skirt, Fishnets, and converse on at my request. She go on her knees and stroked my cock a little more looking at me in the eye. "Liz told me how good you are. Now I get to find out." She said with a giggle as she bent her head down and licked my head. her hot breath rained on the head of my dick making it jump a little in her hands. Christie smiled as she pressed her lips onto the head of my cock slowly pressing her head down until the head of my cock was in her nice warm mouth. "Ahhhhh." I moaned as she slowly moved her head up and down licking and sucking my cock slowly. I looked down and saw her head moving back and forth. I closed my eyes focusing on her hot warm mouth milking my cock making me tingle with pleasure.

I opened my eyes and was shocked to see Liz standing in front of me. I thought I was in trouble until she smiled at me and made the quiet signal got behind Christie Liz did something making Christie moan sending vibrations to my cock which was just amazing. Christ stood up not taking my cock out of her mouth though. She was still bent over but not on her knees. Liz got behind her and buried her face into Christies bald cunt. Christie took her mouth off of my cock an moaned while stroking. Liz turned Christie around and buried her face into Christie's cunt. Christie sat down on the bench next to me still stroking my dick. Her eyes closed, moaning like crazy. I needed pussy and I needed pussy bad.

I got up and got behind Liz taking off her Purple Tripp pants. The little slut wore no panties either. I rubbed the head of my slick cock up and down her wet slit a few times before I pushed the head of my dick into her tight twat. "MMMMhhhhhhhhmmmmmmm" Liz moaned which got a small scream from Christie as I started to pump in and out of Liz slow at first. I grabbed her hips watching her ass jiggle every time I pumped in. I started to go a little more rougher, faster. I felt the heat in her pussy rise which was just amazing. Liz kept moaning and groaning. Christie grabbed the back of Liz's head burying her more into Christies pussy until she finally said "Ah screw this Gimme that dick." Christie said as she got up and laid down on the floor as I got in between her legs. I pushed the head of my dick into Christies twat. Damn she was tighter than Liz. I saw Liz stand over Christies face before lowering grinding her cunt into Christie mouth. I started to pump into Christie hard and fast. I grabbed her hips pumping harder and harder. "Ya eat my cunt Christie....God Just like our sleep overs you nice little cunt lapper." Liz said smiling before grabbing the back of my head and burying her tongue in my mouth. We kissed and I kept fucking Christie and Liz kept fucking Christie's mouth. Christie started to moan more and more. Until Liz started to pant and sweat gasping for breath. "I-I think sh....she's gunna....gunna...." Liz said before I heard Christie's muffled scream and her tight pussy got even tighter. Her screaming got Liz to convulse and twitch. "I'M CUMMING!!!" Liz yelled. I kept pumping until I felt my balls tighten up. I pulled out of Christie and shoved the head of my dick into Liz's mouth. She licked the head as I pumped the shaft sending wave after wave of my thick potent sperm into her mouth which she greedily swallowed. After she was done swallowing Liz got off of Christie and we all got dressed and headed to the counter.

"OK so 10 shirts and 7 pairs of Tripp pants. and 5 pairs of Converses. that will be $940 even....but with our special 50 percent off sale." Christie said with a sly smile making sure no one was around to see. "It's actually $470. But....With the friend discount lets take out 50 percent. its $235." Christie laughed. "Ah I love ya Christie." Liz said taking the money out of your purse. "Wont you get in trouble?" I asked her. "Maybe but hey after what happened in the changing room it was worth it." Christie said smiling. "Hey Christie...Now my brother is my boyfriend but that's in private. Why don't you help his rep a little. I mean while we're in school and out in public you be his pretend girlfriend." Liz asked. "Sounds good." Christie said smiling. "You can get his dick whenever I'm not using it." Liz smiled. "Sounds good to you?" Liz asked me. "Ya sure." I said smiling looking at Christie who kissed Me and Liz one last time before we left.

"Let's go home and put some of this shit away." Liz laughed as we left we ran into Taylor who seem flushed. "Taylor you OK?" I asked. "Mm-mmhmmm" Taylor said closing her eyes and nodding. "Whats wrong?" Liz asked. "S-Small V-V-Vibrator From S-Spencers...I-Inside me....feels...good." Taylor said as she walked ahead of us stumbling everywhere. Liz and I cracked up laughing as we walked to the car and headed home.

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