A Family Cruise 5 - Home

It’s recommended that you read, “A Family Cruise 1, 2, 3 and 4” before you read this segment. I had complaints that the first two offerings were too long, so I’m trimming each down considerably. I like them long, but then again it is you who must wade through them. I get carried away and keep a dildo snugly in my cunt as I write. I've been getting negatives on the short one, sorry people, I do try to please, but alas that is so difficult.

A month Later.

Eve, Dave, and Steve and Barbara, were waiting with their children as the ship was being tied to the pier.
“I’m so nervous,” Eve said. “I’m not wearing anything under my sun dress, just in case everything went well.”
Barbara, without thinking pressed her hand against her cunt, and mumbled. “Me too, and I don’t think any of the kids have panties on.

“Rod,” Eve said. “Watch it, those shorts are so short your cock head is showing, no problem at home but I don’t think it’s appropriate here.”

“Mom, look around you, almost everyone is touching a cock or cunt. They are veterans of the cruise.”
They waited, and the gangplank was lowered, and the guests, were coming down. They were watching, and finally they saw Cynthia, and Adam with the children. Cynthia was clutching the crystal cock in one hand, and her other hand was behind her and holding Adam’s cock.”

“Bingo,” Barbara said. “We got one family, or at least Cynthia. Now where are mom and dad?
Cynthia, Adam and the children ran to Eve and Barbara, there were hugs and kisses, and Thad, put his hand up Aunt Eve’s dress and found her bare cunt. “Nice,” he said.

“Where’s Mom and Dad,” Barbara asked.

“They’ll be along, they’re saying goodbye to the Captain and Sarah. I could kill you, and kiss you and fuck you,” Cynthia whispered to Eve, and Dave as she grabbed his cock through his shorts.

“How long did it take for you guys to get used to the idea of the ships theme?” Eve asked.

“You’d be surprised.” Cynthia said. “Let me see, before the first day was over I was fucking your father, and Adam was fucking your mother, and kids were fucking each other. The last one to get their cherry popped was Darlene and her father got the honors.”

“Shit I can’t believe it. Dad and Mom on the same day. I though Mom would jump overboard.,” Barbara said. “What about the dogs”

“Buster, is a well fucked and sucked dog,” Cynthia continued. “Everyone, and I mean everyone either got fucked by him or sucked him. Each of the men sucked him, and your father, now get this, your mother made your father suck his cock, and then had the dog fuck him up his ass. She made Adam fuck him first so that his ass was ready for it. But we she rubbed a lubricant on his ass, kissed and tongued it before we gave it to Adam and Buster. That poor dog is fucked out. He’ll probably never be the same. She told him it was his punishment for killing your dog. I’ll tell you right now it didn’t look like punishment, your father came three times with a cock up his ass. If that was punishment, then give me some.”

“We have a dog of our own,” Eve said. “His name is skipper.”

“Oh we heard about Skipper,” Adam said, “Jerry feels bad about that. He said the reason he did it was because he wanted to fuck you and the dog got it and he didn’t.”

“Well he never acted like it.” Eve said. “All he needed to do is ask, I’d have fucked him.”

“I don’t think so sweetie,” Cynthia said. “Have you ever seen your father’s cock?”


“Well it is nothing that would fit inside an 11 year old. He’s hung like a horse. It was all I could do to get that monster in me. But I tell you it was worth it. Sarah, the Captains wife, can’t get enough of it. They are in the Captains cabin right now, getting a Scotch and Soda and a piece of ass. You’re mother was marveling at how the children looked. She said it reminded her of the time she kissed your little cunnies.”

Barbara threw her hand to her mouth. “Oh, I remember.”

“You remember?” she said. “She told us that she stopped when you were only two so she thought you wouldn’t remember.”

“No I remember her sucking Eve. I was three, or four, and she let me lick her. I thought it was great, but I forgot all about it.”

“Here they come now,” Eve said pointing to the gangplank. “They certainly look happy.”

“Your dad said he had to fuck before he got off, because of his enormous hardon.” Cynthia said. “I offered my cunt, but he said he had promised Sarah.”

Jerry and Sam, were carrying two suit cases, and they rushed to the waiting group.
“Here Adam, you forgot your suit case."

“Phyllis, Sharon, and Joyce, all ran to their Grand-dad, and Grand-mother, giving them big hugs. Rod and Bobby came next and hugged their Grand-mother, sinking her faces into her big tits. “You have great tits, Grandma, Rod said. “I always wanted to tell you, and mom said I could now.”

“Well thank you Rod, and I’ve heard great things about you from Sarah.” She said winking and pointing at his crotch. “She said you are a great fucker.”

“Oh Grandma I’m glad you’re here,” he said as he put his hand up under her skirt, and touched her bare pussy. “You shaved?” he said.

“Well yes, Brad and Thad have been taking care of that for me.”

“Lucky guys,” Bobby said. “Can I do it next time?”

“Sure why not, if you’re sure you want to be around an old woman’s worn out pussy.”

“I’d love to,” he said.

Jerry hugged Eve and Barbara, pinching their tits through their sun dresses. “No bra, you naughty little girl, I’ll bet you got no panties either.”

“you’ll find out when we get to the motor home."

“I’ll find out, right now,” he said as he shoved his hand up under her dress and sunk his finger into her wet cunt.” He pulled his hand out, smelled it, and licked his fingers. “I understand you have a dog?”

“Yes, Pappa.”

“Didn’t I tell you no more dogs?”

“Yes Pappa.”

“Why in the world would you need a dog when you have my cock?”

“I have no Idea Pappa. But I’m sure I’ll find out as soon as we’re home. We rented a motor home, and a house nearby in the country. Let’s go.”

The all headed to the parking area, Thad and Brad, where grabbing Joy, and Phyllis, and Rod and Bobby were hanging all over Dawn, Darlene, Sharon and Joyce.”

They all climbed into the motor home.

“All right you kids cool it, no sex, no nudity, no feeling each other up. Let’s save it for the house. Besides waiting for this little time will get everyone hotter than a fire cracker, and there will be plenty of fucking all night long.”

“Does that include, me?” Jerry said.

“That especially includes you and Momma, besides I understand you just unloaded into Sarah. Naughty boy, didn’t you think of saving it for your daughters, and grand-daughters?”

“You’d be surprised, dear,” Samantha said. “Your father can recover very quickly. It wasn’t like that before the cruise, but now, 5 or 6 times a day, and he’s still ready to go.

“Uh, honey, I didn’t mention, the little pill, Viagra. It’s been helping me along. I didn’t mention it because I liked being a super hero.”

“Oh, I knew deary, I was waiting for you to admit it.”

“We have plenty of viagra, Cialis, and the other one, at the house. We intend to keep cocks hard.”

Well let me tell you girls,” Sam continued. “Between him, Adam, the Captain, and about 20 other guys, my poor pussy is fucked raw. But I love it. I’ve been watching Sarah’s children. They reminded me of you girls, when you were babies.”

“I remember mom,” Barbara said.

“How could you, I stopped sucking you little clits, when you were two years old. Every time I did it you would stop crying.”

“No I don’t remember you doing it to me, I remember you doing it to Eve, and you even let me do it once.”

“Oh, yes, you caught me, and I let you do it. You remember that huh?”

“Yeah, I liked it, and I always wondered why you didn’t let me do it again.”

“I really didn’t think you would remember, and I didn’t want that hanging over my head. That was when I stopped.”

“Too bad, if we had grown up sucking each other’s clit, we would have been totally different people.” Eve said.

“Well then I’m glad I did, because I love you two just the way you are.”

“We’re here,” Dave announced, as he pulled into the driveway of a two story mansion.

The all went into the house, and Eve announced that they can now get comfortable, and she looked at her father, “Daddy, I want to see that cock everyone is talking about.”

“Help yourself Baby,” he said standing there with his arms on the back of his head. “Open the package.”

“And you mother Sam,” Dave said, I want to see the origin of those beautiful clits.”

Eve and Barbara got on their knees in front of their father, and unzipped his shorts, and pulled them down revealing his 9 inch cock. “Oh Daddy, it’s marvelous.” They both proclaimed. Eve was the first to take it into her hands and put the head into her mouth. “Give me some,” Barbara said, as she took it and put the purple head into her mouth. “Oh, shit look at this, those veins, that big head, I’ve never seen anything so beautiful,” Eve proclaimed as she cupped his balls in her hand as Barbara sucked.

“I want some of Grandpa too,” Joy said as she reached in and helped her mother fondle his balls. “Oh, aren’t they wonderful momma? Let me suck one,” and she put her head in and took a ball into her mouth.
“Jerry, just stood there, legs spread, cock hard and getting harder. “Oh, ladies, this is wonderful. Get naked, I want to see those magnificent tits and cunts that the Captain raved about.

Barbara let his cock slip from her mouth, and removed her clothing. When she did, Joy started sucking hungrily on her Grandfather’s massive Cock. It was all she could do to get her mouth around it. “How old are you now baby?”

“Fourteen Grandpa, I’m big enough to get this big thing into my cunt. I really want to try.”

While that was going on, Dave took the bottom of Samantha’s dress and lifted it over her head revealing her beautiful double D tits, and her blood engorged clit, that was sticking out from between her cunt lips.
Meanwhile the children were all undressed, Rod, pushed Dawn, back on the sofa, and put his hard, dripping cock into her hairless pussy. “Aaaaaaag shit you’re tight.”

“I’m only twelve, what did you expect, your Grandma?”

Bobby, when to his grandmother, stood there and watched his uncle lick her cunt. He knelt beside the now reclining Sam, and took her tit into his mouth, you have big tits Grandma.”

“And you have a beautiful cock. Would you like to fuck your old Grandma?”


“Well tell your uncle that you can fuck me and suck me after he’s done with me.”
Dave laughed, and pulled back from the juice dripping cunt.

“Can you help him David?”

“I don’t need no help Grandma. I’ve been fucking Aunt Eve, Mom, Joy, and my sisters, I don’t need no help.”

“Well then climb on and give it to Grandma.”

He knelt between her legs, put his mouth on her cunt, spread her cunt lips and started licking, and sucking on her clit. “Your cunt looks just like Mom, Aunt Eve and Joy. I love to suck on your baby cock.” He continued to suck, giving Sam five, earth shattering orgasms. She looked around and the whole family, was watching her and Bobby and Joy and Jerry. Bobby pulled up from her cunt, his face glistening with cunt juice, and he put his cock into his Grandmother’s cunt.

“Oh, baby, that is wonderful, your cock is nice.”

“I’m a teenager now Grandma, and my cock is growing, it’s almost 4 inches, and I can shoot real cum, not just pee.”

“Do you like to pee on ladies?”

“Yeah, mommy likes me to piss in her cunt, and I piss on Aunt Eve’s face. She likes it.”

“Would you like it if I pissed on you?”


“Well the next time…..Aaaaaaaage, oh fuck, yes baby. Fuck me, oh you’re good. The next time need to pee…….Aaaaaaagggg, Oh, oh,oh, yes baby fuck your Greandma, fuck me good. You can pee on me or in me, if that’s what you and your mother do, it’s AAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaa oh fuck baby, fuck me.”

“Oh, Grandma, I’m cumming, I’m going to shoot my cum. Aaaa, oh, Aaaaaaaaaa,” and he shot his cum into her cunt.

“Did you cum?”

“I sure did baby, I came a number of times, thank you very much.”

Phyllis, Steve and Barbara’s daughter, said “I’ll suck your cunt Grandma. You have a clit like mine. Sharon has a tiny one, you can’t even see it until she gets horny.” With that she dove into her grandmother’s clit. Cum was running out of it, and she caught it with her tongue before it hit the carpet. She raised her head, her face covered with both Samantha and Bobby’s cum. “My little brother is really dropping a load now. A few months ago, it was just a dribble.” She again took and breath and dove into the glistening cunt.
After everyone had cum, at least once, the gathered into the family room with drinks, and discussed the events. Joy was sitting on her Grandfather’s lap and he was fingering her cunt and rubbing her tits.
“So tell us,” Dave asked Cynthia. “Why was it that it only took, what, five or six hours for you to get with the program?”

“I think it was because, we all were sexually frustrated, and seeing all of those cocks, so ready and willing, and then of course those Ships rules. I just decided to prove to everyone that I could do it.” Cynthia said. “Everyone seemed ready to accept, I wasn’t. That made me an outsider in my own family, so if one of the girls wanted to suck their father’s cock, I just thought of the rules, and said do it. I watched for a little bit, but it was really Jerry’s cock that had me fascinated. I wanted that cock in my cunt so bad, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of it, even when it was soft it was beautiful. I wanted to peal back that foreskin, and look at the wet looking purple head.”

“My cock isn’t purple,” Jerry said.

“Oh shush,” Sam said. “It is too, and I love the purple head, and veins, and the foreskin. Jerry and I, were really sold almost immediately. You see since I entered the menopause, I have been horny all day long, and Jerry just couldn’t keep me satisfied. Oh, he could fuck me a couple times a day, but in between I was sticking things up my cunt. I remember selecting cucumbers not by the way they might taste in a salad, but the way they may fit up my cunt. Many a salad, tasted like cunt juice, because I would peal them stick them up my cunt, and then slice them into the salad. Even our friends who would come over for diner commented on the great taste of our cucumbers, and the women wanted to know where I bought them. I would notice that the men after dinner had hardons. Oh, I wanted to fuck them so bad, but then, we just didn’t do that. So when I got the chance to fill my cunt I looked forward to it, even though I pretended to be shocked. Adam has such a beautiful cock, and I’ve never had a circumcised cock so my mouth watered every time I saw it hanging there or sticking out.”

“What about you Adam?” Barbara asked.

“Oh, shit, where do I start? I was anxious to see your mother naked. I mean those beautiful D cup tits, that wonderful clit, and to boot, she is beautiful. Then of course there were my daughters, my wonderful beautiful daughters. I wanted to see their naked bodies ever since they got tits.”

“You didn’t tell me,” Cynthia said.

“Well, what man will tell his wife he wants to fuck their twin daughters? I would catch a glimpse of them on occasion, and when they would think I wasn’t looking they would sun bath with no tops, and I would get a raging hardon, and I would drag you upstairs and fuck the living shit out of you.” He sat there running his hands up and down his flaccid cock, and Darlene came over and sat in his lap, and took over rubbing his cock.

“You like our tities Daddy?”

“Yes baby.”

“I remember, those were really hot fucks.” Cynthia said. “I had pretty much the same thoughts about our sons.”

“So,” Sam said, “I have a pretty good idea why you paid for our cruise. You wanted to see if the cruise would do to us, what it obviously did for you. Eve you and Dave were first, right?”

“Yes, momma.”

“and what on earth possessed you to send a Baptist minister on a trip like that?”

“I wanted to fuck, Barbara and the girls,” Dave said.

“And I wanted to get Steve’s cock into my cunt. So we thought that since it had worked so good on Dave and I, and off course Rod and Joy, we decided to try it on them. They would be the ultimate test, of hedonistic cruises. If it would work on a Baptist Minister, and a minister’s wife, it would probably work on anyone.”

“And obviously Steve, it worked.” Sam said spreading her legs and pushing two fingers into her cunt. Was it difficult?”

“Yes, but again, we had children, and we couldn’t let them starve, for us it was a matter of survival. I reasoned if we were in the desert, and needed water we would drink each other’s piss. That would be a survival method, and if we didn’t have any container, we would have to drink the piss from the source, so the kids would either have a cock in their mouth, or a pussy. Further if in the same scenario, if their mother was lactating, they would have to suck her tits. Well this was a survival method for us. If we didn’t comply, we would starve. We were sure they would give us something to keep us alive, but that is all they would do. The Captain told us that there had never been anyone who refused, and there had never been anyone who didn’t finally get to love the hedonistic lifestyle. Of course most, if not all of the guests knew it was hedonistic before they signed up, we of course didn’t thanks to Eve and Dave’s deception.”

“Did you and Dave know it was hedonistic,” Sam said looking at her daughter’s full round tits.

“No, we didn’t I just skipped over the brochure I didn’t even know it was nudist. It seems that Rod had read it in more detail and knew what laid in store.”

“And I wanted to see my mom’s cunt and tits,” Rod said with a big smile.

“I’ve got a lecherous son.”

“I would say the whole family is lecherous,” Steve said laughing. “You did to us what Rod did to you.”

“But you love it, just like we do, don’t you,” Dave said, as he pulled Phyllis onto his lap.

She turned around and stuck her tongue into her uncle’s mouth. “Are you getting hard Uncle Dave?”

He sucked on her tongue, pushed his tongue into her mouth, and said, "Yes baby.”

She stood straddling his legs and inserted his cock into her cunt.

“Anyone what to try Skipper?” Eve said, standing and going to the door.

“I do,” Joy said, standing.

“Oh Joy, you get him any time you want. Why don’t you let somebody else try him.

“Where did you get the dog,” Sam asked.

“There is a kennel that trains cunt fucking dogs. The kennel man on the cruise ship, gave us his name and phone number. We had to give him a secret word before he would give us the address.

“I’ll try him first,” Sam said. “any of you girls want to help me get him ready?”

“I will,” Darlene said.

“Me too Aunt Samantha,” Dawn said.

Eve went to the door and called Skipper. He ran into the room and ran around to all of the women, sticking his nose and tongue into the cunts. As he did his cock started to grow.

“It doesn’t look like he needs much encouragement,” Sam said.

“But can we get him ready anyway?” Dawn and Darlene said in unison.

“Twins,” David said. “They certainly seem to think alike.”

“Yes, babies, get him ready.” Sam said getting onto her knees.

The girls rolled Skipper onto his back and took his cock into their hands. “I want to suck him first” Darlene said.
“You always get to do things first.”

“You got fucked first, and besides, I’m older than you, so I should be first.”

“Only 6 minutes.”

“Well that makes me older.” Darlene took Skippers cock in her hand and placed it between her lips, and started sucking as Dawn rubbed his balls.

“Don’t do it too much, you’ll make him cum and I want that in me,” Sam said, as she reached out and slipped her finger into Darlene’s cunt.

“Oh, Aunt Sam,” she said raising her mouth off of Skippers cock, and shoving her ass back pushing her finger deeper into her cunt. This gave Dawn the chance she was looking for, and she grabbed the cock out of Darlene’s hand and placed the Big Red Cock into her mouth, and sucked deep.

“Oh, I love his cock.” Dawn said, coming up for air.

“Okay girls, help me get his cock in my cunt. They slipped the socks over his front paws, and directed his nose to Sam’s cunt lips. She had already assumed the position. It didn’t take any encouragement, he mounted her and the girls directed his cock to her pussy lips, and he started pounding.

“Oh shit, good doggie, Oh. Aaaaaaaaga Oh, yes fuck me Skipper, fuck me, fuck me like you do my daughters. Oh, shit. Oh fuck, oh.” Dawn was behind Samantha and was rubbing the dog cock, every time it came out a little bit. “Oh shit his knot,” Samantha gasped. “Oh shit he is massive, he’s Aaaaaaaagag, oh shit, he’s Aaaaaaaaaag, His knot is in me. Oh, you made a wonderful selection, I don’t think he’s going to come out for a while I’m knotted. Oh, shit he’s cumming, oh I’m cumming. Oh fuck, fuck, fuck I love you dog. See Jerry, see what your beautiful daughter missed when she was a baby. See the wonderful fucks she missed, I missed. If you had told me, I would have let him fuck me. Oh, shit he’s big and wonderful.”

Dawn touched Samantha’s pussy lips, and put a finger into her ass.

“Oh, yes girls, entertain me until his cock slips out, it may be a while.”

The children huddled around her some sucking her tits, others licking and finger fucking her ass, as she squirmed and had orgasm after orgasm until the dog’s massive cock slipped from her cunt with a slurping sound.

“Oh, I feel so empty.”

The girls went for her cunt and asshole with their lips, sucking and finger fucking her until she pushed stream after stream of cum out of her cunt.

Everyone applauded.

“That was great Grandma,” Rod said. “I love watching you get fucked.”

“Watching me? You mean you don’t want to fuck me?”

“No, I didn’t mean that, I would love to fuck you as soon as this cock gets hard again.”

“This family is getting a bit kinky,” Jerry said, as he finger fucked Phyllis. “But I like it. So what’s the plan?”
“We have the house for two months, you can stay here and we can make plans.”

“I need to get back to work,” Adam said. I’ve been away far too long. Cynthia and the kids can stay here and I can come down from San Jose, on weekends.”

“Actually Adam, why don’t you quit that job. I found you a job at the Arizona Cruise, if you want it. It pays more than your old job, and you can fuck and suck all day at work and at home. Eve and I are building a house there, and Steve has been offered the job as the Minister at their church. Mom and Dad, I’m building a big house, it is big enough for you, and Dad, as well as Steve and Adam’s family. What do you say?”
“I say,” Jerry said, “when do we move?”

“What’s the job?” Adam asked.

“It’s City Manager. And it pays $180,000 thousand a year, $15,000.00 a month.

“I’m in,” he said with a smile on his face. “that is if it’s okay with Cynthia, and the kids. It would mean leaving all of your friends behind.”

“Who needs friends when we have fucking family,” Darlene said. “What do you say mom?”

“I say yes. I can’t think of anything I would like more. Are you sure you want us, I mean, you might get sick of us there all the time?”

Rod got up and walked over to Darlene, “Hey Cuz, would you please get on your knees on the chair.”

She took his cock into her mouth, gave it a kiss, and turned around getting onto her knees. “Love to,” she said. “You recover quickly. You just finished creaming my sister.”

“Yeah, I can fuck and fuck some more. Mom loves it. She said when dad is wore out I pick up the slack, and when I’m wore out, Skipper steps in. We’re the relief fuckers. Before Uncle Steve and Aunt Barbara came back we were the only ones. Now we have more cunts and more cocks.”

“Have you fucked my mom yet,” she said as he pushed his cock into her little cunt.
“Not yet, but soon. Soon.”

As he fucked Darlene, the women went to the kitchen to get dinner ready.

“What an amazing change.” Cynthia said. “Thank you Eve, Barbara,” she said as she gave each of them a hug. “And thank you Sam for giving me the nudge I needed to get over the hump on the ship.”

“It didn’t take much of a nudge,” she said laughing. “Your cunt was dripping wet almost immediately after the orientation.”

“I was dripping while I was objecting.”

“Let me see,” Eve said. “I bet you argued that your children were only what 13 and 15?”

“Yes,” said laughing, “and all the time they were 18, going on 21. I can’t remember but I think my boys had their cocks in me before the day was out, and I had kissed my girls cunts, within 24 hours.”

The ladies laughed as they prepared the meal.

After dinner they sat in the den, drinking their drinks, as the kids were in the play room, playing.
So, who next? Dave said, as he passed out cigars.

“Not for me,” Steve said, when they offered him a cigar. “I’m a minister, didn’t you know, smoking is sinful.”

The all laughed. “I do remember,” Dave said as he reached down and picked up Steve’s flaccid cock.

“Somehow I forgot just for a minute.”

“We need more men.” Cynthia said. “Let’s get a family with lots of cocks.”

“How are we going to pay for this,” Jerry said. “This has got to be expensive.”

“Well I paid for all of us,” Dave said. “I can keep up for a while, but I suggest we all announce our take home pay, and our net worth, cash only, and we put money in a kitty according to our ability.”

“Sounds fair, Adam said. “So do you have any suggestions?”

“Well I suggested, Ron and Doris Donner. Eve said, “They have three sons. Two of them are old enough to have working cocks, and the third one is twelve I think. He’ll be fucking soon, and Doris is absolutely gorgeous, and I have noticed a sizable lump in Ron’s pants whenever I flash him.”

“But he’s not family,” Steve said. “I remember at a family reunion your cousin, what’s her name, Susan, and. Oh shit, Susan and.........”

“Phil,” Barbara said. “Yea she’s a knock out, and Phil, isn’t bad, but I doubt if he has much of a cock. I heard her say that if his cock was as big as his balls he would really be hung.”

“I like balls,” Samantha said. “and I think length is over rated. Girth is nice too.”

“Well they do have 3 boys, two of which are at a fuckable age, and then the other boy has a twin sister, they are 9 I think.”
“Well within a short time that would be 3 new young fuckable cocks, a little cunt for the gentlemen, and a knockout bitch, and a guy with big balls.”

“What do you say, gentlemen?”

“Nine years old? That’s pretty young.”

“Well you don’t have to just jump into her little cunt, we keep them out of the festivities until they are twelve. Actually that reunion was two and a half years ago, they probably are nearly 12 now.”

“So how are we going to handle this. We don’t see them often enough to give them a free ticket.” Barbara said.
“I know,” Eve said. “Why don’t we let them win a trip?”

“No,” Jerry said. “Have you ever believed a free trip. No, they would think it was a trick to sell them something. We’d have to do it another way.”

“I’ve got it,” Barbara said. “Every time we have a family reunion, I’ve caught him staring at the women’s tits, that is the nice looking women, and his wife keeps catching him and squeezing his cock under the table. Why don’t I go see them, and let them get a glimpse of my tits, or even my cunt. I can tell Ron about the cruise, tell him there are a lot of topless women, and offer him a free ticket, I’ll tell him that I’ve been on the cruise and that I won a repeat trip and that I couldn’t use them but he and his family would be welcome to them. All they need to do is have a physical, and a blood test, and they would be gone for 2 months.”

“Sounds like a plan. But you had better tell him not to tell Susan about the tits, she may be reluctant to allow the kids on the ship. Tell him that he needs to sign the affidavit about the children. Don’t make a big deal out of it, in fact you can take the affidavit with you and have them both sign.”

“Oh, my cunt juices are running just thinking about it,” Sam said. “Just think, my sister’s kids, and grandkids, all sucking and fucking me. I wonder what Mable would say if she found out.”

“I don’t remember Aunt Mable very well. How does she look?”

“Last time I saw her she looked great.,” Jerry said. “And you know Harry died, and she remarried a guy fifteen years younger than her, I saw their wedding pictures and he is a real stud.”

“What do you think,” Barbara said, looking at Eve and David.

“Maybe,” Dave said. “Again we may need to pay extra because of her age. How old is she Mom?”

“Two years younger than me, and by the way she has the family clit.”

“Oh that sounds deliciously wicked,” Cynthia said, fingering her clit. “Grand-parents, Daughter and grand-children all on the same ship at the same time, all fucking and sucking within a few days.”

“Do you think Mable will go for it? And what about Phil? Doesn’t he have a job?”

“He’s retired Navy, at the reunion he said he wasn’t anxious to find a job, he might still be just retired.”

“Just don’t tell him it’s hedonistic, he may not want the young twins there. He might accept the tits, but not the cocks in cunts, or for that matter in his daughter’s cunt.”

This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life.


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I gave this series a negative rating because even though it is well written, very erotic, and made me very hot, IT IS STOLEN, I HAVE READ IT BEFORE!

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