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okay received mostly positive responses from the first story, so here is part 2..i aimed to have the actual sex in this one but got a bit sidetracked. Amelia WILL get fucked in the next story:) if you havent already, i would suggest reading part 1..and for those who liked it, i hope this doesnt disappoint (Also, im going on holidays in about a week so ill try get part 3 written before i go) cheers
“Ahh good cover” Amelia said with a grin as I returned to my room. She was still naked, sitting on the edge of the bed. Her eyes screamed for more and as much as I wanted to grant that wish, I knew dad would become suspicious if I took too long ‘chucking on a shirt’. There was no way I was satisfied with that but I knew if I screwed this up, it would have pretty heavy consequences.

Walking over to her she wrapped her arms around my legs and ass as I leant down, kissing her passionately on the lips. Her full lips felt almost as good to suck on as her pussy, and I didn’t object when she playfully pulled me down on top of her.

I loved the feeling of her bare skin on mine, and she was still sweating and panting from my earlier efforts. I could feel her heart beat shudder against my pecks as we continued kissing and hugging.

“Wait” I said, breaking away and sitting up on her waist. “As much as I want to keep this going, we need to get over to your mums”. I couldn’t believe the words coming out of my mouth. I looked down at that gorgeous face, her eyes trying to read mine to determine why I wanted to stop. “Look, I really don’t want to mess this up. If we get caught were fucked”.

“Yeah you’re right”, Amelia paused slightly. “But what are we going to do about that?” she grinned, pointing at my still erect dick pushing out against my shorts. It had been hard since she came over and was begging for some relief. “It’s only fair, you took care of me” she said, biting her lip. Now there was no way I was turning that one down. Plus I knew after all that had happened, it wouldn’t take long for me to cum.

She took my smirk as conformation and pushed me off her and onto my back. Amelia knelt on the carpet by the edge of the bed, positioning her head between my legs. She pulled my shorts and briefs off me in one quick motion, releasing my manhood.

“Wow” she grinned, grabbing the base of by dick with her hand. Those beautiful hazel eyes were now hypnotized by my cock as she started slowly pumping it, from the base to head. Her hand barely made it around my erection and I let out a deep moan as she licked the head.

“As much as I would like to tease you like you did to me, I’ve been dreaming of sucking this cock from the moment we met” she said, licking from my balls up along my shaft. I couldn’t believe she was talking like this. Amelia was by no means a slut, and I'm pretty sure she was still a virgin but god, she had done well keeping guys off her until me.

I squirmed and moaned with delight as she reached the head of my cock with her tongue, swirling it around before opening her mouth and taking in my dick.

“Holy fuck, that feeeels amazing” I screamed, “aahhhh please keep goinggg babe”. Her mouth was so warm with her tongue lapping around the underside of my dick, as she began pushing more and more of it down her throat. I almost came right there after lifting my head off the bed and seeing half my cock disappear into my step sisters mouth. Amelia took my moans as encouragement, quickened her strokes and bobbing her head up and down faster and faster on my dick.

“Aww shit babe, I'm gonna cum” I warned between short deep gasps for breath. She looked up at me with those perfect eyes, pushing me over the edge. I grabbed her long blonde hair with both hands as I felt my dick swell and erupt hard into her mouth.

She didn’t try and move, still on her knees swallowing as much as she could. Pulling back and releasing my cock from her mouth, Amelia gave me an evil grin whilst licking her lips of any remaining cum.

“Jeez I won’t need dinner after that” she laughed, grabbing her bikini bottoms.

“Oh my god, you were amazing, how many times have you done that?” I managed to get out, still sucking in air.

“That was my first time giving head” she replied, heading to the bathroom to clean herself up.

I sat back on the bed, still coming down after the biggest cum explosion of my life. Was this girl perfect? She was completely gorgeous and craved the cock at the same time.

“Hurry up and get ready” she yelled, “You’re the one that said we couldn’t take too long”. Amelia appeared in the doorway with that evil grin still on her face. We stumbled around my room looking for items of clothing to fix ourselves up. She gave me a quick peck on the lips as we left the house on the way down to hers.

That whole dinner my mind was completely pre-occupied with the image of her gorgeous eyes looking up at me whilst sucking my dick. I was getting hard just thinking about it.

Unfortunately it was our turn to wash-up that night. I hated doing it as our parents always seemed to use more plates when it was our turn. The kitchen was in the same room as the TV and my dad and Veronica were there, sitting on the lounge watching some movie.

Amelia was still in that same white dress she had on before and I found myself perving on her again. She only had about half the buttons up this time, giving me a perfect view of the side of her bikini covered breast as I stood next to her. The bulge in my pants started increasing again, and no matter how hard I tried to concentrate on other things, it wasn’t going away. The lounge faces the TV, meaning our parents had their backs to us so I didn’t stress too much.

I had to put a plate in the cupboard on the other side of Amelia so I slowly brushed my groin against her ass as I went across. With one hand she reached around and without looking, grabbed my erect manhood and gave it a couple of squeezes. She shot me that evil grin that I was now starting to become very familiar with and bit her lip.

Walking back around Amelia to my side, I firmly grabbed her ass with my hand and pressed my body hard up against her. She tilted her head back and moaned softly in my ear. There was something so hot about doing all this with our parent’s only metres away but I thought I better quit while I was ahead, and not run the risk of getting caught.

After the washing up was done, we joined our parents on the lounge watching TV. Dad said tomorrow would probably be a nice day again so he suggested we go home and get some sleep. I reluctantly left Amelia but knew my chances were thin of doing anything more with her that night.

We walked back to our place in silence. I loved that time of night down there because it was so quiet, and all you could hear were the sounds of the ocean and wind.

Nearing the house, dad said “So you and Amelia ay?” with a smirk. I froze.

“Wait, what do you mean?”I replied nervously.

Dad laughed, “I turned around while you too were washing up and saw you groping her ass. Plus when I was walking up the driveway to the house earlier, I could hear her moaning in your room. I wondered how long it would take you to make a move”.

“So hold up, you not angry?”

“Nah” he laughed again, “look Amelia’s an extremely pretty girl, I knew you would try sooner or later. Just be more careful with it because if Veronica finds out, it will be over for both of us”.

I felt so relieved that he was okay with it, and joked around as we entered the house.
Before heading downstairs to his room, he opened a bag and threw a box at me. They were condoms. “Hah thanks” I said before turning the light off and going to bed. “Yep, he was okay with it” I mused.

That night I slept like a log. I was pretty tired after not getting much sleep the night before as well as today's activities. The smell of Amelia's juices still filled my sheets reminding me that it wasn’t all just a dream, and that I had the best step sister in the world.

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Since the writer won't continue, i really like this story aswell and am willing to continue it alot further if you guys are interested.

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Dying for part three!!!

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Dude, where is part three?

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Part 3?

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Why wouldn't you finish this story? We know you didn't forget about it. And we also know that you can't be busy for over four and a half years. Come on!

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