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The dog and Jenna are next
After Billy left I checked on the dog. I learned his name was Buster. When
I went back to their house I went out back and Buster quickly came around
to greet me. I rubbed his head and talked to him. I then went and got his
bowls, filled one with fresh water and the other with his dry food. As I
bent down to put his food bowl down he quickly climbed up on me and knocked
me down. He was in a playful mood so I played with him a bit and then he
went to his food bowl to begin eating.

I went back to my house and waited til it was dark out before going back to
check on Buster. I heard him barking excitedly as I opened the gate to the
back yard. Buster jumped up on me and I hugged him as I rubbed his ears.
When Buster got down I noticed the red tip of his cock was showing, This
gave me a hard-on and I quickly started playing around with him. I let him
wrestle me to the ground and as he did he started humping my leg. I let him
do this a little while and then got up.

I took my shorts and underwear off and got down on my hands and knees. Buster
came up to me and I pushed him toward my backside. Buster sniffed my ass which
got my cock throbbing, As he started to lick my ass I let out some precum.
Then Buster moved behind me and mounted me, putting his paws around my waist as
he started humping looking for a hole. I moved my ass around til I found he had
found my asshole. As he felt the entrance to my asshole he gripped me harder and
lunged forward. As he penetrated my asshole I shot some more precum.

Buster started fucking me fast and hard and I began to push back and meet his
thrusts. "Oh yea Buster. Give me a good fucking...uuuhhhhh". I suddenly felt
him cumming in my ass which triggered my cumming. Buster was shooting a load in
me as I kept thrusting back. Buster then climbed off of me. He licked his cock
then started licking my asshole. I got a raging hard on again as Buster mounted
me again. He started humping and was quickly in my asshole again fucking away.
"Uuuuuhhhhh. Give me some more boy. Knot me and make me your bitch...uuuhhhh".

I felt Buster's knot as he gripped me tighter and lunged forward. The knot slipped
inside my ass as I shot another load. I could feel the knot growing as Buster fucked
me harder. I was meeting his thrusts when Buster quit humping and started shooting
his cum deep inside my ass. Uuuuhhhh. I fucked back against him as his cum kept
filling my ass. I kept this up til I felt Buster pulling out of me which triggered
another load of cum from my cock. His cum came trickling out of my ass. As Buster
went to a corner to clean his cock, I got up and went inside to clean up. I then
went home.

I got a phone call from Billy telling me he would be back tomorrow Sunday but in
the afternoon instead of the morning. Hmmm - Jenna is coming back in the morning
so I will be alone with her for awhile since her dad isn't due home til the night.
I then got a call from Jenna to let me know she would be back by 10:00am.

I went by the neighbor's house Sunday around 9:00 to check on Buster. I changed his
water and added some more dry food to his bowl. Buster was sniffing my ass as I put
his bowls down. I got a hard-on and figured I had time for a quickie before Jenna
got home. I took my shorts and underwear off and got on my hands and knees. Buster
knew what to do and after giving my asshole a few licks he quickly mounted me. He
penetrated my asshole right away and began a fast hard fuck, I wasn't going to let
him knot me since I knew Jenna would be home soon.

Buster was fucking hard for a good 5 minutes and I felt him shooting some cum in me
as he made a few short thrusts. When he pulled out I quickly got up and went inside
to wash up. I closed the back gate and sat at the couch to watch TV as I waited for
Jenna. I heard a car door outside and went to the door. Jenna was there saying bye to
her friend and her mother. She was wearing a mini skirt. Damn she was looking good
with those athletic legs of hers and cute lithe body. "Hi Joe". "Hey Jenna. Have
you had breakfast yet"? "I had a bowl of cereal but am still hungry". "Ok go watch
some TV and I will make us some bacon and eggs. Oh by the way, Lucas isn't coming
home til this afternoon".

Jenna went to the back and opened the gate. I saw Buster come greet her. As she rubbed
his head and ears he stuck his snout under her mini skirt. "I'm happy to see you too
boy". I got a hard-on watching as Jenna opened her legs a little . "How do you want your
eggs Jenna"? This startled Jenna as she pushed Buster away and came back inside. "Over
easy". Jenna then went and sat on the couch. She let her skirt hike up her legs. I
could hardly concentrate looking at her legs and dreaming of sucking her sweet pussy.

"Breakfast is ready". Jenna came to the table and I took a seat next to her. "Hope you
like it". As I sat down I made sure I got close enough to quickly put my leg against hers.
Jenna quickly fidgeted and pushed her leg hard against mine. I started bouncing my leg so
it would ride up and down hers a little bit. I finished eating before she did so I put my
hand down on my leg that was touching hers. I let my hand slip against her leg and I
felt her bare skin. My cock was throbbing as Jenna pushed her leg harder against mine.
Jenna finished eating and as she got up she suddenly pushed her leg forward which made my
hand brush higher up her leg. Damn I wanted to grab her pussy and shove a finger in it.

"Hey Jenna want to practice some basketball"? "Yea ok". We went outside. I picked up the
ball and tossed it to her. "Let's see what you got". When she started dribbling I went
right up to her to play defense. She then turned around and started dribbling back
toward the basket. I put a leg right up on her and as she continued back I got my leg
between hers keeping my hand on her back. She kept pushing back then quickly spun
around as she got near the basket and made a layup. I'm not sure if she felt my hard cock.
"Wow great move Jenna". "Thanks". She tossed me the ball. "Your turn".

I took the ball and started dribbling as she began to play defense. I turned my back to
her as she had done to me. She placed a hand on my back to check. As I got closer to the
basket I whirled around to take a jump shot. As she lunged forward to try and block my
shot, I fell down on her as I released the ball. I checked her fall as I landed on top
of her right between her legs. Oh the urge to start dry humping her. As we both started
laughing I got up and stuck my hand out to pull her up. I pulled her up hard and fell
back as she now landed on top of me between my legs. "Hey are we wrestling or playing
basketball"? She got up laughing. I stayed down a few seconds as she reached her hand
out to me so I could look up her skirt. I drooled as I got up.

We went back in the house. I let her go first so I could look at her sweet little body.
Just as she was going to sit down I pushed her onto the couch and fell on her. She
laughed as I got off her and sat next to her. "There must be some lucky boy at school
to have you as a girlfriend". "I don't have a boyfriend. I am concentrating on sports
for now. Besides I kind of have a crush on an older guy". "Well lucky older guy". I
tickled her as I said that and as she playfully struggled with me I let my hands move
along her legs and fell forward. My head landed on her lap and she reflexively opened
her legs. I pushed my face into her pussy then quickly sat up. "Sorry Jenna".

"I like it when you touch me". I looked at her and put my hand on her leg. When she didn't
move away I slid it up and down then did the same thing with my other hand. My cock was
on fire. Jenna opened her legs more as I slid my hand under her skirt and placed it on
her pussy. She was wet. I slid down and dove my face under her skirt sniffing her pussy.
I pulled out and looked at her. She was smiling. I slid my hands under her skirt again
and slid them under her panties. She lifted up as I pulled them down and slid them down
her legs and off. I dove back between her legs and kissed and licked my way back up to her

Jenna arched her pussy as she felt my mouth on it. I licked her slit. Jenna moaned. I
licked her clitty and Jenna arched up harder. I slid a hand under her skirt again and as I
continued to lick her clitty I stuck a finger in her cunt. "OMG Joe...I'm gonna cum". I
started fingering her as I bit her clit. Jenna arched up. "Aiiiiiieeee...I'm cumming".
I continued sucking, slurping her pussy juice. As she was still cumming and moaning I lifted
my head out from under her skirt. I got between her legs and kissed her on the mouth. I
began to dry hump her as I slipped my tongue inside her mouth. Jenna kissed me back and
rubbed tongues with me. I broke the kiss a minute to look at her. "I want you to fuck me

I got off the couch and took my shorts and underwear off. I saw her looking at my 8 inch
cock licking her lips. I walked up to her and put my cock against her lips. Jenna opened
her mouth as I pushed my cock in. She started sucking it and I fought the urge to cum too
quickly. I wondered where she learned to do this as I fucked her mouth. Each time I felt
I was going to cum I would stop fucking. After a few minutes I allowed some precum to leak
into her mouth. I then slipped out of her mouth and dove back between her legs. I started
eating her out again. Jenna started to moan and thrust against my tongue. I knew she
wanted my dick in her cunt.

I kept licking and attacked her clitty. "Oh shiiiiiitttttt...I'm cumming againnnnnnnnnn"!
I slurped some of her pussy juice then got up and got between her legs. I quickly shoved
my cock into her cunt, "OMG fuck me Joe". This drove me wild as I started fucking her as
fast and as hard as I could. "You are so fine Jenna". I kept fucking her hard thrusting
upward so I made contact with her clit. This made Jenna moan more as she started meeting
my thrusts. Uuuhhhh....uuuuhhhh. "I'm gonna cum in you Jenna". I fucked harder and as I
felt Jenna was ready to cum I fucked harder and faster. As Jenna screamed out that she was
cumming, I emptied my load into her pussy and kept fucking til the last drop. Then I
collapsed on her closing my mouth against hers and sucking on her tongue.

When my cock shrunk I slipped out of Jenna and got off the couch. "God Jenna where did you
learn to fuck like that"? "I learned by accident with Buster. He always stuck his snout
between my legs. I let him lick me cause it felt so good. He made me cum so many times I
wanted more. I sucked his dick and let him cum in my mouth. Then I let him have my cherry.
He fucks me all the time now. That is why I don't really care about the guys at school that
are always hitting on me. The older guy I said I had a crush on is you. That is why I let
you fuck me". "Well like I said: lucky older guy".


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