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There Jared was, reading his book on computer programming in his dorm room. The nerdy freshman at Anonville University had just started his first semester in college, and although Anonville had the reputation of being a party school, Jared's college experience so far had only consisted of school work, besides the weekly laundry, daily meals, and necessary sleep.

It wasn't that Jared did not want to party, get drunk, and fuck girls. He wanted all of those things very much, especially the last of the three. Still a virgin, Jared was not a good-looking or well-spoken kid. Despite the fact that he was finished with high school, acne covered his face worse than a boy in the prime of his puberty. He was quite fat, had crooked teeth, and stuttered when he spoke. He was the very definition of a nerd and a social outcast.

That being the case, he had almost no friends. All of the frat boys made fun of him, all of the pretty girls teased him, and he was never invited to any parties or social events, unless you count the university's club for software engineers, of which he was a member. Even those kids didn't seem to like him, but they had to let him join. After all, he was the most proficient programmer out of the bunch. Despite his shortcomings in all other areas of life, intelligence was where Jared shined. He was simply brilliant.

It was nearing 5:00 PM, the time that Jared loved the most during the day. He put down his book, cleaned his glasses with his shirt, pulled the window blinds open, and peered out of the window. Just a few second it would be, nothing more. He couldn't afford to miss it. It was the moment he looked forward to every second of every day, and whenever the moment passed, he would begin counting down the minutes until the exact same time the next day. He lived for this time of the day.

Sure enough, she came around the corner. It was the workout girl. Jared did not know her name or anything about her, but he knew that she would come running around that corner every day and jog down the sidewalk, past his window, and disappear around the end of the block. Today, it was a hot day, and Jared loved it even more when it was hot. That meant she would be wearing less.

Today's attire was a pair of really short and particularly tight cotton shorts. They were so short that the bottom of her ass cheeks poked out just a little with every stride she took. They were gray with red Greek letters on the back that represented the sorority she was apparently a member of. Her ass was amazing. It was round, it was large, it was firm, and the way it would swing from side to side as she jogged made Jared's mouth water with delight.

Her white tank top was so tight that Jared could see the perfect outline of her figure, complete with a slender waist, a slim stomach, a nice arch in the lower back, and a set of gigantic tits, perfectly shaped and bouncing gloriously during her run. They looked as if they were going to burst out of the tightly stretched tank top any second. The tank top was white, but it had been drenched in sweat, leaving it partially see-through and semi-exposing a pink sports bra.

Jared quickly unzipped his jeans and began rubbing his throbbing cock as he watched her jog down the sidewalk. She was of Hispanic origin. Her complexion made it obvious. Her tan skin was a perfect mixture of sparkling bronze and creamy gold. It gleamed in the sunlight, almost as if someone had sprinkled a light layer of cinnamon over her soft rind.

Jared yanked away at his cock, jerking as fast and as hard as he could. He grunted and moaned out loud, converting his sexual frustration into lion-like roaring, "Run, you sexy bitch! You know what I want to do to you, you teasing cunt? You better pray that I never get my hands on you because I would hurt you so much for being such a cock-teasing whore! You stupid bitch!"

He could say whatever he wanted. The panes on the window were soundproof. Even if they had not been, the girl had the ear buds from her pink iPod in her ear, so she would not be able to hear the evil and mean-spirited verbal fantasies that were spewing from Jared's mouth. His cock grew in size as she passed the window, standing straight up in the form of a stark erection.

"Shake that ass, you sexy slut!" He yelled, doubling the speed of his masturbation, "One of these days, you will be mine! All mine, and when that day comes, you will wish you could run! I am going to punish you for doing this to me every day. You will pay for this, you beautiful bitch."

Of course, Jared knew that what he was saying was bullshit. As much as he wanted to have her, he knew it was not going to happen. She was obviously not going to consent to it, which he didn't really care about. In fact, the thought of raping her unwilling body seemed even more appealing than consensual sex. All that pent up frustration made him not only want to fuck her, but also hurt her. Badly.

However, what he did care about was the potential prison time. He wasn't going to throw his entire life away just to rape this amazing cunt, although it seemed almost worth it as he sat there, jacking it uncontrollably.

Today, Jared got a bonus. The girl stopped about two feet after the window. Jared eyed her from behind, the perfect ass and the perfect set of legs. Her thighs were smooth and supple, just thick enough to make Jared want to give the hind part of her upper thigh a good spanking. Those thighs would wiggle after every smack. He could picture it.

Her long, dark hair was soft and shiny, almost like a mass of silk were running down her back. It was so long that it reached the sexy arch in her lower back. She usually had it tied back in ponytail, because that was more convenient for a jog, but today, for some reason, she had decided to let it fall naturally.

She bent over and began to tie her shoe. With her back to the window, and with her in that bent over position, Jared could see up her shorts a little, just enough to see a portion of her glorious ass cheeks. He grunted, yanking his cock as fast and as hard as he could. For the first time of his life, he considered actually doing something about his obsession. There she was, bent over on the sidewalk right outside of his room, and no one was around. If he went out, grabbed her, and had his way, who would know?

The thought was only there for a few seconds. Logic caught up to him. It was on the sidewalk in broad daylight. Anyone could just walk by at any time, and even if no one did, what would stop her from going and telling authorities after the act. He'd be caught.

It was not long before the girl stood back up and continued her jog again. He watched her run around the other corner. Cum shot out of his cock and splattered across the wall. With a sigh, he grabbed a towel and wiped the mess off of the wall. As he wiped, he began to think about her again. What if he actually did something?

Don't be an idiot, he told himself. Where would he do it? When he was done, what would stop her from reporting him? He could wear a mask, but he was smart enough to know all of the identifying technologies that existed. Any trace of anything - a strand of hair, a drop of cum, even a bead of sweat - and he would be found out. It was just impractical, he told himself. She would undoubtedly go right to the cops, and they could easily discover who did it.

Unless, he thought to himself with a sinister grin, he made sure she could never tell the cops. It seemed outrageous, but the more he thought about it, the more it made sense. When he was finished having his way with her, he could finish her for good. A girl can't tell the cops anything if she can't talk. Of course, she would be missing, and people would ask questions. He would have to make sure there was no evidence left around. He would have to make sure no one could find her when he was finished.

What was he thinking? Was he actually considering killing this poor girl that had done absolutely nothing to him for the sake of his own sick pleasure? His throbbing cock pulsated with the thought of it, almost as if to say, "She deserves it. If she ever met you, do you think she would give you a second glance? Hell no, that pretty bitch needs to learn. She needs to pay for what she has done to you. Rape her, kill her."

His whole life, Jared never thought he’d be a criminal. He never considered crime of any sort, let alone something as severe as rape and murder. The debate between his logical brain and his raging boner only lasted a few minutes though. In almost an instant, Jared decided that he was going to kidnap, rape, torture, and murder the workout girl.

As is the case with every project, Jared had to do some research first. Probably the most important thing was finding out who exactly this workout girl was. There were tens of thousands of students that attended Anonville University, and all Jared knew was that this girl ran by his window at this particular time every day.

After a bit of thinking, Jared had an idea. He remembered the Greek letters that had been printed across her ass on her shorts. He went to his computer and Googled the sorority’s chapter at Anonville. Sure enough, they had a list of the sisters in the sorority, each name accompanied by a major, a class, and a photo. It didn’t take long to find the workout girl, who was the only Hispanic girl in the sorority.

Her name was Sofia Mendez. Jared mouthed the name to himself softly. It flowed smoothly, a beautiful name for a beautiful girl. According to her profile, she was a sophomore, majoring in family sciences.

Her picture was captivating. It was somewhat difficult to get a clear visual of her face when she ran by the window every day. Jared could tell that she was pretty in the face, but he never got a good look. Now he had one, right on his computer screen. The girl had perfect almond shaped eyes, a cute little nose, and full lips that formed a smile in the picture, surrounded by pouty cheeks. The entire ensemble made for a gorgeous face with strong Latina features.

“Oh, Sofia, you beautiful little princess,” Jared whispered to the computer monitor, “You have no idea what I am going to do to you, do you? I’m going to wipe that stupid smile off of your face and make you wish you never ran past my window.”

And Jared was right. She wouldn’t be smiling for long, and she was going to regret ever running past his window. She didn’t know it yet, though. The next day was a nice and sunny day. There was a cool breeze that balanced out the warm sunlight. The perfect day for Sophia to go for a run, and although she didn’t know it yet, the perfect day for her to be captured, raped, and slaughtered.

Every day, at around 4:30 PM, Sophia started on her daily run. Her route was generally the same. She’d start from the sorority house where she lived, run past the on-campus park, go up a hill, run past the freshman dorms, run through a local neighborhood, and end with a nature trail that lead deep into some woods.

Sophia was the type of girl that loved nature, and she loved ending her run in the middle of nature itself, surrounded by tall trees, the sound of birds chirping, and the sight of squirrels scurrying around with acorns. There was nothing that she enjoyed more than being completely sectioned off from society and people, out of contact with the rest of the world. Little did she know, this place that she went to relax would turn into the place that she’d begin her worst and final nightmare.

Today, Jared had followed her by car ever since she had passed his dorm room at 5:00 PM. When she got on the nature trail, he had parked his car and followed her on foot. He had made quite a ruckus following her through the woods, as he was quite fat and clumsy, but luckily, she never noticed because of her iPod ear buds.

The night before, after deciding he was going to do this, Jared went shopping at the local Home Depot and Wal-Mart, where he had purchased items that he felt like he would need. All of these tools were in the trunk of his car in a large bag. The only thing he currently had in his hand right now was a steel baseball bat.

It was pretty difficult for Jared to keep up with Sophia, and even more difficult while trying to be unnoticed and hauling around a baseball bat, but he managed, ducking behind trees and bushes as he followed her beautiful ass. Finally, Sophia slowed to a slow jog and, not long after that, a slow walk. Then she stopped completely. She bent over with her hands on her knees, panting and huffing for air.

Jared quickly ducked behind a tree and peered out from behind it, admiring his soon-to-be victim in her last moments of freedom. Beads of sweat ran down her forehead. She was wearing a pair of pink shorts, which were just as shorts as the ones she had been wearing yesterday, and black tank top, which was soaked with sweat and clinging to her, giving accent to the nice curves of her sweet body. On the tank top were emblazoned the words “Think of me as the Barbie you’ll never get to play with” in pink lettering.

“What a fucking tease,” Jared muttered to himself, as he read the words on her chest.

Her hair was tied back in a ponytail today, keeping her face completely exposed and visible. She was the prettiest girl Jared had ever laid eyes on. Now that he could see her in real life this close, not out of a distant window, he realized that she was even prettier than her profile picture on her sorority’s website had advertised.

She sat down on a fallen log to catch her breath and used her forearm to wipe some sweat from her forehead. She usually sat here for a few minutes, soaking in the scenery, absorbing the fresh feel of nature, and inhaling the crisp air of the forest.

She watched the squirrels scrambling up the trees. It was fall, so all of the leaves were gold and yellow. She sighed to herself, “So beautiful.”

“Yes, you are, Sophia,” an unfamiliar male voice said.

“Who was that?” She frantically yelped, as she stood up and whirled around, “Is anyone out here?”

“You scared, bitch?” the voice asked, “Because you should be.”

With that, Sophia felt a blunt impact on the back of her head. She fell to the ground, unconscious. Jared stood over her, baseball bat in hand. He hand swung it hard enough to knock the poor girl out, but he had made sure not to do any real permanent damage to her. That would be for later. For now, he wanted her in perfect condition, and there she was, lying in perfect condition, unconscious and ready to be used.

Jared kneeled down next to Sophia’s unconscious body and took a moment to admire his catch. He checked her pulse to make sure she was still breathing, and indeed, she was. He thought about raping her right then and there, in the middle of the forest, but he decided against it. It was too risky. He was going to stick to his original plan.

With some difficulty, he lifted Sophia’s body up and threw her over his shoulder. He then began on an agonizing walk back to his car. He wasn’t very strong, which made carrying her body very hard, but the thought of raping this perfect bitch and the thought of making her beg for her life made him endure everything.

When Jared finally reached his car, he popped the trunk. He tossed her body into the trunk next to the big bag of supplies he had purchased the day before and breathed a sigh of relief. He didn’t realize that carrying this girl around would be so difficult and energy-consuming. He stopped for a second to catch his breath.

After wiping the sweat from his brow, he reached into his bag of supplies and pulled out some rope. He pinned her arms behind her back and tied them at the wrist there, and he bent her legs back so that her ankles met with her wrists. He fastened her ankles to her wrists, too. He had spent all night researching different ways of knotting rope, and he knew exactly how to tie this girl up so that she couldn’t get out when she awoke. In fact, she wouldn’t even be able to move at all, except for very restricted and minimal squirming.

He then delicately wrapped duct tape around her head, covering her mouth several times over. Now she couldn’t move, and she couldn’t scream. She was helpless, and she had no escape. He smiled. Perfect.

He grabbed a water bottle from his stash in the back seat and poured it on her face. She instantly woke up, realized her current situation, and began squirming as hard as she could. Thankfully, Jared’s research on rope ties had been quite thorough, and all the poor girl could do was roll back and forth a little.

“Awww, poor little Sophia,” Jared giggled to himself, reaching down and stroking Sophia’s cheek. Sophia’s head shook in defiance, adorably trying to knock Jared’s hand away.

“Oh, does the little cock-teasing bitch not like it when I touch her face?” Jared grinned, “Baby, I’m going to be touching much more than your face.”

He reached in between her thighs and began to rub the area of her shorts that covered her clitoris. She winced and tears developed in the corners of her eyes. Her helpless struggling continued. She tried to scream, but the tape had her mouth sealed pretty tight. The only sound that came out were nearly-silenced muffles.

“That’s right, you pretty little princess,” Jared sadistically laughed, “I like watching you helplessly try to fight your way out. It’s useless, Sophia. I have planned this day very, very well. Your beauty has driven me to this insanity, sweetheart, and insane people do insane things.”

Sophia’s squirming became more and more rapid. Her muffled screams became more and more high-pitched. She was shrieking. She knew what Jared wanted, and she knew that there was no real escape for her at this point. Her only hope was that a police officer would come by somehow, but that was unlikely. The parking spot that Jared had selected was pretty well-hidden. She was doomed.

“Are you frightened, you stupid cunt?” Jared asked with sarcastic concern, continuing to stroke her clit, “You should be, darling. See, I don’t think think of you as a girl. A girl has feelings and emotions. A girl, a person, a human being has certain unalienable rights that need to be respected. She has choice.”

He leaned down and kissed her on the cheek. He then moved his lips right next to her ear and began whispering.

“I don’t even think of you as a pet,” Jared whispered into her ear, “A pet is an animal. It still has feelings, it still is living, and it still needs to be taken care of.”

Sophia’s eyes widened with fright. Jared licked the side of Sophia’s face. His tongue was large, disgusting, and sticky. It hit the side of her soft cheek with a plop and dragged across to her ear. She closed her eyes. She was repulsed.

“I think of you as a toy,” Jared snickered, “I’ll play with it and use it until it is broken, until I break it. Then I’ll throw the useless broken toy in the garbage.”

Poor Sophia was sobbing uncontrollably right now. She knew what that meant. She knew what he wanted to do. He wanted to kill her. He wanted to molest her perfect little body, destroy it, and then end her life.

“Don’t cry, my beautiful little toy,” Jared whispered, beginning to rub Sophia’s clit harder and more ferociously, “I’m not going to let a single part of your body go to waste, bitch. I will break every single part of you before I finish you off.”

The rubbing between Sophia’s legs became intolerable. He was now clenching his fingers, roughly pinching and twisting the flesh of the clit in an agonizing manner. She couldn’t take it, and what was worse, she knew that he had worse plans for her.

“The Barbie I’ll never get to play with?” Jared laughed, referencing the words on Sophia’s tank top, “You think you’re a Barbie? This is your chance to be a real Barbie doll, Sophia. You’re a Barbie, but you’re my Barbie, and I’m go to play this stupid Barbie toy until I break it.”

Sophia squealed from under the tape, tears streaming down her cheeks.

“Break every part of this toy until it is just a weeping mound of broken limbs and mutilated flesh,” Jared laughed, twisting the flesh of her clit even harder, “Welcome to hell, Sophia.”

He slammed the trunk shut, got into the front seat, and started the car. Sophia was in for a big surprise, and it was going to be a nightmare. Unknown to Jared, he was also in for a surprise, but this surprise was going to be a dream come true. What Jared didn’t know was that the perfect little girl that he had tied up in his trunk was a virgin.

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I don't know about Jared but I usually take them to an old air-raid shelter behind a school and fuck them, torture them with hot wire, drill through their elbows and knees, then string them up with piano wire and watch them slowly choke, that is how to treat a ten year old girl, regards, uncle Stan.

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