This is the last of the Cruise. I was hesitant to put it up because it really doesn't have much in the way of sex, it just kinda wraps up the story...... So be kind.
A Family Cruise 6

It’s recommended that you read, “A Family Cruise 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5” before you read this segment. I had complaints that the first two offerings were too long, so I’m trimming each down considerably. I like them long, but then again it is you who must wade through them. I get carried away and keep a dildo snugly in my cunt as I write. (Some aren't happy with my writing, but I thank you for ready. (HAVE A WET DREAM - LOVE YOU)

The next few days were pretty much like you, the reader, would expect. There was a full house of fucking and sucking. The family drove to Arizona to check up on the progress in building Dave’s house, and Steve checked out the church, and Adam was interviewed for the city job. Jerry, he just walked around the village showing off his cock, and getting the attention he loved, little girls, young women, and mature females, all squeezed, kissed, and got fucked, right on the main street, and in the ice-cream parlor. No alcohol is allowed within City limits, and each resident had to sign a pledge not to get drunk or to be in the city while intoxicated. That way there was no drunken violence, and any person who violated the ships rules, was escorted from the city, and the lease on the land on which their home was built was forfeited, and the home sold at auction, with the funds going to for breast cancer research.

While the men were there, Barbara flew to Boston, to see Phil and Susan. She had phoned and told them that she had some business there and was wondering if she could stay with them for a few days.
Phil was looking forward to seeing his wife’s cousin, and her big tits.
He picked her up from the airport. She made sure she was wearing sexy cloths, with thong panties, so it actually looked like she was nude under the dress. Well she almost was. She wore the panties, only because she tended to drip pussy juice, and she didn’t want a wet spot on her dress. She was braless though, and her nipples were on display. Every man on the plane, and at the airport craned their necks to get a look, and of course the people of security had to feel her up to make sure she wasn’t hiding a gun or something, She loved it, and was glad she wore the tiny panties.

“Nice to see you again,” Phil said. “It’s been, what two, three years since the reunion?”

“Yes I believe so. How is the family?”

“Great, everyone is doing fine. The boys are 15, and 16, Bill is 16,and Joe, is 15, the twins are 12, and in the 7th grade. They really grow up fast.”

The rest of the trip to the house was filled with small talk, with Phil, taking every opportunity to check out Barbara’s tits, and body. God you look a lot like Susan’s mother, and she is beautiful.” I think I’ve mentioned this before but Barbara Is a beautiful woman, not just tit and cunt, she is absolutely beautiful. She was the type of girl that all of the boys were afraid of asking out, figuring she was out of their league, and she was.

At the home, she was met by Susan and the 4 children Harry, 15, Rich, 16, and the twins 12, Tony, and Trish.

Susan, is very petite, 96 pounds, perfect figure for a woman who had given birth to twins, and of course two older sons. She’s 33, having gotten pregnant with Richard, (Rich) when she was 16, and still in the eleventh grade. Phil was 23, and was her gymnastics instructor. She was planning on going national, and perhaps to the Olympics. She would have, except for the pregnancy. She really wasn’t all that disappointed, she really wanted to marry Phil, and had gotten pregnant, accidentally on purpose.

“You look great,” Barbara said, “Hugging her. How’s Aunt Mable?”

“Oh she’s fine. You know she got married again?”

“Yes we heard, she sent an invitation, but we’re sorry we just couldn’t make it from California to Boston on such short notice.”

“Oh, we understand. We just didn’t want you to be left out.” She said. “come on in and sit down.”

“The children out of school for the summer?”

“Yes, all summer with nothing for them to do. They are driving me crazy.”

“What are you doing, Phil?”

“Nothing right now. I work under contract as a consultant for the Army, and I’m between jobs right now.”

“Well I have a little business to take care of for Dave, you know Eve’s husband? He couldn’t make it and I thought it would be fun to fly here, do his little business, and see you two. I was really taken by your family. The twins were what 9?”

“Yes, 9, they are now 12.” Susan said, pulling Trish to her side. “This is Trish, that is Tony, and the boys, Rich, and Harry. Boys this is Barbara my…. Our cousin, her mother is Grandmother Mable’s sister.”

“How do you do?” they all said in a rehearsed manner.”

They had dinner and Barbara settled in as a guest. She took every opportunity to flash, Phil a shot of her tiny panties, and pushed out her breasts whenever he was near.

She had been there two days, and found that they were delightful. Susan, was wonderful, her tits were perfectly proportioned for her small frame, maybe a little bit top heavy. They were washing the dishes, and Barbara said. “I’m sorry but I just have say, that you have such beautiful breasts, I can’t remember when I’ve seen any to match.”

“Are you a Lesbian?” Susan asked, turning her head, shyly.

“Oh hell no. I just appreciate a great set of knockers.”

Susan looked down at the water, and then at Barbara, “I must say, that you have me beat a hundred to one.”

“You mean these old things, “ she said lifting them up, just as Rich entered the room.

“She’s got great tits huh mom.”

“Richard! Watch your mouth. I’m sorry, the kids say the darnedest things.”

“Oh I know. I’ve got a son, and two daughters. My son is younger and really gets into things. Sometimes I worry.”

“Like what?” Susan asked.

“Oh just the normal things boys are interested, primarily women's tits, and everything else female.”

“That pretty much defines everyone in my family, especially Phil. I can’t seem to please him, he’s always out looking for more pussy.”

“And you let him?” Barbara said, getting a little excited.

“Why not, if he fucks the next door neighbor, he gets laid, and happy, and I know he still loves me, and only me. If I fought it, he might leave me, and then I would be without first claim on his cock.”

“Very sensible. Say that reminds me. I have tickets on a cruise, it’s a rather extensive cruise, 2 months. It’s aboard a Sailing ship, a Schooner, and I can’t go. My family went on it and while on it I won eight tickets. Steve and I can’t go.”

“Steve? He’s a minister isn’t he?”

“Yes, we went, and now I have these tickets that will just go to waste if I don’t give them to someone. I’m afraid they only except children 18 and over though.”

“Are your children 18?”

“Oh, no Bobby’s 12, and the girls are 14, and 15.”

“But you said you and your family went?”

“Oh yes, well you see, to get the children on the ship, you need to sign an affidavit declaring that the children are 18.”

“Well it’s obvious that mine aren’t,” she said. “Two of them are only 12.”

“That’s okay, If you sign the affidavit, they won’t question it. Just stay in you’re cabin until they have the orientation. That’s about 4 hours, from the time you leave the dock. Oh, and I have air fare for 8 also.”

“Sounds great. I’ll talk to Phil.”

“Tell him everyone is beautiful, and handsome and the most of the women have great tits.”

“Well I’m sure the guys will enjoy that. Do they go topless?”

“Well I’ll just say, they will see plenty of nipples.”

“Barbara, I have a question to ask you. I hope you won’t get offended.”

“I won’t” she said. as she finished drying the dishes.

“Well Phil asked me if he could……you know, if he could..”

“Fuck me?”

“Yeah, that’s it. Fuck you. I told him to lay off, for cry’n out loud, you’re a preacher’s wife. I sorry I even had the guts to mention it.”

“Why not. I like a good fuck. What’s his cock like?”

“I’m surprised, isn’t your husband a minister?”

“Yes, but he’s not here, and last I saw my cunt was mine and not his so if I want to give it a little exercise, that’s my business. So tell me what is his cock like?”

“It’s nice, it’s circumcised, and I measured it at a little over 6 inches. When he measures it he gets 7 inches, but he cheats. Would it bother you if I watched?”

“No, if you want to join in it’s fine with me. I wouldn’t mind sucking those tits of yours anyway. Do you think your mother will be able to join you.”


“No, on the cruise?”

“Oh, I don’t see why not. They aren’t working.”

“Great. So what’s the plan, should I just take Phil up to my room when he gets done doing whatever it is he’s doing in the garage.”

“If you do that, and the kids see you, you may have more than you can handle. My boys want to get into your pants also. I’ve noticed their hardons, and their underpants have been a mess since you got here.”

“Your boys are sexually active?”

“Well, Oh shit I don’t know how to say this.”

“You’re fucking them? All of them?”

“Yes,” she said lowering her head. “You must think we’re awful.”

“Hell no, I think you’re wonderful. Come here.”

Susan stepped closer to Barbara and Barbara put her hand on her tit and squeezed, and stuck her tongue in her mouth. She took her hand and put it under her dress, and had her cup her hand over her cunt.

“What about your mother and your step dad?”

“Oh mother has been tongue fucking me since I was a Baby, I’ve got this clit shaped like a cock, and she loves to suck it.”

“Barbara stepped back and raised her dress, and pulled her panties off and spread her cunt lips.”

“Oh, my god, I thought mom and I were the only two with little cocks for a clit.”

“No. my sister, her daughter Joy, and my daughter Phyllis. It runs in the family.”

“My mom told me Aunt Samantha had one, but I didn’t know she had passed it on.”

“So your mom is into sex with you?”

“Yes and her grandchildren. Her new husband likes to fuck me and my little girls mouth. We’re terrible.”

“Can I tell you something.” Barbara asked.


“I didn’t win a trip. The boat is a hedonist boat. Everyone is fucking all the time. We, that is, Eve, my Mom and Eve’s Sister-in-law decided they wanted you in our little group, so we hoped to convert you to our hedonistic way of life by sending you on this trip. But since you are already, it seems, hedonists then I was wondering if you and your family would come with me back to California, I’ll pay for the air fare. And I would hope you wouldn’t tell anyone anything about the tickets, so we can give to someone who needs to be converted.”

“What about Mom?”

“Oh, absolutely, bring her and her husband. My mother will be delighted to see her and to fuck her husband, and of course dad is anxious to get his gigantic cock into your mother. Do you think she would like to join us?”

“I’m sure she would. “I’ll tell you what, I’ll call mom, and then we can get together.” She went into the kitchen, and picked up the wall phone and dialed her mother. They talked for a moment, and she hung up. “Mom said she and Paul will be right over. She was a bit surprised about my proposal.”

“Shall we go upstairs?” Barbara asked as she massaged, Susan’s breast through her thin fabric.”

“No, since you know everything about us, why don’t we make ourselves comfortable here in the Family room. Here let me put a video in the DVD.”

“I’m not sure I want to see a movie right now, my cunt is dripping.”

“Oh, I think you’ll like this,” she slipped it in, and pressed start. The TV screen lit up and the picture was of Susan, looking into the camera, just her face was showing in a close up. Someone off screen said. “Move back mom, so we can see your body.” Susan moved back showing her tiny body, and tits that are a bit large for her frame, and absolutely beautiful.”

“Oh Susan, you are absolutely wonderful, what size?”



A little girl, perhaps 10 ran into the frame, “Can I suck you titty Momma?” Susan turns around, a voice off camera said, “Let her suck your pussy momma. Spread your legs momma, if she doesn’t want to suck your cunt, I will, and a little boy runs into the frame. He is also 10, and has a little hardon.

“Oh isn’t that cute,” Barbara said. “What a lovely picture. Is that the twins?”

“Yes it was taken two years ago.”

The DVD continued and Susan laid down on the floor, spread her legs. The little girl went for her tits, and the little boy went for her cunt.”

“That looks wonderful,” Barbara said, she heard a noise and she looked at the stairs, all of the children were standing there watching.

“Why are you showing her our video, Momma,” the little girls asked.

“Because sweetheart, our cousin is going to join us.”

“Can I suck your cunt,” the 12 year old boy asked.

“Certainly dear, but I understand that your father would like to fuck me first. Is that okay?”


“And, I think you guys will be coming to California with me, and there are lots of little girls for you to put your lovely cocks into. Doesn’t that sound exciting?”

“Yeah, how old?”

“Well Bobby is 13, and the Joyce has just turned 14, then there is Dawn and Darlene, they are twins, and they are 12. Then of course there are their mothers, and your great-aunt Samantha, she’s your Grandmother’s sister. There are plenty of cunts to go around. They will be excited to get so many wonderful beautiful cocks to fuck and suck.”

Philip came in with Mable, and Paul. “I understand from your mother that we are going to have a fuck fest. You told her about us, all of us?”

“Yes, and she told me about the orgy in California, and she wants us to come out and join them. She is paying for the airfare.”

“You are leaving us,” Mable asked. “We’re going to be left alone here in Boston?”
“No, Mom, all of us are invited, all eight of us.”

“Oh, you had me scared.”

“Mom, show Barbara your body, I told her how beautiful you are, how you have kept your body in great shape.”

Mable slowly removed her top to reveal her double 38D tits, encased in a bra that held them up and straight. “I wear a bra most of the time. That prevents gravity from making them sag. She put her hands behind her back and undid the bra, letting it fall to the floor. “See?” Her tits were indeed youthful, the nipples stuck out and up like a girl in her twenties.

“I did have them lifted a bit, about 10 years ago. If they sag again, I’ll get them fixed, can’t see letting them go.”

“Take your panties off grandma, show her your cunt.”

“She slipped her shorts, and panties down her slender legs, and to the floor revealing a shaved pussy, and had very small lips. A clean cunt without a lot of meat hanging out, the only thing visible was that little cock clit with its head peeking out at the world.”

“Lovely,” Barbara said. “She reached down for the hem of her dress, and pulled it up over her head, revealing her full tits, and the thong panties. Then she slid her panties down revealing her cunt, which was nearly an exact duplicate of Mable’s.
“Oh I see Sam has passed on our clit. Show her yours Susan.”

Susan slipped out of her clothes, and another cunt, like all the rest.”

“Undress Sandy,” Susan said to the little girl. “She quickly got undressed, and revealed, a tiny replica of the other cunts.”

That night the boys lined up to fuck Barbara, and Barbara sucked cocks and cunts until they were all exhausted, and the guys were drained.


Now who will be selected next, any suggestions?

The End.

Hope you enjoyed.......

This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life.

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