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****Let me say this now. THIS IS NOT MY STORY THIS BELONGS TO GryphonWings if you want to read more of his stories go here this is a five part series**** *tags include
Human, First Time, Oral, Non-anthro, Vaginal, Love, Dragoness, Soulmates, M/F ps. i hope you love this like i did

Saphira's Intentions

Saphira trudged softly through the trees in Ellesmera, her beautiful blue scales glistening in the morning light. She rarely ever walked, usually preferring the sky, but today she just needed to think.

It had been a month since Glaedr had been killed by the evil Murtagh, and she was feeling highly depressed. She knew she had to continue the dragon race, but all of the dragon's she knew were dead or evil.

Saphira didn't usually worry about such matters but she knew she had to weigh the options. There was Glaedr, big and strong, but insistent that she wasn't meant for him. Now that option was no longer available. Also, there was Thorn, ridden by Murtagh, who had once been their friend but had betrayed them all. She couldn't forgive him for his atrocities. There was Shruikan, Galbatorix's dark dragon, but he was as pure evil as his owner.

That only left the egg. The last egg held by Galbatorix, which she knew they must rescue. It was their only hope. And even then, she thought sadly, he may not be suitable. She continued to pace through the thick trees, hanging her head.

A few miles away, Eragon was having a difficult time. With a lull in activity since Oromis' death and the battle with Murtagh, Eragon had lost track of time in Ellesmera. He spent his time training with the elves, who were the only creatures in all of Alegaesia who could match his speed and strength. He had renewed his advances on Arya, a beautiful elf with whom he wished to be with. He could never seem to do it right, however, and kept getting put down by her as a result of his awkwardness. Eragon had no doubt she wished to be with him but her duties prevented them from getting close.

Eragon sparred with a young elf, teaching him new methods of blocking, as he seemed intent on attacking constantly. Eragon admired his enthusiasm, and taught him a little longer than he would have normally. When they were finished, the boy thanked him generously and left in a great mood, pleased to have trained with the great 'Shadeslayer'. Eragon smiled and walked back to his sky house near the city itself, sheathing Brisingr, his stunning blue sword. Still, nothing was as stunning as his dragon, Saphira, who's hide glowed like a thousand jewels.

When he arrived he was surprised to see Saphira already there, waiting for him. He looked up at her and smiled, she always brightened his day. It was hard not to have developed such a strong bond after all they had been through in the past year. He saw up on the indent where her shoulder joined her neck and scratched behind her scales playfully.
"It's good to see you, little one," Saphira told him, speaking to him through their mental link, which allowed them to communicate thoughts and feelings without physically speaking.
"Likewise," Eragon replied. Slowly turning around, Eragon climbed onto her back as she took off into the sky, climbing miles into the cool evening air.

He sensed that she was troubled and questioned her about it. After telling him what had been bothering her, Eragon slowly inclined his head.
"I know, Saphira, it's hard. But don't lose hope, or we will certainly fail." Saphira snorted at the comment and shook her head roughly.
"I hear that so much these days, from Arya, Islanzadi, Orik and even you. But how can you know, Eragon? Since I have been alive I have lived through more death than should ever be witnessed by a single being. Even so, I missed the fall of the Riders, the massive onslaught of death and the downfall of civilization. I just don't think it is fair that I should be the last one to have to suffer because of what some madman did to his own kind and others." Saphira let loose a small plume of flame in anger and plummeted through the sky, with Eragon clinging to the saddle tightly.

Eragon didn't know what to say, so he remained silent as she landed at a place that he remembered well. It was the place where Saphira had first advanced on Glaedr, and where she had been rejected. He dismounted from her and looked around, spotting some of the scattered egg fragments from past dragons that had bred here. It was the Stone of Broken Eggs. Saphira stood even with Eragon and surveyed the area. It brought back memories, sad memories, and slowly she began to cry.

It was an amazing sound, rich with sorrow and anguish for what she had lost, and that which she could never have. Eragon had never heard her cry before; he had no idea what to do. He just waited patiently by her side until she began to stop.
"Eragon," Saphira asked, "what can I do? Tell me, please. I'm not sure I can do this much longer" Eragon reached out and wrapped his arms around her, feeling her pain through his mental link with her.

Eragon looked at her directly, and said in a reassuring tone, "Saphira, I cannot possibly begin to understand what you are feeling right now, so I won't even try. However, I have to put this to you, so please hear me out." When Saphira stopped and looked back at him sadly, he continued.
"We are both connected mentally and spiritually. Whatever you feel, I am influenced likewise. It is the same the other way around, you feel what I feel. Do you remember when I was rejected by Arya, the sadness that befell me? In this matter you felt the same, and it hurt greatly. But I pulled through and continued life with your help. Now it is my turn. You must see that if you fall apart on me, then I shall do the same. The world needs us to be strong, for we are the only hope left." Saphira listened quietly to her rider, slowly nodding her head.
"You will find a mate, I can feel it, and I would face Galbatorix himself to see that through."
Saphira lowered her head and asked, "You would do all this... for me?" Eragon nodded and waves of gratitude flooded him from her.

Saphira raised her head high and spoke to him, more confident now.
"Thank you, Eragon, I am sorry I have shamed you and the riders like this. I shall be strong now." Eragon didn't know how to respond, so he resorted to rubbing her neck scales softly.

She looked at him, a new question arising inside of her.
"Eragon, I have thought about this question for some time." She paused for a moment, unsure of how to continue.
"When you first touched me, and I left my mark on you we have been mentally and to a high degree, physically connected. I have wondered why for a long time, why the link between dragon and rider isn't just mental. Why do I feel your emotions so strongly?" Eragon thought about it for a moment before replying.
"Saphira, remember back when Trianna tried to seduce me and you stopped her, you said something about the fact we were 'intimately linked'? You also admitted you were jealous. Now that I think about it, what were you jealous of? Was it her stealing my company, or was it something else?"

Saphira took almost a minute before she said, "That day... I was just trying to stop you from making a huge mistake." Eragon looked at her fiercely.
"What mistake, me being with her... or, was it because... I would not be with you?" Saphira looked away at the question, taking a few paces before turning back to look at him.
"Eragon, I... I can't explain. I just... had a feeling, like I had to stop her." Eragon shook his head and took her chin in his hands, holding her head to his.

"Do you love me Saphira?" he asked, not allowing her any way of escaping the question.
"Of course, Eragon, how could I not?" Eragon didn't let it go.
"Is that all?" he asked.
"Eragon... I can't take this anymore. The answer to my question, it has long since been in front of my face the whole time. The reason... the reason why we are intimately linked, why I chose you as my rider, why I get a thrill every time you ride me through the skies." She stopped for a moment, and looked at him with piercing sapphire eyes.

"Eragon, my feelings for you... they are not what I believed they were. In all my travels I have sought out the company of another male dragon. But now, I realize, the only one I need is you." Eragon was confused.
"What are you trying to say?" he asked desperately. Saphira didn't know how to respond, so she did the first thing that came to mind.

"Eragon," Saphira said, bringer her head down to his and kissed him. Her mouth pressed against his, a fiery passion beginning to swell in her heart. He was shocked, he broke the kiss and stepped back. Saphira realized she had gone to far and moved her head quickly.
"I'm so sorry," she said quickly, "I just..."
"Saphira," Eragon said softly with his mind, "I was just surprised, that's all. You've made me see the light of feelings I have had for a long time." With that he took her strong jaw with his hand and kissed her back, Saphira melting into his lips as they shared their emotions with each other.

A minute later Saphira stopped and looked deep into his eyes.
"Eragon, I should have said this a long time ago. I love you, and I want you to be my soulmate for the rest of my life." Eragon stared at her, before putting his arms around her long neck.
"I would be honored, Saphira." he whispered to her. Saphira smiled and allowed Eragon to climb onto her back. She took off and flew back down towards the forest. They travelled about a mile further away from the city before landing in a hidden patch of forest.

"Where are we, Saphira?" Eragon asked, confused. He was sure he'd never been here before.
"I don't know, little one," Saphira replied. Eragon didn't understand.
Saphira continued, "I just wanted to be away from the rest of the elves at the moment. I'm sure they wouldn't find what we just did appropriate under the circumstances."
"What do you mean?" pressed Eragon.
"Well, we just committed to being together forever as mates. Seeing as the elves are trying to rebuild the draconian race I don't think they'd like it if the last dragon had just given up their last hope." Eragon was stunned, he hadn't thought about that. He was also stunned that Saphira had given that much up for him.

A further question nagged his mind.
"Saphira, when you say that we are committed to being together forever as mates, what does that mean? Where do we go from here?" Saphira looked at the ground, choosing her words carefully.
"We would... be like any other couple. We can talk, share each others company, it's just that we couldn't..." Her voice trailed off and she looked away from him sadly. Eragon realized what she had avoided saying and it suddenly dawned on him the awkwardness of the situation.

Eragon sat on the ground and looked at his thumbs. Because of their size they could never truly, well, be together, he thought. Or could they. A sudden image flashed through his mind of Saphira standing over him, waiting for something to happen. He laughed, it seemed so absurd. And yet the evidence was there.

Saphira looked at him laughing and asked impatiently, "What?"
"Saphira," Eragon began carefully, "Why couldn't we? I have yet to see one reason why not. It is a natural process, why does it have to be within one species. We are both sentient beings, there is nothing stopping us. And, if anything else, it would bring us closer together." Saphira was amazed by what he was implying. She imagined Eragon lying on top of her, ready to give her her hearts content. Saphira found the image quite pleasing, releasing more feeling she never knew she had.

"Eragon, you speak truths that I cannot deny. However, I must know one thing. After I was feeling down when Glaedr stopped my advances, you said I was the fairest of all dragons, did you truly mean it? Or were you just comforting me?" Eragon replied quickly and definitely.
"Saphira, you are the fairest of all dragons, or anything else in this land for that matter. You are beautiful to me, and I couldn't imagine being liked with anyone else. Saphira blushed inwardly, she was glad she was blue.

Taking a step towards Eragon, she asked him, "Would you really try, to attempt to be my mate? In all ways, mental and physical?" Eragon nodded, and slipped a hand onto her jaw.
"Would you be willing... to, uh... um..." Saphira's voice faltered. Eragon had never seen her this embarrassed.
Saphira swallowed her pride and said, "Eragon. I want you to mate with me, to be my parter through love." Eragon blinked at the gaze she was giving him, never more certain about something in her life.

"Saphira, I would be glad to. It would mean the world to me. But how, I mean, we have a... considerable size difference. I may not be enough for you." Saphira knew the answer to that.
"I know you may not be as, well, endowed as a dragon, Eragon, but remember that we are linked mentally. You will feel my pleasure and I will feel yours, meaning it will bounce across our link and feel tenfold better than anything even a full grown male dragon could provide." It was Eragon's turn to blush, he couldn't believe he was talking about having sex with a dragon. His dragon.

Eragon was unsure of what to do next, this being his first time with anyone, dragon or otherwise. The whole situation seemed like a dream, he couldn't believe this was happening. Even Saphira was having a hard time coming to terms with it. Saphira now knew what all her feeling had meant, why it felt like a current was running through her veins every time he touched her. Eragon had also discovered his hidden feelings, and was glad they were finally in the open, and reciprocated.

Saphira was getting excited just from the thought of Eragon getting naked. Eragon slowly stripped his clothes and turned back to Saphira, who marveled at his handsomeness. She also grew wide eyed at his lower region, imagining how good that would feel inside of her. If they made it that far. Eragon walked over to her, Saphira tensed from pure anticipation. He put his hand on her jaw, like always, and Saphira could feel herself getting wet just from that contact.

Eragon lent forward and kissed her, Saphira responding in kind. She opened her mouth a little and licked his face, to which he responded by opening his much smaller mouth. Her tongue slipped inside, rolling over the roof of his mouth and his tongue before the latter entered her mouth, his tongue now treating her. They kissed like this for some while, before Eragon slowly moved his head away.

Saphira looked at him and he blushed, he was so nervous he hadn't even gotten hard yet. She saw his discomfort and knew she'd have to do something about it. Lowering her head she flicked out her tongue and ran it over his entire package. Eragon shuddered and stepped back a little. Saphira felt sad, she had hoped he would like it.
"Don't worry, Saphira," Eragon said softly, "It's just that I've never really felt anything quite like that before. Please continue." Saphira felt much happier now, glad it was just nerves and not disappointment with her. She brought her head back down and slid her rough tongue over him again. Eragon lent against a tree behind him and spread his legs a little, allowing his dragon easier access.

Saphira continued her ministrations as she rolled her tongue over his balls, eliciting a moan from Eragon. She ran up his shaft and rolled over his head skillfully, now that it was almost erect. Clenching the tree to stop himself thrusting Eragon allowed Saphira to take his whole length, including his jewels, into her mouth. The hot environment inside her mouth made him speechless with pleasure, it was so steamy inside. She played with him on her tongue, rubbing and caressing his cock with her long, hot tongue.

Eragon had never had sex before, and he was really enjoying his first time. He knew there would be more to come, and he didn't know how it could be better than the treatment he was receiving now. Saphira's tongue-play was making him light headed, so lost in dreamy bliss as his dragon sucked him off. He wondered what Arya would say if she could see them.

Saphira was bobbing up and down on him now, her head sliding to and fro as she allowed Eragon's meat to slide on her bumpy tongue. The motions were making him want to push back into her.
Saphira could sense that he wanted it and asked mentally, "Go ahead, Eragon, you can do it." Eragon grinned, all nervousness gone as he heard his dragon's beautiful voice fill his head. Reaching forward he grabbed two spikes behind her head and pushed himself deep into her. Saphira took him inside her mouth easily, due to the fact that she was many times bigger than he was. Her head alone was the size of his torso at least.

He pounded his dragon's face repeatedly, sliding along her tongue for quite a while, allowing her saliva to coat his stiff erection. Saphira was enjoying herself; It wasn't a challenge to take his length but she loved the close contact with her rider, the feeling of a personal part of him inside of her body and mind. She was in no rush to complete the oral and at any rate wished it would never stop. But she knew he'd have to orgasm sometime.

"Saphira, I think I'm close," Eragon panted between thrusts. Saphira smiled.
"I want to taste you," she replied, "Give it to me." Eragon had no intention of refusing her wishes. With one swift motion she rolled her tongue over his cock, causing him to go over the edge. With a small grunt he thrust into her tongue hard, spurting a few shots of thick, creamy cum into her awaiting throat. She savored it with her tongue, milking him for everything he had.

When he was done, Saphira swallowed his jizz, surprised at how much he had produced considering his size. Eragon could taste his own semen through her feelings and he smiled, glad to have enjoyed such a personal experience with her.

He fell on Saphira's side, a little tired from his first oral sex. Saphira had other things in mind though, however, she just let him re cooperate.
"Thank you Saphira," he whispered in her ear. Saphira looked at him lovingly, still very much aroused.
"Eragon, do you think you can continue?" she asked. Eragon looked at her and smiled.
"Anything for you, my sexy dragon," Eragon replied. Saphira glowed at the compliment. He continued to look at her, and she realized it was a little awkward for him to continue.

She looked at him shyly, she had never exposed herself to anyone. She asked Eragon what to do, seeing as she was quite embarrassed about the whole thing.
"Would you like me to return the favor, Saphira?" Eragon asked sexually. Saphira agreed, and imagined herself standing up while Eragon slowly service her insides. Eragon saw her mental picture and suggested that it looked a little awkward.

Standing up fully he ordered, "Lie down on your back, Saphira." Saphira looked surprised, but then nodded, realizing it would be the best way. She rolled over heavily and landed with a thud on her back. Eragon climbed up her front leg and over her body until he reached her face, where the pair engaged in french kissing again, a little of Eragon's juices still on her tongue, which she gave to him happily. Eragon licked his lips and turned around.

He looked down her massive body, searching for something he would never have dreamed of looking for a day ago. He slid over Saphira's neck, down her soft underbelly, until he reached her tail, where he turned and faced her head. Straddling her tail, he looked down, looking for her private areas. He spotted them about one foot in front of where he was on the tail, at the base of her underbelly. The rock hard scales softened into blue skin, which in turn led to a moist pink opening with many secrets within, which Eragon intended to discover.

He goggled at it, it was as beautiful as the rest of her, and as large. Eragon lent down slowly and realized he could smell a enticing aroma coming from it. He breathed deeply, captivated by her strong scent. He brought his head down to look closer, he had never seen a vagina before. He had heard about sex from his adoptive father, Garrow, but he was surprised to see Saphira's large opening staring him in the face.

Eragon tentatively reached his finger out and touched her moist lips. Saphira took a deep intake of air as he ran his finger down the outside, slowly, briefly. Saphira closed her eyes as her rider explored her body. Saphira had no experience with sex either, but instinctual experience had guided her.

Eragon was now rubbing the top of her swollen sex, his fingers brushing briefly over her most sensitive area. He continues this for a few more moments before slowly, carefully, sliding a finger into her. Saphira snorted, her chest vibrating, as Eragon pushed into the wet folds. Eragon was surprised; he had thought that Saphira would be strong inside due to her size and strength, but he felt velvety soft ripples slick with dragon juices part easily under his hand.

By this stage Saphira was getting terribly excited. She moved a little under Eragon, unable to contain her pleasure much more. Eragon rubbed her walls slowly, enjoying the heated sensation on his fingertip. Saphira gasped as he slipped another finger in, making her eager for more.

A minute later he stopped, to which she looked up at him lovingly. Eragon stared at her, it was an interesting change for both of them to be in this position. Saphira was not used to being upside down. An interesting thought occurred to Eragon.
"I wonder what you taste like?" Eragon said to himself, but Saphira heard him.
"Help yourself, little one," she replied, laughing quietly. Eragon lay on his stomach and crawled up to her, until his face was right in front of her opening.

He brought his head down, the overwhelming scent from Saphira making him hungry for her. Saphira bucked a little when his tongue slowly slid across her lips before stopping to suck on her softly. Saphira almost threw him off in her waves of pleasure, so Eragon just held her tightly until she settled down.

"Please continue, Eragon," she pleaded when she had regained control. Eragon returned to lightly licking her up and down the outside, before he thought about how to proceed. He looked at Saphira. There really was no other way to do this cleanly. Saphira's vagina was large, and he would have to put his whole face into cleaning her out.

Shelving his dignity, Eragon put his forehead down on her belly and pushed his tongue inside of her. Saphira moaned loudly as Eragon licked her pussy walls. He had to push his nose in a little to reach fully inside of her, she was that large. Holding his breath he buried his tongue deep within her, lapping up her juices greedily. Eragon loved the taste, and she just kept producing more and more. Saphira shook a little as Eragon invaded her snatch with his mouth, sucking and licking her internally. Saphira was lying back, panting softly now as her rider and lover sated her needs.

Spreading her further with his fingers, he was able to taste her deepest regions, enjoying the rich, sweet flavor they provided him. Saphira bucked her hips a little as Eragon finally reached an extremely sensitive zone. With his mouth, tongue and a bit of nose buried inside her, Saphira arched her back and let loose a shattering orgasm.

Dragon juice squirted over Eragon's tongue and chin and leaked out between his body and her scales. He drank it all eagerly, never having enjoyed a liquid so much in his life. Saphira keep it coming for a while before she slowed down, satisfied by her rider. Eragon finished drinking and lay back, licking his lips. He looked at Saphira and she laughed.

"What's so funny?" Eragon asked her. She responded by leaning forward and wiping his chin with her claw, which came away soaked. Eragon laughed as well, and allowed her to lick his face clean of her juices. Eragon wrapped his arms around her neck and hugged her fiercely.
"Thank you, Saphira," he said to her gratefully.

Eragon was finally happy that he had gotten to share his body with his dragon, and best friend. Saphira was just as content, still feeling the effects of the orgasm she had just had. She looked at him with deep, blue eyes and began kissing him again, both of them lost in wild passion for one another. Saphira could taste herself on his tongue.

When they broke apart Eragon lay his head against hers and held her close to him. His thoughts wandered back to the many moments he had shared with Saphira, the conversations, the dangers, the highs and the lows. He smiled as he remembered when Saphira burst through into the chamber where the sorceress Trianna had tried to seduce him. He knew now her reasons, and loved her all the more for it now that he understood. Saphira was watching his thoughts carefully, enjoying the fact that Eragon was as pleased with being with her as she was with him.

Eragon scratched her scales absent-mindedly, looking back down at her underbelly, spying her still-dripping pussy. He slid down slowly Saphira looked to see what he was doing. He took a decent amount of her fluids onto his hands and began to massage them slowly onto his re-hardened cock. By the time he was fully lubricated his cock was throbbing painfully again, waiting for relief. Saphira looked at him, realizing what he wanted to do.

"Saphira," Eragon said quietly, "Would you do me the great honor of allowing me to take your virginity?"
Surprised and pleased by his up-front request, Saphira replied happily, "Mate me, Dragon Rider." With a quick nod Eragon re positioned himself so he was lying down on her stomach, straddling his legs over each side of her body. Saphira purred a little in pure joy, and Eragon heard the noise through her massive body. It was music to his ears, to hear her so content, so glad to be with him.

He took his slick member in his hand and rubbed it down her scales ever so slowly, stopping at the top of her awaiting opening. He took the time to tease her, sliding up and down the outside, dragging the shaft along her velvety entrance. He rolled his cock over her continuously, using one of his fingers to rub her sensitive nub.

"Eragon, are going to insist on teasing me all day. I have half a mind to roll over and force you to take me!" Saphira snorted and tossed her head a little.
Eragon smiled and replied, "You wouldn't, I know, and anyway it looks as though your enjoying it." He pointed to the fluids easing themselves out of her opening and all over his body. He was slipping on her now, his rubbing becoming easier as his whole stomach was now covered with dragon liquids.

Finally, after many agonizingly pleasurable minutes for both of them, Eragon decided to put his dragon out of her misery. Taking his stiff meat in his hands, he pushed the head into her needy pussy. Saphira lifted her head to look at her rider penetrate her. Eragon didn't realize how slippery he had become and his hands slipped on her fluids, causing him to fall on his chest and push his cock right in to the hilt instantly.

Saphira let out an ear-splitting roar as Eragon broke her hymen and pushed in deeply. She thrashed for a little while, Eragon holding on for dear life as his dragon writhed under him.
"Eragon," she moaned when she had settled down, "that was amazing! You feel so good inside of me, little one." Eragon grinned and felt her muscles contract around his length, squeezing his throbbing length pleasurably. He waited until she was ready while she massaged him inside of her body.
"Easy, Saphira, or I may not last long," Eragon warned. Saphira stopped herself and allowed him to get a good mounted position.

"Are you ready," he asked Saphira.
"Take me, Eragon, claim me for yourself." With a swift movement he pulled out of her and thrust in again, marveling at how large she was inside. He could thrust in fully without much resistance at all. Still, with the pleasure from Saphira bouncing across their mental link it was most likely the best sex anyone had ever had. He entered her at an increased pace, a large plopping sound coming from the sheer amount of fluid he was passing as he took her.

Saphira closed her eyes and allowed her thought to mingle with Eragon's. She could feel all of his movements as though they were her own, and so could Eragon for hers. He grabbed her tightly as he pushed himself to the limits of his ability, mating her like there would never be another chance.
"There will always be another chance, Eragon," Saphira mentally reminded him. Eragon smiled at this and pushed harder, pleasure begging to overwrite his mental functions.

Glad that she would always be there for him, Eragon drove himself in hard, her body allowing him to use her as he would. He was so close to his orgasm, and Saphira knew it.
"Eragon, I want to feel your semen inside of me, can you help in this regard?" Eragon picked up the pace, slamming into her, giving it his all. She looked down between her legs to see the shaft of Eragon's lovely cock appearing and dissapearing into her body. She thought it looked fantastic and wished Eragon would stay there forever.

FInally, after what seemed like an eternity, he pushed back in for a final time. Burying himself inside of her, he released his pent up load. Saphira breathed a small plume of fire as ropes of his creamy spunk coated her insides. Saphira couldn't take any more and let loose her second, powerful orgasm, her muscles milking his cock for everything he had. Eragon groaned as his thick seed shot deep inside his dragon, entering her body and spreading internally.

Saphira lay back as she rode out her orgasm. Eragon couldn't believe the strength of her pleasure, communicated to him by their powerful mental link. It was so strong now it felt as though they were one being, not two separate entities. Their love could not have been tighter at that moment, and Eragon knew it would be like this forever.

They lay there for some time, backing in the afterglow of their passionate union. Saphira was content to let Eragon stay inside of her for as long as possible. His erection slowly shrunk and he pulled out with a soft plop, more of their combined cum dripping off the end of his meat. He looked at her and slowly slid off her body, his whole front literally covered with his dragon's emissions. He wiped himself to no avail, so Saphira rolled back onto her legs and aproached him, licking the last of it off.

Eragon looked at her underbelly, not surprised to see a steady drip coming from under her tail. He had expected that. Saphira lowered her head and Eragon climbed on her back after slipping back into his clothes.
"I love you, Saphira," Eragon added affectionately.
"And I, you," the beautiful blue dragon replied seriously, never having been more certain of any fact in her life.
"What do we do from here?" Eragon asked inquisitively.
"Well, I'm not sure. We could return to the elves, they would never have to know. We could keep this between us."
"I think that would be a good idea, not coming out about it."
"We may be shunned permanently, Eragon, so I agree it's for the best."
"So Saphira, how did you think I measured up to a dragon?" Saphira grinned before replying.
"Well, you performed admirably. I couldn't imagine a better partner."
"You're just saying that," Eragon accused her.
"Look at my thought, you know I speak truly, Dragon Rider."
Eragon knew, and sighed.
"Will we do this again, Saphira?" he asked softly.

"Every moment we get, Eragon, every moment we get."

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