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Cindy decides to she wants to make her fantasy come true, which is to play bondage with her sexy English teacher.
[b]Authors note: This is my first time writing a story like this, so I hope you like it

Afterschool pleasure[/b]

At Golden Star High school, class 12 D was having an English lesson and the teacher is Ms Taylor. Taylor is a 30 year old woman with long blonde hair and blue eyes; she also has an amazing figure that almost every girl dreamed of having.

“Class open your book to page 25” Ms Taylor said.

In the front row sat Cindy. Cindy was eyeing the teacher from head to toe and she couldn’t help fantasizing about the teacher. For some time now Cindy have been thinking of trying new things, like bondage, but she wanted to be the “master” and have a willing slave. The only one who she could think of being her slave is her teacher. How could she not with a hot teacher like her, especially a teacher with sexy body and big chest.

Cindy couldn’t wait anymore to have the teacher and so she prepared few things for today, after school. But she needed to find a way to try and persuade the teacher into staying after school. Then she got an idea. Since she is a student, she can pretend that she needs help with her English and can ask the teacher to stay.

“Everyone read the story on page 25 to 45” Ms Taylor said.

Cindy got up and went to the teacher, “Ms Taylor, I am having a hard time with writing essays, and I was wondering if you could stay after school and help me.”

Ms Taylor looked at her student and smile, “of course”

“Thank you” Cindy smiled and walked back to her seat. Then the bell rang, it was lunch. Everyone packed their bags and left. Cindy walked to the door and saw a boy who was an eighth grader looking at Ms Taylor. She instantly knew that look in his eyes and what he wants, ‘that’s great maybe I can use him’ Cindy thought to herself. She went to the boy and talked to him.

Finally it was 3 pm and it was time for the students to go home. Cindy ran to class with a bag in her hand and hid it behind the door, and then Ms Taylor walked in.

“So Cindy how about we get started” Ms Taylor said.

“Okay” Cindy said. Cindy went and sat in her usual seat, and got her books out. For ten minutes Cindy and Ms Taylor were working on the essay that Cindy needed help in.

“Okay Cindy, write a draft and then when you have all your ideas on the paper start on your essay and tell me if you need any help” Ms Taylor said, she liked helping students and would do anything to help them.

Cindy waited for 5 minutes and decided it was time. She stood up and walked to the teacher, “you know Ms Taylor you’re really beautiful” Cindy said.

“Why thank you and you too” Taylor said feeling flattered.

“Thanks. You know the boys in our class always talk about you, they say that you have a great chest” Cindy said shyly or at least pretending.

Taylor was surprised, she had no idea what the boys were saying and that Cindy had the guts to tell her. She didn’t know what to say.

“Can I see them” Cindy said smiling mischievously.

“Excuse me” Taylor said; she couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

“I just want to look at them, see how great they are. Come on please, I know you like it when you show your breasts to students” Cindy said in a more strong voice and walked up to the teacher. She stood in front of her, and looked down since Taylor was sitting down. She came closer and touched her breasts.

“What are you doing, this is inappropriate” Taylor said; however she can’t believe she was getting aroused.

“It’s ok, no one is here” Cindy said and began to unbutton her blouse, but Taylor stopped her, “stop this now or you will be in trouble” she said, her voice was shaking.

Cindy then got mad and slapped her, “shut up bitch, you will do as I say” then she ripped tailors’ blouse, her breasts were big, they looked like they could be a D cup. Cindy grabbed her breasts and began to message them, after a minute Taylor moaned. Cindy smiled “you like that don’t you”. Cindy then went and grabbed her bag from behind the door and opened it.

“Ms Taylor, please strip down to your panties” Cindy commanded.

By now Taylor didn’t care, she was aroused and did as she was told. She stood up and unzipped her blouse and skirt and let it fall. She stood there in only her black bra and underwear. Cindy walked to the teacher and stood behind her, “I’m going to blindfold you, it will make things interesting” when Taylor didn’t say anything she put the blindfold on her. Then she went brought the ropes, she went back to the teacher and made her lie down on the desk. She got the rope and ties Taylor’s hands to the legs of the desk, “what are you doing” Taylor said scared.

“Don’t worry, it won’t hurt” Cindy said and continued to tie the ropes, and then she went the front and spread tailors’ legs and tied them to the desks legs, so she was spread open.

“Now wait here, I’m going to get something.” Cindy said and left.

Taylor was worried that someone might come but it was after school so probably everyone went home. She then wiggled and saw that she couldn’t move since she was tied to the desk. Then 10 minutes later Cindy came back with the young boy she saw watching Taylor.

“Taylor, Cindy decided to stop saying Ms and just say her name, “I brought someone else, his name is mike, and he too wants to do you” Cindy said, she looked at Mike and saw he was shy but also curious.

“Wait, you brought someone, what if he tells someone?” Taylor said worried.

“It’s ok Taylor, I won’t tell anyone” mike said, Cindy also told him to just call her by her name.

“Okay mike, you see that bag by the desk, in that bag there are many toys you can use on Taylor. You can do whatever you want” Cindy said and led him inside the classroom.

“What do you mean? What kind of toys?” Mike said confused. After all he was only a kid.

“Go take a look” Cindy said. Mike went and saw there were dildos, vibrators, scissors and many things. “You can do whatever you want with these and use them however you want”. Mike didn’t know what to do, he looked at Taylor and saw her breast and wondered what her breasts looked liked. He reached inside the bag and took the scissors and walked up to Taylor. Cindy walked and sat in the teachers chair and decided to watch.

Mike, with his right hand touched Taylors’ breast and messaged it every way, he saw her nipple straining against the bra and rubbed it.

“Mmmm’ Taylor moaned arching her back towards his hand.

It was the first time mike has heard a woman moan and he liked it. He rubbed her nipple a few times and then squeezed it gently and twists it every way he can. The he decided he wanted to see her breast, so he grabbed the scissors in his left hand he cut her bra at the front, and moved the bra to the side. He couldn't believe how big her breasts were, and so with both of his hands he grabbed her breast hard and messaged them again. ‘Wow, so that’s what breasts look like, and they’re so soft’ mike thought. He bent down and licked her right nipple and played with the other one. Taylor began to squirm,’ this feels so good’ she thought.

Cindy, who also began to feel horny, she began to rub her own breasts. She looked at mike and said “you don’t have to be gentle with her, bitches like her like it rough”. Mike looked at her nipples saw how hard they are. With his thumb and forefinger he squeezed them harder than he wanted to, “ahhhh” Taylor screamed. Because of her scream he thought she was hurt, however somehow he likes it when she screamed. He let go of her nipples and squeezed them again, but this time harder than the first time, “aaaahhhhh, please stop, it hurts” Taylor said, be he didn't listen, while squeezing the right nipple he twisted the other one none too gently, “ahhh, mmm” Taylor moaned out of pain and pleasure. He let go of her nipples and she sighed in relief, mike then sucked on her left nipple, and then bit it gently while he scratched her right nipple with his fingernails,” mmmmmm” Taylor moaned again, then she felt him bite her nipple hard and pulled on it, ‘ahhhh’ she yelled and arched her back, then thrashed from side to side hoping he would let her nipple go. Finally after a minute he left her nipples. Mike turned around and saw she was still wearing her underwear, and wondered what her pussy looked like, but wasn't sure if he should take them off.

“ mike take her underwear off, then grab the electric red dildo from the back and plug the wire in the wall, then just run it along her body” Cindy said getting excited, she decided things should get more exciting. Mike did as he was told. He didnt know what the red dildo would but he was willing to try. He walked to the other side and with the scissors in his again, he cut her underwear and removed them. He saw she had no hair, and it looked smooth. Before grabbing the toy he wanted to touch her pussy. With his hand he pulled Taylors pussy apart and looked at it, it was his first time looking at a pussy. Taylor’s pussy was pink from the inside and it looked wet. He lightly caressed her between her slit, and indeed she was really wet, “mmmmm, oh don’t stop” Taylor moaned, she loved what he was doing to her.
Mike couldn’t believe that just by touching her she was getting hornier. He began to rub her pussy harder, then he saw a button appear and wondered what would happen if he touched it.

Cindy saw where he was looking, and that he was nervous, so she decided to help him. She walked and stood beside mike, “here let me help you” she said, “you keep rubbing her and watch what I do with her clit”. Mike rubbed her harder up and down, Cindy brought her hands to Taylors pussy and with her thumb she rubbed her clit in a circular motion, “oooohhhh, yes, yes” Taylor moaned and began to thrust her hips. Cindy told mike to put his fingers inside her pussy, at first mike wasn’t sure how, but then with his index finger he slowly pushed and began to push his finger in and out slowly. Taylor was going crazy, she wanted him to go faster and so she thrusted her hips more against mikes finger hoping it was enough hints for him to go faster. Mike noticed and decide to put in his middle finger and fucked her with his fingers fast, “ yes that’s it, good boy, go faster” Taylor moaned louder, Cindy was still rubbing her clit, when she saw mikes fingers go fast she grabbed her clit and squeezed it really hard making Taylor scream in pleasure and have her orgasm. Cindy then decided to go back and watch them. Mike wanted to try and eat her pussy, he heard some of his talking about "eating" a pussy and thought this might be his chance. He bent down between her legs and licked her between her slit. He found out that he it didn’t taste bad, so he began to lick her faster and harder, then be brought his other hand and played with her clit, by now Taylor was thrashing against mikes tongue, almost reaching her second orgasm. Mike continued to lick her, then he moved his tongue over her clit in a circular motion and shoved two of his fingers inside her, he could feel the walls of her pussy clench and quiver, he fingered her faster, “mmmmm, oh shit I’m going to cum” Taylor moaned, seconds later her orgasm took over her body and arched back, mike then removed his fingers and squeezed her clit really hard, Taylor’s thick white cum came running down her pussy. Taylor was breathing really hard, “fuck that was the best orgasm ever” she said in daze.

Mike went to the bag and pulled the red dildo and plugged it in to the wall, he looked at Cindy and that’s when he saw her playing with her pussy. From watching Mike finger fuck Taylor, Cindy was aroused and felt herself become wet, so she decided to relieve herself. Cindy saw Mike look at her and asked if something is wrong. He said “I just wanted to ask you how to use this”.

“Try it and see, after you plug it in, just put it anywhere on her body” Cindy told him. She didn't tell him on purpose just to see where he will put it on Taylor's body.

Mike walked to the side of the desk and brought the tip of the dildo to her nipple, when he did he saw a spark which made Taylor scream. He then knew it emits some kind of electricity when it touched her and so wanted to do it again. He put it on her other nipple and she jumped, “eeeekkk” she yelped. Mike ran the dildo all over her body, stomach, arms, and thighs. Then he looked at her vagina and wondered if it’s okay to put it there, ‘well I won’t find out if I don’t try it’ he thought, so he slowly put the tip of the dildo on her clit, “aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh” Taylor yelled, even though it hurt, it felt good at the same time, so he kept it there and saw how she screamed louder and tried to get away from it.

Cindy saw what he did, she was going to tell him that he shouldn’t put it there, but when she saw Taylor’s reaction and she liked it and decided not to. She wanted to join them, however she liked watching them.

Mike slid the dildo down to her opening and put it in there, “oh my god!!!, please take it out, it hurts!!!” Taylor said begged, she couldn’t take it anymore, the pain was too much and she was reaching her orgasm really fast, however mike didn’t listen and began to thrust the dildo in and out of her really fast, just when she was about to cum he took it out and put on her clit, that’s when she screamed and then squirted. He decided that it was enough and wanted to try something else. He went to the bag and saw what else is there. He saw a really big and thick dildo; he pulled it out and walked back to Taylor. He brought the dildo to her pussy and rubbed then he shoved it in her, since it was really big he couldn’t put it in all the way. He began a slow rhythm, then gradually he increased his speed until he was fucking her with it really fast, Taylor moaned and began to thrust her hips against the dildo. Cindy went and stood behind Taylor and play with her nipples,”mmmmmmmmm” Taylor moaned, “yes, yes, don’t stop” Taylor ranted, then mike brought his right hand to her clit, when Cindy saw him she nodded her head at him then they both squeezed her clit and nipples really hard at the same time while mike was thrusting the dildo in her with his left hand, that’s when Taylor came while screaming and thrusting her hips high up in the air. By then Taylor was really spent, she couldn’t take it anymore, Cindy sensed how tired Taylor is, “ well how about we stop here and we can continue tomorrow” Cindy said whispered in Taylors ears. Cindy went and put everything in her bag then untied Taylor and took off her blindfold. Taylor sat up and tried to stand up and saw how her legs were shaking, she went and grabbed her clothes and put them on.

Taylor and Mike walked to the door leaving Taylor behind, planning for the next meeting.

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cindy and mike should fuck

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