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A fantasy I had sometime ago with a girl who would have enjoyed this had we actually gotten together.
We pull up outside her house. I get out of the car a hurry around to the other side to open her door before she can.

“Will you ever let me do that myself?” she asks.

“Not as long as my legs work.” I break into a big smile.

Marcie smiles back. I offer her my arm as she stands up, and I close the door. I'm stunned by her: 6 feet tall, blond, shoulder-length, wavy hair, and 34B breasts. She's wearing a mostly-white, skin tight T-shirt and blue jeans, which outline her fine, almost flat ass. We walk up to her front door. She pulls out her keys, unlocks the door, and we proceed inside. After closing the door she turns, and we kiss. Its amazing; all the love that erupts from both of us as our tongues intertwine. We break and smile at each other. (I probably look like a dumb dog.)

“Sit down, honey. I have to pee.”

I walk over to her couch and drop down as she goes down the hall to the bathroom. I look around at her living room. Its nothing much: just a couch, a recliner, and a TV with a few pictures on the walls. After a few moments, Marcie returns.

“Come here. I've got something I want to show you.” She's grinning, evilly.

“Oh, all right.” I get up. She runs over, grabs my hand, and prances in front of me down the hall. She turns sideways a couple times, which gives me an excellent view of her bouncing tits. I'm rock hard already.

We enter her room, and I see her surprise. She's bought “for me” a new leather dominatrix outfit. I turn and grin.

“Happy birthday!” She's all smiles. “Have a seat on my bed, while I go put it on.”

Marcie grabs the hanger off her closet door and goes back down the hall to the bathroom. A million thoughts are running through my head

I love her...
This is going to be fun...
She's beautiful...
I wonder what she's going to do to me...

She returns a minute later. She tosses her clothes into the basket by the door as she enters the room. I can't take my eyes off her. She's wearing knee-high boots that put an extra six inches on her height, a black leather thong, and a corset with built in bra. In her right hand, she's holding a cat-of-nine-tails. To top it all off, she's got a Zorro-style mask. This, while sexy, isn't designed to stay on the whole time.

“Damn,” is all I can say. She smiles, but only for a moment.

She walks over to her stereo and presses a button. Techno music fills the room.

“Strip. Now. But make it sexy for me,” she orders.

I quickly jump up as she sits where I was. I'm not much of an exotic dancer. Muscles? Forget about 'em. I'm the local computer repair geek. I haven't been in a weight room since it was required for seventh grade gym class. I spend most of my free time either playing Star Trek games or hanging out with my girl. Except during sex and the shower, my shirt never comes off. I'm as white as the center of a baked potato.

I start moving about in my best imitation of the Chippen Dales. I haven't a clue what that is like actually, but I can make guesses. I start by kicking off my shoes. After a few more moments, I start slowly lifting my shirt. I glance at Marcie. She's leaning back with her hands behind her for support, whip still in the right. She's slowly shaking her head.

“Not sexy enough. That's one lashing my slave will be getting.”

I put a mock frightened look on my face. It's a real threat, but she knows how much I enjoy whippings. In the spirit of the game, I attempt to make my dancing better. Unfortunately, it's not much. The shirt comes off and I flip it like a towel a few times before sliding it between my legs. I can tell she wants to laugh, but now isn't the time.

“That's another lashing, just for that.”

I grin outwardly, and she raises a threating eyebrow. I drop my shirt and start undoing my pants. I slowly slide towards her. This seems to make her happy. I tease her a bit by dropping them slightly, then lifting them back into place. She likes it, so I decide to go a head a drop them. I step out and kick my jeans over with my shirt. This just leaves me in my boxers. My dick is sticking straight out and threatens to pop through the hole in the front. I turn my back to her and back up a bit. This puts my ass about a foot and a half away from her. I drop the boxers and turn back around. My 6 inch long, one and a half inch wide dick comes into her view for the first time tonight. Admittedly, it's not big, but it's not really small either. It makes her happy, and that's what is important.

She reaches out, grabs her remote, and clicks off the stereo. “Not bad, but my slave needs much improvement still. That's only three lashings tonight. How many was it last time, slave?”

I drop my head. “Seven, Mistress.”

“That's right,” she replies. “Now, bend over the side of the bed.”

She stands back up as I kneel on floor. I bend my torso over her bed. She steps up and places a blindfold over my eyes and cuffs my hands behind my back. In this position, I can only wait for the whip to whoosh through the air.

Smack! The first lashing hits my right ass cheek flat. I whence a little, but that one wasn't aimed quite right. I wait a few seconds before I hear the next one coming. Smack! It snaps a little harder on my left cheek. The seconds tick by as I wait for the third and final blow. The suspense starts to get to me. Smack! Smack! Two blows, across the right cheek, then a backhanded one across the left. I scream in pain.


“Shut up. My slaved enjoyed that, didn't you, slave?”

“Yes, Mistress,” I whine. It is the truth though.

“Stand up, slave.”

I struggle to my feet. Without the help of my hands or eyes, I almost fall over her bed. I guess it's obvious because my mistress laughs.

“What a klutz!”

She laughs some more as I finally get to my feet. She undoes the cuffs and moves my hands to in front of my body, then rebinds them. She does remove the blindfold completely though. She stands in a obviously dominate posture, with one hand on her hip, the other with the whip hanging down to one side.

“Lie down, slave.”

I flop back onto her bed and scoot back. As soon as both my feet are on, she pounces. She places her crotch right over my face while straddling my head.

“Eat me while I watch my slave jerk off.”

I start to wonder how this is going to work when I spot a button on the leather. I reach up with my teeth and grab the small flap of leather that overlaps. The front and back of her thong separates and her bare pussy comes into view. I reach down with my hands and start to pump my own cock. My tongue extends out and starts to feels its way around her folds. My mistress lets our a light moan at the touch. I lick her outer lips while working my way in. Some of my own fluids emerge from my tip which allows me to avoid friction burn. I start working my way towards her clit, a task which is made difficult by how far she is above me. My neck soon gets sore from holding my head up so long. I drop my head down for some rest and almost immediately get a whip across the chest.

“Did I say my slave could stop?” she demands.

I plead with her.“No, but my neck...”

Smack! “I don't give a rat's ass about your neck. Now get back to work, slave.”

I obediently lift my head and get back to licking. After a few moments, my mistress starts to relax and lowers herself a bit. This is nice for my neck, but it also means we'll be moving on soon. I can feel her climax building. She begins panting and lowers herself farther. A few seconds later, she lays down on my chest and stomach, and starts moaning.

“Move your hands. I need a cock.”

I pull my hands up just in time as she envelops my dick in her mouth. I start focusing more. The longer I can hold her before her orgasm, the longer the blowjob will be. I begin licking circles around her clit. This drives her nuts, and she pulls her head off and licks and sucks my nuts. I go back to licking her clit directly, and she goes back to face-fucking my cock. I start licking faster and faster. As I do so, the head bobbing on my dick gets faster and faster. After a few more seconds, its to be too much for her. She lifts her head and screams. As she does so, jets after jet of her cunt juice shoots into my mouth. Some misses and shoots across my face. I never let off of my assault on her clit. She stops squirting but continues cumming.

“Ah! Ah! Fuck yes! Lick my clit!”

I keep going. Suddenly, Marcie drops her head down to my left thigh and clamps on with her teeth. A mixture of pain and pleasure runs through my body. I continue licking as best as I can. A second later she lifts her head and looks at my leg.

“Good. I was getting thirsty,” she comments.

She drops her head back down and runs her tongue along my leg, licking up the blood that has seeped out. She does this a few more times as I slow my licking. I eventually stop. She gets up and looks at me. She's got some blood around her mouth. She was apparently more enthusiastic than I thought.

“Mistress, may your slave have a taste?” I ask.

“Certainly,” she replies.

She leans over me and french kisses me. I taste my blood all in her mouth. She gets back up and removes her thong completely. She reaches over and puts the blindfold back on me.

“On your knees, slave,” she demands.

I roll over and get on my knees. My mistress pushes on the back of my head, bending me over. I rest on my arms on her bed. I hear something unzip and some shuffling. What's she doing? I ask myself. Moments later I feel some wet rubber near my ass hole. Marcie grabs my hips and pulls me back slightly. She's wearing a strap-on! She pushes her fake cock into my ass. She only a half an inch before relieving the pressure. She then pushes a bit farther. After about six or seven strokes, she's buried her dildo up to the hilt. She decides to be kind and waits a few moments for me to get used to her fake dick in my ass. Slowly, she begins rocking back and forth, her cock sliding out and in my ass.

The pain from my stretched ass begins to subside, and I begin enjoying the filling feel of the strap-on up my ass. Marcie begins pumping faster. I hear her moan in pleasure, and I do the same.

“Does my slave enjoying being my man-cunt?” she teases.

“Yes, Mistress. I love the feeling of that dick in my ass,” I reply.

My mistress grabs my hips tighter and quickens her pace. I can't help but rock back and for with her. I feel a new sensation with the dildo in my ass. The tip is stimulating my prostate. My own cock is harder than ever. I groan in pleasure as I realize this. Marcie laughs then almost immediately moans again. She begins fucking my ass harder. Soon she's gasping and breathing very quickly. I adjust my own rocking to be in counterpoint with her thrusting. Moments later, she screams, and I feel my ass being filled with a fluid.

“What the fuck?!” I exclaim, but I keep my pace going. My mistress slows her pace after a few more thrusts and spurts from her dildo. She releases me and collapses next to me. She reaches up and removes my blindfold. After my eyes adjust to the light, I look at my mistress. She's on her back, her chest heaving. She's removed her corset, which must have been the zipping sound I'd heard earlier. Between her legs is a black strap-on, about 7 inches long and one and a half inches wide, just slightly longer than me.

I nuzzle up to her and begin sucking on her left nipple. After a few moments she leans up, and I whimper.

“You'll get it back in a minute,” she reassures me. She holds up the handcuff key. I extend my arms for her to remove them, which she does. She then lies back down in her former position. I begin nursing on her left tit again as my left had wanders over to her right breast. I message her tit for a moment, rolling her nipple between my thumb and forefinger and giving a slight squeeze. He gasps in pleasure and then again as I flick her other nipple with my tongue.

“You've been a good slave tonight. As a reward, you get to fuck me anyway you like and cum when you want,” she says.

“Thank you, Mistress.” I pull myself into a partial sitting position. I lean over and kiss her. Our tongues intertwine once more. After a moment, I pull back and look into her blue eyes. “I love you.”

“I love you, too, baby,” she responds.

I slide toward her feet. I reach down and unlace her boots. They are difficult to get off, but Marcie helps out some. After her boots are off, I reach up for the strap-on. She lifts her hips to allow me to pull it off. There is a popping noise followed by a gasp from Marcie. I see how my ass was filled with fake cum. Toward the front of the strap-on, there is piece of rubber shaped like a little finger. This was used to stimulate her clit. Behind it there is a bulb which goes up into her pussy. When she came, her pussy squeezed around it, causing it to squirt the fake jizz into my ass.

“You forgot to show me this earlier,” I tease.

“That would have ruined the surprise,” she retorts.

I lean up and kiss her again. “I love you,” I repeat. She smiles, and I kiss her again.

I get up on my knees and begin to lift myself up over her. She parts her legs to allow me to get between. I lower myself down onto her body. As I do so, I slowly slide my dick into her love hole. I lower myself farther and wrap my arms up underneath her arms and around her shoulder. I begin slowly pistoning in and out of her pussy. Her muscles clamp around my cock as she gasps. A smile forms on her face as her eyes roll up into her head and then shut. I begin moving faster and watch as her boobs bounce up and down with my thrusts. I lean my head down and take her right nipple into my mouth. She moans as I suck on it, giving it the attention it deserves now.


“Yes, honey?”

“May I fuck you in the ass? You did it for me; now I want to return the favor.”

“Of course. I said you could fuck me anyway you wanted.”

I slide back off her and my dick pops out of her pussy. She rolls over and gets on her hands and knees. I approach her on my knees. I slide my dick into her pussy for just a little bit more lube. I pull it right back out and place it at the entrance to her ass. I push forward gently, and her ass relaxes to accept my intrusion. I push a bit harder and slide a bit further. She leans back, pushing me in even farther. I pull back and thrust once more, burying my cock as far as it can go into her ass. Marcie is breathing hard again from a mixture of pleasure and pain. I'm in heaven. I can't believe how tight her ass is, no matter how many times I've fucked it before.

I wait for her to get used to me, just as she waited before. After a minute, I begin slowly moving in and out of her tight ass. The sensation is wonderful, the best I've had all night. I grab her hips and start moving faster. I begin groaning and mumbling in pleasure.

“Ah. Urgh. Fuck yes.”

She's returning it.

“Yes. Yes. I love your cock in my ass.”

I begin pulsing faster and faster. She tightens her ass around my cock, and I moan louder.

“Oh, yes! That's it!”

She now starts working harder to get me to cum. I lean forward a bit, wrap my arms around her stomach, and pull up a bit. She leans up a ways. I reach higher and grab a tit in each hand and pull her farther up. Now instead of a back and forth motion, its more of an up and down. She arches her back as much as possible to keep my dick in her ass. I squeeze and message her tits as she bounces on my cock. A few moments later, she drops her hand down to her front and starts fingering her own pussy.

“Ah! Ah! Harder! Fuck me harder! Fuck my ass harder!” she screams.

I increase my pace and force to as much as possible. She screams louder as I pinch her nipple between my fingers. She starts begging.

“Cum in my ass! Cum now! I want your cum in my ass!”

I feel my own orgasm coming on. I redouble my efforts to pound her ass as hard as possible. I can't hold it any longer. My orgasm engulfs me. I throw back my head and howl.

“Aaah! Aaah! AAAH! YES!”

I shoot load after load of cum far into her ass. My final few thrusts aren't as fast, but they are harder. I slow to a stop after squirting about ten times. My hands are numb, and I'm light-headed. I release her tits and collapse on the bed. She lies down facing me.

“That was wonderful, baby,” she says. “Did you enjoy it?”

I grin. “What do you think?”

She smiles back. “I think you loved it.”

“Oh, you got that right.”

“I love you, baby.”

“I love you, too.”

She rolls over onto her other side and scoots back against me. My now limp dick is right up against her ass. She reaches around, grabs my right arm, and pulls it around her. I gently kiss her neck a few times before cupping her breast. I kiss her a few more times, and we both drift quickly off to sleep.

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2017-01-02 06:05:49
I spend so much time looking for good dom/sub stories. I am in a committed relationship with my girlfriend being the sub. Nothing insane, just light shit, but we experiment some. Sounds weird, but you're a good writer. If you just post here, then I want to suggest you start writing some non-erotic stuff, and try writing for wider audiences. Anyways, I got a good fap off from imagining a bit of role reversal, so job well done.

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2016-08-18 13:13:31
It's so hard to find good femdom/romance stories. I am in an excellent relationship, very similar to this one, in that it is mostly confined to the bedroom, and there's none of that cbt shit involved. My girlfriend and I are just normal people who find pleasure in a different way than some others do. All that to say, good job, and you need to write more!

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2013-04-23 01:37:56
I'm a female. I love your story and i love nerdy boys ;)

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2012-08-09 22:04:41
Ive fapped to this story so many times, you NEED to make more stories dude! Its like an addiction man! 8D

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FzSqKc Fresh thoughts, fresh view on the subject..!

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