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What would you do if you had all summer to fuck without consequence?


"Doc, tell me you're joking!"

Bill Whip looked at his Doctor with wide open eyes; he could scarcely believe what he was being told. "I'm 20, I'm in college, that's not supposed to happen till I'm old"

"I'm sorry Mr Whip, it's not a nice thing for me to say, but the test results are back and it's conclusive, without an operation you will never, through traditional methods, be able to have children.

"Shit," Bill slumped back into his seat. He sat silent for a moment, digesting what the doctor was saying. "But with the operation I'll be all right?"

"The operation has a high rate of success, Mr. Whip; there is no reason to doubt it will work for you.

"And it's all because of the tubes," Bill laced his fingers together and held them out, "they're mixed up?"

"In a word - yes. But now is not the time to worry about it, now is the time to enjoy life, and then, when you are ready, come back to me and we can discuss the procedure some more." The Doctor gave him a reassuring smile.

"And you're sure I'll always be able to…" Bill hesitated for the right words, "…perform. I mean, will women be able to tell?"

"On the outside, Mr Whip, you are normal. And yes you will always be able to ejaculate. So no, no-one will be able to tell."

Bill sat in silence for a few more moments, then stood up and thanked the doctor. He walked out of his the doctor offices and into the harsh June sun. Summer was coming. Grabbing an iced coffee from a small coffee shop, he took a walk. And as he walked he thought it over, and the more walked, and the more he thought, the better he began to feel.
Sex, as often as he wanted, and no chance of kids. Maybe this summer was going to be a good one after all.


It was two days later, about 11pm, and Bill was lying in bed. Not his bed, he noted, as he looked at the young women lying asleep next to him. She was a petite thing, red hair and pale skin, with freckles that matched her hair and pink lips that matched her pretty pink nipples. Anne, he thought, or was it Amy. They'd met at the mall, in the food court, she was just leaving her friends and he was grabbing a bite to eat. Had she told him her name? She must have. He looked around the room for a clue - and there on the wall an old birthday poster - Happy 17th birthday Alexis. Good he thought, Alexis. But shit, 17? He hoped that the poster was a couple of years old; he didn't want to get in trouble. Do 17 year olds let you fuck them in the ass he wondered, thinking back to earlier that night and how he'd had his first go at anal sex. It had been awesome, although it had only lasted a couple of minutes till he saw Alexis biting her pillow, trying to hide a tear that ran down her cheek.

"Sorry, " she had apologized afterwards, "I haven't done that before and it was a bit sore."
Bill hadn't minded, and spent a thoroughly pleasant 15 minutes afterwards trying out a few different positions, fucking slow then hard, her on top, him on top, anyway that felt good, before finishing up by pushing in as hard as he could and filling her insides with his cum.
Afterwards he lay in bed, watching Alexis sleep. He pulled the covers back to look at her. She had put on a white nightie before she fell asleep, and Bill watched as her breasts rose and fell with each breath. For his part Bill was still naked, and looking at her he began to get another erection. With one hand stroking his dick he reached over and slipped the nightie down one of Alexis's shoulders, exposing a breast. He leant over and began to gently lick the nipple, causing it to rise and pucker even in slumber. After a minute Alexis opened her eyes.

"mmm," she moaned, "feeling good again?"

"Uhu," Bill replied, leading her hand to his dick.

"Feeling very good," she replied with a cheeky smile, and without hesitating she moved her face between his legs and in one go took half the length into her mouth, sucking and humming and licking. Bill gently grabbed the back of Alexis's head and pushed her down, till she had most of his dick in her mouth. Alexis's kept sucking and Bill began to thrust, it felt so good, the way she held his dick in her mouth, and cupped his balls in her hand. Bill began to push a little harder, trying to get it all in, and in his enthusiasm he pushed too hard, causing Alexis's to choke a little. She pulled off, leaving a trail of spit from her mouth to his dick, and coughed twice.

"Shit," Bill said, "sorry Alexis, it felt so good I got carried away"

"It's ok," Alexis replied, "I'm still learning, shall we try again?" Bill nodded. Alexis put her head back by his dick and began to lick his balls; she took one in her mouth and hummed gently. Bill gave a little moan and cupped the exposed breast in his hand, gently kneading the nipple with his fingers. Alexis moved her mouth over his dick.

"It's not Alexis," she said, in between licks of his cock head.

"It's not?" bill replied,

"It's Amy, Alexis is my sister."

"Sorry, Bill said, feeling a bit of an idiot, "I saw the poster and got confused." Bill thought about what the poster said. "You're twin sister?" Bill asked with a bit of trepidation.

"No," Alexis laughed and pushed the tip of her tongue into the tip of his penis, "She's my big sister, that poster's from her birthday last month." And while Bill's heart skipped a beat Amy pushed down on his dick, taking it into her mouth and sucking like it was the best thing she'd ever put in there.
Shit Shit Shit, Bill thought. He was going to get in so much trouble, but it was too late now. He grabbed her head and began to fuck it, gently at first then harder and harder the better it felt, till he knew he would come soon. Amy, true to her word, was trying to stuff his entire dick into her mouth. He fucked harder and even when Amy choked a little he did not let up, fucking her till he felt his dick touch the back of her throat. "aaa fuck!" he cried, "gotta cum," and he pulled his dick from her mouth, determined to cover her pretty freckled face with as much cum as he could. Amy kept her mouth open, sticking her tongue out as far as she could reach, trying to lick the tip of his dick. Bill erupted, and watched as the sticky white cream shot across the gap between his dick and Amy's face, covering it in rope after rope of cum. Amy leant forward and took the still spurting dick into her mouth, letting the last few drops cover her tongue.

Bill collapsed back on the bed, breathing hard. He looked at Amy, the white streaks standing out in sharp contrast to the red freckles. She reached across to her bedside table and took a tissue, which she used to wipe off the cum. Bill's mind was swirling. Alexis, big sister, BIG sister. Shit. He wasn't sure how to react, just how old was Amy? Amy lay on the bed next to him, and he could see she had her hand between her legs, furiously fingering herself. Her eyes were closed in ecstasy. Just then his phone rang.
He reached over and got it on the third ring. Amy didn't care, she was still going at it, moaning as she rubbed faster, squeezing her tits with her free hand.

"Hello?" Bill answer.

"Bill! It's Kevin, get your as over here, I got us a job! There's going to be so much fucking pussy!"

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2012-03-23 11:57:30
good start, needs more, its like an intro more than an actual story.

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2012-01-09 00:37:44
How could any of this be better stated? It cloudn't.

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