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This is the beginning of the story of how I turned from being "the good girl" to a slut

I was 21 years and I was a Freshman living on campus with my friends. Days started going by, and I was starting to settle in and I was starting have my own group of friends. I was this kind of girl who was silent and shy. But I was considered to be in the "to do"girls list. Cause I was a 32c -28-34, 5’6″ tall ,105 pounds and had a cute face with a long hair.
I was single and things were going fine. So I had a few friends and I wasn't dating any. Anthony was one among them, who was a freshman too. He is normal built guy but cute looking. He is fun to be with,smart,cool and brainy. He was a very good friend of mine. We used to hang out a lot. But he was just a friend, till I met Vince.
Vince was a senior and he is one of the guys the girls would love to be with. The tall, built and super cool guy. One of my friends wanted to learn salsa[dance], so I promised her to go with her for the first few classes until she settles down.The salsa class takes place in the gym. So one day while we were finishing our salsa class, I accidently bumped into Vince who was using the gym. That was our first meet. We got introduced and days went by and he asked me out and we were dating.So Vince was one of the guys who had slept with the hot girls and I was the kind who was looking for a relationship. So things were going slow between us .While I wasn't with Vince I used to hangout with Anthony and the rest. Anthony was my best friend as he was helping me out with half my class stuffs as I was busy dating Vince. I was taking it slow with Vince cause I thought he was doing this dating thing to nail me.
So one day I was in the university library and preparing for the exam in 2 days. It was hot, so I was wearing a denim short skirt and a v neck tee. It was late in the night and I was trying to learn, Anthony said he would help me out. So he dropped by and he was teaching me. Anthony was solving a problem, so he went and pulled out a board behind me. I turned around and he started teaching me. After he solved it, I turned around back to the table and started solving it. So I was sitting on a chair and Anthony was standing behind me and was watching me solve it from behind. I went wrong and he stopped me and he grabbed my hand and he leaned over my shoulders and started finding the mistake on my sheet. His chin was rested on my shoulders his hands were around me. I didn't notice it much at the beginning. As he was trying to figure out where I went wrong, I was looking around. And I suddenly noticed my reflection in the transparent glass opposite to us. I looked at Anthony in the reflection, that when I noticed something strange. I just turned my head up and I just saw him peeping into my cleavage through my low neck tee. That's when I started getting the chills, suddenly I could feel his cold hands around me, touching my body and his face on my shoulders , so close to my cheeks. My heart started beating faster, and I was starting to get horny. But it would be wrong if something happens between us. So I was acting as if I didn't notice him peeping. But the more his hands stayed on , the more the horny I was getting. Suddenly he said something and I quickly turned my head, my lips rubbed his. There was a moment of pause and we were both looking at each other in the eyes. Anthony got up and turned my chair as we were still looking at each other. My heart was racing, I wasn't sure on what I was supposed to do. But I was turned on. There was a brief pause and I was getting up without breaking the eye contact, like I was going to kiss him. Suddenly I heard a voice and it was Vince.
The eye contact broke and I turned and I was very glad to see him. He came and he hugged me, and he said "I went to your place and your roomie told me that you are here trying to learn. I thought you would be alone , so thought would give you some company. I didn't know Anthony was here". I said " No i was just studying , he just came in to help me up with a problem. But it is really nice of you to come here". And I smiled and kissed him. He started a conversation with Anthony and they were talking, I was feeling awkward. So I had to break it. I suddenly told Vince "I want to use the rest room, would you mind accompanying me till there?" . He smiled and we started walking.
I went inside the rest room and was looking myself at the mirror, I was wondering what was happening to me. I was taking it slow with Vince and I was about to kiss Anthony. I was looking at myself in the mirror and I suddenly started checking out myself. I realised that I was still turned on. I was hoping that it would go off. And I came out, Vince was waiting for me. He smiled at me and said " you look hot today". I smiled and leaned forward to kiss him. We smooched. As he broke the kiss I realised that I didn't want to. I wanted him to keep kissing me. He asked me " shall we go". I looked in his eyes and said " what if I don't want to" . He gave me a puzzled look. I leaned forward and smooched him. This time it was longer. He broke it and asked " Wow , whats up" . I was looking at his eyes and he smiled " I am starting to get the hint that today might be my day, but honey we have to leave here even if we are going to do what I am thinking" . I smiled and I smooched him again and hugged him and said " I cant wait till then" . And I started smooching him harder and he was starting to smooch me back harder. As he was smooching me he said " I know this place , opposite to the mens room. There is a spot behind the shelves. Before he could complete, I broke the kiss and I told him "lets go" and I grabbed his hands and started walking towards the mens room. He asked me "I thought you wanted things slow", I said " ya, but I changed my mind". He asked me " what changed?".... I paused for a second and told him " you coming all this far just to give me company". But it wasn't the reason , but I was happy that it was the first thing that popped in my mind. We were before the mens room, he smiled and he grabbed my arms and he took me further to the end... there was a spot behind the shelves .
As soon as we reached the end, he grabbed my waist, pushed me to the wall and started smooching me. He didn't wait his hands were moving in my waists to pull my tee up. he moved my tee till my bras were exposed . He pulled it up quickly and started sucking over my boobs. First he was slow , then he started sucking at them faster. I was looking at him as he was enjoying me. I was getting turned on . They feeling was growing as I was doing it for the first time behind a library book rack. He was sucking me hard, I was getting horny. slowly I moved my hands over his jean and was rubbing over his cock. As he playing with my boobs, I was undoing his pants. I quickly unzipped him and pulled his cock off his boxers. And I started slowly moving my hands over his large penis. Slowly he stopped sucking my boobs and smiled. I pushed him back and and got to my knees. I pushed my hair behind and slowly licked his penis over the top like a candy. I looked over and slowly slid it in mouth as I was watching him. Slowly I closed his eyes and started moving it in and out my mouth. He was brushing over my hairs as I was giving him a blow job. Slowly after a while I started sucking it more harder, he quickly stooped me. And slowly pulled me up and smooched me.
As he was smooching me he was trying to undo my skirt, I grabbed his hands and said " go for the panties, leave the skirt" . He smiled and he got tho his knees and slowly pulled my panties down. And he went down and slowly pulled my panties off. I stepped out of it. he upped my skirt and slowly started licking my pussy. I was starting to breath hard as he started to lick. Slowly he started sucking them as my breathing increased. Slowly he inserted his fingers into my pussy, I started biting my lips as he did it. He was slowly pulling it in and out as I was getting more horny. Then he started sucking them again.
I was biting my lips and looking down at him as my pussy was being sucked. i closed my eyes and started feeling it,I opened my eyes in few seconds to look at Vince. Suddenly as I opened my eyes I found someone standing at the end of the shelf. It was Anthony, he was staring right into my eyes. I was naked, with my breasts exposed ,but Vince head was covering my pussy. The strange thing was, as I saw him... I did not cover my breasts nor notify Vince . I was letting him watch me naked like that. As Vince was sucking my pussy, I was watching Anthony and he was staring back at me. I grabbed Vince head like I didn't want him to stop sucking, but the truth was I held his head so that he doesn't turn back. Anthony watching turned me more horny , slowly i started moaning, Anthony quickly left and Vince stopped sucking in a few seconds as I started moaning.
He got up and said " not so soon " and smooched me . I smiled and smooched him back like nothing happened. he slowly grabbed his penis and slowly started putting it into my pussy. In a few min, I was up against the wall being banged. Doing it in the library and Anthony watching it made me very much horny. I didn't last for long as I started moaning out loud. But Vince didn't stop, he kept on pushing his penis inside my pussy . In a few minutes Vince was moaning too, all of a sudden he dropped me down of his hips and cummed all over my thies.
We both smooched again and sat down. He got up and said " we better leave soon, Anthony might be looking for you". He unzipped his pants as I pulled my bra and tee down. I was looking for my panties. Vince grabbed it and handed it . I smiled and said " you can keep it, if you want ... " . he smiled and said" oh yes, I would love a souvenir. This is the best I ever had... You just grew from a boring gf to super hot".I smiled and we smooched again.
He put my panties in his pockets,as we started walking back. We reached the table and Anthony was waiting. I didn't talk anything , neither did he. There was a silence and I quickly broke it saying " Sorry , we just went to get something to eat. I was hungry". Anthony said " ya, I can understand that. Listen ,its late and I have to go. Can we do the problem tomorrow?" . I said "sure". Anthony quickly got his backpack and left. Vince said " I don't think you are going to learn anymore , I will drop you in your room. Lets go". We both left too in a few min.

To be contd....

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2013-11-24 03:58:45
Please don't continue this shit!

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2013-05-24 01:44:13
vince,定當盡力收風 naruto,你嘅年代downtown唐人街都有天仁架喎 不過就齋買茶葉嘅 :p米芝蓮人 > still hv many la!!wordy,呢間水準真係幾唔錯..不過我飲咗兩餐茶 啲點心難食到呢..leo,無錯 佢下次仲唱震撼我真係掟雞蛋囉..如果淨係飛過嚟見佢就唔夠啦 :)

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This is an atircle that makes you think "never thought of that!"

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