After a year between the hospital and rehab center I finally have a place of my own and the privacy to start writing again. Sorry it took so long for the new chapter I hope it's worth the wait.
Chapter 4
With a great deal of trepidation and caution Dave walked into the living room and stopped dead when he saw the back of his uncle’s head sticking up above his recliner.

“Come on in and have a seat, Dave,” Uncle Ted said without even turning his head. “I’m not going to eat you - not unless you want me to of course. And I think Kim and Jane would prefer that I eat them instead of you.”

Dave chuckled weakly as he strode over to one of the other chairs but stopped when he saw the three piles of clothes on the coffee table. One pile was obviously the clothes he’d left scattered around the living room in the dash to Kim and Jane’s room, except that his uncle had added Kim and Jane’s soggy panties and bras.

“I figured Kim and Jane would want you to have them as souvenirs,” Uncle Ted said when he noticed what his nephew was looking at.

“I already have a set of Kim’s underwear from yesterday,” Dave said with a wane smile. “At the rate we’re going Kim will have to buy new underwear every day if I keep a set as a souvenir every time we fuck. But I would like to keep Jane’s if she doesn’t mind.”

“Mind?” Uncle Ted snickered, “she’ll insist. And I’m sure Kim won’t mind if you take a second set of her underwear either.”

“Why don’t you go ahead and get dressed while I get us a couple sodas,” Uncle Ted said, getting up from the recliner and heading for the bathroom. “I’m sure you’ll feel more comfortable if you’re dressed while we talk about our love lives.”

Mike dressed as quickly as he could while his uncle was in the kitchen and he managed to buckle his belt just as the older man returned with two bottles of root beer. “Have a seat, relax, there’s nothing to be nervous about,” Uncle Ted said, handing Dave a cold bottle before he sat back down in his recliner.

“Nothing to be nervous about?” Dave asked as his legs finally gave out and he sat down hard in his chair. “I fucked Kim and Jane both, and you know about it. Not only are they your daughters, they’re my cousins. And that’s incest.”

“So? It’s not like you’re the first generation in this family to have incest,” Uncle Ted said with a casual wave of his hand. “And I’m sure the girls told you that Jane and I have been fucking for months, though I’m sure that’s about to come to an end now that you’re involved with both of them.”

“Wait, what do you mean we’re not the first generation to discover incest?” Dave asked with a shake of his head. “Dad’s an only child and it was just you and mom on the other side.”

“That’s right,” Uncle Ted said with a slow grin while his nephew gaped at him. “When I was a little older than you your mom was one horny seventh grader. The problem was, she was afraid of getting a bad reputation if she started fucking other boys at school so she ended up masturbating herself to sleep almost every night.”

“After more than a year of that she was so frustrated she was tempted to give in to the next boy that came on to her.”

“And that’s when you came along?” Dave asked quietly, almost afraid to interrupt his uncle’s story.

“Not quite,” Uncle Ted said with a wistful smile. “I was too shy to come on to her, in spite of the fact that I really wanted to fuck her. No, after a frustrating year of frigging herself to sleep every night she finally realized that I was the one boy in town who’d fuck her and not brag about it. That’s when she came on to me.”

“My mom came on to you, her brother?” The disbelief was so obvious in David’s voice that his uncle had to laugh while the teenager glared at him.

“I’m sorry, Dave, I shouldn’t have laughed like that,” Uncle Ted said with a shake of his head.

“You’re right, you shouldn’t have,” Dave said, “especially since I know that my mom is way too straight laced to come on to her own brother like that.”

“Sure your mom is uptight now,” Uncle Ted said, “but back then she was one horny preteen. I still remember the day she came up to me bold as brass and asked me to fuck her. Our parents were out for the day and I was babysitting her, but she had other things in mind. She was wearing a white t-shirt that was so tight I could see her erect nipples through the fabric, and when she saw my erection through my pants she knew all she had to do was ask me to come to her room. She didn’t even have to flash her bald twat at me, but she did anyway. By that time I was ready to do anything and everything she wanted just to feel that tight little pussy wrapped around my cock.”

“That was my mom?”

“That was your mother,” Uncle Ted said with a sigh.

“So you got her cherry?” Dave asked.

“I got her virginity,” Uncle Ted corrected. “Your mother popped her own cherry a year before I got to her pussy. I never did ask her what she used.”

“We spent the rest of that day fucking like crazy, in fact our parents almost caught me in her bed when they got home. I’m just glad their care had that bad knock that woke us up when they were pulling into the drive. Kelly and I barely had enough time to jump out of her bed and get dressed before they opened the door and called out that they were home.”

“After that first time your mother and I fucked every chance we got. Most nights we’d wait for our parents to get to sleep and then she’d sneak into my room or I’d sneak into hers, and that’s not counting the times we snuck behind the bleachers or the storage shed at school for a quicky between classes. At first I was worried about getting Kelly pregnant, but she insisted on fucking me bareback, she said it just wouldn’t feel the same if she didn’t have my baby juice dripping out of her pussy all day and night. After a while I stopped worrying about getting her pregnant and started hoping I would, but she never did catch. Just think, Dave, if you were two or three years older you’d be my son as well as my nephew.”

“So, if my mom was so hot and horny for you, what changed?”

“First, I left for college,” Uncle Ted said with a shrug. “The night before I left was the best sex Kelly and I ever had. Once I got to college I kept playing that night through my head, watching my sister’s tits swaying and jumping above my head while her cunt stripped every drop of cum I had out of my prick. That was the only thing that kept me from dating or fucking any girls at school and during the drive home for the school break all I could think of was getting that tight little pussy wrapped around my cock again.”

“And did you?” Dave asked, obviously caught up in his uncle’s story.

“No,” Uncle Ted said with a disappointed sigh. In the three months I was away at school your mother met your father and fell in lust with him. The problem was that your father was such a prude that the only way your mother could win him over was to be a prude herself. By the time I came home for that first break she’d already convinced herself that our three and a half year fuckfest never happened, that it was all a fevered dream of her overactive imagination. My first night home I asked her if she was coming to my bed or if I should go to hers and she gave me the dirtiest look I’ve ever seen. She told me in no uncertain terms that I should never make a joke like that again, and after a couple more tries I realized she meant it, I also discovered that she could slap my face harder than I ever expected.”

“That last night before college was the best sex with the horniest girl I ever fucked,” Uncle Ted finished with a groan. “I hope your father appreciates all the things I taught your mother, even if he doesn’t know who taught her.”

“I don’t know if mom ever uses any of the things you taught her, Uncle Ted,” Dave said with a frown, “it’s not like I ever hear them fucking. Sometimes I’m surprised the two of them fucked enough to have two children.”

“It’s a shame Kelly’s suppressed her natural urges the way she has,” Uncle Bill muttered. “The horniest girl I ever fucked and she barely fucks her own husband.”

“Uncle Bill,” Dave said thoughtfully, finally remembering that he was holding a cold bottle of root beer and taking a quick sip before he continued. “If my mom is the horniest girl you ever fucked, than what about Aunt Beth - or Jane for that matter?”

“Compared to your mother,” Uncle Ted said, his eyes shifting toward the bedroom where his daughters were still enjoying themselves, “Jane is the second horniest fuck I’ve ever had. My wife, your Aunt Beth is a close third - which is why I married her in the first place. But neither of them can hold a candle to your mother back in the day.”

“Comparing us to Aunt Kelly again, daddy?” Jane asked as she and Kim entered the living room, still naked and sweaty from their lovemaking. “You know the only reason you rank her so high is because you can’t have her anymore.”

“I’m not so sure about that, Jane,” the girl’s father said with a soft laugh. “After all, now that you’re fucking Dave I’m pretty sure I won’t be fucking you any more, and you’re still number two on my list of horniest girls I’ve ever fucked.”

“Poor daddy,” Jean said, leaning forward to give her father a kiss while she allowed her small breasts to slide across his chest. “You can still fuck me, but for now you’ll have to fuck me in the ass - at least until I’m sure that I’m pregnant with Dave’s baby.”

“You can fuck me in the ass too, dad,” Kim said, leaning in close to press her tits against the side of her father’s face. “I’ll even let you fuck my cunt once I’m sure Dave got me pregnant.”

“Are you girls sure?” Uncle Ted asked, turning from one daughter to the other and then back again.

“Yes, daddy,” the two girls said together.

“In fact,” Kim said, “I’ll let you fuck me in the ass right now. Since I gave Dave my pussy cherry it’s only fair to give you my ass cherry.”

“Do you mind, Dave,” Uncle Ted asked his nephew.

“Why should I mind,” Dave asked, surprised that his uncle would even ask. “After all, they’re your daughters and I’m already fucking both of them. And it looks like both of them expect me to make them pregnant. Why should I mind if you’re fucking them in the ass, or in the cunt once I knock them up. As a matter of fact, do you mind if I watch? I’ve never seen anyone else fuck.”

“Until yesterday you never saw yourself fuck,” Kim pointed out. “But I don’t mind if you watch, in fact I think it might make me even hornier if I know you’re watching us.”

“Why watch when you can fuck while you watch, Dave?” Jane asked, bouncing over to her cousin’s chair and dropping down to her knees in front of him and reaching for his zipper. “After hearing about your mom you must be ready to go again.”

“I guess I am,” Dave admitted when his cock sprang erect in Jane’s hands. He watched as the blond popped the head of his prick between her lips and sucked him down her throat for a quick massage. Dave turned to look at his uncle and saw that he was getting the same treatment from his older daughter, her lips sliding all the way to the base of his shaft, coating it with plenty of saliva for her first ass fuck.

“This really is getting you excited isn’t it, Dave?” Jane said, smacking her lips in pleasure before she ran her tongue along the underside of his shaft.

“It sure is,” Dave groaned, “but the thing that gets me even more excited is the thought of fucking that tight little pussy of yours again. So how are we going to do it this time?”

“Well, I want to watch too,” Jane said, “so why don’t you just stay there in the chair and I’ll turn around and sit on your cock so we can both watch while you fuck me from behind.”

“Sounds good to me,” Dave said, “and you’re the expert when it comes to fucking so let’s do it your way.”

Dave turned his attention back to Kim and her father while Jane climbed into his lap. He noticed that Kim and his uncle were in the same position as he and Jane except that he could see his uncle’s cock slowly entering her cherry ass while both of them groaned with pleasure. Just as the head of Uncle Bill’s prick entered Kim’s butt hole Dave was distracted by the pressure of Jane’s slit swallowing the head of his cock.

“Oh God, I love your cock,” Jane groaned as she lowered her pussy on her cousin’s shaft. “It may not be as big as my dad’s, but it’s the perfect size and shape for my cunt.”

“Hey, I’m still a kid,” Dave chuckled, “I’ll get bigger as I get older.”

“So will I,” Jane moaned while she lowered her hips until her pussy lips were tickling her cousin’s ball. Especially my belly once you knock me up. Who do you think you’ll knock up first, Dave, Kim or me?”

“I don’t know and I don’t care,” Dave groaned when Jane started bouncing up and down his cock. “I just love fucking both of you and I hope it never ends.”

“It won’t end,” Jane promised, “not until Kim and I have all the babies we want. And right now we don’t plan to stop, but we both want daddy to give us at least one baby each along the way, you don’t mind, do you Dave.”

“Hell no,” Dave grunted, bouncing his butt off his chair to meet every thrust from his cousin. “If you want to have babies with your dad I don’t mind, after all, I was almost your brother as well as your cousin. If your dad could fuck his sister and I can fuck my cousins, why shouldn’t you have his babies. I’m just glad you decided to have one of mine first.”

While Jane continued to bounce up and down his cock Dave reached up to grab her jiggling tits and gave the small bumps a quick squeeze that sent his cousin over the edge of her first orgasm. He glanced over at Kim and her father and saw that his uncle was squeezing her tits just like him and he saw the older girl’s face light up with pleasure as well.

“They really are a handful, aren’t they, Dave?” Uncle Ted panted. “I’m glad you came along when you did. If I had to fuck the two of them alone they’d wear me out for sure.”

“What makes you think we won’t wear both of you out?” Kim asked, spreading her legs to give Dave a clear view of her pussy. Dave wasn’t sure but he thought he could see some of his cum dripping out of his cousin’s slit. “Now that I’ve lost my cherry I want all the cock I can get - as long as it’s yours or Dave’s of course.”

“Of course,” Kim’s father groaned as he buried his cock in Kim’s tight ass with every thrust. “You know Dave, if these two are going to make me fuck them in the ass every time, maybe we should fuck them at the same time, you fuck them in the pussy while I fuck them in the ass.”

“Double your cock, double your pleasure,” Jane squealed, “I love it.”

“I’ll give it a try,” Dave gasped, trying to hold his orgasm back until Jane was ready to cum again. “But we’ll have to make sure we have time to do both of them, and I don’t know when that’s going to happen.”

“We’ll find a way to make it happen,” Kim said. “We’ll find a way to get mom involved too. I just wish she could be here now, she’d love a chance to fuck you too.”

“Oh God,” Dave gasped, “three super horny girls and only two cocks between us, how are we going to survive, Uncle Ted?”

“With pleasure and a big grin,” Uncle Ted responded, grabbing Kim’s hips and holding her steady as he slammed his cock deep in her ass as he shot his load and sent his daughter over the edge of her second orgasm.”

“I’m cumming Dave,” Jane screamed, slamming her ass into her cousin’s thighs and rotated her hips around until she felt the older boy’s cum splashing into her fertile womb.

“Thank you, Dave,” Jane said, twisting around to give her cousin a kiss. “At this rate I’ll be pregnant in no time.”

“Time,” Dave gulped, “what time is it?”

“Quarter after five,” Uncle Ted said, checking his watch.”

“Good,” Dave said with a sigh. “Much later and my parents would suspect something, but this isn’t too late if I hurry. I’ll try and stop by tomorrow when we get back from shopping but I’m not sure if there will be time to do anything. Mom and dad are going out and I’m suppose to babysit Linda while there gone.”

“Really?” Uncle Ted asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Hold on, Uncle Ted. Just because your affair with my mom started when you were babysitting her doesn’t mean that anything’s going to happen with Linda and me.”

“We’ll see,” Uncle Ted said with a knowing grin. “By the way, Dave, there’s something you might want to think about. In this state it’s possible to marry your first cousin. It’s discouraged, but there’s no law against it.”

“I didn’t know that,” Dave said adjusting his clothes and finding a place to hide Kim and Jane’s underwear, “but it is something to think about.”

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