I've been busy since I got to my new place and here's a new chapter for this story. Enjoy and let me know what you think.
Chapter 2

“Daddy’s here,” ten year old Angie called to the rest of her family when Jason and Nancy entered the house. It was obvious the girl had been waiting for his arrival, and considering how wet her pussy was Jason was sure his daughter/niece had some plans for him. Jason could almost see the hope in his daughter’s eyes die when she realized that Nancy had arrived with him.

“Don’t worry, Angie, I’m only here for lunch,” she assured her half-sister. “I spent the whole morning working on the web site with daddy and he made me promise to let you and the other girls have him for lunch.”

“That’s good,” Angie said in relief as the two of them followed her in to the dining area. “Mommy promised me I could sit on Daddy’s cock while we eat, but I was a little worried when I realized you were with him.”

“Daddy has plenty of stamina for all of us so don’t you worry, Angie, he’s going to knock you up soon,” Nancy said, rubbing her swelling body to prove her point.

“I know,” Angie said with a brave smile, “but I still wonder why he wastes his time fucking you when you’re already pregnant.”

“Because I enjoy fucking pregnant little girls almost as much as I enjoy making them pregnant,” Jason told his daughter, letting the girl take his hand and lead him into the dining area where the rest of her brothers and sisters sat around the table just as naked as she was. “Besides, would you want me to stop fucking you just because you’re pregnant? Do you want to go nine months without fucking because I’m trying to knock up the rest of your sisters?”

“No,” Angie said with a quick shudder, “I don’t think I’d last a week without a fuck from you or one of the boys.”

“Then stop being jealous because I fuck your pregnant sisters as well as you.”

“Yes, daddy,” Angie said, giving her father a gentle push into the waiting chair before she climbed into his lap and slid her bald slit down his already hard cock, grinning at her sisters while they pouted in there own chairs. Jason did notice that two of Angie’s sisters were sitting in their brother’s laps. Jim and Kevin were too young to have sperm yet, but they could still get an erection to please their sisters and they were both working hard to do just that when Beth entered the dining area with the food.

Beth was the only one in the room wearing anything, but once she set the food down she whipped off her apron to reveal her large belly and milk filled tits before she lowered herself carefully into her chair. “Dig in everyone, there’s plenty of food and we all need our energy - especially the ones doing all the fucking.”

“Yes, mommy,” Angie said with a long moan. Jason’s daughter wiggled her hips to set his cock as deep as it could go and clamped her pussy muscles around the shaft to hold it in place while she ate her lunch.

Jason did his best to hold back his own orgasm while Angie’s cunt muscles massaged the whole length of his cock. He reached for his own food and started eating without really noticing what it was while fucking his daughter’s tight preteen slit.

“Jason,” Beth said, getting her brother’s attention for a few seconds.


“Mom asked me to remind you that you’re having dinner with her tonight,” she continued. “She said she had something important to tell you, but she didn’t tell me what it is so don’t bother trying to get me to talk.”

“I won’t,” Jason promised before he turned to Nancy. “Do you know what our mother wants to talk to us about?”

“No,” Nancy said with feigned innocense, “and even if I did, mommy make me promise not to talk.”

“I guess I’ll just have to wait for dinner to find out then,” Jason said with a shrug.

“Daddy, I’m going to cum,” Angie moaned as she rotated her sucking pussy around her father’s cock. “Cum with me, daddy. Knock me up with your cum.”

“I’ll try,” Jason grunted, shoving his cock deep in his little girl’s fertile belly and shooting off several wads of cum where he hoped they’d do some good.

“Was that good, Angie?” Beth asked her daughter. “Was daddy worth waiting for?”

“Daddy is always worth waiting for,” Angie said while her tight pussy stripped all the cum from her father’s prick. Maybe this time it will work and I’ll have a nice big belly by the end of the summer.”

“I hope you get your wish, Angie,” Jason said, pulling his soft cock out of his daughter’s twat and she caught the last couple drops of sperm on her fingers before she shoved them into her slit. “I do enjoy fucking my pregnant daughters - almost as much as I enjoy knocking them up.”

“And we love it when you fuck us, daddy,” Nancy said, “whether we’re pregnant or not. And trust me, Angie, once daddy knocks you up you’ll want his cock even more than you do now.”

“That’s impossible,” Angie said, turning to give her father a big kiss before she settled back in his lap again. “I’ll never want his cock more than I do right now.”

“Are you sure you aren’t pregnant already?” Nancy snickered.

“Not yet,” Angie said, “but maybe this fuck did the trick.”

“Ok,” Beth said when she saw that everyone was finished with their food, “whose turn is it to clean up?”

“I’m taking Angie’s turn so she can get an extra round with daddy,” Mary told her mother as she got to her feet. The twelve year old caught her balance on the edge of the table when she overcompensated for her swollen belly then she started stacking the plates to take them to the kitchen.

“I’ll give you a hand, sis,” Billy, Beth’s oldest son offered just before he started grabbing the plates near him.

“In that case,” Beth said while she looked over the rest of her children, “Gwen, you get the first fuck as soon as your father is ready. Margarete, you get the second fuck. And Angie, you get the third fuck since Mary gave up her turn.”

“Jason, I have to nurse Cindy, but I’ll be back before you’re done with Angie. Do you ever wonder why you have so many more daughter’s than sons, Jason.”

“Sometimes,” Jason said while Angie slid off his lap and Gwen moved in to suck his slowly rising cock back into action. Sometimes I think I’m lucky to have so many young horny girls to fuck. Other times I think I’m unlucky because I don’t have enough sons to help me fuck all my daughters.”

“Come on, Jason,” Beth said, patting her swollen belly with a broad smile, “you know you’re happy with things the way they are. This way you have all the young pussy you want and you don’t really have to worry about sharing it because your daughter’s all prefer you over their brothers.”

“”Yes they do,” Jason groaned with pleasure when his daughter sucked his hardening cock down her throat. “I guess I really do prefer things the way they are, especially when all my girls want me to give them big bellies.”

With his prick ready for action Jason picked Gwen up in his arms and carried the eleven year old girl into the living room and dropped her on the oversize couch so she squealed excitedly when she bounced off the cushions, the slight swell of her pregnant belly making Jason even hornier than he’d been all day.

As soon as Gwen stopped bouncing around Jason pushed her legs apart and started licking her nearly hairless slit. Gwen had just enough blond hair around her pussy for Jason to taste it, but not enough to be seen if you weren’t up right next to it. Gwen was still giggling from her short flight to the couch when her father started sucking her cunt lips, but it didn’t take long for her to start moaning with pleasure instead.

“Daddy, are you going to give our baby a cum bath,” Gwen panted, “I think she’d like that. I’m sure I did when I was in mommies belly.”

“So, you think the baby is going to be a girl,” Jason asked his daughter as he moved up the swell of her pregnant belly, kissing his daughter’s body every inch of the way.

“That’s what you want, isn’t it daddy? Another pussy to fuck and knock up just like the rest of your horny daughters and sisters, right?”

“But don’t you want a son to fuck you and knock you up when I can’t do it any more?” Jason asked, bringing the head of his cock up to the girl’s drooling slit.”

“Silly daddy,” Gwen chuckled, “that won’t happen for years. I have plenty of time to have a son, this time I want a daughter.”

“Well so do I, Gwen,” Jason said, sliding his cock into the preteen’s tight slippery cunt until his balls bounced off her pert ass.

“Oh yes,” Gwen groaned, “fuck me daddy, fuck my pregnant pussy and fill me with so much cum you’ll knock up our daughter before she’s even born.”

“You know that’s impossible, right Gwen?” Jason asked, stroking his shaft in and out of his daughter’s pussy while he played with her clit with one hand and her small tits with the other.

“I know that,” Gwen said, “but it still makes me horny thinking about our daughter being born with her belly already swollen up with her own baby.”

“Is anyone getting this on camera?” Jason asked, pulling back from Gwen just enough to give everyone a clear view of his cock sliding in and out of Gwen’s tight little pussy. “I know the automatic cameras are on, but an extra view of this fuck would be great for the website.”

“I’m on it, daddy,” Nancy said, “I’ve been recording everything since we finished lunch, and I’m getting some great closeups right now.”

“Keep this up and I’ll have to give you a real job with the website,” Jason chuckled. “Something more than ‘pregnant horny daughter number five.’ Maybe assistant editor for now with some directing jobs when you have some more experience.”

“Thanks, daddy,” Nancy said, “but right now I’m happy with ‘pregnant horny daughter number five.’ Now on the next thrust I want you to pull out a little more than usual and then hold it before you slam it home, let’s give our customers a good look at your cock while you’re sliding it in to Gwen’s cunt.”

“I think I’ve created a monster,” Jason muttered, but he did exactly what the pregnant girl suggested because he knew his customers would enjoy it.

“Daddy I’m going to cum,” Gwen squealed a few minutes later.

“So am I, honey,” Jason groaned. “Let’s cum together and give our baby a nice hot cum bath.”

“Yes!” Gwen screamed, her body shuddering with her orgasm while her father slammed his cock as deep as it could go and shot a full load of cum in his daughter’s pregnant belly. While Gwen recovered from her orgasm Jason held the girl close and stroked the swell of her stomach while he kissed the back of her neck and complimented her on what a great fuck she was.

“Thank you, daddy,” Gwen murmured, “but you still have to fuck Margarete and Angie, and you know how impatient they are when they’re waiting for your cock. And you have to do more work on the website once you’re done with us, so you better move on.”

“Actually I already have,” Jason said with a grin, “Margarete started sucking my cock as soon as I pulled it out of your pussy. So, I better switch my attention to her before she gets impatient and decides to bite it instead of suck it.”

Jason slid of Gwen’s satisfied body and waddled over to the second couch while Margarete continued to suck his slowly hardening cock. Margaret’s soft brown hair covered her face and block the sight of her small lips around his cock but Jason managed to reach past that to massage the girl’s almost nonexistent tits with their erect nipples. Margarete was even younger than Nancy, but for two weeks she’d been insisting that she’d had her first period and it was time for her father to knock her up.

When his cock was fully erect Jason pushed his daughter away from his shaft and back on the couch before he spread her legs to reach her slit. As near as Jason could tell Margarete didn’t have a single pubic hair around her slit, and even with her juices dripping slowly from the throbbing pussy lips she didn’t look like she was big enough to take his cock, but she was determined and it wasn’t the first time her father had fucked her.

Jason spread his daughter’s legs as far as they could go and brought the head of his cock up to the girl’s tight cunt lips. He glanced up for a second to make sure that Nancy was still recording everything and then pushed through his daughter’s natural resistance until he butted up against her cervix.

“That’s as deep as I can go without hurting you, Margarete,” Jason told the girl gasping beneath him with pleasure.

“That’s good daddy,” Margarete said, looking down at the bulge her father’s cock made in her belly. “I’m sure that’s deep enough to get me pregnant when you cum.”

“You don’t have to be deep to get a girl pregnant,” Jason pointed out, “but it feels better that way.”

“Yes it does,” Margarete moaned, “and this is where I want you to be when you shoot your load and knock me up. You know, daddy, when you knock me up I’ll be the youngest girl you ever got pregant.”

“Only by two months,” Nancy said without taking her camera off the action. “And don’t think that will give you any extra fans on the website either.”

“Only a few of yours,” Margarete said with an impish smirk. “You won’t be the youngest pregnant daughter forever. Sooner or later daddy’s going to knock up someone younger and I want it to be me, right now.”

“Stop teasing your sister, Margarete,” Jason told his daughter as he continued to slide his cock in and out of her tightly packed cunt. “You have your fans and Nancy has her fans, just because you manage to get pregnant earlier than Nancy did, that doesn’t mean that you’ll get any of her fans. After all, Jasmine hasn’t lost any of her fans and she was the first daughter I managed to knock up. In fact, now that she’s pregnant with her second baby she’s more popular than the two of you put together.”

“In that case maybe you should knock me up with twins so I can catch up with Jasmine,” Margarete said between moans of pleasure.

“Sorry, honey,” Jason said with a wry grin, “but there’s never been a set of twins in our family as far as I know.”

“In that case we’re due,” Margarete insisted, “so make sure you give me plenty of baby juice to work with.”

“I’ll do my best,” Jason promised.

For several minutes the only sound in Beth’s living room was the sound three couples fucking as two of Beth’s sons started fucking their younger sisters right next to their father and Margarete. Jason could feel his orgasm approaching and tried to hold back against his daughter’s tight little preteen cunt. Just as he was about to give in and shoot his load in Margarete’s pussy the girl started screaming and twitching and he realized that he’d managed to hold out once again.

“I’m cumming, daddy,” Margarete screamed, her pussy clamped even tighter around her father’s shaft and he growled as he shot his load deep in the girl’s quivering hole.

“Well, honey,” Jason said as he panted for breath, “if you really want twins I think I just gave you enough baby juice to do the job.”

“You’re not done yet, daddy,” Angie said, rolling her father off the couch and on to the floor. “This time let me do everything. You just lie back and enjoy the fuck while you try to knock me up.”

Jason had never seen Angie so aggressive. She’d always been a horny girl and a hot fuck but this was more than she’d ever done before. For a few seconds Jason wondered if Nancy might be right and her sister was already pregnant, but he suspected that she’d be even hotter than this once the hormones started rushing through her body. This must be a natural progression for the horny young girl, and Jason intended to enjoy every second of it.

With her father flat on his back Angie straddled his face so that her bald pussy was less than an inch from his nose then she leaned forward to grab his soft cock and stroked it gently with her hands. She stopped to lick her sister’s juices from her hands and then turned to where Margarete was still recovering from her fuck. Your juices taste great, sis. The last time I tasted anything this good was when Nancy was ovulating and daddy knocked her up. If you’re going to get pregnant this is probably the best day for it.”

“Daddy, you’re not licking my pussy,” Angie pouted.

“Sorry, honey,” Jason said, “I was distracted by how lovely your bald twat is when it’s right in front of my nose like this. Don’t worry, I’ll make up for it.”

Jason was enjoying the taste of his daughter’s pussy so much that he didn’t even realize his cock was getting hard again until Angie pulled her cunt away from his tongue. “That’s enough pussy eating for now, daddy, it’s time to fuck.”

Angie lowered herself down to meet her father’s cock and guided it between her drooling pussy lips and into her tight preteen hole. Jason let out a little moan of pleasure as his cock entered his daughter’s body for the second time in an hour. He watched Angie’s twat as it nibbled it’s way down his shaft until it had everything but his balls.

“Are you enjoying this, daddy?” Angie asked with a twinkle in her eyes.

“Yes I am,” Jason groaned.

“Good, because I’ve wanted to try this for a long time, and now I finally have a chance. Hang on, daddy, I’m going to take you for the ride of your life - or maybe the ride of my life.”

“Either one is good,” Jason groaned while his daughter continued to ride his cock enthusiastically.

“What did I miss?” Beth asked as she joined the audience.

“Not a thing, Beth,” Nancy told her half sister. “I recorded everything so you can catch the whole show later.”

“Great,” Beth said, her eyes glued to the current action. “Looks like Angie’s enjoying herself.”

“I’ll say,” Nancy agreed. “If she’s like this now, just imagine what she’ll be like when daddy really does knock her up.”

“I don’t have to imagine it,” Beth said proudly, “she’ll be just like her mother.”

“I always said you were my horniest sister,” Jason said while Angie rode his cock like a wild girl.

“I’m your only sister, Jason,” Beth chuckled, “after all, Aunt Nancy, Liz, and mom are all half-sisters. I’m your only full sister.”

“You know what I mean, Beth,” Jason grunted with the approach of another orgasm. “I count all four of you as my sisters, and you’re the horniest of all, but I’m starting to think Angie could put you to shame.”

“Good, a mother always wants her children to do better than she did.”

“I will, mommy,” Angie promised her cunt sliding faster on her father’s cock with every stroke. “I’ll be the horniest girl daddy ever fucks.”

“You’re almost there already,” Jason said, “once I knock you up you’ll be the horniest for sure.”

“Then do it, daddy, do it now,” Angie screamed as she slammed her body down one last time so that her father’s cock was buried deep in her thirsty pussy while her whole body quivered in orgasm.

When Angie’s cunt muscles clamped down on his shaft it was too much for Jason and he shot off a full load as deep as it could go in his daughter’s fertile womb. “There,” Jason said, gasping for breath as Angie rolled off him to lay on the carpet next to her father. “If that doesn’t knock you up I don’t know what will.”

“Another fuck,” Angie suggested while her mother slid one of the sofa pillows under her ass.

“You hold it right there, Angie,” Beth said, giving her daughter’s belly a quick pat. “That pillow should help you keep the cum where you need it.”

“Thanks, mommy,” Angie said with a wistful grin. “Do you think it will work this time?”

“There’s a good chance,” Beth said, “you are old enough now, and you’re between periods so it’s the right time for you. And I think it worked, but we’ll see.”

“Well,” Jason said after he caught his breath, “I hate to fuck and run but Nancy and I really do have a lot of work to get done for the website, especially if we’re going to get this fuck edited and posted to the site for this afternoon.”

“Don’t forget, daddy, we also have to edit and post the scene from Jasmin and Mike’s study session.”

“Right,” Jason said thoughtfully, “that makes two shows we have to work on. If we hurry we may be able to finish things by the time I’m ready to fuck again.”

“Thanks for lunch, Beth,” Jason said, giving his sister a quick kiss before he gave her milk filled tit a quick squeeze and lick. “Breakfast tomorrow, right?”

“That’s the schedule,” Beth said, arching her back to push her breast into her brother’s mouth. “Lunch, breakfast, overnight, and supper. A rotating with your four original family fucks. Just make sure you have enough energy for me and my girls after spending the night with Liz.”
“I’ll do my best,” Jason promised. “Come on Nancy, let’s get back to the office, we have a lot of work to do before I can fuck you again.”


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Hi, I love allyour stories so far. Though my try at incest has only been fucking two sisters, atthe same time and both in their thirties. Have you managed any incest success at all. Colin

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