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Raping Ashley
Since the night of the 'sleepover', It has been about 4 years, but just to catch you up on what happened. Remember when i put the two whore's in the trunk and busted the lock on our neighbors car? Ok.
Well our neighbors , Mr. And Mrs. Johnson were arrested due to numerous complaints of smells coming from their car, and were convicted of murder. Worked out perfectly didn’t it? And Ashley knew to keep her fucking mouth shut. So now that your all caught up, lets get on with part 2.

Ashley’s birthday

It has been 4 year’s since I’ve seen my family and what a better day then my sister’s birthday?
Mary and I were driving to my parents house which was an hour away without traffic. We finally arrive , while walking up the doorway, I start thinking out an evil plan, one that would teach Ashley a lesson on how to be an adult, or just to teach her that life is a fucking bitch.

I knock on the door twice, not seeing a doorbell. Mom opens the door, “hey! Diana!” Yells Mary.
I hug my mom and go inside to greet everyone else. When everyone was sitting down I grabbed a beer and sat down . “so, how’s work going pops?” I ask, to get some convo going. “Going great!, the company is doing better than ever!” after a bunch of small talk, I ask “Hey, Ashley, how about we go spend some time together?” I then pull out my wallet and lay out a $100 bill to my wife and say “how about you four go out to lunch and catch up or what not?” I ask again. “ Sounds great!” Mom said.

The Fun Begins…Again

Later on me and Ashley are driving to eat lunch, while driving , Ashley asked me “you remember that night?” “yeah, Why?” I asked curiously. “Why didn’t you rape me?” she said, breathless, I say “Because you were so young ash”. “I was raped when I was 13, by a boy in my math class, but the thing is…is I liked it” She said. “and that’s why I was wet that one night, when you raped and killed my two friends”.

While in awe, my cock got rock hard. I then see a dirt road that I thought led to the middle of nowhere. And it did, I pull over I take a joint out from under my medium length hair and the lighter out of my pocket. I light the joint and take a hit, “You want some ash?!”. she takes the joint and hits it and coughs a little. “hahaha, Ashley, your doing it wrong!”. so I just put out the joint.

I look over to my right and ash was looking out the window. I then think to engage in my plan. I take my hand and pull Ashley’s hair and smash her face into the window, as expected the window cracks. She starts to cry,

The real fun begins!

“Not like this!” She cried
“Well to FUCKING BAD!”. I screamed again
I rip her tank top off and play with her tits through her bra.
She starts to fight back a little, I again take her by the back of her head and smash her face on the dashboard.
“You like this, don’t you , you trashy fucking cunt?!?!”
By now there was blood on her legs and face, which turned me on big time
I rip her bra off, and lean towards her and grab her medium sized tits, possibly a B Cup.
While squeezing one tit. I take her other nipple in my mouth and bite it. She cries in pain, but at the same time arching her back in pleasure.
Again she hits me in the face. So I start getting pissed and throw to violent swings at her in the face. I throw her on her back and rip off her skirt and panties, in astonishment, her 18 year old pussy was hairless and

bright pink, and already soaking wet. I undo my belt and strip the rest of my clothes off, I pull her by her hair up to my cock, and shove it violently down her throat. Sliding in and out of her mouth puts me in pure ecstasy, while she was reluctantly sucking my cock I was fingering her tight asshole., once I had enough of that , I throw her back on her back, and lift her up by her legs and spread her butt cheeks apart, then I start to lick it, the taste, it was so clean, and fresh, tempting me so hard to put my cock in it. I took my tongue away and lowered her ass down to my cock and rammed it into the trashy slut.

While crying she yelled “OH, MY FUCK!!” and went back to crying. I rammed in and out of her un-lubed asshole, I did one hard shove and blood started to leak out. I looked at Ashley’s whimpering face, she was screaming and crying like a fucking 5 year old that didn’t get its fucking candy bar.

Pulling my cock out of her ass, I see a water fall of blood leaking from her ass. Not giving a fuck I grind my cock on her soaking wet pussy, and then shove it balls deep into her pussy, immediately my eyes rolled to the back of my head as I fuck her pussy, it was like fucking Jenna Jameson or some shit, after a few more strokes of fucking her pussy. I feel my balls tense up, and my cock starting to swell, I blew one of the biggest loads of cum I’ve ever had into her tight, heaven-like pussy. Load after load after load. Into her tight cunt. It started leaking the from the outline of my cock inside of her. I then collapsed on top of her. As soon as I had enough energy to get up I got dressed and told her to clean up and do the same. We then drove home, it was quieter than an old man and a midget sitting right next to each other on the bus. So my family and I went out to dinner. Then me and Mary were driving home, and she asked “Why is there blood on my seat?”, oh ash had her period on my the seat and it happened she was not wearing any underwear. So it got all over the seat. “Oh, ok” she said.

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