"Mom wants to be my cum bucket" continues!

This is a story that continues on from “Mom Wants to Be My Cum-Bucket”, that ran for 8 chapters a while ago. It was a difficult decision whether I should simply carry on with the existing thread or go in a fresh direction, as I had received many encouraging comments about the adventures of Rick, Phil, Tanya, Bec and Carole. However I decided 8 chapters were sufficient, and it was time to take my characters down a fresh path before it became same-old, same-old. I have provided a reasonable introduction to allow this story to stand on its own, but perhaps if you enjoy this story you may choose to read the prequels.

I make no apologies for trying to make my stories more appealing to women, as most of the positive, intelligent comments and suggestions have come from the fairer sex! Sure, it is still written as a raunchy sex story, but I have tried to provide a logical storyline interspersed with the activities we expect from this form of site. Gents I still hope you enjoy this, but if you are looking for 5000 plus words of pure fucking and little more, then perhaps this story is not what you are looking for.

While I’ve tried to provide a reasonable amount of action in this chapter, rest assured if you stay with me it will get much hotter in chapter 2 and beyond. The only areas my players won’t go is scat and necrophilia, so I hope you will continue to read on, get wet, and post some (hopefully!) positive comments.


Looking back now, I realized just what an amazing journey our loving “family” had experienced over the past four years. It had all started when I was a normal, horny 15 year old boy, and my mom Tanya had seduced me, offering to be my cum-bucket. She explained that since splitting with my dad after coming home and catching him fucking a neighbor, she was in a state of constant horniness and she was desperate for some quality loving. She was prepared to do anything I wanted, anyplace, anytime, if I agreed to become her lover. At that time mom was a hot 34 year old who took great care of herself, so it wasn’t exactly a tough sell!

We hadn’t been fucking for long when my 13 year old sister Bec came home from camp early, and caught us with my cock deep in mom’s ass! Thankfully she decided to join us and our little fuck-family was complete, or so we thought at the time. We explored each others’ bodies for a few months, until Bec came home from school extremely upset that one of the local jocks had been spreading stories that she had fucked him, and was a total slut. We planned our revenge and with the help of Phil, a bi-guy from school, Bec arranged for Justin the jock to come over thinking he was going to get some hot loving from my sweet, sexy sister. What he got was a starring role in a home porno, showing Phil sucking his cock, Phil and I giving him a cum facial, and Bec fucking his ass with a strap-on! The deal was he would come clean and retract his previous story, otherwise we’d release his movie on the internet and make him a gay porn star.

I told him to come back the next day and bring his mother with him, and proceeded to show Carole the movie we had made of her son. Carole worked in the office at school and was widely known as “Bitch Bradley”, so I blackmailed her into fucking Phil and I, something I now admit I am ashamed of and should never have done, though it turned out more than ok! Carole came back a week later, and told me she had never experienced such incredible sex and begged me to accept her into our group. She proved to be the most amazing, erotic, arousing woman, and together we went on a journey of sexual discovery. We experimented with every form of sex-play you could think of, and she constantly came back for more. It wasn’t long before she realized she simply couldn’t live with her husband any longer, and she filed for divorce and moved in with us.

Living off dad’s alimony payments proved difficult with four of us in the house and Phil as a regular visitor, so mom half-jokingly suggested we revisit the porno movie idea we had joked about after filming Justin. We did our research, and found most pornos were just a pretty basic fuck-fest, with camera work, lighting and dialogue that was somewhere between average and lousy. European porn was definitely better quality all-round and the content was hotter, but actors moaning in German weren’t much of a turn-on! So we went to work, and while our first few efforts were pretty basic they sold well, and our distributor was keen for more. The royalties were building so we invested in some better equipment, and our editing skills were improving so we spent a month scripting, rehearsing and shooting “Family Piss Party.”

We had a ball shooting this one, especially the finale. This featured Carole in the starring role, laying on a banquet table covered in whipped cream and fruit while Phil knelt over her and pissed on her face, I knelt between her legs and pissed in her cunt, and mom and Bec stood over her and pissed over all of us while locked in a steamy tongue-kiss. Phil and I then finished by giving Carole and huge double cum facial, and we made sure this would be an impressive shot as we had held off from cumming for a whole week, which nearly killed us. Our distributor was so impressed he submitted it for an Adult Video Industry Award, and we won Best Amateur Release, which blew us away!

Our credibility in the Adult Entertainment industry grew and our little website was bombarded with hits wanting more. We started offering direct download sales and the serious money started rolling in. Carole quit her job at the school and worked fulltime in our growing business, and proved to be a highly competent business manager, refining our website and coming up with fresh ideas for new movies. That was two years ago now, and we were now financially very comfortable. However the one constant thing in life is that nothing stays the same, and the relationship between the five of us was going through some major changes.

Mom had started seeing a man she met at a work function, and Brian seemed a great guy. Lately she had been spending the occasional night at his place, and I just knew she was showing him a great time! It was clear she was developing feelings for him, and I doubted he would be happy to learn she was fucking her own son as well. Bec was now 17, and had developed into one very sexy young woman. She was one of those girls who oozed self-confidence and had a queue of guys wanting to take her out. She wasn’t seeing anyone in particular, but it was only a question of time. Phil was a regular visitor, and had been my best friend for quite a while. He and I had explored various aspects of bi-sex, but he had accepted that I was simply curious and never pushed for more. I had never seen him lose his cool and he was simply a great guy to hang out with.

Then there was Carole and I. Our relationship had undergone some amazing changes, and while we started out “in lust” with each other, we were now deeply in love. A month ago I took her to dinner at the best restaurant in town to celebrate her 40th birthday, and over a glass of champagne I gave her a ring and asked her to marry me. Tears welled in her eyes as she took my hands in hers. “Oh Rick!” She sobbed. “Why would you want to marry me, when you’re 40 I’ll be an old hag of 61! What happens if you meet someone more your age and decide you want to have children? You make me feel so young and alive, but I am older than your mother!”

I had thought long and hard about this, but I simply couldn’t deny the depth of my feelings for her. I knew if we weren’t together I would be thinking of her, wondering what she was doing and missing her terribly. I told her of my feelings and reassured her this was no rash decision; I knew what I wanted. Her face lit up and she gave me a beaming smile. “I tell you what; I’ll wear your ring for the next 12 months and consider myself your fiancé. If you ask me again on my next birthday I’ll say yes then!”

I breathed for the first time in several minutes. Christ, I was acting like a nervous virgin on a first date! I gave her a relieved smile and told her that was just fine with me, and we enjoyed the rest of our evening. We talked about this and that, and then she gave me an evil smile. “Just because you want to make me an honest woman doesn’t mean you’ll change the way you treat me does it? I love what you do to me, and how you use me for your pleasure. You’ve taught me so much about fucking, my cunt just goes to jelly when you treat me like a filthy fuck-slut. I’d hate to think you’re going all respectable on me!”

We both laughed at that suggestion! “No baby, that simply isn’t going to happen. When I’m 60 I’ll still be thinking of sick new ways to use your sweet body!” I reassured her.

Which brought us to the present day, and I was standing behind Carole with my arms around her waist looking at our finally completed new home. When we decided we needed a place of our own, we purchased a large tract of land just out of town high on a hill to ensure our privacy. The house was two storey with five bedrooms, each with a full bathroom, and ducted aircon throughout. The builder had quizzed us several times about our specific “lifestyle” requirements, as we had planned the house with fucking very much in mind!

There was no carpet at all, as it would last five minutes before it was totally ruined! The floors were all slate or polished timber, with drains discreetly positioned for heavy duty cleanups. The lighting and cable work had been a major challenge, as we wanted discreet lighting that would virtually eliminate shadows in a video shoot, but we didn’t want blazing floodlights everywhere. There were several digital mini-cams cleverly concealed in every room and around the outdoor pool area. In the finish we had to tell the technician drawing up the wiring plans exactly why we needed what we were asking for, and he asked if we would invite him to our first shoot. We told him if he did a good job we’d give him a front row seat!

We had a large living room where we could entertain “normal” guests, and a huge adult playroom located at the rear of the house just off the pool area. The removalists had brought in all the furniture yesterday under Carole’s watchful eye, and Phil and I had spent all morning fitting out the playroom, so we were finally ready for action!

I leaned forward and whispered in her ear. “So babe, would you like me to carry you over the threshold?”

She giggled in reply and leaned back against me. “Only if you keep going to the playroom Sir! I’m dying to try it out and I’ve been such as bad girl, I think you should tie me up and whip me!” Well, her wish was my command so I scooped her up in my arms and took her inside. I kicked the front door closed and headed down the hall to the playroom, which had a self-locking door that was thankfully still propped open. She hadn’t seen the finished product and gasped as I swung her around and gently set her down. I took a bottle of champagne and two chilled flutes from the bar fridge and popped the cork, handing her a glass as she wandered around the room.

If I say so myself, Phil and I had done a thorough job which only really came together after reviewing a lot of bondage porn and magazines. The wall facing the entry door had a mounted series of wrist, ankle and waist-high restraints, so we could have up to three people shackled at one time in various positions. There was also a 70 inch plasma flat screen in one corner, where we could run movies, TV, or stream live action from any camera around the property, and a 3 person corner spa in the other. The left wall had a comprehensive collection of whips and paddles, and various bondage toys. The right wall had several shelves of dildos, butt-plugs, nipple-clamps, speculums, lubricants and various other sex aides. The entry wall had a pair of large leather couches for spectators, but Carole was transfixed by my new creation sitting proudly in the centre of the room.

I had wanted something like this for some time, but it was impossible to buy so I did some design sketches and had an engineering company build it for me. I had called it The Crucifix as it was shaped like a cross, with four sections of aluminum box tube covered with thick cushion foam and black leather. There were Velcro shackles at each corner, and each leg of the cross was adjustable so a person could be restrained face up or face down, with arms or legs spread wide or close together. Regardless of a person’s position, cunt, ass, cock and mouth were all readily accessible. There was a headrest with leather bolsters that could be slid in to hold a head firmly, again in either face up or face down positions. The real effort had gone into the pivot mechanism, as the whole cross could be rotated horizontal, vertical, or even upside down and secured in any desired position. While we hadn’t tried any sex games with it yet, Phil and I had been on it and it moved and locked so easily a child could operate it.

Carole slowly moved around it, stroking the leather and feeling the shackles. I could tell her imagination was working overtime as various filthy scenarios played through her mind. Having apparently seen enough she went over to the rack of whips and selected a short riding crop and a longer cat-o-nine-tails. She came back to where I was standing and placed both on the floor at my feet, and then seductively peeled off her sheer top and skirt until she was standing expectantly in front me, her eyes never leaving mine and her arms behind her back in a gesture of submission.

I led her to the crucifix and strapped her tightly in a standing position, so that she would be face up when I moved the device to a horizontal angle. Carole loved being restrained, and had confided that it allowed her to focus totally on what was happening to her, and took away any inhibitions or reservations as she completely helpless and had no control. Her freshly-shaved cunt was glistening with oozing pre-cum, and her gold cunt piercing rings sparkled in the subdued lighting. I rubbed my fingers up and down her slick slit, feeling her wetness and savoring the heady scent of a woman primed and ready for fucking. Reluctantly I moved back and picked up the riding crop, Carole watching me through slitted eyes as I tested the flex of the fiberglass handle. She really got off being whipped, and we had found that starting slow and gradually building the intensity would lead to a series of violent orgasms. My first target was her sensational tits, each with diamond-drop piercings that jiggled as she moved. I flicked the crop, using my wrist to determine the bite of tip. THWACK! The tip sliced across her left nipple, causing her to moan from deep in her throat. THWACK! The right nipple received an identical impact. THWACK! This time the tip flicked across her glistening cunt, causing her to writhe against her restraints.

“So tell me slut, why should I waste my time and energy whipping you, when I could just stick my cock in one of your holes and fuck you until I blow my load. There had better be a fucking good reason!”

“Thank you Sir.” She hissed at me demurely. “I’ve been a bad girl Sir! I’ve had impure thoughts, and I have let men do unspeakable things to me!”

I had to admit that listening to Carole confess her sins like a willful schoolgirl in a confessional really turned me on, and I’m sure she felt the same way. There was no wonder priests were always in the media for inappropriate sexual conduct, I mean, how could you listen to so many dark secrets when you were supposed to lead a celibate life? How did they think that was ever going to happen??? I gave each of tits and her sloppy cunt another shot with the riding crop and then slid two fingers into her juicy twat. “Tell me about these unspeakable things you have been doing, and then we can speak about your absolution!” I shouted.

I slowly massaged deep inside her cunt as she responded. “Well Sir, I’ve allowed men put their cocks in my cunt, in my ass, and deep in my throat. They have used me in the most vile ways, and pumped their hot, greasy cum in all my holes. There is one man who is my teacher, and he does all these things to me and more. He has even pissed all over me, and he has made me suck his cock after he has fucked my shit-hole. He has told me I am his filthy fuck-slut, and that I must behave like a cock-starved whore!”

“And do you enjoy behaving like this my child?” I replied, taking on the role of the confessional priest. “Do you willingly behave in this manner, or do you resist him and attempt to protect your chastity?”

“If I tried to resist he would tie me up and beat me.” She replied. “And to be honest I love the things he does! I would love for him to offer me to a group of men who would fuck my holes and cover me in their filthy cum! If he told me to fuck and you and offer you all my holes for your pleasure I would do so willingly Sir!”

I slid my fingers from her cunt and she moaned as I unlocked the crucifix and rotated it back into a horizontal position. “You are indeed a cunt-slut and there is no doubt you have been seduced by the sins of the flesh! I will need to examine you to determine the depths of your depravity.” I said sternly.

I took a speculum from the toy shelf and quickly applied a coating of lubricant, sliding the device deep in Carole’s cunt. She jumped at the sensation of the cool metal, and then moaned as I would the adjustment screw, using the long blades to force her cunt wide open. She watched as I crouched down to inspect her fuck-tunnel, and I continued our role-play by shaking my head and clicking my tongue. “I have never seen this level of perversion before, there is no doubt you are a filthy fuck-pig! It will take weeks if not months to correct your behavior!”

“Oh God! Oh my fucking God I hope so!” She moaned in anticipation. “Please, please Sir. Do whatever you need to do! I know I have been sooooo bad, and I want be even worse!”

I took a couple of our special red candles and lit them, and she moaned again when she realized what I had in mind for her. We had experimented with candles and wax play, though it had been quite a while since our last session. It had taken some time to find candles that had a low melting temperature to ensure there was no lasting skin damage, as a series of burns was no way to remember an otherwise enjoyable fuck session!

I held one of the candles above her tits and the other above her cunt and allowed the drops of red wax to pool on her skin. She moaned and whimpered as the wax spattered on her sensitive flesh and cooled quickly, and soon her tits, nipples and cunt lips were coated with red blobs of drying wax. “Oh thank you Sir!” She screamed. “I’ve been such a filthy fuck-pig, I need to be punished all night long!”

I smiled and set the candles on bench, and moved back between her legs. The speculum had succeeded in stretching her cunt much further than my cock would have, which was exactly what I needed. I didn’t bother winding the blades in, I just ripped it from her fuck-box and replaced it with three slippery fingers. She was warm, slick and loose so I added a fourth finger, and then folded my thumb into my palm and eased my entire fist into her slutty hole. Her eyes rolled back and she uttered a long, guttural groan. “Oh yes baby, thank you!” She said, slipping out of character. “No one could ever fuck me like you do. Fist my filthy cunt you fucker! Jam it in me and split me open!!!”

I forced my fist deeper until I was encased in her slippery tunnel up to my wrist, and gave her a deep loving kiss as I started thrusting my hand in and back. “Your wish is my command my love, but you’re going to be walking like a cowboy after a week in the saddle tomorrow!”

“Oh….I hope so!” She replied. “Then you’ll have to fuck my ass or my mouth! Oh Jesus……I’m….. cuummmiiiinnnnnggggg!!!!”

I felt her orgasm tear through her body as she trembled and shook, and her first gush of cum spattered against my fist. Spurt after spurt saturated me even further, and her juices oozed past my wrist and ran down her inner thighs, coating her shitter and spattering on the floor. I continued thrusting my hand deep into her greasy cunt as far as it would go, and she responded with a continuous stream of cum that was creating a growing pool on the floor. I sensed she had taken as much as she could, for now, and I was overcome with lust and desperate to cum too. My with balls screaming for release I pulled my fist from her steaming twat, and received an instant cum bath that erupted from her cunt and painted me with fuck-juice.

I rotated the crucifix until her body was at a 45 degree angle with her head closer to the floor, and stood over her face. I put one hand under her chin and tilted her head back, and fed my raging, purple headed fuck-stick deep into her throat in one thrust. She gagged on my cock momentarily, and then slurped and sucked hungrily.

Now let me tell you there are very few men that can take quality cock sucking for a long time and not blow, and I know as I make plenty of these movies! Normally the guy has a discreet hand signal he uses when he’s getting close to blowing his load, and the director calls for a change of camera angle so the on-screen action continues to flow, but there is a break you don’t see where the actor recovers and gets his balls under control for the next sequence. You may watch ten minutes of serious cock-sucking on your screen, but that probably took two or three hours to shoot, and there was no way I was going to stop now! Carole’s sucking and tongue-massage, plus my deep thrusting down the back of her throat, had my balls firing cum in no time and soon I was pumping jets of greasy fuck-juice straight into her stomach. I must have dumped five or six spurts down her throat when I whipped my cock from her warm mouth and jacked my shaft to plaster the remainder all over her face. When I had finally finished I wiped the goo over her face with my softening tool, until she was covered in my thick, white cream.

She licked her lips to taste as much of my cream as she could, and I kissed her deeply, tasting my own juices as our tongues danced in her mouth. We were completely spent and I eased the crucifix into the vertical position and undid the shackles to allow her to move. I went over and started filling the spa, put on some soft music and topped up our glasses. One of the things I loved about Carole was the way she wore my cum like a badge of honor. She was not one of those princess bitches who wiped it off her face at the first opportunity, but merely wiped her eyelids clear and left the rest. As the spa filled I knelt before her and softy French-kissed her sweet pussy-lips, savoring her nectar and enjoying her taste and scent.

I led her over to the spa and we eased into the warm water as I switched the pulse jets on low to provide a soothing massage, and dimmed the lighting right down low. She leaned back against me for a while, and then stretched to kiss me. “I’m so lucky to have found you baby!” She smiled. “I think back to how we got together, and I can’t believe what a stupid, stuck-up prude I was. No wonder all the kids at school called me Bitch Bradley!”

We both laughed at that memory, and I cupped her face and kissed her. “And I was such a jerk. I can’t believe I blackmailed you into fucking Phil and I! I still cringe every time I remember that day, and I’m just so thankful you came back for more you sex-crazed little slut!”

She smiled again. “It certainly was one hell of a first date wasn’t it? Poor Justin, I wonder how he’s going to feel about you being his stepfather!” We both laughed so hard we nearly drowned, I hadn’t thought of that aspect!

Carole was gently playing with my nipples, tweaking and stretching them, and giving me little nips with her teeth. I shuddered and moaned, feeling the hardness return to my cock, and pulled the plug to drain the spa. We stepped from the bath and toweled each other dry, and I led her to the couch bent her over the arm. She spread her legs wide, granting free access to her holes. I knelt and started kissing her rosebud, probing her tight hole with my tongue until she relaxed enough to allow me inside. While we kept ourselves scrupulously clean, I still savored the heady taste and scent, and I got busy ensuring she was loose and wet for what we both knew was coming next.

“Oh God Baby!” She groaned. “I love it when you tongue my shit-hole! You are such a perverted shit-fucker! Are you going to jam your cock in there and paint me white with your hot cum?”

I stood behind her and gently fingered her tight hole. “You know it bitch! I going to fuck your little shitter, and then you know what you have to do don’t you!”

“Oh you sick bastard! You’re going to make me suck your filthy cock, aren’t you!”

I smiled as I eased my full length past her gripping sphincter in one long, fluid movement until my balls were nestled against her cunt lips. I gave her a few seconds to accommodate my thickness, and started thrusting slowly, enjoying the erotic sensations and how her shit tunnel stretched as I plowed deeply into her. Having already cum once I knew I could last for a while, so I picked up the pace until Carole was grunting every time I was fully inside her. We were both sweating profusely, and I reached under her and roughly tweaked and stretched her nipples to increase her arousal, not that this was necessary! She was moaning and writhing beneath me, though she was careful not move enough to allow me to slide free. I was pounding her hard, slamming my tight balls against her oozing cunt, and soon I felt that all-too-familiar feeling that confirmed she was about to get the cum-bath she craved. “I’m gonna blow baby!”

“Do it!” She hissed in reply. “Pound my shitter and fill me with your seed!”

My first rope of thick cum coursed through my shaft and spattered deep inside her, quickly followed by more and more as she joined me in a shuddering climax. Her juices spurted against me soaking me in seconds, and before I had finished she slid forward, and turned to take my still spurting fuck-stick deep in her mouth. Her tongue was a frenzy of movement, tasting my cum and her own anal flavor, until we collapsed where we lay. I stroked her face as we came back to earth. “There is no question, you are the best fuck on the planet!” I whispered.

She smiled as she replied. “I don’t know about that baby, after all, I am what you’ve made me!”

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