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In the Locker room with Ethan

A continuation of My Sleepover with Ethan

Preseason swim practice started a week after the sleepover and our families were sharing turns taking us there, his mom would take us there and mine would bring us home.  The fourth practice my mom told me that she would be 45 minutes to an hour late to pick us up and his mom couldn't because of her work, but I told her it would be okay and 
that we could just free swim for a while longer.  The practice started out as usual; laps, stroke work, exercises to improve our stamina and lung capacity.  And after an hour and a half of work we got 10 minutes of free time.  When the coach told everyone to get out and into the locker room I told him my mom wasn't going to be here until an hour after the regular time he said we could keep swimming and to just make sure we lock up when we leave.  We play water polo and marko-polo for about 10-15 minutes and by that time everyone is gone.  He was the Polo that game so he had his eyes shut just wandering around the pool yelling Marko.  So I went under water right after he called Marko and swam silently straight infront of him.  I grab his legs and rud up and down as I surface.  When I'm finally standing upright, with my hands on his hips and my thumbs rubbing his package through his jammies, we are face to face and his eyes are still closed like he's still playing the game.  His unresistable face and lips becon to me and I pull him closer kiss him deeply and passionately and he returns it.  Our cocks grow hard as we grind them together through our swimsuits.
" Let's take this in the locker room." I say to him and he agrees.  We kiss and rub each other the whole way to the locker room and as soon as we're inside I strip naked and push his head down to my hard, awaiting cock.  He takes just the head in his mouth and starts to lick and suck it like a lollipop.  After a minute I need more so I take him by his hair and shove my cock in his mouth.  I get his started with four of my eight and a half inch cock. When he's loosened up I grab his hair tighter and pick up the pace.  Soon he's taking all of my cock and I'm face-fucking him violently.  He slides his hands up my thighs and onto my ass and starts to massage it as I continue to fuck his face.  He then spreads my checks and starts to finger my hole adding a finger every so often.  He got up to four fingers, twisting turning and pulling my ass open wider before I blew a load that part went down his throat and he swallowed and part stayed in his mouth.  I pulled him up and we swap my cum back and forth and I whisper in his ear, " Fuck me..." The look in his eyes when I look at him is one of complete lust and craving.  I lay down on one of the benches in front of the lockers, spit on my hand, rub it on and into my hole, and put my legs up in the air for him.  He wastes no time.  He peels off his still soaking jammy, grabs my ankles and with one swift motion slams his cock up to the hilt into my ass hole.  I scream in pleasure.  He pulls out to the very tip and then slams into me like a hammer. He repeats this several times, and each thrust is a tidal wave of pleasure and pain.  But as he continues the pain lessens and lessens until it is gone completely.  He quickens the pace but keeps up the force so I'm getting the same wave effect just more often and I'm getting real close so I let out a scream, point my cock at his face, and let my cum fly.  The first two thick ropes hi him on the face and the others continually hit lower on his chest until it's dribbling down the side of my cock, making it's way to my hole that Ethan continues to pound without missing a beat.  I think my hot cum all over his face chest and now his cock throws him over the edge.  With a loud scream he collapses on me chest to chest and we have the hottest make-out session ever while he's still pounding away at my ass.  I force my tongue into his mouth and around his as he uses it to wrestle back.  Then it goes from regular open mouth kissing to super hot full-blown making-out as we spread my cum with our stomachs.  I know he can't last much longer and I know I was right we he screams that he's about to cum.  While our kiss is broken tell him to cum in my ass and before I can even finish my sentence he unloads inside me.  Four, five, six, oh my god he's still not done and my ass is literally overflowing with cum, it's leaking out of my ass past his cock.  Once he is done cumming he leaves his cock inside me as we just stare at each other and breath heavily.  When he finally pulls out his cock is completely limp and a gush of his cum flows out.  He says let's clean up, so we both get in a small shower, pull the curtain shut and wash each other off.  About two minutes later while I'm washing/feeling up Ethan's pecs the curtain is suddenly yanked open.  I only have a split second to register that it's Garret, some dude who was a complete dick to me last year, but for some reason has completely left me alone this year.  Then he practically pounces on me and starts to kiss me full on the lips and I'm frozen in shock!!!!!


2011-12-08 16:27:35
Nice I hope the swim coach comes in and catches you and joins in. I stayed back after soccer to help my sports teacher . we went to pee and he saw me looking at his cock and asked if I wanted tot touch it? When I siad I did he locked the doors tothe change rooms came up behind me kissing my neck and put his hands down my shorts..

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