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I was 16 she was 15 and we were best of friends. We learn how to treat each other under the eyes of her parents
I was 16 she was 15 and we were best of friends. At 15 Sue was a sweetheart. She had long dark hair, big brown eyes, a wide bright smile, and flawless skin. Her slim body was most teen age girls wished to have. Athletic legs, firm tummy, perk maturing breast with puffy youthful nipples, and a petite adolescent rear with a summer tan flawless skin with a hint of delicate blond hair. I have often thought that she set bar that I have measured beauty by and to this day I see a lot of Sue in the woman I have known.

At that young age we would do most everything together having our parents drive us to outings, we had no qualms spending time with our parents and long as we were together. Her parents trusted me with their daughter and perhaps they knew of budding desires. As I look back I believe they knew of Sue and me would be intimate but allowed us to grow. One day that assumption proved true.

Sue and I spent evenings in her parent’s house watching TV, playing games, and just talking in a finished lower split-level room away from the adults. We spent hours together and learned how to care for the other emotionally and sexually. Her parents never check us without giving us warning.

Sue would dress up for me in the summer in a sundress. At that age she had pretty budding breasts with full puffy nipples which were clearly visible. She would never wear a bra, I remember one time she did have one on her mother sent her to her room when I arrived to “get comfortable”. She returned bra-less.

In our private place, I would first kiss Sue with my lips touching one of hers and if seize her attention. Her lips would open as we caress each with ours stimulating the other. We would let our tongues explore the soft lips first tasting the other. In a short time our young desire would turn infatuation as savor each other with our tongue, lips, with taste and touch.

Once in this heat we could kiss for hours and I would survey her neck, ears, and fragrant hair. Her scent was an adoring mixture of lust, sex, and desire. Soon I would remove her dress by lifting it over her head leaving my pubescent beauty bare with just the thin material of her panties made translucent by her wetness. My young penis was continuously hard held at bay by my pants or shorts. By now I would have removed my shirt so I could feel her nipples touch mine letting our skin melt to one.

Our organs pressed together as if we were copulating giving us both pleasure. The form of my cock would press her clitoris bringing us to certain climax. Our bodies are tangled together, our mouth exchanging sensual kiss and fluid, while our organs found relief touching is a memory deeply imprinted in my mind.

As the evening would progress I would move my oral play to her virgin nest ready for my shaft. Her wet scent drove me wild while I licked her pubic mound. I would not leave even a drop of her liquid in the fabric of her panty. With burning desire I would reach up and slowly pull the waistband her panty until she was totally bare.

Her young mound had only a few dark hairs. At our young age she was proud of them, as they showed she could mate. My tongue would find the crease among her sexual mound and her leg and I would run the tip of my tongue. It would stimulate her to be mated, as she would spread her young legs. From our entangled dance her sweet sweat and vaginal nectar would be in abundance. I would drink every drop allowing it to bathe my face.

Being young I only explored with my tongue and figners saving her virgin womb for my penis and its seed for the future. I found her little button and would lick from it to her tight ass. All the while she would be in deep sexual desire with her liquid flowing. I would treat her with oral sex for hours. I would keep her high until she would explode with a scream I am sure her parents heard. She was satisfied only when she could not any more.

Sue would then lay me back with her nude body spread on me. We would kiss some more as she would soon find my zipper and release my cock. We never were in fear of being caught as she removed my remaining clothing. I was young, with just the beginning of pubic hair and a clean body of a high school swim team member.

Sue found pleasure in feeling and touching my body and I in turn enjoyed her touching me. My penis would be wet with cum from our earlier mating bash. It would have an endless flow of pre-cum proving plenty of lubricant. The pheromone cloud would build from her and my secretions. I loved to watch as Sue pumped and played with my manhood. As a puddle formed on my flat stomach, Sue you scoop it up with her fingers and lick them clean with her talented tongue. At that young age we were always in sync with our sexuality.

Sue would bring me to climax several times with her hands or by rubbing her sex against mine. She would take me into her mouth without hesitation while looking in my eyes. When I would ejaculate her smile would be mine. Sue would swallow my seed but always savored a quantity in her mouth. As I was complete she would climb back on me and we would engage in the most exotic kiss. I would explore her cum fill mouth with my tongue and she would thrust hers into mine. To this day I love the taste of my cum in the mouth of my mate.

As she swapped my seed with her kiss orally my hard penis would be slide against her vaginal crease bringing us both to climax. We had non-penetrative sex, out course, our sexual engagement was awesome. At point in our life ejaculating my seed into her and carrying it was not needed for our relationship as it did later.

One memorable day her mother did come down the stairs into the rooms while were nude in sexual embrace, Sue on top of me, her legs interwoven with mine, my penis pressed against her vaginal grove, her arms around me and mine around her, there was a string of dribble arched between our open mouths. We were so involved it would be fruitless to have even attempted to break apart. Our carnal smell filled the room with our clothing draped across the table far from us. We lay on the expansive couch with my head on a pillow armrest and across soft cushions as wide as a twin bed.

We accepted being caught as her mom quietly walked over to us. Not sure what to expect Sue buried her face next to mime away from her approaching mother. I could feel a tear drip on my cheek knowing she must have been humiliated to have her mom find her in this compromising position. Her breath warmed my ear and neck while her arms held me tight.

I was occupied with my hunger for Sue any fear of being caught was overpowered by my pubescent feelings for Sue. Her nude body against mine I lay on my back on the soft cushions my adolescent penis filled with blood wet with ejaculate maintained in the lubricant with the next coming of release. I was bound in my caring embrace of my teen partner. I respected her mother but with male protective feeling for my mate as she knelt next to us bringing her face near mine and the tucked head of her daughter.

Sue’s mom placed her hand on the back of her daughter’s head while whispering to not be ashamed. I could feel her breath as she lips were near mine as she consoled her daughter. Her eyes looked into mine, and I did not see anger, but someone that cared and seemed to approve of our predicament.

Soon Sue turned her head to look at her mom. One last tear dripped to my lips from her face tasting of salt. Sue slowly slide to my side while keeping her leg and sweet virgin mound pressed on my thigh. Her mom kissed her slowly to comfort her child, and turned to me placing her lips on mine. We were so close we shared air, and her mom lays next to us on the oversized couch.

Her mom talked openly of her desire to see us grow. It was so comfortable there was no concern of being wrong. I remember the warmth of the two against my bare body as we lay there together. My cock was still hard without concern. Sue’s mom was a beauty a forecast of my girl. Her clothing must of opened in the front as I could now feel her skin against mine as is her daughters on the other side of my bare body.

Sue's mom's talk turned to sex and how to respect one another as it was a gift we could continuously share. That her and her husband always remained open letting the other know their needs, and respected what and all might come. As the soft dialog continued I felt Sue’s hand stroke my rigid penis in rhythm to what was said. My arms wrapped the two women, our faces within inches, while their exposed body lay in contour to me, and matching sexual organs wetted my leg.

As the intensity increase my natural lubricant let Sue pump me to a point of orgasm. I could feel my body force my seeded liquid to a point of no return ejaculating rope after rope of sperm onto my chest, stomach, and Sue’s hand. Both Sue and her mom eyes were on mine as my eyes cleared from to culmination of their body next to mine and the eruption of my seed. Their lip touch mine in unison as I could feel two tongues and my groin continued in involuntary convulsion. A gentle hand cupped my testicular sack while the other captured seed as it slid the length.

To my surprise Sue’s mother brought HER hand from my groin formed as it was wrapped around my cock. It was her mother not Sue who primed and pumped me dry; it was Sue who cradled my sack. She brought her finger and thumb formed in an “o” pooled with my cum to her waiting mouth. As she took my seed in her mouth her hand scooped more from my tummy. Her lips and mouth glistened white with sperm as our lips engaged in kiss sharing the dessert. Sue joined our kiss in an exchange of fluid which lasted for a long time.

That day I did not return the joy her mom brought Sue and I. She left us there to continue our bond which ended with both of us asleep. Sue’s mom called my mom telling her I was safe and under her supervision watching TV and games and could stay the night. It would not be in trouble. Sue and I slept till morning together as lovers for the first time in our life.

Her mother prepared breakfast its aroma woke us from our bed. She treated us with respect and taught us due respect. She joined and helped us both shower together giving us all one more release. From that day on Sue and her mom has a rooted place in my heart and how two can enjoy sex and respect one another.

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