Max was now a different boy. Liberated from his demons and aware of how attractive he was to females, he determined to strike out on his own. He wanted to try other women and he wanted to choose them himself.
His first personal choice for a seduction outside his family would have surprised many but he was an open-minded young boy. He was fixed on trying to seduce Dunia, an attractive woman who was quite posh but worked as a private nurse, and who was in her early sixties…a mother of two grown-up children and also a proud grandmother of a little boy and girl.

Dunia was undoubtedly a very handsome woman, on the lists of many younger men’s which-old-woman-would-I-fuck. Always immaculately dressed and coiffured, with smart clothes and expensive hair, even at the clinic she would be well made-up and wear a pearl necklace and expensive earrings, and beneath her white nurse’s uniform there was expensive white underwear, stockings and a garter. Tall curvy and with a prominent bust and good legs, age had treated her kindly. Despite her looks she’d been a one-man woman all her life, and although her husband’s interest in sex had long since waned she had never contemplated infidelity.

Brenda and her whole family saw the doctor who employed Dunia in his clinic so she knew the family well and was not surprised to see Max enter the waiting-room at the close of business one day, although he never came on his own.

Her face creased in a smile of recognition.

“Hello Max, how are you? Is Brenda with you?”

He spoke hesitantly.

“No, I’m alone…I have a pain in my tummy.”

“Oh!” Dunia’s face fell. “Oh Max, Doctor’s gone for the weekend now….”

Seeing the boy’s distress she thought she’d take a look herself just to make sure it wasn’t something obvious
“Fine, don’t worry. Go in the Doctor’s room and lie on the bed with your shirt off and we’ll see what we can do.

Max went into the room and did as she’d asked but took his trousers off as well. He was wearing his tight, small white underpants which left little to the imagination.

Dunia entered the surgery, halted.

“Oh, you didn’t need to take your trousers off. Never mind. Oh….”

She noticed the strange bulge in his underpants, although Max’s penis was still almost soft it already surpassed in length and width Dunia’s husband weak and infrequent erections.

Trying to ignore it, although her eyes kept involuntarily going back to it, Dunia pressed Max’s stomach area in different places asking if it hurt. Her proximity and her touch, professional though it was, excited Max immensely and the bulge was visibly growing by the second, thrusting now so large and fierce that the band of the pants was separating from his skin and Dunia could no longer ignore she had a 13 year old boy in front of her sporting what could only be an immense erect penis. Why was this? Surely this couldn’t be? There was no way this little boy could have such a large member or could be excited by a sixty-two year-old woman like her?

Blushing under her make-up she made her mind to end the situation.

“Well Max…I can’t…I can’t…find out what’s wrong with you…”

“It hurts here…like a throbbing…”

And with that the daring youngster took her hand in his small one and, releasing his thing, placed her hand full on the long, thick, smooth cock which felt as hard to her touch as if it were made of rock or iron. She almost swooned at the sight and sensation as the blood raced inside her making her heart race, her legs trembled in shock and excitement, a tingle between her legs and a sensation of moistness which she hadn’t felt in decades.

“It feels much better when you touch it…nurse.”

She held the huge penis, unsure what to do next, but Max knew exactly what he wanted. Sitting up, started unbuttoning the front of her uniform, reaching greedily to grab at her large breasts encased in a heavy protective bra. Fumbling with the four clips he finally succeeded in undoing them and the large heavy and pale breasts, the biggest he’d seen, swung low and free. Feasting his eyes on these he tore the buttons which held the uniform down leaving Dunia standing uncertainly in her white panties, stockings and suspender belt. Without further talk he pulled down at her large yet stylish and expensive white panties, a stunned Dunia lifting one foot at a time to make it easier for him, and he gazed approvingly at a large wide brown bush of short curly hairs, some of them going grey around the large cuntal lips.

Max made the matron sit on the examination bed, noting with satisfaction it was just the right height for him to be able to enter the woman by thrusting upwards on his tiptoes. No sooner was she sitting than he guided his cock straight into her wet aperture and, with a sharp intake of breath from her, entered her sodden pussy in one swift thrust. She’d never known sex like this as the boy expertly fucked her, impaling her to the hilt with mighty strokes that reached all the way to the back of her capacious mature pussy. An astonished Dunia watched the giant cock disappearing into her vagina in its full length, then reappearing, giving her the most incredible physical and visual sensations. He only withdrew occasionally to use his rod to beat lightly on her large, unhooded clitoris. She groaned and groaned and groaned as he fucked her firmly but rhythmically until she reached a shattering climax, an orgasm she wouldn’t have dreamed existed, let alone ever come close to experiencing.

Suddenly Max pulled out, he started spraying his ejaculate impressively. The first shot went over Dunia’s head and splattered against a poster of a human body there, the second and third hit her hair and face, successive broadsides covered her large breasts, her soft belly, her broad bush and her white stockings. Dunia had never in her life seen so much sperm.

Max smiled and, totally in control, turned her round so she was supporting her elbows on the bed. He greedily manhandled her generous buttocks, kissed each cheek once to her astonishment, and then, spreading her cheeks and holding firmly to their sides, entered her drenched pussy from behind in one thrust. Dunia moaned softly. Oh he was going to make her reach ecstasy again….she started to weep silently from the shame and joy of it all, the boy’s long sausage drilling into her all the while, her wide hips thrusting back strongly to meet the onslaught of the cock. Soon she was climaxing again, her knees bending as her whole body trembled and shook and not long afterwards Max again withdrew this time to hose the back of her head, her back and her ample bottom, white stuff running in trickles down the back of her shapely stockinged legs.

Dunia saw herself in the mirror. She saw an old woman, her make-up running from the tears; her face, hair, sagging breasts and tummy all streaked with drying sperm and runnelets of boy liquid. Her whole life had been exposed as unfulfilled by a few minutes of unwonted pleasure with an underage boy. She regretted her action but she regretted even more the sexual passion she’d never had before in her life.

“I think you’d better leave now, Max…” she said in a voice which shook.

“Thank you nurse. I feel better now.”
Max’s next target was again totally leftfield. A contemporary of Brenda’s, Elizabeth had killer legs and ass but she was flat-chested and frankly ugly. A mane of brown frizzy hair could not disguise the length of her face and the overlarge teeth which kept her mouth open for much of the time.

Max applied to join her dance group and was given an audition. Arriving at the hall she used he found Elizabeth in her leotard and tights, she had a killer figure from the waist down. Brash, forward and bossy she sent him off to get changed into tights himself whilst she fiddled about with lights and music.

The boy changed into the dancing clothes, naturally the tights showed off his package, and returned to the hall. The lights were off and some stage lighting was on. Loud funky music. From the control room Elizabeth gave him the go-ahead. Max loved dancing, he moved well with rhythm and occasionally she bawled out instructions.

“Ok that’s good!”

Music off, the woman appeared in the studio.

“Not bad, not bad. You’ve got a good sense of rhythm and movement, you’ll need to improve flexibility but yeah…we can do something with you. But WHAT have you put into your tights?”

Even from the window of the control-room she had noticed something odd about Max’s tights.

“Nothing miss” he said innocently, “I haven’t put anything in them…”

The woman was now looking at his bulge intently and realised he was abnormally large in the cock department.

“Oh…sorry…that’s ok”, her mind racing she wanted to see what he was hiding so ineffectually, “look, you can use the showers across from the gym there. Don’t worry, there’s clean towels there.”

Max trooped off, half-suspecting what might happen next. His suspicions were correct. The woman quickly stripped herself off, picked up a towel from her private changing-room and, waiting until she heard the showers operating, entered the changing-room.

“Sorry Max, my shower isn’t working”, she entered the shower area in the nude carrying her towel “don’t worry about this, we share all the time.”

Her small eyes widened when she saw the length and thickness of his dangling cock. Max looked at her, her breasts were small buds, barely bigger than his, she had a wide spreading mop of brown curls travelling up her belly and upper thighs to match that on her head and large outer labia though. She quickly turned around and started humming as she washed herself. He gaped at her behind, what a fantastic ass! Not small but tremendously firm-looking and perfectly shaped above her strong, fit and shapely legs.

“Do my back will you Max?”

She handed him the soap and he worked at it careful not to wander down to the magnificent ass.

“I’ll do yours now. I see now what was wrong with your tights...”

She turned and started washing Max’s back, unlike him she had no hesitation in washing his firm butt.

“Ok, I’ll do your front a bit as well if you want”, he turned displaying his slowly rising erection, “Oh, it’s getting bigger? Hmm. It’s getting VERY big. It’s getting very…very…GINORMOUS…”

The woman grasped the mighty cock, soaping the full length, murmuring praise and encouragement. She then leaned against the shower wall, bent her knees and opened her pussy still holding Max’s thing. With the shower still raining over them she led the giant slippery cock into her vagina. Max hammered her against the wall whilst Liz cried out in delight and not a little pain. Though she was an experienced fucker she was childless and had never experienced such a big one before.

The next hour or so saw some stupendous fucking throughout the gym area as the athletic and flexible woman explored all possibilities ending up with some amazing ass-fucking although this proved the end of the session as she was left with a gaping and bleeding ass from the ferocity of Max’s assault. Holding her backside Liz retreated gingerly whimpering and broken-assed to the showers. A still-erect Max followed her smiling to himself. His 9th woman and he’d come out on top again! Not bad for a boy who’d only recently celebrated his 13th birthday!


It was now summer and as Max was fascinated by girls and women it was only natural he should gravitate towards the large undeveloped beach near their new home in Spain. And arriving there one morning he placed himself within viewing distance of three very attractive teenagers.

The three girls were school-friends Jade, Rose, and Kimberley, Now 19 and celebrating their first summer holiday since going to university they were all in their own ways bright and friendly girls, and they were all lookers. Rose was a very freckly and slightly toothy strawberry blonde, Kim a pale beauty slightly curvier with blonde hair and a lovely friendly-looking face had a steady boyfriend of nearly three years standing. Jade was the most popular with the boys though: very attractive with a look somewhere between innocence “come to bed eyes” with darker blonde hair than Kim, green eyes and an all-over tan. Jade was friendly, fun and highly promiscuous. It was natural she should be the one to notice the solitary-looking pretty young boy.

“Hey! You look lonely there! Wanna join us?”

Max obliged and after his initial shyness had a great afternoon with the three beauties. They treated him in a friendly and non-condescending manner and felt no need to act differently because the pretty but harmless young boy was with them.

At one point Jade mentioned a special mud made from crushing rocks further up the beach which people used to cake themselves with before drying off in the sun. She led the others there and to Max’s delight and alarm stripped off. She had a magnificent tanned body with firm upturned breasts, small pointed nipples and a totally shaved pussy. He looked away to avoid getting an instant erection.

“Come on girls! Come on Max! Don’t be shy! This works better without a cozzie!”

Looking away as the other two girls removed their bikinis Max shyly lowered his own. Jade beamed when she saw the length and girth of Max’s limp, thick cock.

“Hello! We haven’t met?”

Kim stared as if she couldn’t believe her eyes. Rosie grinned too.

“Not just a pretty face are you Max?”

Rosie was soon naked as well, her excellent body slim and freckly with puffy-nippled breasts and a small trimmed ginger bush; Kim stripped too, her milky-white breasts larger with small rosy nipples and a shapely ass, whilst her pubic hair was very pale almost white.

The horseplay as they slapped mud on prevented Max from getting an erection until Jade tried to put some mud on the cock and it instantly started to harden. To spare his blushes Jade took his hand and they raced into the sea, the coolness cooling his ardour.

“Why not join us for a barbie Max? We’ll have one tonight.”

Max got permission to join them and spent a delightful evening cooking and eating with the friendly, funny and gloriously attractive girls. Despite his age they did not mind giving him a couple of beers which made him a bit woozy and more uninhibited and he became a great hit with them for his comments and general good-nature.

After the barbecue Jade suggested going into the tent.

“I need a…um…smoke.”

Back in the tent Jade, to Max’s fascination, rolled a joint girls started smoking some dope and passed Max the joint. Not having even tasted a cigarette the boy inhaled and immediately started feeling strangely light-headed and giggly.

Jade was now being rowdier, the drink and dope getting to her.

“Hey Max come and give us a kiss, I’m feeling randy.”

Kim, naturally the most cautious one, butted in.

“Jade, he’s only a kid…”

“Kid? Didn’t you see the size of his schlong?”

Jade opened her hands wide to illustrate her point.

A slightly dazed and smiley Max cuddled up to Jade who, drunkenness and dope notwithstanding, started to French kiss him expertly. He responded enthusiastically under the watchful eyes of the other two girls and his soft pants soon boasted a tent-pole only slightly smaller than that holding up the tent.

“Let the beast out!” Rosie cried.

First of all Jade quickly pulled off her vest, revealing her tanned tits and quickly slipped off her panties exposing her shaved pussy. A dazed but delighted Max now realised he was going to fuck this beauty!

“Ok…Maxie boy…” Jade tore off his T-shirt and pulled down the long pants. The huge cock, trapped on the elastic, was released and rose up slapping onto his hairless tummy with a thwack. Gasps and cries of admiration filled the tent.

“Oh boy…oh boy…oh boy!!!”

Jade was delighted. She’d had plenty of cocks but this was something else. She grasped it tightly at the root, pulling down so the large pink knob left the foreskin and making the engorged monster throb with the boy’s heartbeat. She displayed it to the other two.

“Hey Kim! Don’t tell me you’re not having some of this? Your boyfriend is a midget compared to mighty Max!”

“I’m having some!” Rosie laughed as she came closer.

Grinning good-naturedly Max gracefully submitted to the attentions of the two girls who caressed, stroked, kissed, sucked and masturbated him.

“I’m needing this thing in me”, grunted Jade, even as Rosie undressed, all pale freckly breasts and small red bush.

“Hurry up and fuck him, I want that inside me too, it’s as big as a fucking salami…Ok Maxie boy, you can eat my cunt while you fuck Jade…”

Within seconds Jade was moaning as she rode the big cock and Rosie was breathing heavily as she sat on Max’s face whilst he ate her pussy out with great gusto.

“Shit, you’ve done this before haven’t you?”

Resting from her first orgasm Jade pleaded with Kim to join them.

“Please Kim, do it for me. You’ll regret it all your life if you don’t. This isn’t a cock…it’s a sweet, sweet battering ram!”

Finally she gave in under the influence of drink and dope and slipped off her long T-shirt so Max could admire her very pale body with rosy nipples and a genuine pale blonde, almost white, bush on her pussy. Even as he looked at her he was on top of Rosie, giving the moaning freckled beauty a real pounding, his lust increasing as he ogled Kim.

The dope seemed to delay Max’s orgasm. With the three attractive girls now all over him, worshipping the giant cock, he lay back and enjoyed the attention of their tongues, lips and fingers. The admiring girls each had one hand on his upright cock as they masturbated him in unison, a grinning Max was in dreamland. Jade sensed he was close to coming as he tensed his firm buttocks and thrust his prick up. She cried out:

“Stop! He’s going to cum!”

With the three girls holding his cock still Max grunted and he ejaculated in impressive style, the first few jets all hitting the roof of the tent to create spermy stalactites.

“Oof! Baby alert!” Jade, impressed, could not help but remark. “What a lot of babies! You could get an elephant pregnant with that, little boy!”

He didn’t make an elephant pregnant but poor Kimberley got enough baby batter from the furious fucking she received a few minutes later to give Max his sixth child although her boyfriend assumed it was his, notwithstanding the dark hair. Once more the mini-pill had failed to guard against Max’s potent sperm.

The evening did not of course end there. Much sex followed of which perhaps the highlights were a slow, blissful fuck on the seashore between Max and Jade, the big-cocked boy taking the blonde beauty’s shaved cunt and ass to their mutual satisfaction. Following that, Max standing in the sea itself up to his chest with the waves rippling around them and the stars above, Jade’s arms and legs entwined around him, the sea supporting her weight as the size of his penis made the difficult art of fucking in water somewhat easier.

“Come and see me in five years Max”, Jade caressed his hair fondly as she kissed him, “you’ll be a grown-up then and I’ll be ready to be faithful then. Maybe your cock will get even bigger. You can fuck the shit out of me all day long and give me lots of babies.”

And here is where we must leave Max. Still only thirteen but having fathered six children the vision of a life of sex stretches out in front of him. He knows he can get any woman he wants and it makes him feel good.

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