Who will Jen and Heather jump into bed with next? Find out as the Roommates continues.
Chapter 9

Walking across campus, Heather spots Jen from a distance. Jen is absorbed in a conversation with a tall, muscular black man, and is oblivious to her roommate’s approach. As Heather draws near, Jen and the black stud wrap up their conversation and start going their separate ways. “Hey, Jen! Wait up!” Heather calls out. Jen stops, Heather catches up to her, and the two start walking together. “Who was that you were talking to?” Heather asks eagerly. “He’s a linebacker on the football team. He’s in one of my classes,” Jen responds almost dreamily. “Wow!” exclaims Heather. “Yeah, I know,” Jen replies. “I’ve never done a black guy, have you?” “No. I wonder if what they say about them is true,” muses Heather. “There is one way to find out,” Jen says with a wicked grin. Both beautiful young blondes laugh. They continue to walk, the bright, multi colored foliage of autumn providing the backdrop, leaves crunching underfoot. “Bob fucked Jess the other night,” Jen tells Heather casually. “I know. I came home and heard her screaming her brains out,” Heather laughs. “Yeah, I heard her, too. She is a loud little slut. Bob said she’s good in bed, but she really needs to learn how to give head,” Jen replies. “Well, good for Bob that he fucked her,” Heather says approvingly. “Yeah and good for her, too. She needed it,” responds Jen. “Hey, come to the Pizza Palace tonight. Lisa is buying me dinner!” Jen laughs. “Oh, yeah! For the bet she lost!” Heather giggles. “Did she puke?” “No,” replies Jen. “She told me she came real close to puking, but she managed to keep it all down like a good little slut. I’m actually proud of her.” “You are?” queries Heather. “Yeah, I am. Swallowing 12 guys is a major accomplishment. But I swallowed 15 plus I gave myself a little bonus after the contest,” Jen giggles. “Lisa is good, but I’m better!”

It’s now Friday night, and Jen is once again in a familiar setting. The music at the beer soaked frat party is loud, and Jen is on the prowl again. She has the zipper pulled low on her black leather jacket, offering a tantalizing glimpse of her bountiful titties straining to break free. Skintight jeans and a pair of eye catching red high heels complete her outfit. Jen is once again consumed by carnal hunger. Tonight, Bob is fucking Jess again, and Jen doesn’t feel the least bit jealous. Bob is just a friend with benefits, and he’s free to fuck anyone else that he pleases, and for her part, Jen has the same absolute freedom. And why should I limit myself to just one hookup tonight? Jen asks herself. I am so fucking horny tonight! I am definitely going to score two guys tonight, she decides.

Soon, she is chatting and flirting with a dark haired frat boy in the early stages of inebriation. He has a pretty decent sized package, Jen notes with delight, scrutinizing the bulge in his jeans. Even as she banters with the frat boy, like a good chess player, she is already contemplating her next move. Drawing closer to the frat boy, and flirting more outrageously with him, she looks past him and catches the eye of a tall muscular stud with blonde hair and blue eyes. He looks like a football player, Jen lustfully enthuses to herself. The frat boy’s wandering hands are now straying to her ass, and Jen can feel the growing warmth and wetness between her legs. Now whispering lustfully into the frat boy’s ear, she can feel his straining erection as she presses herself into him. Even as she wantonly embraces the frat boy, she maintains eye contact with the football player. The fact that she’s with another stud right now means nothing. The smoldering look she gives the football player sends a clear message. He’s going to have me tonight, but so are you. “You wait right here, baby. I’ll be right back,” Jen murmurs seductively into the frat boy’s ear, as she dodges his mouth, hungrily seeking a kiss. Disengaging herself from the befuddled frat boy’s embrace she loses herself in the partying crowd, and works her way over to the football player. “Hey, baby,” she purrs as she sidles up to her second target of the night. The petite beauty is soon flirting with the big, muscular stud, and she can see the bulge in his jeans expanding. “Wait right here, baby. Let me just get rid of this other guy,” she tells her second stud, and then quickly works her way back to the frat boy. “I want to dance with you, babe. Do you like to dance?” she asks the now thoroughly aroused frat boy. “Yeah, I guess,” he replies. “Good. Because I want to dance the horizontal dance with you,” the lust consumed beauty whispers in his ear.

Wasting no time, the stud leads her by the hand to his bedroom. He turns the doorknob, and it is locked. From inside the room can be heard the sound of a young woman experiencing sexual ecstasy. “My roommate’s getting laid,” the stud tells Jen. “Let’s find someplace else.” “Wait, I think I know a place,” Jen exclaims, tugging on the stud’s hand. Wow, it is empty, she laughs to herself as she leads the stud into the bedroom where she had her last hookup several weeks ago. The guy who has this room must never get laid! The stud could care less whose room he’s using to fuck this little slut. Soon, he is in bed, stripped and lying on his back, groaning with pleasure as an equally naked Jen engulfs his rigid tool in her mouth. Jen now mounts her well hung stallion, impaling herself on his shaft of love. The stiffened tool slides easily into Jen’s well lubricated pussy. Bracing herself with both of her hands on the stud’s chest, Jen begins bouncing up and down on the stud’s tool. She gradually builds up her tempo, until finally, she is slamming herself down forcefully onto the pivot of flesh, her tits bouncing in rhythm with each of her pelvic thrusts. “Yes! Yes! Yes!” she cries out as her pussy lips kiss the base of the stud’s tool with each downward thrust of her ass cheeks. Loudly moaning “Oh, god! Oh, god!” Jen’s entire body quivers as a powerful orgasm seizes her. The stud finally succumbs to the unrelenting vaginal assault, groaning as his balls explode and propel a massive, molten load of sperm upwards into Jen’s wet, welcoming canal of love. With the stud’s load inside of her, Jen quickly dismounts, gets dressed and parts company with her stud. “Thanks, baby. You were good! See you around some time.”

The petite beauty’s high heels now carry her still lust consumed body unerringly to the side of her second stud, the football player, still waiting exactly where she had ordered him to. “Come on, baby! Come with me!” Seizing him by the hand, Jen leads him back to the empty bedroom, where only minutes before she had taken the other stud’s load into her body. Now, once again behind closed doors, on her knees with a stiff penis in her mouth, Jen is almost maddened with lust. “I fucking want this!” she tells her stud, almost wrathfully, gripping the rigid tool in her hand. Jen strips and climbs into bed. Getting on all fours, she thrusts her exquisitely rounded ass at her stud. “I want you to fuck me like a fucking animal!” she commands her man. The stud firmly grips Jen’s ass cheeks in both hands. Directly in front of him is the wet, eager pussy. Jen moans as the stud pushes his tool past her nether lips, sliding it deeper, ever deeper into her womanhood. The stud begins to pump the beauty, slowly at first and then with increasing force and speed. “Harder! Fuck me harder!” Jen screams at her grunting stud as her ass cheeks undulate with each powerful thrust. As he continues to slide in and out of her pussy, the stud bends forward, grabbing Jen’s breasts with both his hands, squeezing them with a powerful grip. He puts his face next to hers, and letting out yet another moan, she turns her head to exchange a lascivious kiss with him even as he continues to slam home. “Oh my god! Oh my god!” she screams as she once again achieves orgasm. The stud’s thrusts become quicker and shorter as he can feel the first contractions in his balls. “I’m going to cum!” he gasps. “I’m going to cum!” “Shoot your fucking load inside me!” Jen yells, consumed with passion. The stud lets out something between a groan and a yell as spurt after spurt of his white love product blasts from his penile slit into Jen’s pussy. “Oh, yeah, baby! Yeah!” Jen groans in ecstasy. It gives her the greatest erotic thrill she has ever experienced to contemplate that the sperm of two different men are now mingling in her pussy. This is the first time I’ve done two guys in one night, but it won’t be the last, she vows to herself.

Chapter 10

“Jess, you mean you’re 18 years old, and you’ve never swallowed a guy’s load before? Are you serious?” Lisa exclaims in wide eyed disbelief. Jess squirms uncomfortably as she can feel the eyes of everyone else at the Pizza Palace turn in their direction. “Lisa, please keep your voice down!” Jess hushes her. “Yes, it’s true. I know most guys love getting blow jobs, but Mike always just wanted to get right to sex. Now, I’m with Bob, and I know I’m not very good at giving him head. I need some tips,” Jess continues candidly. “Well, Rule Number One is, always swallow!” Lisa proclaims with all the authority of a tenured professor. “You probably won’t like the taste the first time you do it, but you’ll get used to it, and you’ll actually end up liking it,” she reassures Jess. “Every guy tastes different, that’s something else you’ll find out,” she continues. “Oh, and never be afraid to deep throat a guy, no matter how big he is. Eventually, you’ll be able to overcome your gag reflex. Just don’t be intimidated if you’re going to suck a big cock.” “How big is Bob?” she asks Jess. “Like 9 inches,” Jess responds. “You should be able to deep throat him no problem,” Lisa affirms confidently. “It’s only the real big boys over 10 inches that’ll make you gag.” “When you’re sucking, it’s always nice to keep a hand on the balls and massage them, that way you’re stimulating the whole package,” Lisa goes on, her voice now melting with lust. “Oh, and the most important thing. Even if you have another boyfriend, never feel guilty about blowing other guys, because it’s not really sex. I could blow a hundred guys and it wouldn’t mean anything, because my pussy belongs to Craig.” “Oh, I could never blow other guys if I have a boyfriend,” Jess replies, even as she feels strangely aroused by the idea. “Oh, just have fun with it, Jess,” Lisa encourages her. “You’re young. Grab life by the balls..literally!” The two friends laugh uproariously.

“Oh, hey, Heather! Dom went home for the weekend.” Dom’s roommate, Jim answers the knock at the dorm room door, surprised to see his absent roommate’s voluptuous blonde girlfriend standing in front of him. “I know, Jim,” replies Heather with a smile. “I left one of my notebooks here, and I need it to study,” she adds, by way of explanation. Damn, those hairy legs of his are so hot, Heather thinks to herself, hungrily eyeing the tall, dark haired stud, clad only in a t shirt and pair of shorts. “Well, come in,” Jim welcomes her. “This is my friend, J.J.,” he adds, indicating another dark haired stud lounging in a chair. This is going to be even better than I had planned, Heather lustfully thinks to herself. “Oh, there’s my notebook,” she says, spotting the ostensibly vital item. “I am so freaking bored,” Heather laments. “Mind if I hang out with you guys?” “No, that’s cool,” replies Jim, exchanging a nod with J.J. Heather can see the bulge in Jim’s shorts visibly expand. I always knew he was hot for me, she thinks happily, even as she can feel her love juices begin to flow. I just hope his hot friend will play along.

“Hey, did Dom ever show you the pictures we posted online? Let me show you,” Heather exclaims, pulling up a chair next to Jim at his desk. Pulling up as close as possible to him, she rests her leg against his, and puts her hand on his, helping him to guide the computer mouse. “You can come over too, A.J.,” Heather addresses the other stud. “J.J.,” the stud corrects her, and he, too pulls up a chair at the computer. Heather can see that Jim is now fully erect, thoroughly aroused by contact with the beautiful slut. Heather for her part, realizes that her panties are now thoroughly soaked. “Here, let me show you this one. This is my boyfriend back home. He doesn’t know about Dom,” she says with an evil little laugh. “What would he do if he found out?” asks Jim. “I don’t know. I hope that he’d make it a threesome with Dom and me,” she giggles wickedly. Jim turns and looks quickly and knowingly at J.J. Jim had been telling his friend, just before Heather’s arrival, about Dom’s easy girlfriend, and how Jim was sure he could nail her. Now, both studs recognize her reference to a threesome as a green light for both of them. Finished looking at the online photos, the three stand up, Jim facing Heather, J.J. standing behind her.

“So, what are you going to do with Dom being away all weekend?” Jim asks. “I don’t know, “ Heather replies mournfully, looking straight into Jim’s eyes, “but I am so fucking horny!” She puts a hand on Jim’s chest and tilts her head upward. Jim inclines his head forward and their lips meet. As their tongues trash together, J.J. grabs the blonde beauty’s ass. Breaking her kiss with Jim, Heather turns to J.J. and orders him to stand next to his friend. With her two studs standing side by side, Heather drops to her knees and pulls down Jim’s shorts. Out pops a large, erect tool, not as large as Dom’s 11 incher, but more than sufficient to please the lascivious blonde. J.J. wastes no time and quickly drops his jeans and briefs, revealing an erect phallus about the same size as Jim’s. Slowly stroking J.J.’s shaft with one hand, Heather takes Jim’s tool in her mouth. Bobbing her head up and down on the stiffened tool, she easily deep throats it several times, prompting her stud to groan with pleasure. She now gives equal time to J.J., taking his tool into her mouth while stroking Jim. She soon has J.J., his tool seeping precum, groaning as well.

Getting to her feet, Heather strips naked and pulls the now equally naked Jim over to his bed, while J.J. quickly finishes stripping his own clothes off. “I want you in my pussy,” she lustfully tells Jim and proceeds to position herself on the bed on all fours. “Come here!” she commands J.J., who thrusts his rigid tool in her face. She eagerly takes the stud’s love pole in her mouth and starts sucking, even as she can feel her other stud’s tool sliding into her completely saturated pussy. Her little moan of pleasure stifled by the cock in her mouth, Heather can feel her stud begin to thrust steadily into her canal of love. Two cocks are definitely better than one, Heather enthuses to herself, delighting in each thrust that pushes her forward, involuntarily forcing her mouth further down the other stud’s shaft. Her lust is further enflamed by the sounds made by her two young male animals, the stud in her mouth groaning as she orally torments his tool, the other stud grunting as he slams into her from behind with all his might. Heather’s body quivers as an orgasm flashes through it. The stud in her mouth now lets out a moan as Heather places one of her hands under his balls and begins slowly and sensually massaging them. Sensing that her other stud can’t last much longer, she deep throats her fellatio partner in a skilled effort to bring him to the threshold of orgasm. I want them to cum at the same time, she tells herself. She can feel the stud’s body slam up against her ass cheeks one final time, and hearing his deep groan, realizes that he has achieved climax. In front of her, the other stud also lets out a groan deeper than the rest, as his tool, as if obeying a command, begins to spurt. Simultaneously, two penises begin to discharge the thick, white elixir of love that Heather craves. Two sets of balls are drained of millions of sperm cells, sacrificed as man’s love offering to woman. Two loads are propelled from the male into the female. One load is blasted deep into the vagina, the efforts of its cells to achieve fertilization thwarted by the beautiful slut’s birth control. The other load spurts into the open female mouth, splashing onto her tongue, and gradually filling up the entire mouth. Delighting in its warmth and taste, the slut practices another form of birth control by swallowing every last drop, and dispatching it to her belly. After a brief period of rest, the three will join in carnal union again, this time with J.J. in Heather’s pussy while she sucks Jim.

“All right, Jennifer. Now, the important thing about this theory is, that when we adjust for all the variables that we’ve just talked about…” Jen is sitting next to Jon in his dorm room, and her eyes are starting to glaze over. Her only thought is about the size of the tool that this nerd is packing. He has a penis just like any other guy, she thinks, as she boldly puts a hand on his thigh and slowly starts rubbing it. Jon makes a brief and involuntary startled motion, but he is so involved in his discourse, that he keeps droning on, ignoring the beautiful little feminine hand moving higher up his thigh. Jen watches with delight as the bulge in his jeans grows larger and larger. Good, he is human after all, she thinks to herself, as she starts rubbing the nerd’s package through his jeans. “Jennifer, what are you doing?” Jon asks in a shocked voice. “You’re pretty big there, sexy,” Jen replies. “Let me see this big boy in person,” she says as she starts to unbuckle the nerd’s belt. “Jennifer…” the nerd begins in utter bewilderment, as Jen pulls down his jeans and then his briefs, revealing an erect 8 inch tool which has not yet known a woman’s touch. “Wow! Look at this! You’ve been holding out on us girls! I can’t believe you’ve never used this!” Jen gushes in appreciation of her nerd’s generous endowment. “Jennifer..” the nerd starts again, but she silences him. “Stand up!” she orders and the nerd complies.

Jen grips the erect penis tightly in her hand and slowly begins stroking it. “What are you doing?” the nerd asks rhetorically. Jen does not reply, and looking him straight in the eye begins to stroke his tool more rapidly. The nerd begins to groan, now having lost any qualms about having his manhood stroked by his beautiful pupil. Continuing to stroke rapidly with one hand, Jen begins massaging the nerd’s balls with her other hand. He has a big load saved up in there, she laughingly tells herself. Precum begins to ooze from the nerd’s penile slit. “You like that, sexy?” Jen asks, and the nerd lets out a deep groan of appreciation in response. Finally, as Jen’s hand pumping reaches a frenzied crescendo, the nerd lets out an even deeper groan as his balls explode. A massive, thick white jet arcs high into the air and hits the floor with a thump. Jen laughs uncontrollably as spurt after spurt of the nerd’s genetic fluid is scattered all over the dorm room, on the floor, on the bed, and on the chairs they had just been sitting on. Inevitably, globs of sperm end up on Jen’s sweatshirt. No big deal, she thinks. This is an old sweatshirt, anyway! “OK, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow, sexy! You better clean this mess up before your roommate gets back,” Jen laughingly tells her dazed nerd as she gathers up her books and papers and leaves the semen soaked room.
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