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... ass-rimming and cock-sucking are nothing but ways of massage .. you're not gay if you suck a dick, you're not a fag if you rim an ass .. they're just muscles, and they should be delighted anyway .. .. that was how we lied to ourselves ...
After I finished college, I moved to NY to start a good new job. I had a little home which was good for one, and right now I'm rising money to buy a car. About a year after I moved in, God gave me this bodybuilder hot neighbor, Steve. Well, he moved to live in the same floor I live in, the top floor. He's 31, single, lives alone and works in a small company in the same part of town. He looks kinda good, with very muscular body, no hair on it, not a very pretty looking face, but brown eyes and tall blonde hair.

We became good neighbors and friends. He was that friendly kind of bodybuilders, not that loud, dumb and smelly!! Later, we could find another form of our relation. Since that night I gave him a massage after a workout because he was tense, and he told me that I was perfectly great at it, he would call me anytime he wanted to get a massage, actually after workout.

To be honest, I'd never felt anything gay doing this, until that summer day. 17/9/11, about 7:30 PM

I was coming back from somewhere, and I met Steve in front of the building. He was wearing light sportive blue shorts and red t-shirt, and he was a bit sweaty. We said Hi to each other and things like that, and later he told me that he wanted a massage, and I agreed. We walked up to his apartment, and there he told me that he wanted to take a quick shower to wash the sweat from his body before we start.

When he finished, he took a big leak and then stepped out of the bathroom wearing only his blue cotton pants. He lied on his bed, face down, and I started my job. I worked every inch of his neck, his back, then his ass, and then from his thighs to his feet. After every blast of gas he ripped, he would let out a power breath like "Oahhh". Like everytime, his gas had almost no smell, just so clean!

Just like I would always do, I started to massage the way back (from feet to shoulders), professionally, inch by inch. I was working his legs when he told me "I'm sorry about the gas I'm making tonight". I found nothing to say better than "You shouldn't be sorry about that.. just relax".

By the time I was rubbing his left ass cheek, he told me "It would be better if you take my pants off". I found it a bit strange! but I did what to do, and removed his pants. I forgot to tell you, he has the most amazing ass ever, two global muscles with zero fat and zero hair.

That was the moment I felt something so special and strong, when my fingertips wanted to touch his hole. Actually, they were already moving towards it.

"You want to massage my anus?!", he laughed. I wasn't surprised, he was right..I was being a bit rude. I said "Yeah, why not?". I felt myself turning gay for that man's muscular body, and his smooth and clean skin. I was feeling what I'd never felt, just so desperate and hungry for him!

By the time my tips started to play with his hole, he told me "Why don't you use your tongue?". I was like "what!! I can't believe he just said that". My voice was shaking in excitement when I said "Sho.. Sure".

I spread his ass cheeks wide open, lowered my head, and slipped my tongue between them. I started to move my tongue circularly on his hole muscle. It was tight loose and hard. That was satisfying him, and with that he was taking deep gasps of air.

"Because my anus should be massaged well". I loved the idea of being used for comforting his muscles and nerves. It was turning me on that he was that kind of bodybuilder who cares about his health more than being nice or anything else. It burned my ass that he was thinking it was a "massage", but my dick was rockhard!

I started to move my tongue back and fore on his hole. After a minute, he ripped a huge blast of gas in my face. It wasn't stinky, it was kinda delicious, I could taste it, and that moment I felt that I was really hungry for another one! I really wanted to get farted on again. The more it was sick, the more I was boiling! I wanted to tell him something like "Feel free to let a fart in my face", but I coule barely control myself. Since I'd been pushing hard on his hole with my tongue, it dived deep inside as soon as his hole stretched.

I found it a good chance to tongue-f**k him. My tongue moved in and out, and nothing tasted bad. His ass, even from the inside, was clean! I kept f**king him for some minutes.

Finally, he moved forward flipping on his back, pulling my face from his ass with no warning. It was the first time for me to meet his dick before my eyes. It was about 7" hard, thick, bright, with two beautiful shaved balls underneath. "Right!! There's another one of your muscles that I've never..massaged!", I laughed. He wasted no time, saying "I want you to suck my penis, I want to feel totally relax".

Anus!! Penis!!

I wrapped my mouth on his dickhead, trying to get as much of it as I could inside. Somehow, I couldn't get a very big part of it inside, but it didn't matter, I thought it would be good to give all my care to that pinky head. I started to suck it hard, while my index fingers moved to tease his nipples together. I used the tips right above my nails to offer him a dry and pleasing nipples-teasing, which feels the best.

I tried to keep the vacuum power in my mouth both nice and strong. To offer him the perfect feeling, I also tried to work every little muscle in my mouth. Obviously, he was in heaven, not stopping gasping or breathing deep, for a second. Sure, it was just a massage, or at least, that was how we were lying to ourselves. It felt just like I was massaging him and not sucking his dick, because he didn't do anything gay like passing his fingers in my hair or anything. Finally, he shot about three giant and strong streams of cum inside my mouth. They had a water build more than creamy, and tasted so good like a mix of cheese and milk.

"Oahhhhhh.. Ohhakkhhhhhhhh!!!! you really know how to make me relax". I swear I didn't do it like bitches in porn vids, squeezing his dick on my neck, or any disgusting shit like that. I smiled as I pulled his dick from my mouth and moved my hands from his chest, because I was so proud of myself - I'd never sucked a dick before, and yet I was so talented from the first time. Later I swallowed all his load. When I looked at him, he was still catching his breath and smiling for me in satisfaction.

Since that night, Steve would call me anytime he wanted to get his dick sucked or ass rimmed, and whenever he wanted a massage, too, for sure. I'm happy for that we're still nice friends, not like a top/bottom, and that it'll be a safe dirty secret forever.


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Thank you the 13 monsters who gave my story a positive rating.. you seem to understand what kinda vibe does this story have..

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