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a boy .. a girl ... one room .. and a stormy night
End of November it was starting to chill day by day. Emma and I were out on a field trip for our class project. We had to go to a small town near Kolkata for that purpose. By the time we reached there it was almost dark and the last thing we wanted, in this bone chilling weather, was rain. When we stepped out of the bus it was pouring down heavily. And guess what at that particular moment the whole city ran out of taxi. We had to wait about half an hour till we finally got one, but till then we got drenched in water. I bought some food and then told the driver where we have to go. We ate in the way. We reached the place by night I paid the taxi and he left. We went in. It was a small hotel but very well furnished, I went to the reception and said “two rooms please”.
“Sorry sir but we only have a single vacancy”. ‘No this could be happening to me, where would we go at this time?’ I thought. “Emma there’s only one room, and I don’t think we will be able to go anywhere in this night, what should I do?”
“Take it we’ll stay together.”
“Are you sure you will stay with a boy whole night in a room? Aren’t you scared or something?”
“Ya! Ya! Very funny! Now make it quick, I’m chilling out here.”
“Ma’am we’ll take it, but won’t there be any problem if we stay together?”
“No sir as long as you don’t have sir ” she gave a wicked smile.
We went up to our room 207. I entered the room closed the door behind me pushed Emma towards the wall and said, “Hum tum ek kamre me band ho aur chabi kho jaye….”
She laughed and said, “Now don’t try to be naughty, move”
I went into the bathroom as she was checking her things. I freshened up and came out. The room was pretty beautiful and the most attracting was its scratched glass bathroom.
I came out and unpacked my things, oh no every thing was wet what would I wear at night? Was the big question then. Emma peeked out of the bathroom and said, “ ask for a bathrobe”. I called up receptionist and asked, “Can we get a pair of bathrobe?”
“Sorry sir, all of them have gone for washing”.
“No bathrobes”.
“What? oh no”.
I put all my things to dry, undressed and went to sleep naked. It was feeling like the dream when I went to school naked. I put the blanket dimmed the light, when Emma called out. I sat up on the bed, looked at her and transfixed.
I stared down her perfectly shaped body. She was in her white bra and I couldn’t take my eyes off her breast. Suddenly my dick sprang to life. I remembered once in tuition Emma had dropped her pen and when she bowed down to pick it up I had a glimpse of her sweet pink breasts. I only know how I had resisted my temptation then.
“Can you please open my zip it’s stuck?”
I sat up half as I was still naked under my blanket though and thought, ‘Open the zip of a girls pant the weirdest thing to do (I still being a virgin)’, still I tried but it won’t open.
“I…I… think its stuck from inside in am…am…in…your pa…panty.” I completed the sentence at last.
“ I too think so, I tried can’t open it can you?”
“Yeah but then …then…I would have to put my hands in…”
“Can you please do it fast I’m kind of feeling cold”
I put my hands in to open her zip. I couldn’t believe my fate I am putting my hands where I only seen in the movies and dreamt of.
Though I didn’t have to put it in much and I pulled the zip open. She went back in the bathroom.
I had just turned over when I heard someone slid in the blanket; it was Emma.
I don’t know what came into my mind; I turned and slid my hands on her belly.
I could easily feel the shiver in her body. After a while she took a deep breath and said, “please don’t I am wearing nothing underneath.”
Was I hearing it right? There was a nude girl on my bed had my dream come true?
I had always fancied her body and masturbated a lot of times thinking of fucking her.
From where I don’t know I got such courage.
My hand instinctively moved to her thigh, and I started to slide upward brushing her pussy and passed it in between her breast cuts.
My dick had hardened immediately; it was so hard as it never has been before.
I circled around her breasts with my finger and slowly put it on her nipples, which had hardened. I played for a while with them.
I could feel her body shiver on my touch and her faint denials couldn’t stop me, not today. I reached for her whole breast it would perfectly in my hand. I pressed it for a while which was accompanied by her soft moans, “aaaah shhhhhh ahhhhhhh”. Then I suddenly felt a hand sliding in near my thigh I had a tingling feeling, I didn’t know whether my dick would grow double the size and become twice hard or not as it was rock hard already. And then she touched my dick softly, “wow its quite big!”
‘Yeah if seven inches dick is big, then it really is’, I thought
I felt a sudden current of desire run through my body. She started to move it up and down. Wow it was feeling great; I then slowly slid my hands to the best place in the world, where every dick wants to be! I slowly put my hands in her cunt. She was already very wet there!
The sound of ouch soon turned into aaaaaah! I put my finger in and out for a while.
I saw then her head sinking under the blanket and not very later I found a mouth sucking my dick like a lollypop!!
I couldn’t resist anymore, I threw away the blanket, caught her and threw her on the bed and climbed on her. I started with a kiss on her lips, then moved down and sucked her breast, moved to her stomach. My dick was thumping too much.
My dick had a lot of patience since then now it was his time to enter her sweet part.
I put slowly my dick into her, first slowly then fast and faster, I was fucking her hard accompanied with pressing her breasts. . She pressed on the bed and caught my bumps real hard. The cold room had suddenly become so hot.
The room filled with the sounds of “ahh yes yes harder fuck me ahhhhhhh!” and “hun hun hunh shhhh hunh!”
I fucked her as if I won’t stop.
I was about to cum and took my dick out of her and sprayed all of it over her body and mouth. She gulped some of it. As we cuddled we were all messy. So she licked me clean. She started from the bottom licked my thigh, and moved on to my dick and balls. She moved upwards on my chest (yeah I had a good sturdy figure, chiseled with shapely cuts) and finally we were lip locked. And we crumbled on the bed together and fell asleep.

Next morning I woke up and saw Emma walk into the bathroom wearing a bathrobe. Didn’t know where it came from maybe someone had brought it in the morning, who cared I was still on with the last night happening I even dreamt of it.
The door closed behind her. It was a hazy glass bathroom. I saw the bathrobe slowly slid down resurrecting my urges. She turned on the shower and I could see her perfect and beautiful nude outline of her body. My dick was hard again. It stepped down from the bed, opened the bathroom door went in and held her from behind cupping her breasts with my hand. I pressed my hard dick behind her. Water was pouring on us. Droplets oozed down from mine to her body and down. I whispered in her ear “you are very hot” .I had a good look at her body (which I didn’t have much at night, busy fucking then) and thought of taking pictures of it and keep as wallpaper. She looked so beautiful nude. Her pink breasts were so round and full, so perfect. Her pussy hairs perfectly shaved as if longing. Her pink pussy lips ready to suck dicks in. Again I lost against my desire. I pushed her to the wall and started caressing her body and kissing her. I pressed her breast, sucked it like a baby. She started moaning “ahhhh ahhh ahhhhhh!!” Then I put my dick behind her. It hurt her a bit at first, as it would not go in. Finally I got it in then I was fucking her hard and loud. We fucked and bathed together. Ah! It was a real wet fuck!
We then came out dressed up and went out for our project.

We returned from the project. The receptionist called me and said, “We have an empty room sir.”
“We don’t need.”
“As you wish sir.” And again she had that wicked grin on her face but a wider one this time.
After the days work I wanted some refreshment, I wanted some pleasure, I wanted Emma. She was standing right in front of me. I turned the door tag to Do Not Disturb and closed the door. I went and held her pressing her breasts hard against me and kissed her. Emma pushed me on the bed and sat on my legs. She soothingly dragged her hands on my thigh around my dick without touching it. My dick had started becoming hard, and it went harder on her every touch. She then sat on my dick and removed my t-shirt. Then she moved on to remove my belt and my pant and underwear one after the other. She kissed my dick on its tip and a shiver of pleasure I felt. “I didn’t know you are so sexy!” I said.
“But now you know nah?”
“I sure do. But let me show you my style then.”
I slowly inserted my hands underneath her skirt slowly passed it over her wet pussy. I reached for the elastic of her panty. I slid my finger and ran it through the elastic . She was moaning softly. Then I went up from her belly I slowly dragged my hands up inside her top. I could feel tremble. Her breath started to become heavy and moans become louder. I pressed her breasts and slid moved my hands behind her, unhooked her bra and threw it off. Then I moved down to her toes and started kissing it from there and gradually moved up. I kissed her pussy and gave a little bite there. She let out a little squeak “aaaahhh”. Then with my teeth removed her panty. Again my kissing went on from her belly upwards. With every kiss I moved her top up and up. I reached her breasts and kissed her breasts on the nipples and a bite to both of them. I took the top off and threw it aside. My kiss journey ended on her lips. Soon we were pressing our bodies together, hugging and kissing. Well now it was fuck and suck time! We had fucked so much that the room smelled of sex! I inserted my dick in her pussy. I thought it fitted well and filled it up. The bed was shaking soon and loud moans and cries.
Oh! What a fuck she was. Yeah it turned out to be a wonderful trip with full of pleasure and lots of experience.

It was a great field trip, we enjoyed a lot!!!
Whenever I think of it I can’t help masturbating.
It was a sizzling weekend undoubtedly for me!!!!!!!!!


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I'm guessing that English is your second language. Nice basic outline, but maybe you could have someone who knows English a little better proofread for you.

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