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Authors Note* All my loyal Rejects and Shejects I got to tell you The King Of Rejects is done for a while. Besides that jackass's threats which may have been real of full of shit. I have shit going on with my family and with X-mas and New Years. Sorry, I maybe back soon. Maybe not. But I'll still write sex stories in my journals and on my computer so when Im back I'll have tons of stories for you. So enjoy this last story of the King Of Rejects. But it's not a Only A Gothic Sisters Love story or a My New Punk Neighbor series. its one from my mind. About a girl in real life who I like and have fanatsized about. names have been changed. ALL CHARACTERS ARE OVER 18 And if it helps maybe Someon named the Prince Of Punk or the Master of Maniacs will post a story on never know.

So Without further delay. The last story by the King Of Rejects for a while. "Undying love."

The sun was shining in the junkyard as I stripped the last car of the day. I wiped the sweat off of my forehead with my tank top. Going shirtless in a junkyard was a hazard to my health but hey I give myself 20 maybe 30 years tops. My black and red Ghost Skull tripp pants where making sounds as I walked into the shop to find Jack to get my pay. I liked how he payed my in cash instead of checks. No tax's which ment more money for stupidity. "John, Just the man I was looking for." I heard a mans voice as I turned around to see my boss/friend Jack with 5 o'clock shadow, beer belly and all. His white shirt was covered in sweat and didnt cover his big beer guy. His suspenedered kept up his blue ripped pants. He smiled showing me his yellow teeth...what was left of them and a trucker cap that always covered his bald head. "Jack, Just the boss I was looking for." I laughd shaking his hand. "You did good this week. 10 cars completly stripped. 5 cars fixed, and I think 8 spare parts sold. so 100 per car stripped, 50 for each car fixed and 10 for each part....That's 1330 dollars." Jack laughed handing me the money out of his safe. "Thats the hardest Ive ever seen you work. You usually take home 800 a week and thats with over time." Jack laughed scratching his stomach. "Ya well my friends moving soon and im taking her out somewhere cool." I laughed counting the money and putting it in my pocket. "Ahhh I member my dates." Jack said scratchng his chin and zoning out. "Me and The Mrs...Before she was the Mrs. we use to take my pick up down the swimming hole for a little late night skinny dippin'." He laughed. "We'd get drunk and strip n' swim than we'd fool around before her daddy came lookin for us." Jack laughed. "No offence I dont want to picture you naked." I said before grabbing my car keys. "See you next week." Jack hollard. I waved not turning around.

I opened the doors to my hearse and shut the door. That's right, My first car was a hearse. And I loved it. The radio didnt work. No AM or FM. But I could still plug in my cell phone to play music. I plugged in my cell phone and played some Mushroomhead and blasted the AC. I backed out of the Junkyard and onto the road. I was head banging while singing along. "DO YOU REALLY WANNA FUCK WITH ME TONIGHT AAAHHHHH!!!!!" When my ringtone went off. I grabbed my cell and answered it. "Hello?" I asked. "Hey John, are we still hanging out tonight." I heard Hailey ask over the phone. "Hell ya we are. We're heading to the house of blues to see Green Day. The best way to spend a friday. Get drunk and relax." I chuckled over the phone. "Cool. Pick me up around 8?" She asked. "Ya, sounds good." I said before Hailey said goodbye and hung up. I plugged my cellphone back into my radio and played my music.

In a few minutes I was back in my neighborhood and pulled into the parking lot to my apartment building. I lived with 4 other people....It's a three bedroom house. My boy Chad and his girl Lilian had one room. Bobby and Maxine shared another and I had one all to myself. Rent 1000 dollars a month but between 5 people 200 a peice sounds fair. I entered my apartment to see Chad and Bobby playing WWE 12 on the PS3. "Im kicking your ass bitch." Bobby said laughing as I walked through. "Sup bro." Chad said grabbing a beer and handing it to me. I happily popped open the bottle and took a swig. "Chillin' shit I need to take a shower and get ready." I said getting up heading to the shower. "You seeing Hailey tonight?" Bobby asked. "Ya." I said taking off my pants and my boxers looking at myself in the mirror. A little built. 2 tattoos. My aunts name on my arm and "PUNK TILL I DIE" on my chest. But 5 piercings on my right eye brow. snake bites, libret, tongue piercing, my ears, have both of my cartalige pierced 3 times and a ring in my nose. Even though I took the nose ring out. Shaved blone head and bright blue-green eyes. My dick was covered in sweat. When you work from 9-6 you usually go home in ball soup. I turned on the shower and hopped in feeling the cold water on my skin. I cleaned every inch of my body scrubbing my 7 inches last. I didnt want to keep scrubbing my dick or else i'd end up jerking it and I dont have that much time. I turned off the shower and dried off. I walked through the living room chuckling as my roommates made gay joke after gay joke. I shut the door to my room and let my AC rain down over me.

I dried off completly and threw the towel on the floor. I grabbed a pair of black boxers and opened up my closet. I grabbed the last pair of clean tripps and put them on with my Misfits belt to top it off. I grabbed my baggy black shirt with the bleeding skull in the middle. Grabbed my wrist bands and my necklace with a vile of my own blood. and put it around my neck. I decided 300 bucks should be more than enough to get me through the night. I grabbed my army boots and put them on and grabbed my cell phone. 7 PM. I grabbed my keys leaving my room. "Hey gimme a beer for the road." I said grabbing the one Bobby through at me. Popping the top and taking a swig as I left the apartment building and entered my hearse. I liked it. I use to have a Casket in the back but I guess by law I cant have it in their so instead I put a matteress in the back so when Im too drunk to move or drive I'll pass out in the back.

I drove about 30 minutes to Haileys place parking in the drive way before stepping out and walking up to the doorstep. Haileys house looked like something out of a horror movie. It was totally awesome. I rang the door bell and the door opened ton see Hailey standing in front of me with a towel wrapped about her body and a towel wrapped around your hair. "Your early." She said with a smile. "Sorry. Got antsy and desided to come over." I said smiling walking. "Listen Im still getting ready how about you grab a beer and sit in the living room." She said walking back upstairs. Hailey was pretty awesome. Ive known her since I was 15 and Ive liked her alot. I actually love her. But I mean could you blame me? She wicked smart. A little shorter than me. She has white...and I mean white skin. She had small boobs. Maybe B cups. She had nice eyes and a awesome smile. Not to mention a tattoo on her neck/ two sleeves/ hips. and piercines on her ears and lips. black hair to her shoulder blades. She was really something. I walked into the kitchen. they're were boxes every where. I guess she was still packing for the move to Florida. I opened the frige and grabbed another bottle of beer sitting in the living room flipping through the tv for a few until Hailey came back down. "Ready to go?" She asked me. I looked at her. Hoop earings with a skull in them and a Manson shirt and skinny blue and gray ripped jeanes. She looked awesome. She had black and purple bracletts on each arm and a smile on her pretty face. I finished my beer putting it on the coffee table and smiled. "Ya lets get going." I said as we left her house. We both got into my hearse and sped off. "So you gunna miss me when im gone?" She asked. "Is that even a question?" I laughed. "Your one of my best friend's. Massachusetts isnt gunna be the same without you." I chuckled focusing on the road. Hailey smiled punching me in the arm. "Well stop by Florida and visit me sometime. When my shop opens up I'll let you get some new clothes at an awesome price. The Psycho privilage." Hailey smiled. "Sounds even better." I said was we pulled into Fenway park and parked. We walked to the House of blues and entered. Damn the place was packed I mean wall to wall with Green Day fans creeps and freaks alike....It felt like home. We parked are ass's near the bar. A great view of where the band is playing and well its the bar...I didnt want to leave. "One beer and white wine." I said as the bar tender handed me two cup. I handed the wine to Hailey and we sat and chatted about Green Day and wondered what songs they where going to play. There was a Misfits cover band for warm up which I enjoyed.

But then the lights went out. Smoke filled the air and cheers and applause erupted as the lights came back on and Billie, Mike, and Tre where posted at they're guitar, bass, and drums. Everyone clapped and screamed in approval. "WANNA GO FUCKING CRAZY TONIGHT?" Billie screamed and so did everyone in approval. "I just have one question....just does it feel?......TO BE AN AMERICAN IDIOT!?!?!?!" Billie screamed into the microphone as his band started up. Hailey screamed in excitment. "I love this song!!!" I did to. I sipped my beer and sang along.

Minutes turned to hours and the band played on. I had about 6 beers and Hailey had about 5 cups of wine. I was feeling a little drunk and I know Hailey was feeling a good buzz.Green Day played their last song. "Everyone get on the fucking floor right now....We've had mosh pits tonight...we've had crowd surfing tonight. Now Every one....I just want you to.....Fuck Off And Die!" He screamed as he started on his guitar and shouted into the Microphone. "SOMETHINGS ON MY MIND.....IT'S BEEN FOR QUIET SOMETIME.....THIS TIME IM ON TO YOU!!!"

I swallowed my beer and started to shout with Billie. During the instrumental Billie looked over. "CHEER'S TO THE DRUNK GUY AT THE BAR!" I laughed and screamed because he pointed at me. an adult....but I still get star struck. The band ended and everyone left. Hailey and I staggared to the hearse and sped off talking and slurring out words. We went back to my house and went into my room were it was nice and cold. "Wanna drink?" I asked. She nodded as I went to the fridge in the kitchen grabbed two beers walking back in. We started drinking and talking. "I hope Florida is better than Massachusetts." Hailey said taking a sip. "It wont cause im not there." I laughed finishing my beer. Hailey crept over to me on the bed laughing and getting close to mine. "Than why dont you come with me." She offered. "You serious?" I slurred. "Ya i'd need someone to help run shop." She said. I couldnt help it she was close to me and she seemed so God damned beautiful and with the Liquid courage in me I took the chance. I put my around her and pressed my lips to her's. I heard a squeal of surprised. But I was surprised when she opened her lips letting my tongue slide in. Hailey pushed her weight on me laying ontop of me on my bed. I wrapped my arms around her skinny frame an held her tight as our tongues danced in each other's mouth's. She broke the kiss looking at me taking her shirt off. "I've wanted to do that for a while." I confessed. "Feeling's mutual she said tossing her shirt off of my bed showing me her pert boobs in a black lacy bra. She bent back down and shoved her tongue back in my mouth. I reached around and unclasped her bra. My hands went down to her skinny jean covered ass. Squeezing it lightly drawing a moan from Hailey. She took her bra off and just like the shirt tossed it. I broke the kiss making her sit up on my lap as I looked at her breasts. B cups with small pink nipples attatached. I bent her down and took a nipple into my mouth making her moan and coo. I sucked and lightly bit her nipple.My tent grew in my pants and I know Hailey could feel it. She pried my head off of her as she got off of the bed and took off her pants. I kicked mine off and she got back on. Her panty clad pussy was rubbing back and forth on my boxer covered dick. I laid her on the bed kissing her neck making her giggle and moan a little bit as I kissed down to her chest. I spent my time with her nice chest and kissed down to her belly circling her belly button with my tongue. I kissed down past her thighs to her pantes. I slowly pulled them down and off with my teeth to see Haileys shaven pussy. I looked up to see Hailey staring down at me nervously probably hoping I would like it. I smiled and kissed her clit making her shiver. I licked the inside of her thighs and closed my eyes as I licked upand down her slit a few times tasting her pussy juice. She tasted sweet. I took one final beath as I pushed my tongue inside of her making her moan in approval. I tongue fucked her wetting my thumb and rubbing her clit. I didnt see anything but I felt her squirm and I heard her moan in pleasure. I took my tongue out and started to suck and lick her sensitive clit. I stripped off my boxers. As much as I wanted to eat her for the rest of the night my dick needed some attention.

I brought myself back up next to her kissing her. Letting her taste herself. She kissed me with fire and passion. My dick poked her skinny leg which made her smile. "Let me help you with that." She laughed before she sank down. I got comfertable and closed my eyes as I felt her tongue circle my cock head. She licked down the shaft to my balls and kissed her way back up. I felt her lips press hard on my head until my head was fully in her mouth. I grunted as she sank lower and lower. I felt the whisps of her hair brush my dick and chest as she bobbed her head up and down giving me the softess best blowjob I ever had. Her moist mouth and tongue, Warm lips. hot breath. I couldnt help it. I put my hand on the back of her head slowly leading her head all the way down and back up. Everytime she went all the way down Hailey made a cute little gag noise. She took my dick out of her mouth and I opened my eyes. "I want you in me NOW!" She demanded as she got back on my lap. I let my dick slide up and down her wet slit a few times until she pushed the head in and sank all the way down to my lap. We both let out moans and sighs of pleasure. Her pussy was tight very, very hot. And So damn wet. I grabbed her slender hips and rose her up and down fucking her slowly. Her small but perky tits bounced up and down slighty. Her eyes where closed and she was leaning back on me as I fucked her. I would wait until just the head of my dick was in and than I'd slam the length of my dick in her. It felt really, really good. I sped up fucking her faster and faster. Her cries of pleasure filled the room. Pretty soon I was jack hammering in her. Going as fast as I can when she stopped me. "I want it my ass." She said gasping for breath. She pulled out and turned around reverse cowgirl style. I felt the head of my dick press in her asshole. Probing it until she sank down sinking the head into her ass. I was in heaven. Tighter and hotter than her pussy. I couldnt help it. I grabbed her hips and slammed her down on my dick. I fucked her hard and fast the faster I went the more pleasure I got. Hailey was furiously rubbing her clit. I kept pounding her asshole making it fit to my dick until Hailey yelled. "IM GUNNA CUM!!!" She yelled. I put it in high gear. Fucking her faster and harder than any girl I ever fucked. I Pounded until she screamed in pleasure and her asshole got tighter. I kepy pounding until I felt my balls tightened. My sence of pleasure heightened. I felt my cum rise from my balls and I shouted as All my cum few into her asshole. Stream after stream of my seed flew into her bowls. After 30 seconds of convulsing I was empty. I took my hands off of Hailey as she collapsed ontop of me sweating and gasping for breath. I was slipping in and out of conciousness. All I had time to do before I passed out was snake my arm around Hailey and fell asleep with her.



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