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Part 3 of the story, apologize for it being short, however have been really pressed for time.
Part 3

Meanwhile back in Kevin’s room his father had tossed him onto the bed. He leapt onto his son and used his knees to pin him down. His smacks landed hard on his son’s face as he beat him.
“So you like fucking slaves huh?” his father growled.
Kevin remained perfectly silent and starred up into his father’s empty eyes with a deep and passionate hatred. He hated his father, he always had. His father in return smacked him again.
“Challenge me will you?” he growled deeply and began the turn. Medium length dark hair began sprouting from his body, his face began to turn into a muzzle, and before long Kevin was pinned down by the large, black anthro wolf that was his father. His yellow eyes and long white fangs stood out harshly against the black void that was his fur. He placed his hands on his son’s wrist and pinned him down as his muzzle lowered and his teeth closed around his son’s neck. He pinned him there, not quiet breaking the delicate skin on his son’s throat.
“Challenge me like that again and you will regret it you mutt.” His favor spoke around his throat.
Not to be out done, Kevin began to turn as well. He looked strikingly like his father except where his father was solid black Kevin was white, and his father’s haunting yellow eyes were replaced by his long dead mothers pale blue. His father did not take this well. He grabbed his son and tossed him against the wall. With a loud slam his son’s body struck the wall and shook it. A symphony of shattering glass followed as beautiful pieces of glass art work fell and met their demise against the cold wooden floor. This only served to enrage Kevin even further. He lunged at his father and caught his muzzle with a right hook. His father tumbled off the bed, but quickly pulled himself up, and spat blood on to the floor. He leapt onto his son, knocking him off of his feet and onto the floor. The grappled for quite awhile, but Kevin’s strength and endurance soon left him and his father was able to climb on to his back and pin him against the floor his teeth holding tightly onto the back of his son’s neck.
His father smiled to himself, still holding his son down he managed to wiggle his pants loose, his cock had already begun to grow hard. Using his left hand he yanked his son’s pants to the ground, and placed his cock against his son’s hole. Kevin yelped and tried to escape but he was ever so tired, and just couldn’t manage to escape. His father thrust forward, and forced his way into him. He cried out in pain as his father sank deeper and deeper into him. His father had never been a gentle man, and began to grow even harder at the pain he was causing his son.
Having no strength left Kevin laid their as his father plunged deep into him, pulled back till only the very tip of his wolf like cock was in his hole, and then pushed down to the top of his knot. He continued on for what felt like hours, all the while his knot grew and Kevin whimpered at what he knew was about to happen. His father pulled back on last time and then plunged into his son, forcing his knot into his hole. It only served to make him cum harder as his son cried out in pain. He allowed himself a wicked grin as each serge of cum painted the inside of his son’s body.
He quickly withdrew, dressed and left his son lying on the floor, his cum running down his leg. As he left he looked back at his son one last time and spoke in a cold and quiet voice.
“I think I’ll go visit your little friend in the dungeon. Wonder if his desire to live is strong enough to last the morning.”
“Spare him…please father.” Kevin whimpered softly.
“Maybe…if he can make it till morning then I will return him to his master. If he can’t then oh well what’s one more dead slave.”
Kevin tried to pull himself up, as he would rather die fighting his father than live with the shame that he had in part lead the fox to his demise. But, before he could get more than half way up his father stepped forward and landed a solid kick under his muzzle. The darkness quickly overtook him and he slumped onto the floor in unconsciousness.
Down in the depths of the dungeon Sirus laid their still tied to the slab, waiting and hoping the cold darkness of sleep would take him. But alas that was not be his luck. Giving up on sleep he began to sing softly to himself. He sang the song his mother used to sing to him before he was taken into slavehood. He sang of lush green trees, the smell of damp earth, and the pride that their used to be in being a fox. It was a song long since forgotten by the other clans but that still lived deep within the heart of all foxes.
He heard the door open, and could tell by the scent that it was Kevin’s father. His nose perked up even further as the smell of dried cum, and the scent of Kevin drifted to him. He didn’t move, he was too tired to even consider it. He didn’t even care that Kevin’s father was standing over him, with a curious black box next to him. He looked at one of the guards and whispered in his ear. Sirus only made out the word sunrise as he strained his ears to hear what was being said. He had some idea as to what was about to happened and began searching desperately for anything he could use as leverage, but found nothing.
As the dungeon door closed Kevin’s father stepped up to the slab where Sirus was tied down and in the glow of the torch light pulled something out of the box. Unable to see it perfectly all Sirus was able to catch was that it reflected the torch light with a metallic glint. Two guards stepped from the door untied Sirus, and lifted him from the slab. They took him over to a large rectangular frame and tied his arms up to the top most corners. Ropes where then attached to his ankles and tied to the bottom two corners. He cringed as all his weight was placed on his wrist as he hung there. He faced a cold stone wall, with his back exposed to the men behind him.
He heard something leathery hit the floor. He heard it swish through the air, and then he screamed out in pain as it slammed against his back with a loud crack. Unable to stop himself he began to turn. Orange-red fur replaced what used to be skin. He was indeed a beautiful fox Kevin’s father thought to himself. From his mid arm to finger tips his fur was a dark brown. The same color colored his fur from his mid calf to the pads of his feet, and most peculiar the tips of his ears where white, instead of brown. His front was a beautiful and almost pure snow white. Kevin’s father laughed as he walked around him.
“You really are a beautiful slave. I bet you cost your master a lot of money on the slave market.” Then he placed his muzzle next to Sirus’ ear, and whispered so only he could hear.
“To bad I might ruin that tonight.” as he withdrew fear suddenly filled Sirus.

To be continued?? Well stopping it here for now. Want to see if people really want to continue to read the story.

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2013-12-20 06:27:23
Plz, dude, keep going with this. I think id like to see either sirus turn the tables and fuck kevins father, or see kevin buy sirus from his master. :)

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2013-03-17 13:58:48
i just like reading these stories.


2012-02-01 01:21:19
I realize most people dont like posting comments, but i would be really grateful for some help on part 4.
let me know what you wanna see, and I'll do my best to incorporat it.


2011-12-27 04:07:15
I will have to read the rest of this, just happened to stumble on this. Looks interesting. Another anthro writer like myself. ^.^ I will have to mark these stories to read.

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