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I was willing at first......
About once every three months my parents had to go out of town for a week at a time. This presented a dilemma for them until my uncle (Uncle Gxxxxx) moved into the area and into my school district. Now I stay with him when they have to travel.

Uncle G is about 38 years old and is on disability for some reason although there are no outward signs of disability that would prevent him from working. He is about 5’-7” tall and weighs about 250 lbs.

His limited income does not allow for him to have a very big apartment, if you want to call it that. It is actually more of a “living space”. It is about 700 square feet. There are basically two rooms plus a bathroom. One room is the kitchen and dining area, the other room is the living room/bedroom. It has a couch that folds out to make the bed.

The first week I stayed there was not too bad. I did not like sleeping with Uncle G because the bed was so small there was not enough room for me to keep space between us. On top of that he always watched TV which made it difficult for me to go to sleep. The last night of that first week I was awakened by movement in the bed. As I lay there flat on my back I opened my eyes and saw the glow from the TV filling the room. At that point my ears tuned into moaning sounds. Most of it coming from the low volume of the TV but some of it coming from Uncle G beside me in bed. He was also the source of the movement that woke me! I lay perfectly still, feigning sleep, and glanced around. I saw a woman sucking a man’s dick on TV and moaning as she was doing so. I looked over at Uncle G and saw that he had removed the sheet and was stroking his cock. It was uncircumcised, about 6” long and a little less than the thickness of a coke can. The woman on TV suddenly removed her mouth from the cock and began stroking it while she licked the big knob. Very soon cum started squirting out of it and she became frenzied as she lapped it up and stroked that cock. At that moment Uncle G groaned deeply, quietly and cum started flowing out of his thick cock. Not spurting like on TV but sort of continuously leaking out as he jacked it. He them used his left thumb to rub the head of it as he continued to stroke it. He shuddered every time his thumb swept across his cum leaking piss slit. I then saw him use a hand towel to clean up the cum after which he used the remote to shut off the TV. As I lay there in the dark trying to go back to sleep I noticed that my little 4 ½” dick was rock hard.

Shortly after that I was back at his place for the week.

The first night was the same as the last night I stayed with him except that he started watching porn and jacking off well before I went to sleep. He never said a word, just jacked off, cleaned up, and then went to sleep. Before he started watching porn on the second night he asked me if I had ever jacked off. I said yes, once, about a month ago. He turned on the porn and started encouraging me to jack off with him. I was not comfortable with it. He kept pressuring me. “Don’t worry, it won’t make you gay” he said. “What difference does it make if someone else is jacking off at the same time?” he continued as the porn was playing on the TV. Admittedly my dick was hard from watching the porn. I wanted to, but…

Uncle G removed his underwear and began to tug on his thickening cock. “C’mon, do it. You know you want to. I can see that big bulge in your underwear.” At that precise moment my dick twitched. “Mhmm, see, I told you so. Go ahead, jack it. Let me see that big cock of yours” he added. I glanced over and saw a dollop of precum drip from his piss slit as he stroked and squeezed his thick cock. I could not take anymore – the sexually charged atmosphere and the porn pushed me past the threshold. I removed my underwear and started stroking my cock while staring intently at the porn on TV. “Yeah, that’s a nice cock” he said. I continued and increased the pace until my hand was almost a blur as it flew up and down my cock shaft. I was fixated on the TV. Just as the man withdrew his cock from her pussy and positioned the knob at her asshole my balls constricted. As the head of it popped into her anal cavity and she groaned loudly my dick erupted. By the time he slammed his cock all the way in I had shot three little ropes of cum onto my tummy and chest. At this time I heard Uncle G moan deeply. I realized he was jacking off so hard he was making the bed springs squeak and that he was not staring at the TV but he was focused on my twitching cock! I glanced down at his cock just as he orgasmed. This time there was one little spurt then the slow, continuous leaking as he continued stroking it for a minute or so. When he finished he wiped up his cum with a hand towel then gave it to me. “Clean yourself up” he flatly stated.

The third night we got into bed, Uncle G turned on the porn and we both removed our underwear and began to jack off. As he lay to the right of me I peered out of the corner of my eye and watched him instead of the porn. I was fascinated by how much his cock changed as it went from flaccid to full on hard. I think he saw me looking and decided this was a good time to take it up a notch. He unexpectedly reached over with his left hand and began to stroke my hard cock while continuing to jack his cock. His fingers easily wrapped around my shaft – it was about the same diameter as a quarter. He gave it several firm, almost rough strokes over a three minute time frame then he stopped. He continued jacking his own cock and pretended to forget about me. My cock was twitching and leaking precum. My breath was coming heavily and quickly. “Why did you stop?” I whispered. He said nothing but turned on his side to face me. “You liked that didn’t you?” he said. I never got a chance to answer before he started stroking my cock again. He used one hand to tug at my nutsack and the other to stroke my cock. I had to admit – it did feel great. His cock was leaning heavily to one side, twitching, leaking precum. He squeezed as he stroked up my shaft and over my knob. As he did this he collected the dollop of precum that he coaxed out of my cock and then sucked it off his fingers. “Ok. You want me to do yours, you are gonna have to do mine” he stated. I hesitated. He stopped. I then tentatively reached over with my right hand and grasped his rigid cock. He began to stroke my cock again.

I could not get my hand all the way around his thick shaft but I got a good grip on it and began to jack it. I went all the way down to his balls, pulling the skin down so it exposed his big, red, sticky knob. I then went all the way up until I felt his knob pass under my thumb. It was difficult to keep this going because he was doing such a good job on my balls and cock that it was distracting me. As a matter of fact it only took about another minute and I groaned loudly and every muscle in my body tensed up as my cock erupted and sent one shot of cum up to my chin, the next shot up to my nipple, the next to just past my belly button and the last little squirt just dribbled down across his hand a pooled on my groin at the base of my cock. While ejaculating I had involuntarily clamped my hand firmly around his cock and continued to sporadically jerk it, hard! As he felt my warm cum run down across his hand he bellowed out as his cock spewed cum up across his tummy, most if it ending up in his belly button or running down across his hip. None of the leaking this time. As our breathing returned to normal he grabbed the towel and wiped up his cum. I reached for it. “Nope. You don’t need that” he stated then suddenly leaned over me and drug his tongue from my chin all the way to my cock scooping up my cum as he went. He then lapped his tongue around the base of my cock and up my cock shaft then sucked my entire shaft into his wet mouth. I was flabbergasted! He milked out every last smidgen of cum from my cock. My sensitive cock head was buzzing as he licked and sucked on it. I thought I was going to pass out. He then laid back down, turned the TV off and went to sleep.

The fourth night of the week he asked me if I liked it when he licked my dick. I enthusiastically replied that I did.
“It’s ok if I do it again?”
“Yes” I replied.
He took off his underwear then got on his hands and knees between my legs. He grabbed the waistband of my tighty-whiteys and peeled them off me. He then put his knees between my legs and shoved them apart. His weight, concentrated on his knees, sank deeply into the cheap pull out couch bed. It was almost as if I was going to slide down toward him. My dick was already stiff with anticipation. He stayed on his knees, legs spread, and leaned over and started to lick my cock. He began to suck my cock. He took the entire length into his mouth and let his tongue dance around my balls. With my knob against the back of his throat he began a swallowing type motion or something, but the effect was that his wet flesh was massaging my knob while his tongue glided up and down my stiff shaft and occasionally extended down across my nutsack. It felt great! He was a pro. I could feel his saliva trickling down across my balls and between my ass cheeks to create a wet spot on the sheet. His right hand was flying up and down his cock while his left hand started tugging at my nut sack.

There was a small mirror setting on the dresser, next to the TV, at the foot of the bed. I peered into it and saw his fat ass jutting up in the air wiggling as he jacked his cock. I also saw the he had a huge, pendulous nutsack which almost totally obscured his cock and jerking hand. On each downward stroke of his hand his fist hit his balls and set them to jiggling. Suddenly I felt the index finger of his left hand start to circle around my asshole. It startled me and made me jump a little. He pulled his head up letting my cock slip out of his mouth. “Don’t be so jumpy. Just relax and go with it. I am sure you will like it” he stated as he moved his head down a little and began to tongue fuck my asshole. He was correct. I did like the sensation of all those sensitive nerve endings being stimulated. He moved back up and started sucking my cock again. This time his finger did not startle me……..until he started to push it up my ass! At this point I was close to cumming and did not want him to stop so I did not protest. He buried his finger in my ass and began to wiggle it around. Actually it felt quite good and added to the pleasure I was getting from his blowjob. I felt the familiar tingle in my balls. “I’m gonna c..c..Cuuuuuummmmmm” I cried out as my cock twitched and began spraying cum all over the back of his mouth! He immediately picked up the pace and force of his head thrusts, going up and down my cock. His head was almost a blur it was going up and down so fast. He was slamming his nose into my pubic bone like a calf trying to force the last bit of milk from its mama’s udder. As the last spurt of my cum exited my cock I felt the vibrations created by a groan deep within him. As the groan rose in volume I looked into the mirror on the dresser. I could see the tip of his cock peeking out past his heavy nutsack. He appeared to have stopped stroking his cock but was now rhythmically, very firmly squeezing and relaxing his fist. At that moment I saw cum shoot from his cock. The first rope of it went all the way up to my ass. The remaining two shots and subsequent drips all hit the bed between his knees. He pulled his finger out of my ass, sat up, wiped his mouth and lay down to go to sleep. “See, I told you you would like that”.

When I arrived at his place after school on the fifth day he was setting on the couch in his underwear. As I closed the door he said “Come over here and strip. I want to suck your cock”. That was fine with me! I removed my clothes and stood in front of him, my dick standing at attention. All 4 ½” of it went into his hungry mouth. He backed off, stood, removed his underwear then sat back down and resumed sucking my cock. When I was close to cumming he stopped. He leaned back against the couch, scooted his ass to the edge, leaned/slouched back a little more then grasped the back of his thighs and pulled his knees up as far as he could. This all happened very quickly. His spit was still dripping from the tip of my cock. “Fuck me now” he growled. I was dumfounded. I hesitated. “Now, goddamnit!” he ordered. I looked down and could not see his asshole. It was hidden just below his big heavy nutsack. I moved forward and tried to stab it in. Did not work, just slid around. “Guide it damnit” he said. “Hold my leg up” he added as he reached down with his hand and gathered up his nutsack and pulled it up out of the way. I placed my left hand on the back of his thigh and pushed it up against his belly. I grasped my cock in my right hand, aimed the knob at his asshole and pressed. It had dried off and would not go in. “Spit on it” he ordered. I spit in my hand, rubbed it on my cock and re-positioned it at his hairy asshole. This time I jabbed my hips forward and my quarter-sized cock slipped balls deep into his asshole. He let out a small grunt followed by a long sigh and a “Ohhhhhh yeah……”, “that feels good.”

“Fuck me”.

I started sliding my 4 ½” cock in and out of his ass. I actually felt kind of good I thought. As I continued to fuck his ass I began to get over the initial shock of this entire situation and the quick pace at which it had developed and I started to focus more on the feeling his ass was generating on my cock. I started fucking faster. I kept up this pace for about two minutes until he said “HARDER! Slam my ass!”. I tried to slam fuck it at that same fast pace but my dick kept popping out of his ass. I did not have good enough control. “Slow it down but fuck it hard!” he said. At that point he released his nutsack. That heavy bag draped down against my cock shaft. “Slam it, fuck it hard” he said. I complied. I grasped his calves and began to slam my cock into his asshole with every ounce of strength my small frame could muster. It must have been enough because he was really enjoying it. Each time I drove my cock into his hungry asshole my pubic bone smashed his balls and sort of made them squirt up from between us a little. I soon found out that he truly did enjoy this because he suddenly got all flushed, almost crimson red, growled deeply and then his asshole spasmed around my cock and his thick cock began spurting cum everywhere! It flopped from side to side as I slammed my dick up his ass and it sprayed cum all over his belly and chin. There were three or four spurts, each diminishing in quantity but not in intensity. “Ughh…mm..keep fucKING MEEEE…..” he strained out. I continued to slam his ass but with renewed vigor now because I could feel the rush of extra energy that always precedes my orgasms! His dick was still pumping violently but nothing was coming out and his asshole was spasming around my cock. I felt my cock swell up and start pumping cum into his ass. I have no idea how many cum spurts there were but it was a tremendous feeling on my cock. This is the first time I have ever shot a load inside someone. “OH GOD yesssss….” came from his lips as he felt my cock spasming and spurting cum into his ass. I stopped pumping, pulled my cock from his ass and exhaustedly slumped back onto the floor. Nothing much was said at this point. I put my pants back on and he put his underwear on and we went about a normal evening.

7 Hours later we pulled out the couch bed and prepared it. This was to be my last night because my parents were coming to pick me up mid-morning the following day. Uncle G turned on the porn again, the title of this one, I saw scroll across the screen, was All The Way Down. As you might suspect it was all about blowjobs – gay, bi, straight, you name it, but it was all blowjobs. No other sex of any kind. 4 hours of it. We were both naked – went to bed that way, no sense in messing around, pretending or feigning now. I stared stroking my cock thinking this was going to be like any other evening. However, Uncle G had different plans. He spoke as he lay there rolling his semi-rigid cock around in his fingers.
“You like it when I jack you off?”
“You like it when I suck your dick?”
“Mmm Hmm”
“Did you like fucking my ass?”
“You wanna do any of that some more?”
“OK. Then here is how it’s gonna be. Now you are going to suck my cock.”
“But I …..”
“No buts about it. You want me to do you, now you have to do me. Don’t worry it doesn’t make you gay – it is just two guys getting off because no women are around. Simple as that. You like cumming don’t you?”
“Well, so do I. No women are here but we still wanna cum. So, let’s just help each other. OK?”
“Yes, I guess..”
“So, just like I did you now it’s your turn to do me.”
He slid his left arm under my shoulders, lifted me up off the bed and pushed me toward his cock. “C’mon, it’s not bad. Just do it.”
As I got closer I could smell his pungent man odor – sweat, old cum, etc. It almost made me gag. I suddenly felt his grip on the back of my neck tighten DRAMATICALLY!! He pushed my face right next to his cock and kept that excruciating pressure on my neck. Ok. I get it. I tentatively extended my tongue and licked his cock. It twitched and started to thicken. “Just like I did yours” he said. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and took the head of his spongy cock and about a third of his 6” length in. I pushed the foreskin back with my lips and began to swirl my tongue around his knob. He released the pressure on my neck. He began to moan and mumble unintelligible words as I bathed the head of his cock. I felt it swelling even more and the shaft begin to stiffen. It was becoming increasingly difficult for me to keep his thickening cock in my mouth. Finally I couldn’t do it anymore. I let it pop out of my mouth. His hand immediately went to the back of my neck again. “Don’t stop!” he ordered. “But it’s too big” I replied. The pressure on my neck increased. I got it. I tried to get it back into my mouth but could not so I just stroked his fat shaft making sure the keep his big knob exposed so I could continuously lick it while I jacked him off. This seemed to satisfy him because the pressure on the back of my neck subsided. I continued this about 5 more minutes and just about the time I thought I was going to have to stop and rest his cock jerked hard and erupted. The head of it was suddenly slick with cum and it was running everywhere. It was getting difficult to keep my grip and continue to jack it. My tongue uncovered his piss slit momentarily and a spurt of cum shot up and curled back down onto my cheek. I continued to tongue bathe his cock head and stroke his shaft until he suddenly started shivering and told me to stop. I sat up and was looking for something to wipe my face with when he grabbed me, pulled me down to him, then proceeded to lick his cum off my face. He let go of me and said “What’s the matter. Don’t you like the taste of cum?”. “Not really” I quietly replied.

Early the next morning, about 3 hours before my parents were to arrive, I was awoken by a wet, warm feeling on my cock. I looked down and saw Uncle G sucking my cock. Very rapidly all 4 ½” were standing proud.
“Remember what I said last night” he stated.
“I guess”
“Well, now is the next step”
“What do you mean?”
“Well, I jacked you off, you jacked me off. I sucked you off, you sucked me off. You fucked my ass, now…”
“Oh God no. It will not fit!”
“Oh yes my friend. And, it can be the hard way or the easy way, but it is going to happen. It is up to you. I AM going to fuck your ass.”

After stating this he went back to sucking my cock. I knew I could not overpower him so resistance was futile. He stopped sucking my cock and went down to my asshole. Despite what I knew was coming I was enjoying him sucking my cock and eating my ass. He started to finger my ass – one finger, two fingers, three fingers (Ouch!) then four fingers (fuck that hurts)! He removed his fingers from my ass, grabbed two pillows, and then shoved them under my ass cheeks. He grabbed a tube of gel off the table and squirted a big line of it down his cock and squirted a glob onto my asshole. It made me flinch because it was so cold. He was not saying a word, making no sound at all, but was acting and moving in a very determined, excited manner. He grabbed that thick cock of his and smeared the gel all over it. “Raise your legs up high. Get your knees to your chin.” I complied. “Spread ‘em.” I complied. I watched as he peeled the foreskin back and exposed his angry red knob. He leaned over, placed the head of his cock against my virgin asshole and pressed the tip of it into my ass. I sucked in a deep breath and held it as he removed his hand from his cock, placed both hands on the bed beside my shoulders and looked into my eyes as he let his body weight slowly drive his fat cock up my ass! I cried out as the crown passed my sphincter and screamed as he drove the rest of his shaft into my asshole. He had a very sadistic, almost evil look of pleasure on his face as his fat cock splayed my little asshole. He was breathing heavily. “Give it a minute” he said. Just about the time the pain had subsided he began to slide it out of my ass….then back in…I thought I would pass out from the pain. It felt like my asshole was on fire. He started pumping in earnest. He was driving my ass deeply into the pillows. The couch bed was squeaking and creaking like crazy. I thought it would collapse. His big, heavy nutsack was slapping against my tailbone. Sweat started dripping off his brow onto my face and chest. I saw that crimson flush start in his face and creep down his torso and suddenly he cried out and fucked my ass at a frenzied pace while his fat cock spewed cum inside me. His thrusting began to slow then stopped. I felt his cock deflate inside me. He moved a little bit and my asshole clenched and spat his cock out. He was still breathing a little heavily as he rose and stood beside the bed. “Suck it. Clean me up” he ordered. I hesitated. I did not want to suck that thing. It had two days worth of cum and sweat on it and had just came out of my ass!. He reached down and grabbed me by the nape of the neck again. I rose slightly as he began to squeeze encouragement into my neck. I thought I would puke but did as ordered. His flaccid cock was still more than a mouthful for me but I was able to get most of it in and suck the remaining cum out of his piss tube.

I showered and got my stuff together as my parents were on their way. I was not really looking forward to the next time I had to stay with Uncle G.

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2013-02-03 23:33:18
it was hot i came twice i wish i had a uncle g to plow my hole like that

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2012-12-26 15:31:12
I so wish I had an uncle like this. Older Pervy guys turn me on so much. I am rock hard.

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2011-12-12 14:39:03
How about a warning that this is gay? That was nasty. I read a bit in mornid fascination, but now i cant erase those nauseating images.

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2011-12-10 14:43:37
Cut the gay shit.
Get a young girl(s) involved.

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2011-12-10 08:52:33
A good story, but agree with the first poster: add the gay rating, we don't like to get into a story and suddenly have the 'gay' hit us over the head, especially people like myself who aren't totally enthused by gay stuff.

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